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A Little Too Much Comforting

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Atlanta and Jay make up, finally. And it seems, that while Atlanta was miserable, Archie and Atlanta were spending more time together. Maybe a little too much time.

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Heeeeeeeey. Jay and Atlanta finally make up! And Archie starts spending more time with Atlanta. Dun dun duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What could come out of this? Well, read and find out.


Up in her room Atlanta looked like she was gonna cry. She was about to, but this is "the toughest girl you'll ever meet" we are talkin' about. But Atlanta couldn't help but let the tears fall. She was about to let out her cries, when she wiped off all her tears whe someone knocked on her door.

"Hi Atlanta, are you okay?" Archie asked her, sitting on her bed.

She didn't say anything.

"Lan?" He started to worry.

"I actually don't know. I mean I was pretty scared when Jay yelled at me back there." For once in her life, she finally told someone she was emotionally scared. Archie could feel Atlanta's pain and pulled her into a comforting hug.

"Its gonna be okay I promise." He said softly, rubbing her back.

She smiled and said, "Thanks." She sniffed and cried softly into his hoodie.

"Lannie, since you and Jay are fighting, maybe you could do stuff with me.Y know to take your mind off Jay." He sounded nervous when he said that.

"Really? Youd' do that for me?" She asked him looking in his eyes.

"Lan, I'd do anything for you." Archie quickly tensed up. 'Did I just say that?'.

"Thanks, you're the best." She told him giving him another hug.

Then they went for a walk. Atlanta, though, couldn't take her mind off the fight she had with Jay.

"Hey Lan wanna get some pizza?" He asked her, interrupting her daydream.

"Huh...what?" She asked confused. He started to worry again.

"You were thinking about Jay, weren't you?" He asked, worry and fear in his voice.

When Archie asked her tears began to form in her eyes again. He hugged her again.

"I...I just can't get it out of my head." She said, another tear rolling down her cheek. "I'm scared."

"Its okay Atlanta I'm here, its gonna be okay." He said softly in her ear. He liked Atlanta at this state. Not the part wahen shes sad, the part when he can comfort her and spend more time with her.


They walked around the park Archie's arm still around her shoulders. They at at the pizza place and walked around some more. It was getting late. Atlanta didn't want to go home, she wasn't ready. She told Archie this and he understood, he called Herry, no Jay 'cause he would get mad again, and he said it was ok.

Around 8:30 (at night) they sat down on the bench at the park. Archie suddenly felt weight on his shoulder he looked and saw Atlanta sleeping. He smiled. He slowly got up and picked her up and carried her on bridal style.

When they got to the brownstone, Archie woke Atlanta. Archie and Atlanta saw Jay standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Where were you two?"

"Walk." Archie told him.

"Oh well could I see Atlanta for a sec?"

Archie didn't say anything. Jay just took Atlanta away from him for a second and walked to the kitchen.

"Atlanta I just wanted to say I'm sorry I ever yelled at you really I am! Will you forgive me?" Jay pleaded.

Atlanta could see plead in his eyes and siad, "Alright, I forgive you."

He then gave her a hug and Atlanta left the room. When she went to the living room, Archie could see a ahppy look on her face all of a sudden.

"Whyat are you so happy about?" Archie asked.

Nothing special, just that me and Jay made up." She said in her happy tone and smile that Archie loved so much.

"Really? Thats awesome!"

Atlanta didn't really say anythihg, she just smiled and sat down and began to talk. "Thanks for comforting me Arch. It made me feel better knowing someone was looking out for me."

"No problem, anytime."

They sat in silence, watching t.v. Then Archie felt weight on his shoulder again and saw Atlanta sleeping. He quietly got up and took out some blankets from the closet and put them on Atlanta. He also started to get sleepy and feel asleep also. Around the middle of the night, he took the blanket off Atlanta and put it around both of them, in his sleep of course. Then, in his sleep, put his arm around Atlanta's waist pulling her close. Their bodies were so wamr and close. Archie didn't know what he was doing, he was doing it in his sleep. Atlanta stirred arouind in her sleep and her face was only inches away from his, and pur her hands on his arms. Just like Archie, she didn't know what she was doing either, but whatever they were doing, Atlanta was sure gonna regret it in the morning.


You saw what he did! YOU SAW! Well so did I :). Don't worry, the next chapter is coming up in a few minutes and you get to see how Atlanta will react. evil laugh I'm so bad!

~ Draykor ~
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