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Uh Oh

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Atlanta wakes up and Archie tries to explain. She doesn't listen and gets mad again. She cries in her room, a little, and talks to her voices in her head and Theresea about the 'I don't like him (A...

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Well, in this chapter you get to see how Atlanta reacts to their....position ;). And R&R PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! :)


Atlanta soon woke up, and saw herself sleeping on the couch, but she felt the couch behind her going 'downhill' and saw........Archie! Atlanta let out a little squeak which woke upo Archie. Archie then woke up and saw Atlanta on the floor breathing heavily. When she woke up she noticed her shirt crawled up her belly, and her carogos had fallen down a little bit. Atlanta noticed this and quickly pulled down her shirt and pulled up her pants. Archie was in total shock of her scream and saw Atlanta standing in fron of the couch with an angry/upset look on her face. Archie started thinking of an excuse.

"Ugh...good morning?" Archie hoped she wouldn't be mad. Wheres Neil when ya need him?

"What the hell were you doing?!"

"We fell asleep."

"Well I can see that, but how did we end up sleeping together?"

"Okay I'll start from the beginning. We were watching t.v. and you fell alseep, I went to get a blanket for you and I watched t.v. until I fell asleep behind you. We must have moved in our sleep."

"Then why was my shirt up and my pants down?"

"I don't know." Then Archie's eyes widened all the way and had a pleading look on his face. "Please don't make me think what you're thinking."

"Archie, I just made up with Jay, and now you just made my life worse. Archie, please don't make it worse again!" Archie could see tears in her eyes. But before she could say anything she ran to her room, crying.

"Lord what did I do? What?" Archie quietly said.


Meanwhile, Atlanta was crying in her room. 'How could he do that to me? I thougth he was trying to help me. When all along he wanted to use all the attention he gave me to make love to me (they didn't really)! I thought he was my boyfriend..wait...friend thats a boy...who I think I...wait, back Atlanta come back. I can't like him I can't. Can't I? I don't know?'

/You so like him. /a little voice in her head siad.

'No I don't.'

Yes You do! You love him! You want him!

'I do not!'

Don't be scared to admit it, YOU LOVE HIM!

She didn't say anything.

You know I'm right.

Just then someone knocked on her door. She sighed with relief as she saw it was Theresa.

"Hey, heard you crying, wanna talk about it?"

She nodded slowly and let her sit on her bed with her.

"Tell me what happened?"

Atlanta told her everything.

"Whoa thats tough."

"Tell me about it."

"Tell me Atlanta, were you...smiling?"

She didn't say a word.

"You like him."

Thats what her voice in her head said.

"No I don't."

"Yes you do. You love him! You want him!"

It was like a flashback.

"I do not!"

"Don't be scared to admit it, YOU LOVE HIM!"

Like her "flashback" she didn't say anything.

"You know I'm right."

Then she walked to the door until Atlanta yelled, "Wait! Don't go! I like him, I like him! I love his cute little smile, his stubborn ways, the fact that we fight all the time, how hes exactly like me! I love him! I do!" She finally admitted. She felt lighter, better, she felt weird, a feeling that she never felt before.

"See? Dont' you feel lighter?" She asked rubbing her back.

"Actually I do! I feel much better now. Thanks. "She hugged Theresa.


"Aw man what am I gonna do?" Archie smacked his head ont he table.

"Just go say you're sorry and while you're at it you can say those three little words." Neil joked.

"Well I could apologize to her, but I'm not gonna tell." Archie snapped.

"Go on what could go wrong?" Herry said, giving him an assuring pat on the back.

"But what if she doesn't apologize to me? She'll never wanna talk to me again, she'll never hand out with me again, heck, she won't even want to be around me, or even worse, she won't even want to look at me!" Archie paniced.

"Archie calm down. I'm sure she'll forgive you if you just apologize." Odie told him.

"You really think she'll forgive me?" Archie said lifting his face off the table.

"Of course why wounldn't she? I mean if she can forgive you for all the other times you apologized to her she can forgive you again." Herry told him, trying to give him a little hope.

"Ya know what? I'm gonna go apologize to her right now!" And after that, he marched upstairs to Atlanta's door.

"Ha! Told you he'd go apologize to her! Now pay up." Neil told Odie.

Odie groaned and gave him five bucks.


Knock, knock, knock.

After Archie knocked Theresa left the room. And mouthed 'good luck' to Archie. Not that she was saying Atlanta would scream and yell at him she was just giving him some good luck for his apology. Archie was really nervous. What if she didn't forgive him? Would she yell at him again? All sorts of questions were floating around in his head. He thought at first that he should turn around and do this some other time. But then he made up his mind.


Dun dun duhhhhh! What's Archie gonna do? Is he gonna apologize? Or is he going to walk back out the door? Review and tell me what you think. But remember, in some of my stories, Archie is a big chicken when it comes to romantic stuff, including apologizing for something that he did to Atlanta.

~ Draykor ~
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