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I'm Sorry

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Archie makes up his mind and was about to say 'it' when they were interrupted by Neil (thanks Neil). Atlanta gets kidnapped by Cronus and Archie saves her. Once he finds her and battles Cronus, Atl...

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This is the longest chapter in the whole story! Even though it's not very long, but still! There is alot of A/A fluff in here just so ya know. R&R PLEASE!


"Atlanta I'm so so so sorry. It was an accident really! Can you forgive me?" Archie pleaded with fear in his eyes.

Atlanta thought for a moment. 'Should I? He said it was an accident. I want to forgive him but a part of me doesn't.'

She opened her mouth to speak...

"But why?"

"But why what?"

"Why were you 'cuddling' with me? Why did you fall asleep with me in the first place?" She was confused.

" I said we did it in my sleep."

"I know but, how come you were the one who took care of me, when I had my fight with Jay? You never left my side."

"Well I wanted you to be happy again, because of the fight."

"Oh wee, thanks. Theres just one question that I've been meaning to ask you. Why are you spending so much time with me? I mean you spend more time with me than everyone else does. Of all people, I had to be the one you spend most of you time with. Why?"

"Well because you're my best friend." Archie wanted to be more than that though.

"Ya I know that. But I mean you barely spend time with everyone else is when we battle Cronus or when I'm not there." Atlanta was really confused now.

Archie just sighed and said, "I have to be honest with you Atlanta." He took a deep breathe and said, "I lo- (gulps) I lo- love-" Archie, unfortunately, was cut off.

"Cronus is here!" Neil yelled as he barged in.

"Where?" Atlanta asked.

"Up on the roof." Neil told them.

Atlanta nodded and walked out of the room. But Archie grabbed her hand, trying to hold her back.

"Atlanta wait!"

"Save the reason for later, after we kick Cronus' butt!" She smirked and ran out the door.

Archie just sighed and followed her. When they were on the roof they could hear Jay talking to Cronus.

"What do you want now Cronus?!"

"Just the usual, world domination, trying to break the prophecy."

"Well its NOT going to happen." Jay yelled as he pulled out his sword (don't know what its called and don't know how to spell it).

Jay charged at him, sword in hand ready to strike. He was about to attack him when he disappeared in thin air.

"Where'd he go?" Archie asked looking around.

"Right here."

Everybody turned around and saw Cronus holding Atlanta with an arm around her chest and his sword-thingy to her neck.

"Atlanta! Let her go!" Archie yelled with his whip. He put his arm back ready to slice him.

He ran to Cronus and was about to slice him when Cronus said, "Hit me with that whip Archie, and I'll cut her."

Archie knew he wasn't bluffing so he put his arm back down. "But yet if you don't attack me, I'll take her." Cronus said with an evil grin on his face.

They didn't know what to do. If they try to attack he'll cut Atlanta, but if they don't attack him he'll kidnap her. Nobody said or did anything. Cronus noticed this and left throught a portal with Atlanta.

"Atlanta!" Archie yelled as he jumped throught the portal with them. Cronus, thankfully, didn't notice this.


"Where am I?" He looked around a bit. He couldn't see Atlanta anywhere. All he could see was brown walls, broken pillars, stone tables, a whole bunch of holes in the walls, and a tunnel. Ooooh a tunnel! 'Wonder where this could lead to.' Something told him not to go in there, but his curiosity took over and walked down the tunnel. As he walked down the tunnel, he could see all sorts of rooms with different things in them. In one room he saw a big stone table, holes in the walls with old weapons and stuff, that was probably the weapons room. In another room he saw lots of stone tables and blood stains everywhere, he saw whips, daggers and other sharp, painful, and deadly things and they were all covered in dry blood, that must have been the torture room. Then he heard a voice coming from the end of the tunnel.

"Agnon, despose of her!" That sounded like Cronus. He thougth for a minute, 'Whos the "her"?'. Then he quietly gasped. 'Atlanta!' He ran at top speed and entered the room before Agnon could touch her.

"Get away from her!" Archie yelled drawing his whip.

"Ah Archie, just the person I was looking for." Cronus smiled wickedly.

Archie could see Atlanta on a stone table. From his point of view she seemed fine. Agnon was about to touch her when Archie's whip cut the giant's hand. He screamed in pain and backed away. Cronus sighed, thinking he always had to do the dirty work himself, and walked towards Atlanta.

"I said GET AWAY FROM HER!!" Archie yelled at the top of his lungs.

Cronus just smiled and walked closer to her. Archie growled and slashed his whip on Cronus' back. He also screamed and turned around to see Archie, mad as ever.

"No." He just said and he walked even closer to her.

Archie slashed his whip again but Cronus grabbed it and threw Archie against the wall. He got up and ran and kicked Cronus right in the face.

"You little brat! You'll pay!" Cronus said as he sent a fiery blast at Archie, he dodged and slashed his whip again. Cronus dodged and picked up Atlanta.

"LET HER GO!!" Archie brang out one of his ninja stars and threw it at his wrist. It ut it pretty deep and he dropped Atlanta.

"Little brat!" He sent another fiery blast at Archie before he could pick up Atlanta. Archie doged the blast and threw another ninja star at him and it hit him in the back.

"AAAAHHHH!" He yelled in pain and backed away a couple feet.

Cronus then cast a red and black glow around Atlanta. When it faded he snapped his fingers and Atlanta woke up.

"Atlanta!" Archie was relieved that she was awake, and hopefully, okay.

Her eyes turned red (not all the parts just her eye color turned red).

"Atlanta?" Archie was worried. 'What did he do to her?'

"Destroy that stubborn brat!" Cronus commanded her.

Atlanta obeyed and grabbed a dagger from the floor. With her fast reflexes, she threw it and almost hit Archie, but it got stuck in the wall instead and she couldn't get it out. And with Archie's fast reflexes, he dodged the flying dagger.

"Atlanta what the heck are you doing?"

Atlanta didn't answer and she grabbed a bow and some arrows. From the looks of tings it looked like she was hypnotized, again.

"Shes under my control now." Cronus laughed.

"Atlanta don't listen to him, hes using you!" Archie tried to get her to snap out of it. If he could do it before he could do it a third time, right?

"Mm hm ya whatever." She attached an arrow to her bow and was ready to shoot.

"Atlanta please its me Archie, your best friend! Don't you remember?!"

She didn't say anything and shot the arrow. Archie dodged it again.

Atlanta please!" Archie pleaded but she attached another arrow. He kept dodging all her attacks. Soon she was out of arrows so she decided to kill him with her bare hands. Atlanta was running towards him and was about to punch him but he grabbed her wrist. She tried to punch her with her other fist but he grabbed that one too. Archie pulled her close. Fro some strange reason, Archie could hear Atlanta's heart beat and it was beating fast, even though she was still hypnotized. Archie then thought of something he would never do but if he didn't do it, he may not get another chance.

He kissed her.

He could see Atlanta's fist starting to flat out. He could feel she was calming down and her heart was beating faster than ever, but not fast enough for a heart attack. He could see some of her hazel eyes again. The spell was wearing off. Archie kept kissing her until the eye color was completely there. Once it was back to normal, Atlanta forgot everything and saw and felt Archie kissing her. She was about to pull away and tell him what he was doing, where they were and what happened, but she did something she might not get another chance to.

She kissed him back.

Once they broke apart Atlanta asked, "Archie what are we...AAAHHH!" Atlanta's arm was hurting like crazy. She looked and saw two deep cuts and five deep scratches. She started to feel dizzy and then fainted in Archie's arms.

"Awwww, Archies got a girlfriend who's about to die." Cronus said.

"Shut up!"Archie yelled. His eyes were burning with anger. He felt soooo good though. He finally kissed Atlanta and she even kissed him back.

Archie then ran away as fast as he could. He was running as fast as Atlanta on her top speed. He then called Jay on his PMR.

"Jay? Hello? You there?" Archie asked with plead in his voice.

"Ya where are you?"

"Dunno. But I need a portal to the school now!"


"Just do it!" Archie yelled as he ran even fast then all of a sudden, fell through a blue portal. He landed with a thud in the school's main hallway. He ran to Chiron's study.

"Chiron help!"

"What is it Archie?" He asked him Archie showed him Atlanta's wounded arm. and Chiron asked, "Oh my what happened?"

Archie told her everything, except for the kissing part. "Is she going to be okay?"

"Shes going to be fine."

Archie sighed in releif.

"I need you to leave though."

Archie obeyed and left. Hoping and praying that she really was giong to be fine. He went back to the brownstone, told everyone what happened and went to the roof. The roof was the one place where he could be alone. Its also the place where Atlanta and him would go after a run or fight, even though they always ended it in a playful wrestling match, a hug, or the old fashioned apologies. But Archie liked it when they ended it in a hug or wrestling match. Its been an hour since he left Atlanta at the school so hes been sitting up there, all by himself, for an hour, but it seemed like eternity for him.

"Why are you up here?" A voice asked him.


Oh boy I can't wait to put up the sequel in here. And as you can see, there isn't much violence. And remember to review "A Neverending Dream"! I've been waiting for you reviews on that one! And if you guys remember from a long time ago, you should know how this story goes.

~ Draykor ~
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