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Apology Accepted

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Here it is! The big finale. Okay, here we go. Atlanta's voices and Theresea weren't kidding when they said that Atlanta loved Archie. But, they'll let Archie and Atlanta figure it out themselves. ...

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Here it is! The last chapter! And there is ALOT of A/A fluff in here. Don't forget to leave reviews on your way out! I just love reviews! :)


"Atlanta! You're okay!" Archie was so happy she was okay, that he ran up from his chair and hugged her.

"I'm fine! I'm fine! Geez, I didn't know you cared about me so much!" Atlanta smirked.

"I'm just happy you're okay." He said. He was blushing and rubbing the back of his neck, hoping that his excuse was good enough.

She walked over and sat on the bench. Archie walked over and sat beside her. They sat in silence until Archie broke it.

"So, how bad is your arm?"

Atlanta didn't say anything. She pulled up her t-shirt sleeve and Archie saw a bandage around her arm. She unwrapped the bandage so he could see what was underneath. He saw that the two cuts were stitched up and the scratches were still bleeding a little bit.

"Chiron says that the scratches are going to bleed time to time so I have to keep this on, for about two weeks. And hes not taking the stitches out until another four weeks."

"Man, that sucks."

"Tell me about it."

They sat in silence again until Jay and Theresea came throught the door. "Hey guys we're watching a movie and we thought..." They stopped in mid-sentence and saw Archie and Atlanta sitting int he bench.....alone. "We're gonna leave." "Sorry to bother you." "Keep" And with that Theresea and Jay left and Archie and Atlanta laughed.

"Man those two can be really weird sometimes." Archie managed to say through laughs.

"I know they kinda remind me of us."

"Us? We're nothing like them!"

"Well we can be 'weird' sometimes but not usually."

"Ya I guess you're right."

They sat in another few minutes of silence until Atlanta broke it this time.

"So why?"

"Why what?"

"Why did you kiss me?" Atlanta asked, blushing.

"Oh't..really think of anything to do to break the spell. I kept talking to you but you wouldn't listen." He told her, blushing furiously.

"Oh..well..thanks for saving me."She said to him, blushing lightly. She was disappointed that he did it break the spell, and not because he loved her.


They sat in some more minutes of silence until Atlanta broke it again.

"Hey Arch, what were you trying to say to me before?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" He gave her a questioning look.

"When you were apologizing to me before, about the incident."

"Oh...well..." Now he was blushing deep red. Atlanta smirked at the look on his face. "What I was really trying to say" He was blushign so hard, that his face hurt and he discovered a new shade of red. Atlanta stared in shock. She had discussions about this before, but she didn't think they were true. She liked him because she thought he liked her, and he liked her because he thougth she liked him.

"Well I sorta, kinda....okay y-you...too...alot." Atlanta was blushing furiously now too.

Archie couldn't believe it. She loved him too! Now there was only one thing that he could do to see if she was really telling the truth instead of just lying.

Archie put his hand under her chin so her eyes could look into his. He leaned closer, she leaned closer and their face were almost touching when someone came through the door again. This time it was Herry. "Hey guys, sure you don't want to.." He was about to continue until he saw how close they were. "Nevermind." Atlanta was still staring at the door when Archie, again, brought up her face to look at him, and again he leaned closer, she leaned closer. Atlanta could feel her heart beating fast. Archie could feel his. Then their lips touched. It wasn't a peck, it was a long, romantic, soothing kiss. While kissing, Archie snaked his arms around her waist pulling her closer. Atlanta hung her arms over his shoulders and placed her hand on the back of his neck pulling him closer. Archie was now on top of Atlanta. Not crushing her just lightly on top of her. When they broke apart they smiled and the color of their faces started to drain away. They smiled and Archie pulled Atlanta into another kiss. When they broke apart they smiled. Archie got up from Atlatnta and sat beside her, his arm around her shoulders, with Atlanta's head on his chest.

Atlanta soon fell asleep on Archie's lap. Archie smiled and stroked her hair. He then fell asleep too. Just like last night, Archie put his arm around Atlanta's waist, pulling her close again. He pulled her closer until there was no more space between them. And this time when they wake up, Atlanta wouldn't be mad at him. She might actually want him to do this every night. Well not every night but alot and she wouldn't get mad. She fell into a deep, wonderful sleep while the sun went down. Atlanta couldn't think of a more perfect moment, cuddling with her new non-evil-actually-hypnotized-boyfriend, while the sun was setting down in from of them. Even though Atlanta's arm still hurt, she could feel the pain washing away already. She hope that this time, this love would last forever and they would still love each other in Elysian Fields.


Awwwww! A happy ending! Well hope your looking forward to the sequel! Cause that one's gonna have even more fluffiness! And again, R&R PLEASE!!!! Thank you. Love yas!

~ Draykor ~
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