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Mark's Mission Part II

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In this chapter we find out what Mark hit. (That was the shocker too!) And we find otu if its going to live.

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Mark looked down to see what he hit. He stared in shock. He didn't hit Archie......he hit Atlanta. Atlanta must have jumped in front of Archie so he wouldn't get hit.

"Atlanta! No!" Archie yelled. He just got up, pulled the knife out of her chest, thank God it wasn't in her heart, and craddled her head in his arms. His eyes started to fill with tears. He chocked out, "You idiot! What did you do that for?!" Tears started to fall down his cheeks.

Mark didn't say anything. He just ran out the door. He couldn't believe it. He just stabbed her after he wanted to be with her. He then realized it was true, it was all true. Atlanta meant it when she dumped him. She hated him now. She really was with Archie and loved him (well, duh). He ignored his other thoughts and focused on the truth about Atlanta and kept running.

Archie started to cry softly. He picker her up and carried her to Chiron after he called him on his PMR. He ran as fast as he could. Even faster than Atlanta at her top speed. Thats how much he loved her and wanted her to get healed up asap. He ran to the school and went in the janitor's closet and went in the portal. He ran past Hera, who was about to say hi when he just zoomed past her and ran into Chiron's study.

"Chiron! Chiron! Help!" Archie yelled.

"What happened?"

"Ok," Archie took a deep breathe and said, "Atlanta bumped into her old boyfriend, Mark. He still wants her but she told him that she was dating me now. He got mad and wouldn't leave us alone. Just today, he came in with a knife and wanted to kill me. He was about to when Atlanta jumped in front of me so I wouldn't get hit but she got hit instead." Archie breathed heavily because of the running and he said that in one breathe.

"Oh dear! You better leave immediately." Chiron quietly told him.

"No! I need to stay! She needs me!" Archie yelled.

"I'm sorry, but you must! She needs medical attention."

Archie was silent and ran out the door. Crying all the way to the brownstone.


Its been a week since Archie left Atlanta. He visited her everydya, to see if she woke up yet, and if not to see if she was okay and was gonna make it. Chiron kept telling him that he didn't know yet. They both didn't know it was this bad.

Archie hadn't slept in days. Hes been thinking about Atlanta 24/7. He kept thinking and worrying if she was gonna make it. If he said in his head that she wasn't going to make it, he would have a nightmare that night. A nightmare that if Atlanta died, he would be with some other girl and once he was with that 'lucky girl' Atlanta would wake up and see what Archie had done. He cried every night and the guys would try to tell him that she was gonna be okay but he didn't believe them and kept crying. He missed Atlanta's soft, warm touch. He missed making out wih her. He missed fighting with her. He missed her body shoved against his lovingly when they cuddled. He missed going for runs with her and cuddling with her. e felt so empty inside, like his heart had just been torn out and broke into pieces and couldn't be put back together. His thoughts were interrupeted by his PMR ring.

"Hello." Archie tried to be strong while he talked, making it sound like he wasn't crying.

"Archie? Its Chiron..." Chiron began but Archie cut him off.

"Is Atlanta okay? Is she awake? Can I see her? How bad is she? Is the wound serious?" Archie started asking him a million questions.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Easy there boy! Atlanta is fine, besides the big scar on her chest. She is awake. You can see her. Shes okay. No it is not that serious." Chiron explained.

Archie yelled in joy, hung up adn ran to the school as fast as he could. The others were just about to ask him why he yelled and where he was going, but he ran by so fast that they could barely see him. They saw him good enough to speak to him though.


Archie waited outside Chiron's study. He didn't come in yet because he heard Chiron talking to Hera and he didn't want to interrupt.

"Archie you may see her." Hera said.

"Thank you." He told her.

Chiron turned around and saw Archie, he was talking to Atlanta. Asking how she was feeling and stuff.

"She wants to see you." Chiron said calmly.

Archie nodded adn walked towards her. She was sitting at he edge of the bed with a bandage wrapped around her chest and under her arms and around her back (her shirt was on in case you didn't know).

"Hey." she said with widened eyes. She was really happy to see him. She hadn't seen her boyfriend in a week!

"Hey." Chiron thought they should be alone so he walked out the door. Archie sat down beside her with his arm around her waist, pulling her close. He kissed her cheek. "You really got me worried, I thought you weren't going to make it."

"I'm just fine. You don't have to worry about me." She said with a smile on her face.

Archie's smile faded away and he said in a more serious tone, "Don't scare me like taht again, okay babe?"

She giggled a bit and said, "Kay."

Atlanta put his head on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. In response he laid down and pulled her beside him, holding her close. Archie looked into her eyes and kissed her. She kissed him back and the started ANOTHER make-out session. They moved around while they kissed. Atlanta was now on top of Archie. They broke apart and looked at each other and smiled. Atlanta got off of him and lid beside him and fell asleep. Archie felt tired too and he fell asleep too. The both forgot about Mark and wanted to keep forgetting about him. They hoped with all their hearts that they wouldn't have to see him again. And if they did see him again , it was too soon.


Atlanta got hit! But she lived! And if you haven't noticed, Archie and Atlanta have been kissing.........alot in this story. R&R!

~ Draykor ~
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