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Mark's Mission Part I

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Mark comes for his third and last visit and things just get worse, much worse.

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"Wheres Archie and Atlanta?" Theresea asked everyone. They were all waiting for them to watch the movie.

"Dunnow. Check their PMRs." Jay suggested.

Theresea pulled out her PMR and tried to contact them. After a few seconds of static Atlanta's face appeared on the screen.

"Atlanta here. Whats up?" Atlanta tried to make it sound like she wasn't crying, because if they figured out that she was crying, they'd want to know why and she couldn't tell them.

"Where are you two? We've been waiting for you two for forty-five minutes!" Theresea asked.

"Waiting for what?"

"Movie!" Theresea reminded her, getting annoyed.

"The mo...ooooh. Sorry Ther. I forgot. We'll be right there." Atlanta hung up.

Theresea sighed adn she put her radio away. "They're coming."


Atlanta hung up and dragged Archie back to the dorms.

"Where are we going?" Archie asked, confused. They were still having that conversation with Persephone.

"Sorry Persephone. Can we talk about this later?" Atlanta asked as she stopped in front of the door.

She simply nodded and they ran outside.


Odie was about to press the 'play' button, so they could start the movie without them, when they heard the door swing open.

"Sorry we're late. We had to..." Atlanta started but Archie looked at her funny, telling her not to tell them. "Nevermind." She said.

"We've been waiting for almost an hour, what were you guys doing?" Jay asked.

"Just...stuff." They both said.


They gave them a nervous laugh and sat on the floor. Archie put his arm around Atlanta's shoulders and Atlant put her head on his shoulder. The movie was half overe when the doorbell rang. Atlanta got up and looked through the little hole thingy to see who it was. Once she saw who it was, she locked the door and ignored it.

"Who was that?" Archie asked.

"Him." She said, getting annoyed.

"Man that guy just won't quit.S" Herry said with a mouth full of popcorn.

"I know its getting annoying." Atlanta said. She was still scared that the vision was gonna come true.

The movie was over. Everyone went to bed, except for Archie and Atlanta. Even though the movie was over, they were cuddling on the couch. Archie didn't want to leave Atlanta's side until Mark decided to quit for real. They sat in silence until Atlanta spoke up.

"Archie, you don't think that visions gonna come true, do you?" Atlanta was still scared about it.

"Of course not! I'm not gonna let that happen!" Archie kissed her forehead. "I promise."

Atlanta smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. They ended up doing another session. Their peaceful moment was interrupted by the door swinging open. Then Mark barged in with a lethal knife.

"If I can't have Atlanta, nobody can!" Mark was frusterated and jealous.

"M-Mark. W-What are you doing with that (gulps) knife?" Atlanta was scared and worried of what he was going to do with that knife. She was shaking badly so Archie pulled her as close as possible.

"Thats none of your business babe!" Mark said calmly but firmly.

"Stp calling me that! I'm not your girlfriend anymore!" Atlanta was mad now.

Mark yelled and ran towards Archie but he quickly dodtged his attack and ran in the kitchen, Atlanta still in his arms.

"Mark! What are you doing?!" Atlanta yelled.

"I told you. If I can't have you, nobody can!" Mark yelled as he ran towards Archie, ready to strike. Archie dodged and drew out his whip. He was about to strike when Atlanta stopped him.

"Archie don't hurt him!" Atlanta yelled. But she remembered what Persephone said before. "Nevermind."

Archie smiled and ran towards him. Mark dodged his whip and ran behind Atlanta. He held her by the throat, with the sharp end of the night by her chest. Archie was about to strike again but he realized what he was doing and stood still. "Come any closer and I'll stab her. Now, Atlanta, what would you rather do? Spend the rest of your life with me, or die?"

"I wouldn't be caught dead with you!"

He growled and was about to stab her. When Archie tackled him to the ground. They started a wrestling match.

"Look if Atlanta doesn't want to be with you, then she doesn't want to be with you! And besides shes with me now!" Archie yelled.

Mark growled and threw Archie off of him. He picked up the knife and was about to strike him, when he hit something else.


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