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Number Three It Is - MAY 27

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Mikey's very pleased with his plans and Monica wants to know the latest on Liv.

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Mikey took one final look at Alicia and slipped out of bed. It was almost noon; they had stayed up late watching movies and making love. He smiled at the memory. When she had finally fallen asleep in his arms the sky had been turning light. He hurried towards the living room; he had more phone calls and plans to make.
He had just hung up the phone when she wandered out of the bedroom looking sleepy and sexy. "Mikey, why did you let me sleep so late?"
He laughed, "You know I can't ever wake you up. You sleep like a fucking log. I tried but you just growled at me." He lied.
She smiled, "I didn't growl at you." She immediately went to the kitchen for coffee.
"What are we doing today?" she asked while watching the cappuccino machine spurt out a delicious treat.
"I've got to meet the guys over at Ray's at four. Bob is supposed to be back by then so that's why we put it off until later."
"Wonder how his trip with Kara went. Think she was impressed with Chicago?" Alicia wondered.
"I'm sure she was, the two of them are so in love. Poor Bob, he's got it bad." Mikey laughed.
Alicia returned with the cup in her hands, "What about you? You got it bad?" She sat the cup on the table and let him pull her down onto his lap.
He nuzzled her, "I've got it good." He said nibbling at her exposed neck. "What do you want to do today?" he asked in between nibbles.
She shuddered at the havoc his lips were causing her body. "Go back to bed" she said in with a throaty laugh.
"I like the way you think." He gently pushed her off his lap and grabbed her hand. "We gotta get as much of this in as we can before I leave" he said playing the part of the supposedly soon to be leaving husband. He noticed she looked upset at his words and tried not to smile. He was so happy with his decision and the plans he had made it was hard to make himself stop smiling.

When Bert and Gerard got back to Donna's they found Monica asleep on the sofa.
"I've got to get to the airport" Bert said in a whisper, "Tell her I said goodbye, OK?"
Gerard looked at her and smiled, she looked so sweet. "Will do"
Bert watched him a moment and sighed, "You know how fucking lucky you are, don't you Way?"
Gerard looked at him and nodded, "Yeah, I know."
Bert couldn't help but add, "Don't let anything take her away from you." He and Gerard both understood he was talking about the situation with Liv.
"I won't. You take care of yourself and visit us when you can. I know you noticed we've got plenty of room."
Bert had been impressed with their new home. He had tried his best not to laugh as Gerard has given him a tour ending with the deck and his grill. Gerard had changed so much since meeting Monica is was almost unreal. "I will visit and I'm sure you will regret asking me."
Gerard laughed, "Nope, I mean it, Bert. You and I have been through a lot of shit together but well, you know"
Bert looked at him, yeah he did know. They shared a past that had good and bad, a past that included a woman who had left her mark on both of them. He impulsively gave Gee a hug before leaving. It felt good when his hug had been returned.

When Monica opened her eyes an hour later she saw Gerard sitting across the room watching her. "Gee, what's wrong?" she asked with concern in her voice.
He shook his head, "Nothing, why?"
"Well you're just sitting there staring at me, where's Bert?"
He stood and crossed to the sofa, "He had to get to the airport but he told me to tell you goodbye." He sat down next to her then hugged her tightly.
"Gee, what's wrong?" She pulled herself from his embrace to look into his eyes. "What did Bert tell you about Liv?"
Gerard blinked, "Why do you think we were talking about Liv? I took Bert over to see our house." He looked away.
Monica laughed, "Oh Gee, Honey you are so damn cute when you try to hide things. Do you really think I didn't know you and Bert were gonna talk about Liv? I wondered last night who called you. I could tell as soon as you came back outside that the call had upset you. Gee, damn it. When are you gonna stop trying to hide things from me?"
He looked uncomfortable, "Look, I wasn't really trying to hide the call from you but we were having a special evening. Fuck, I had just lit all the candles and was getting ready to take you to bed. It just didn't seem like the right time to tell you that Bert had called to tell me about Liv." He explained trying to defend his actions.
Monica sighed, "Is that woman ever gonna stop causing tension between us? Well what did Bert say about her? Why is she calling you?"
Gerard got up and started to pace, "She called him acting all weird. She told him she was sorry for all the bad things she had done to him."
Monica waited but when he grew quiet she asked, "So what else? What has upset you? Is she gonna let you see Elena?"
"Bert told her that I wanted to see Elena. He told her that I wanted to talk to her but she said she couldn't face me."
Monica rubbed her forehead trying to relieve the headache that was forming, "You have every right to see your child," she reminded him softly.
Anger laced his words, "Yeah, no shit. But she seems to be playing some fucking game. She wouldn't leave a number where we can reach her."
"Gee, calm down."
"I can't fucking calm down, she is pissing me off. I finally accept that I have a child and now I can't see her. Liv is playing some mind game and I'm tired of it."
Monica sat quietly watching him. She honestly didn't know what to tell him. Finally she asked, "What does Bert think?"
Gerard sighed and sat back down by her, "He thinks she's sincere. Of course he was always a little in love with her." He looked down at his hands and added; "He also told me that Liv had left a message for me."
Monica was confused, "Left a message, where?'
"Not where, with someone." He looked up, "She went to see Ray when he was in the hospital and left a message for me with him."
"And Ray didn't tell you." Monica said sadly.
Once more Gerard was having trouble not feeling betrayed by his friend, "Yeah, Ray didn't tell me."
"So just ask him. Find out what she said and stop worrying about it."
"Shit, you make it all seem so easy. Just ask him," he repeated her words with venom.
Monica's headache kicked in, "Ok, don't ask and sit around and stew on it." She shot back.
"Look you don't understand, you can't understand. Liv is a part of my past that has left deep scars." He stood and moved away from the sofa.
"Oh right, I can't understand your pain. Well you know what? Just keep you pain to yourself cause I'm fucking sick of it." She shot back at him while getting up and moving towards the kitchen.
Gerard watched her go regretting his words. Why was he trying to push her away? He was surprised when she stopped and looked at him.
Monica took a deep breath, "Look, Gee the way I see it we have three options right now. One - we can stay pissed at each other cause we both just said things that were mean, Two - we can just pretend this didn't happen or Three - we can admit to each other we're both sorry and have great make-up sex."
Gerard was once more reminded why he loved this woman so much. "Well I vote for number three cause I really am sorry and I really do wanna have sex." He held his breath waiting for her answer.
She looked at him and knew it would be impossible to ever stay mad for long. "Well then number three it is."
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