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The One

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The gang gets settled in and A/A have a moment. And Cronus, Hecate, and The Jackal have a conversation. And The Jackal gets an assignment.

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Aye aye Captain Jay - Herry


"Huh." Theresa said, looking around for Nelmidai. 'I hate it when people do that'. She thought.

"Theresa! Come on! We're gonna leave without you if you don't stop daydreaming!" Atlanta yelled before she entered the door.

"Huh? O-Oh. C-Coming!" She stammered. 'Wonder where she went.' She thought to herself, running towards everyone.

"What the heck were you doing?" Archie asked.

"Nothing." Theresa answered.

"Whatever." Archie and Atlanta said at the same time.

The eight heroes entered the building and what they saw was amazing! Even though the walls had some sort of ancient writing on them, they still looked beautiful. When they looked through the windows, they saw the beautiful rooms that had all sorts of statues and ancient artifacts.

"Wow." Was all Ariel could say.

"You mean you're not surprised?" Jay asked.

"Yes. Just because I know where it is and know stuff about it, doesn't mean I've been here before." She replied.

"Then how'd you know about it?" Herry asked.

"Strangely, my mom used to tell me stories about something like this. She told stories about a person who lived in a glass house with magic letters on the glass walls, and in the basement were dangerous ghosts. But then she said that someone with magic powers comes and destroys all of them and saves the person who was going to get killed from them. She even told me where they were." Ariel explained. "It's like she knew about this place and, just kinda, expected me to come here."

"Okay, that's weird, creepy, but weird." Atlanta said, raising an eyebrow.

"I know."

"Okey doke so we came here, had a nice chat with Nelmidai, Ariel told us a lovely story about the mystery that her mom told her, now I guess it's time to finally go in and get this mission over with. Cause I have a mud bath booked in for 2:00 p.m. tomorrow." Neil said.

"Nobody cares about your appointments Neil! Now let's move!" Odie said.

"Fine, be that way." Neil said, pouting a lip.

"So, how are we going to settle with the room arrangements?" Ariel asked.

"I've got that all figured out." Jay said, "Theresa, you're with me. Neil and Odie you'll be in that room, Archie and Atlanta, you'll be in the room next door to our's and Herry and Ariel, you'll be in the room over there." He said, pointing to the pair's rooms.

"Aye aye, Captain Jay." Herry said.

"YYYYYa. Now let's unpack before we get started." Jay said.

The gang nodded and separated into their rooms. They all looked the same, but they'll have their things in there, so you'll be able to tell which room is whose.


Archie and Atlanta, of course, were packing a little faster than the rest. They wanted to get as much alone time as possible.

There was one bed that could fit two, there were dressers on each side of the bed and there were tables beside the bed on each side and at the end of the bed there was one.

Atlanta was putting the last of her clothes in her dresser, when all of a sudden she felt Archie lay his hands on her hips, kissing her neck, up to her cheek, and once he landed by her ear, he started to gently nibble on her earlobe. While nibbling her ear, she felt his hands raise up against her stomach, and he started to snake his arms around her stomach.

"Archie." Atlanta sighed.

He just smirked led a trail of soft kisses down to her cheek, to her jawbone and back down to her neck. "Come on Lan, you're done unpacking. Come lay down with me." He said, as he removed his arms from her abdomen, trailing down her arms and his hands gripped her hands.

"Fine. But no funny stuff." She whispered into his ear.

Archie smiled and picked her up bridle style, and layed her down on the bed. He climbed on the bed and landed on top of her, his body between her legs. He lowered his head back down to her neck, nipping her soft skin.

Feeling Archie nip her soft skin, Atlanta started to sofly moan, as he started to nip a little harder on her neck, but she didn't want to stop him. She only wrapped her arms around his neck, telling him to continue.

Archie smiled gratefully as he lifted his head up and kissed her lips firmly, but passionately. He wrapped his arms around her waist so her body was pushed tightly against his own.

They just laid there, enjoying their lips pressed against one another and their bodies firmly pushed together. But Archie did something she never thought he'd do in a while, and this would be the first. Archie opened his lips, letting his tongue slip out of his mouth and wanting enterence into hers.

Atlanta thougt about it. 'Is this right? Am I ready for this kind of love? And think of what could turn out of just our tongues locking to each other. But, I want to. I really want to. What should I do?' She didn't know what to do. She quickly thought about it and opened her mouth, letting his tongue search for hers. Archie's tongue finally found Atlanta's and he started to play around with her's, closing his mouth so he could kiss her with their tongues still together.

But this time, Atlanta was right. Archie's hand slowly went from her waist, down to the bottom of her shirt. His fingers hooked under the shirt and he started to lift it.

Atlanta felt her shirt slowly being taken off, 'I can't do this. I'm not ready for that. Not yet.' She thought. Atlanta released Archie's tongue and pulled her mouth away from his, "Archie wait." She said.

Archie stopped raising her shirt, he could almost feel the material of her bra. "What's wrong?" He asked, obviously not knowing what the problem was.

"I'm not ready for that. Not yet at least." She said, as she saw Archie' s head lower itself again and aimed for her neck. "Besides, even if I was ready for that and I wanted to, we couldn't."

"Why not?" He whispered into her skin.

"Because these walls are glass, the gang can see what we're doing." She explained.

"Oh. Sorry." He whispered in her ear. 'Man that was close. So glad that Atlanta stopped me before I got too far. I didn't want the gang to see us having sex.' He thought. "Thanks for warning me."

Atlanta smiled. "No problem." She said, right before she raised her head and captured his lips once more.She really wanted to do it with him, but she just didn't think she was ready for that kind of love, not yet anyway.

But she kept asking herself. Did she just make a mistake?


Atlanta woke up, and the first thing she saw, was light skin in front of her face. She looked up and saw Archie's face, his head resting on top of hers. She smiled and let out a pleasant sigh as she snuggled more into his chest.

They just layed there. Enjoying holding each other in their sleep. But their moment didn't last. There was a bang on their door. Archie and Atlanta groaned and let go of each other. They both rubbed their eyes and looked through the glass, and they saw the gang waiting outside their door.

"What?!" They both yelled.

"Come on you two! Wake up and get up! We're gonna have breakfast and then we're going to start our mission!" Odie yelled.

"What?!" They both yelled. They could see Odie's mouth moving, but they couldn't hear anything.

"I said! We're going to have breakfast and then we're going to start our mission! So wake up and get up!"

"We can't hear you Odie!" Archie yelled.

Odie groaned and turned his PMR on. "I said, get up. We're going to have some breakfast and then we're going to start our mission."

"Oh. Okay." Atlanta said through her PMR.

Archie and Atlanta waited until the gang was gone so they could get changed. Once they were gone and were out of view, the two groaned and got out of bed. They both sat on each side of the bed and got up and walked towards their dresser. They started to change, making sure their backs were still facing each other. Why did they have to be in a glass house? Everybody can see what you're doing! They just hoped that the bathroom was in the basement, okay scratch that, somewhere else in the house where no one can see them.

"I'm not really hungry. Are you?" Atlanta asked.

"Not really. I ate alot of food on the way here and I'm still full. I'll probably eat later." He said.

Archie turned around and saw Atlanta in different clothing. Instead of her original aqua t-shirt and baggy dark green cargoes, she wore tight, black jeans, that showed her curves and had some room to move, and a camouflage t-shirt.

"Wow. You look.....different." He said, still admiring her hip-hugging jeans. 'I never knew she had curves almost like Theresa.' He thought. "Hey Lan. How come you don't wear jeans like those? You look gorgeous in them. Cause I never knew you could have curves like Theresa."

"Well, since this is our most dangerous mission, I wanted to wear something different. I think those cargoes have a little too much room in them. I always hated those things." Atlanta told him, she spun around and saw Archie wearing something a little different as well. Instead of a baggy blue hoddie, he just wore a golden yellow hoodie, that wasn't as baggy as his other one, and instead of matching shorts, he wore dark blue jeans with holes in the knees. "You look different too. I like it." She smiled.

"Thanks, but you do look beautiful." He smiled.

"Thanks." Atlanta crawled back into bed, not wanting anything to eat and there was nothing else to do.

Archie smiled and layed beside her, putting his arm around her waist, pulling her closer.

Atlanta smiled also and layed her head on his chest, while Archie buried his face into her hair and wrapped his other arm around her, hugging her tighter. "Atlanta?"


"I just want to say that I'm sorry for what happened last night. Honestly! I don't know what came over me! It's like I was looking into our future or something, and then I thought it was reality! And, God Lan. I'm so sor-" But Archie was cut off when Atlanta put a finger on his lips.

"Shhhh. It's okay, really. I know you wouldn't do anything like that until another few years at least. And I know you wouldn't do it until I was ready, and I did say that I wasn't ready for that last night. But, seriously, it's okay. Don't worry about it, that's over forget about it." She told him, snuggling further into his chest.

He smiled and planted a kiss on the top of her head, pulling her closer until there was no more space between.



"Do you think anybody's gonna be okay on this mission? Like, nobodys going to get hurt, or kidnapped, or even...dead?" Atlanta asked, she shivered at the thought.

Archie let out a sigh, and tightened his grip with his arms. "Don't worry, nothing is going to happen. We'll make sure everyone is okay and is together. I'm here. Don't worry."

Atlanta smiled, but quickly turned into a serious frown and snuggled back into him again. "I'm...sighs I'm just scared that something bad is going to happen to you." She said.

Archie could feel fear and fret in her voice. "Oh, Lan. Like I said before, I promise I won't let anything happen to you, or to anyone on the team. I'll make sure that, if we split up, Jay puts me on your team. Okay? I promise everything will be okay, that nothing is going to happne to you." He said, stroking her hair, and after, gripping Atlanta's hand.

Right after when Archie held Atlanta's hand, his PMR rang. "What?" He asked, a little ticked that they ruined the moment.

"Come on guys! Get up! We're going to start our mission now! Stop being lazy and get up! Meet us in the kitchen." Neil said as he hung up.

They both groaned. "Neils calling us lazy? He's the one who won't even walk to the park with out worrying he'll get his shoes dirty." Atlanta smiled.

Archie grinned also and let go of Atlanta. He got out of bed, Atlanta doing the same. He was about to go through the door, until he saw Atlanta coming his way. Archie smiled and opened the door for her. "Ladies first." He smiled.


"Sorry." He said, as Atlanta walked past him, Archie following close behing and shutting the door. Once Archie caught up with her, he grabbed her hand and looked around for the kitchen.

"Ugh...where exactly is the kitchen?" Atlanta asked, looking around also.

"No idea." He answered. "Found them." He said, as he saw six people leaning against the walls, and sitting at the table.

The two finally entered the kitchen, and six annoyed faces faced them.

"What?" The two said at once.

"What the heck were you doing?! This is no time to be goofing off and disobeying our orders!" Jay said, obviously a little ticked that Archie and Atlanta were taking so long.

"We're sorry! We were tired, so we-" Archie started, until he was cut off by Neil.

"What? Too tired because you two were having sex last night?!"

"NEIL!!!" The two yelled, faces turning a light shade of red, really embarassed at the comment.


"Nevermind. Let's just get started, shall we?" Theresa said, really ticked off at the bickering teens.

Archie and Atlanta let out an annoyed groan and followed the rest. They took their time heading towards the basement stairs. The walls were just so beautiful, the writing added the extra beauty. But they didn't have time to lollygag right now. They finally reached the stairs, a little frightened that they had to go in and....battle....ghosts. They all shivered at the thought of what the ghosts looked like.

"Everyone got their glasses?" Jay asked.

"Yep." Everyone said, taking the glasses out of their pockets, they waited until they actually got to the basement to put them on.

They each walked down the stairs, taking it one step at a time, one slow step at a time.

The farther they went down, the tighter Atlanta's hand was on Archie's, signalling him not to let her go. Archie felt Atlanta gripping his hand, skin tight, and he tightened his grip on her hand, signalling him to stay near him and that he would never let go.

"Alright, everyone take it one step at a time, one...easy step. Everyone, stay in groups of two. Theresa, with me. Neil and Odie you go left and we'll PMR you once we're done. Herry, Ariel, same goes with you two. Archie and Atlanta, same." Jay instructed, pointing to the direction that each team would be going.

Archie and Atlanta were walking down their hall, their glasses on obviously, and the ghosts they saw, scared the heck out of them! They still looked exactly like they did when they died! It was an eye-blinding sight. One ghost was staring at Atlanta.

The Jackal was his name. Atlanta stared back and gasped at the horrified sight. He looked awful! His skin was so pale, his had a couple of scars on his face, and his clothes were torn in big rips. He also.....had a cage on his head? That didn't make sense. The Jackal stared right into Atlanta's eyes and tried to pounce on her, but when he tried to break through the walls he was trapped in, the words and letters on the walls glowed when The Jackal ran into the wall. They must be containment spells or something, keeping the ghosts out of your reach.

When The Jackal ran into the wall, Atlanta let out a shriek and ran closer to Archie.

"Shhhh. Lannie, it's okay. I'm here. I won't let them get you." He said, but he kept walking. He could feel Atlanta shaking in fear.

/That's the girl. /The Jackal said to Cronus and Hecate telepathically.

/What? Atlanta? The fast one? /Cronus said.

/Yes My Lord. She's the one. /The Jackal answered.

'This isn't right.' Cronus thought. He met Atlanta plenty of times, but she couldn't be the one. "Hecate!" He called. Hecate ran to him immediately.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Join with The Jackal and focus on Atlanta." Cronus instructed.

"Of course." She said. Hecate closed her eyes and tried to see what The Jackal saw. She said some Greek spell and saw through The Jackal's eyes. She sensed what The Jackal sensed and her eyes shot open. "He's not lying. Atlanta is the one. I can sense great power in her. Much more powerful than all the spirits combined." She said, looking at Cronus.

"Hm, I see." He said. /Jackal! /He called.

/Yes? /He ansered.

/Make sure you don't let the little redhead, Atlanta out of your sight. I want her in the room when it's time. And I don't care in what condition, just don't kill her. Her power is much more powerful than everyone else's. Make sure you capture her when it's your turn to come out. /Cronus instructed him. And make sure that her little boyfriend, Archie stays away from her. Leave the others to me and Hecate.

/Of course My Lord. /The Jackal answered, not leaving his eyes on Atlanta. He just couldn't wait to get his hands on her. He would do exactly what Cronus has instructed. And he would make sure he would not fail. After all. He is the most poweful and dangerous spirit in the whole house, and he would obey Cronus immediately. He would make sure he would succeed and he would let nothing stand in his way.


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