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Letting Go

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While the gang explores the basement, one of the ghosts get set free.

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Guess who was able to update before school ended. ME! WOOT! But then you'll have to wait some more, cause this is the last time I'm updating before schools over. Which is in about a week(yes, counging exams)....well....2 more days if you don't count final exams. Well, I hope this is worth the wait! Enjoy! And don't forget to R&R! Love yas!

I'll be happy to give you a make over for you if you want. - Odie


"I'm getting weird feelings of this place." Theresa said, staying close to Jay.

"Me too. Why did Hera have to send us on this mission?" Jay asked, a little scared himself about this assignment.



"Do you think the others are okay?" Theresa asked.

"I'm sure they're fine. I mean, Archie can watch over Atlanta, Herry can watch over Ariel and Neil can.......well Odie can.......I'm actually not sure about Neil and Odie. Maybe we should've let Neil and Odie go with us or Archie and Atlanta or Herry and Ariel."

"Maybe." Theresa answered, still a scared about the ghosts trapped in the barrier spells. She shrieked and ran closer to Jay everytime a ghost tried to attack them, but thankfully, the barrier spells held them. Theresa shivered and said, "God I hate this place."

Jay chuckled a bit and said, "Me too. I just can't stand the ghosts and the noises."

They walked a little furthur, Theresa still staying close to Jay, trying not to look at the scary, dead people in the barrier chambers. Theresa suddenly stopped, standing right where Archie and Atlanta were once walking, and stared at The Jackal. Theresa had this weird look on her face, but that look quickly went away when she gasped and her eyes widened.

"I don't give, a goddamn shit, about any book, or any life assignment, or any machine. I just want to know where the ghost took Atlanta and if she's okay." Archie said furiously, slamming his incredibley tight fists on the glass walls. Even his fired up fists could make the Latin glow, as if he were a ghost trying to escape its chamber, but thankfully, the glass was unbreakable.


With Atlanta...

"STUPID GHOST! LET ME GO!!!!" Atlanta screamed, as The Jackal was carrying her around his shoulders. "What do you want with me?!! Where are you taking me?!!" She screamed some more and was kicking and punching Jack's arms, trying to escape from his grip.

"Hecate said quite clearly about a Chosen One. Who is more powerful than any spirit on earth. She says that we could use this Chosen one to power up the Eye, but we can only use so much energy. That's why we're taking you. We're gonna use you to charget the Eye, and then Cronus said we could use you for other reasons that he did not mention." The Jackal explained.

"What other reasons did Cronus want to use me for?!!!" Atlanta screamed her question.

The Jackal just laughed a bit and said, "I do not know. He didn't say. But I'm sure he will once I bring you to him. And my guess, is it's going to be something very painful."

"Jay!" Theresa yelled.

Hearing Theresa's voice scream, he whipped around and slashed his sword out. "What? What's wrong?" He asked, protectively.

"I had a vision."

"Of what?"

"Well the first part, was that Archie mention some kind of book, life assignment and some machine. Then he said he just wanted to know where the ghost took Atlanta and if she was okay. And by the sound of his voice, he wasn't very happy and he was banging his fists so hard on the wall, that he made the Latin glow, so he must've been realy angry. The second part was Atlanta on his shoulders." Theresa pointed at The Jackal who was staring at them. "and she asked where he was taking her and whata they wanted with her. The Jackal answered and said something about a Chosen One, and they were using Atlanta to power up this....Eye. So they must think or know that Atlanta is the Chosen One. And he said after Atlanta powers the Eye up, that Cronus was gonna use her for other reasons that he didn't mention to him. And The Jackal guessed that it was going to be something very painful." Theresa explained.

"We better call Archie and Atlanta then. To tell them to stay on their guard." Jay replied, pulling out his PMR. He sped dialed Archie's PMR, and his face appeared on the screen. "Archie? It's Jay."

"What's up?"

"Theresa had a vision and we want you two to stay on your guard like you have never stayed on your guard before. Because of what Theresa's vision tells us, it's not a very happy one."

"What did she see? And why did you call us?"Archie asked, getting confused.

Jay sighed and took a deep breathe. "She saw that you were really angry and were banging your fists on the walls that even made the Latin glow, so you must've been quite angry and that you mentioned something about a book, and assignment and some type of machine. And you said you just wanted to know where the ghost took Atlanta and if she was okay. Her second part, what Atlanta hung over The Jackal's shoulders, kicking and asking what he wanted with her and where he was taking her. He said something about this...Eye thing, that we don't know what it is, and The Jackal said that they were going to use her to charge up the Eye, and after they were done with that. The Jackal mention that Cronus said that he was going to do other thing to her, but The Jackal said that he didn't mention anything. But The Jackal guessed it was going to be something very, very painful." He explained, a little out of breath.

"Okay. I'll watch over Atlanta and make sure no one gets her. Don't worry, I'll take care of her." Archie said and hung up.

"Don't worry. Archie's going to watch her and take care of her." Jay answered.

"Good. I don't know what we'd do if anything happened to those two again." Theresa said, thinking back to the cave with Ellanna and a hypnotized Archie practically killing Atlanta.

"Me neither. I mean, the Seeper was bad, and then a week or two after there was the Arachne problem, but before we had the lost Atlanta with a Minotaur problem, then we had the Pan problem, then the Ellanna situation where Archie ended up almost killing Atlanta and I now we'll have this to worry about." Jay said, listing the points off his fingers.

"Exactly." Theresa nodded.


"Okay, Atlanta?" Archie called her name, looking behind him.

"Ya?" She answered, walking towards him.

"Theresa had a vision and it was about The Jackal carrying you and was saying something about an Eye that they were going to use you to charge up and he said that Cronus was going to use you for other reasons but he said that Cronus didn't mention them, but The Jackal guessed it was something very painful. But before, she saw that I was really angry that I kept banging my fists on the walls so hard, that the Latin started to glow. And I that I mentioned something about a book, an assignment and something about this machine. So I want you to stay close to me and if you're not, make sure you're somewhere where I can see you." He said, grabbing her hands with his. "I don't want to lose you again, or take that risk. Okay? So stay close and make sure you're somewhere where I can see you."

Atlanta nodded. "Okay......ssssure."

Archie smiled and said, "Okay now let's get going. I don't think Jay would like it if we fell behind." Archie walked behind Atlanta with his hand still over hers, and he pulled her along his side and they kept walking.


"Okay I've seen this house before, but I never saw the basement. And so far......I don't like it!" Ariel said, staying close to Herry as well.

Herry hated it when a ghost tried to charge after them. But he also loved it when Ariel went closer to him everytime, and his smile got even bigger everytime she got closer.

"I don't like it either, but Jay wants us to keep going, and trust me. You do not want to disobey Jay or get him angry." Herry smiled a bit.

Ariel thought about it, and pictured it in her head. "I don't even want to know, or find out. Can we just keep moving?!"

Herry laughed and said, "Alright, alright! Moving along."

They kept walking but didn't see anything. Which made them a little bit more scared and suspicious.

"It's quite." Ariel said, looking around some more for any signs or noises of ghosts. "Too quiet. M-Maybe we should just go back, or ask Jay if we can retriet." She studdered.

"And leave such a great, bone chilling, once-in-a-lifetime-experience? Such an adventerous, frightening, exciting chance like this? I don't think so." Herry laughed.

"Are you making fun of my fear?" Ariel asked.

"No! No! No! Not at all! I'm just saying that this could be a once in a lifetime experience! I mean, you don't get to hunt down ghosts everyday? I mean, if you tell people that you went out ghost hunting again, they might laugh at you and not believe you. So I'm not leaving and if I'm not leaving, then you can't leave either. Cause Jay said to stay together and to not leave your partner!" Herry answered.

"Fine. We'll keep going." Ariel said.


"Neil, you're kind of, falling behind!" Odie complained, looking back behind his shoulder to see Neil looking at his reflection in the glass walls.

"But I can see myself in these cool glass walls! They're so shiny and clean, and not to mention gorgeous!" Neil answered, showing his teeth showing smile and making these weird poses in front of the walls.

"Well if you don't hurry up I'm going to leave without you! And Jay will get mad and you might get killed!"

Neil scoffed and said, "With looks like these? I don't think so."

Odie groaned a loud groan and kept walking anyway.

Neil saw Odie leaving him, but he couldn't look away. So he started walking but his head was still facing the glass.

"Who's the boy with the gorgeous face?! Neil! Neil! Who's the boy witht he shiny hair? Neil! Neil! Who's the boy with the gorgeous smile?! Neil! Neil! Who's the boy with the nice muscles?! Neil! Neil! AAAAAAAAAAAAnd! Who's the boy with the awesome style?! Neil! Neil! NEIL! Who's the boy with-"

"Okay! Okay! We get it! You're the boy! Now let's keep going!" Odie groaned.

"Fine! Be that way." Neil said.

Neil was still keeping his head faced towards the glass and was still walking. Until he saw an ugly, pale, grey haired woman, who was missing some chunks in her skin and her skin was wrinkley too. Her clothes were torn. And she was in stalks. Neil did his oh-so-famous girl scream and ran over to Odie.

"What? What's wrong?" Odie asked.

"I saw my reflection, and for the first time in my life, it was.....was...." Neil couldn't even say it.

"It wasss...."


Odie sighed and asked, "What did you see?"

"I saw this really ugly woman in stocks. Her hair was grey and her skin was pale, wrinlkey, and was missing a whole bunch of chunks. It was a horryfing sight! Even scarier than your hair!!" Neil screamed, pointing at Odie's small afro.

"Whatever. Can we keep moving. PLEASE?!!"

"Fine. But don't come cryin to me asking for a make over when you see your reflection in the mirror and you see someone ugly. Which by the way, you need one."

"I'll be happy to do a make over for you if you want?"

"OH! OH! OH! Would you?!" Neil asked, excited.

"Yep! Now hold still. This is gonna might hurt a little, but don't worry I'll do it so quick that you won't be able to feel it." Odie said, but then mumbled, "Not to mention hard."


"Okay. This place, is reeeeeeally starting to freak me out." Atlanta said, staying skin tight to Archie.

"I know. Me too. But we have to keep moving, no matter how scary this place is." He said, wrapping his arm around her waist, pulling her as close as possible, he didn't want Theresa's vision to come true, but he didn't want to lose her in general, not again. "Let's just take slow, easy steps and we might make it out of here okay. And stay close to me, I'll made a promise and I'm going to keep it."

"K-Kay." Atlanta studdered, shuffling even closer to him. 'He's so sweet and romantic. He is so much better than Pan. And he is so cute! Not to mention muscular, cause I always thought that Pan was a bit too muscular for my taste. But Archie's just right.' She thought dreamily to herself.

'I still can't believe that she would choose me. ME! Over someone who's more muscular, more charming, more.....handsome......someone like.....dare I say it...Pan! And she is so cute! She's not one of those sluts who always act so sexy, like they're the hottest things in the world. Well, to me, Atlanta is so much hotter than Theresa. And, she's not too thin or too fat. She's just right. I can't believe that when I was hypnotized, that I thought Ellanna was the hottest girl in the world and was the girl for me. Boy was I wrong. I love Atlanta more than anything in the world.' Archie thought to himself.

They walked down the hallway until they came to turns. "Where should we go? Left? Right? Or forward?" Atlanta asked, looking up at Archie.

"I'm not sure. I'll check." Archie said and pulled out this little device that was like the Clue that Theresa used in the Minotaur's Maze. Except it didn't have the red laser, and everyone had one. He held onto the " ^ " button to see what was up ahead. "The hallway up here is a dead end." He said, then held the " " button. To see what was on the right. "The other one, has a left hallway that leads to a dead end also."

"Left it is then." Atlanta said as she turned left, but Archie grabbed her arm. Atlanta turned to face him, to give him a questioning look, until he saw his head moving around. "Arch? What is i-"

"Shh!" Archie shushed her. "Can't you hear that?"

Atlanta stayed silent, trying to hear what Archie could hear. "Ya. Kinda. What is it?"

"I don't know. Sounds like gears shifting. Wait!" He stood still for a second. "I hear a door opening. And it's not a very far door." He looked around to see any glass windows moving to the side, Atlanta doing the same.

They both looked at each other then looked behind. Atlanta gasped and ran back to Archie, gripping his hand as tight as she could. They saw the glass wall moving to the right (pov's right), and saw..........a ghost coming out of the chamber!! "A-A-Archie?" Atlanta shivered, obviously very scared.

They watched it come out of its glass chamber, and it looked exactly like The Hammer in Ariel's flashback that they told her about a couple days ago. He slowly turned his head towards the couple, and smiled, pulling a nail out of it's shoulder.

"Okay, okay Lannie?" Archie whispered back to her.

"Y-Ya?" She whispered.

"Don't panic. Just walk away slowly, and make the left turn, I'll meet you there." Archie whispered back to her, letting go of her hand.

"No! I am not going to leave you! I don't want to lose you!" She hissed in his ear, but made sure she whispered.

"Just, go Atlanta now! I'll meet you there. I promise."

Atlanta looked at him and then at The Hammer, who took a step closer. She just couldn't leave him alone with! But she had no choice. She knew that Archie was a very honest person. She sighed and whispered in his ear, "Fine. But hurry." She kissed his cheek and ran over to the turn, letting go of his hand after she kissed him.

The Hammer saw Atlanta running, which made him want to run too. So he started making quicker and quicker steps toward the turn. He was about to turn and ignore Archie. "I don't think so! You stay away from her!" Thanks to playing football with Herry and Jay, he managed to tackle him to the ground, letting Atlanta run away, free. 'Be careful Atlanta. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you.' His thoughts were ended when The Hammer threw Archie off of him and into a wall.

Archie let out a yell of pain and surprise. He was about to tackle him again, but the pain in his back didn't leave quick enough. And The Hammer left Archie and made that left turn towards Atlanta. "No." Archie whispered. He was about to get up but when he stood up, his back still arched, he tried to straighten his back, but he felt his back crack and he kept his back arched.

He couldn't give up though. The Hammer was on his way to Atlanta. No. No. No! He couldn't let him get to her. He loves her too much. Quickly, he shot his back up straight and let out a little yell of pain as his back made loud cracking noises. He made a promise to Atlanta, and thats another promise he was going to keep. Even if it kills him. He didn't want The Hammer killing Atlanta, or him. But for Atlanta, thats a risk he's willing to take. For his love. For Atlanta.


Awwww! Archie's so romantic isn't he? He's going to be REALLY sweet in this story! It's like he won't even be Archie, you'll just think that it's someone else! R&R! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

~ Draykor ~
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