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Archie's scared to death about Atlanta's disappearence and tracks her down until something bad happens. Jay finds out about it and assigns everyone to a short, new assignment.

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Hey! I updated!! Ain't that fab!! I know I said I would do the chapter on the summary give in the author's note (which has been deleted now along with the other note), but I decided to leave that for the next chapter. Hope this is worth the wait!! Sorry it took so long.

I, Ariella Lynn Shultz swear to my whole life not to tell what is about to be told before me - Ariel


"Come on Atlanta! Where are you?!" Archie yelled, calling her name. 'How could I lose Atlanta?!! Especially that that....that thing stalking her in the house? I am probably the worst boyfriend ever!' He though, angrily to himself. "I can't give up though. I can't let Atlanta die. I won't let Atlanta die!" Archie said to himself but kept walking. "How hard could it be to find her anyways? I mean, it's a glass house. Shouldn't I be able to see her? probably not since she's far away from me that I can't see her!" Archie has been walking from what seemed for hours! And still no sign of Atlanta. He pulled out his Clue to find Atlanta. Jay gave each of them special Clues that if you press a certain button, and you look around for your partner, a flashing red dot will appear on the screen of the Clue, but you have to look around on it in order to find the missing partner. Archie pressed the center button and then pressed the left, right, and forward button. "Damn it! Nothing!" Archie mumbled angrily to himself.

He stood in that spot, still holding the buttons until a flashing red dot appeared, but he couldn't find it! "I'm gonna kill that guy if he lays one hand on Atlanta, again." He said angrily to himself. "YES!" He yelled in surprise. A flashing red dot appeared on the screen when he held the forward button, but she was quite a long ways away and the dot was moving pretty fast. "Gotta run fast if I want to catch up to her." He said to himself and he started running.




"I'm having a bad feeling."

"What do you feel?"

"I feel that Atlanta is in grave danger, and Archie isn't there to help her. They got separated. I'm sure of it." Theresa said.

"Are you sure?"

"Well I-I think so. But I just have this strong feeling about Atlanta and Archie. But mostly Atlanta."

"I'll call Archie. See what's going on." Jay said, pulling out his PMR.

"Ya?" Archie answered.

"Archie? It's Jay."

"What?" By the sound of Archie's voice, Jay didn't think he was very happy.

"Theresa has a strong feeling that something's wrong with Atlanta. She thinks that you two got separated. Is Atlanta there? Is she okay?"

"No and I'm not sure! I found her signal on the Clue but it's moving pretty fast, I can't keep up! And I don't want to call her. That might distract her."

"Hang tight Arch. I'm sure you'll find her. I'll give you another half hour then we have to retreat and prepare."

"Can't you give me just a bit more time?! I don't want to leave her! A ghost is after her Jay! A GHOST! He's trying to catch her! I don't want Theresa's vision to come true!"

"Which ghost is it? Do you know his/her name? What did it look like?"

Archie started to calm down. "He was huge! As in muscular huge, and he has rusty, big nails all over his body, he only had one hand and he was carrying a big sludge hammer. I don't know where he is, I just know where Atlanta is! She's moving fast! Real fast! I don't know if she's just scared and running?! Or if that ghost is chasing her, Jay!! I don't know what to do?! She's lost and I have no chance of catching up with her now! This place is HUGE! I'll never find her in time!! She might even be killed by the time I reach her!!! Or Hecate and Cronus would've gotten to her already! Then I'll have no chance on finding her if that happened! Cause I don't know where they are! I'm down-right worried Jay! What if No!! NO!!" Archie started to tense up again.

"What?! What happened?!" Jay asked, starting to tense up himself.

"I lost her signal!! I CAN'T SEE HER DOT!! Now I have no chance of finding her!! Or catching up with her cause I lost her signal!!" Archie started to panic.

"Archie! Archie! Relax. I'll get the gang to look for her for the next half hour. Calm down. Everything will be okay. I promise."

"HOW CAN I RELAX?!!!! When my girlfriend is in a strange, glass house with a deadly, killer ghost rushing after her that might kill her if he reaches her?!!!!! I CAN'T DO THIS JAY!!!"

"Yes you can!! Just hang on! Relax! Just keep going. Breathe. Atlanta can take care of herself Arch. Just, relax."

"I know she can take care of herself. But I don't think she'll be able to handle a ghost thats on the loose trying to kill her."

"I wish I knew how you feel buddy. But the worst thing that could happen is if The Jackal was on the loose. Then that'd be a reason to panic. But knowing Cronus, he'll save the best for last."

"Y-Ya, y-you're right. I just gotta calm down. Breathe. And keep going. I'll find her eventually. Thanks Jay."

"No problem. Good luck. I'm sure you'll need it." Jay said as he hung up. "Let's go."


"Let's go!"

"I can't hear you!"

"LET'S GO!!"

"Okay, heard you that time. Sorry. My ears are still ringing." Theresa smiled. Sticking her finger in her ears and scratching them.

Jay chuckled and said, "You heard Archie?"

"How could you not?! I mean, I bet even the ghosts in the chambers could hear them, whether they're trapped between the walls or not."

"You know how he gets when he comes to Atlanta."

"Yep. Mr. Macho Man."

"I'll call the others and tell them our plan."

"You do that."


"We're going in circles." Ariel said, looking around.

"No we're not."

"Yes! We are! I've seen the pattern on the walls like, six times already! Can we take a break?" She complained.

"Wish we could, but if Jay found out we were slacking off on the most important mission of our lives, he'd have us hung." Just then, he PMR rang. "Ya?"

"It's Jay."

"What's up?"

"There's been a tad of changes. Archie lost Atlanta and his Clue can't pick up her signal. He says that she was moving fast and she was quite a long ways from him. He's worried that she's just scared because of how fast she's running, or because she's being chased."

"Oh no! How far is she?!!" Herry asked, obviously worried about Atlanta.

"He said she was about thirteen walls forward, away from him. And since he lost her signal, he won't be able to catch up to her in time. So I need you and Ariel to look for Atlanta for another twenty-five minutes and retreat when the time is up."

"Okay. We'll do our best. Thanks Jay." But when Herry hung up and put his PMR in his pocket, he clenched his fists and banged them on a wall. "Wait till I get my hands on Archie!!! HES GONNA PAY!!"

"Why? Wha'ts going on? Wha'ts wrong?" Ariel asked. She couldn't understand why Herry was so mad.

"Archie lost Atlanta and his Clue can't pick up her signal. But when it did, he said she was moving fast and thought that she was scared and was just running fast, trying to get out of here, or if there was a ghost running after her. But he wouldn't be able to get to her in time. So Jay wants us to look for Atlanta in the next twenty-five minutes and meet back at the stairs."

"Poor Lannie. I can't imagine what pain Archie's going through right now."

"Oh, trust me. He's going through a life-time of pain. Oh boy Archie wait till I get my hands on you." Herry said.

"Why are you so angry at Archie?"

"Because he lost Atlanta."

" you like her?" Ariel asked, a little worry sparked out of her voice.

"Well, I-I don't know. I like her as a friend and as a little sister, but I don't know if I like her that way."

"I can't control how you feel, but you could like her if you think you should. Even though it wouldn't help because Archie would kill you if he found out you fell in love with his girlfriend."

"Tell me about it. Archie can get pretty tense when it comes to Atlanta. He does everything in his will to be there for her and to protect her. But Archie must feel like he has to be in a straight jacket right now."


"Besides, I kinda have feelings for this......other person. So I kinda like Atlanta and that special someone."

Ariel's face brightened and smiled. "Who is that 'special someone'?" She asked, secretly hoping it was her.

"I ain't tellin."

"Awwww! Why not?" That pretty look on her features quickly slipped away.

"Because it's embarassing." Herry said. Even blushing when he thinks of what might happen if he tells her.

"Come on! I swear I won't tell!" Ariel said. Putting a hand up.

Herry sighed. "Fine. But you have to SWEAR not to tell anyone."

Ariel nodded.

"I mean you have to swear your whole life of what I'm about to tell you." He smiled.

Ariel nodded a bit faster.

"Say it."


"Say it!"

"You've gotta be kidding me."

"Nope. Just say it and I'll tell."

"I, Ariella Lynn Shultz, swear to my whole life not to tell what is about to be told before me." She said, not having a very happy look on her face, with her hand still up and her hand to her chest.

Herry bent down and whispered into her ear, "It's someone else on the team."

When Herry pulled back from her, he saw that her eye was twitching. "OH COME ON!!!"

Herry started to burst out with laughter. "And the best part! I KNOW YOUR NAME!!" He said just before he burst out into laughter again.

"I hate you so much right now." Ariel pouted.


"Are you sure we're going in the right direction?" Odie asked, he may be the smart one but he have a very good keen sense of direction. Where's Theresa and Atlanta when you need them?

"No. Am I suppose to?" Neil asked. He was in front of Odie, so Odie thought that Neil was sorta guiding them.

"This is just PERFECT!!! We don't know where we're going, we might get lost in this humungous glass house, no thank to your oh-so-perfect keen sens of drection, and, just a guess, but someone might be lost on their own right now. BUT. That's just a guess.

But thanks to Odie's perfect timing, his PMR went off.


"Would you stop answering the phone like that? It's really annoying." Jay answered.

"Sorry. So........what?"

"We have some bad news, very bad news, and terrible news."

"What's the bad news?"

"The bad news is that Archie lost Atlanta and now she's all alone in this house."

Odie gulped and said, "What's the really bad news."

"A ghost has been sent free and we think that it's after Atlanta. But she's all alone and Archie said she was moving pretty fast when he check his Clue. And Archie's worried half to death."

Odie gulped louder and said, "W-What's the terrible news."

"Archie lost Atlanta's signal so now he doesn't know where she is and there's a ghost chasing after her. Theresa's vision is coming into action, but that wasn't the ghost that had Atlanta. It was a much scarier one."

"So what do you want us to do?" Odie asked.

"I want you to search for Atlanta for the next twenty minutes then come back to the stairs. We'll get weapons and better communication equipment."

"Okay. We're on it." Odie said and hung up.

"Neil? We have a mission." Odie said, looking towards him.


Archie felt like he was gonna cry. Well, why wouldn't he? His girlfriend is lost and a ghost is after her and could kill her if he gets the chance. He lost her signal so now he can't find her. The only way he could find her is if she'd scream.

Speak of the devil, Archie just heard Atlanta's famous ear piercing scream.

"Oh my God!! ATLANTA!! WHERE ARE YOU?!! I CAN'T FIND YOU!!" He yelled. He only has like twenty minutes left to find her. But even if the time does run out, he's still gonna keep looking.

Archie kept calling her name, but the only answering he got was her screaming.

Archie ran and ran, turning left right and forward. He tried to follow her scream, but it was everywhere. "ATLANTA!!! Where are you?!!" He yelled again. "Come on Atlanta!! If you can hear me, scream!!" He yelled at the top of his voice, not caring if it made the chambered spirits angry that they were yelling, screaming, walking and running all over their territory. "ATLANTA! If you can hear me, scream!!" He yelled once more, waiting for an answer.












There was dead silence.


Dun dun duhhhhhh!!! Doesn't that just drive you crazy? Leaving you poor, defenseless people hanging like that on a good part ;)? Well I'll try to update sooner but I can't promise that. R&R!! And I still can't believe that school's finally over! Love yas!!

~ Draykor ~
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