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Danger in Sorrow

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Archie finally finds Atlanta after hours of searching, but they have a little trouble getting back to the upstairs. And the gang meets someone when they retreit. Friend or foe?

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Aren't you all so happy that I got to update so quickly?! Ya I stayed up all night typing half of this and I just finished it this morning. Hope you like it! It finally let me post it up here, since I tried like 5 times to get it up here, but FicWad kept..not working!

Just like you - Odie


"Shit. ATLANTA! Come on, don't scare me like this! YES I SAID IT! I'M SCARED! HAPPY?!! Now please scream for me so I can know you're alright." He yelled but then whispered the last part. He kept yelling and calling her name, but no screams or even shrieks or squeaks were heard. Tears immediately came to his eyes as he thought if he would never find her. He even let a couple roll down his cheek. "Atlanta." He choked out. Worried for his life about her. He wanted a sign, any sign, that he would know where she is and if she's okay. He decided to take a thirty second rest. He stopped and leaned against a wall, letting the tears roll freely down his pale cheeks, but the tears roll around that same spot where Atlanta would always kiss him. Strange, but he didn't mind. It was always a mystery how Atlanta would kiss the very same spot on his cheek everytime. But right now, he wished she was here, letting her tears stream down her cheeks. He wished she was here, crying because she was hurt, crying because she was scared. he wished she was there sitting beside him, crying on his shoulder or in his chest, his arm around her shoulder, pulling her onto his lap and softly whispering in her ear that everything was going to be fine. She was going to be fine. But he would never get his wishes if he kept giving up. He had to keep going, no matter how much his legs hurt. He had to save Atlanta.

"It's better to find your love in pain than to not find your love at all." His mother would always say when it came to girls. It's true. He would rather find Atlanta in deathly pain, than to not find her at all. He stood up and kept walking, until he heard someone tapping on the glass, it sounded like............morse code. Thankfully, he could understand from a few lessons from Odie. He looked around, looking for the sound of the tapped glass. He walked around, his head till turning in all directions. A smile and tears of joy came to his face as he saw who was making that noise. He ran as fast as he could to that person.


"I'm worried about Archie and Atlanta." Ariel said, her head turned slightly to the ground in sorrow.

"I know. I am too. Archie must feel like hell knowing that his girlfriend is somewhere lost in this glass house with no way out. And Atlanta must be scared out of her life knowing that she's all alone with a ghost chasing after her." Herry answered. 'I would feel the same way if something like that happened to you.' Herry thought to himself, looking at Ariel, of course not turning his head toward her only his brown eyes looked at her's.

"I really think we should go back. This place is getting scarier and scarier, and I don't see Atlanta anywhere." Ariel said, looking around some more.

"Me too. I'll call Jay and see if it's time to go back." Herry said, pulling out his PMR.

"Jay? It's Herry."

"What's up?"

"Ariel and I feel that it's safest and best if we could retreit right now, we're getting extremely tired and we haven't found Atlanta anywhere."

"I know how you feel, exactly how you feel but we can't leave Atlanta." Jay answered back.

"I know but knowing Archie, he'll keep looking for Atlanta even if you told him to come back. Cause I know him, he'll refuse and keep looking."

Jay thought about it. Both him and Theresa were getting tired and Neil and Odie are probably exhausted also. He deeply sighed and said, "Alright. You can go back to the stairs if you can and if you feel like you need a peaceful rest."

Herry smiled and put the radio/walkie talkie back. "Jay says we're free to go if we want. You're absolutely sure you want to leave?"

"I'm sure. Cause I'm also sure you're right. Archie won't stop until he reaches Atlanta. He must love her alot."

"You have no idea. You should've seen him before Atlanta became his girlfriend." Herry smiled, remembering all the teasing they did to him, all the embarassing moments they caught him and Atlanta doing, like accidentally sleeping together on the couch a couple times. He loved how Archie would continuously work at getting Atlanta's heart with his. Good times. Good times. He missed them so much. Cause they were so much fun!

Ariel scoffed. "Can't imagine."

"No. You can't." Herry laughed. "Come on let's go. I'm getting really tired." Herry said walking away from Ariel.

Ariel smiled and ran to catch up to him. Slowly grabbing his hand with her's.


"You want to go back upstairs?" Jay asked, looking at Theresa. She looked like she could fall asleep right them and there.

"Hm? Oh, ya..sure." She smiled. "But what about Atlanta?"

"Archie will keep looking for her. He always does."

"Oh ya I know! He must love her more than we think."

Jay looked at his watch. 10:47 P.M. "Wow. It is getting late. We should go upstairs and rest." He said.

"Mm hm." Theresa nodded.

Jay and Theresa walked side by side, both of them dieing to hold each other's hand. Jay desperately wanting to slide his arma round her waist and for her to put her arm around his or rest her head on his shoulder. He couldn't wait until they went upstairs. Because they share a bed, and he loved sleeping beside her. But it would be even more fun if they were actually dating. So much easier.

Theresa was thinking the exact same thing. Wow. Who knew they were so desperate for each other? That's probably why Archie and Atlanta are always acting so muchy around them. Because they want to make them jealous, tease them. She hated them for that but she also that they were just doing stuff like that because they loved each other. Just how Theresa and Jay secretly loved each other. But she wanted to wait for the right moment for her to tell him and vice versa.


"Neil. Jay just called and said we can go back upstairs if we're tired." Odie said, looking back at Neil. Odie groaned loudly as he saw Neil sleeping lazily on the floor. "NEIL! Wake up! You can sleep in your bed!! Even though it won't matter to me cause I'll have to sleep on the floor again like some small, stupid, helpless little DOG!!" Odie said in frusteration.

Odie grinned as he had a sudden idea. His hand slowly reached for his pocket, trying to reach is golden mirror. He smiled as he felt his hands feel something warm and hard. He pulled it out. It was his mirror! Score! He "accidentally threw" Neil's beloved mirror on the floor, making Neil's eyes shoot wide open.

"WHO HAS MY MIRROR?!! WHO DROPPED IT?!!" He asked, having a death glare on his face, not that it was much of a threat to everyone else.

Odie started to laugh at Neil's face. Priceless. "I did. Jay said we can go back upstairs and rest if we're tired."

"FINALLY!!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms up and picking up his mirror.

Odie smiled and started walking back until he heard a scream. "What?!" He asked, spinning around to see what made Neil scream.

"My mirror has a scratch on it!!" Neil screamed. "Now it's useless!" He said, putting it back in his pocket.

"Ya." Odie smiled. The mumbled, "Just like you."


He slid a glass wall open and the figure flew out right into Archie's arms. It was Atlanta!! But to his surprise, when Atlanta fell into his arms, she started crying. In fear.

"Hell, thank God!" He said as he held Atlanta as tight as possible, never wanting to leave her again. He kissed her head. "Shhhh Atlan. It's okay. I'm here, you're safe now." He whispered.

Atlanta gasped in some air and looked up at him. "Archie-hie-hie!" She sobbed as she grabbed his hoodie and cuddled closer to him.

Archie didn't want to call Jay yet. Cause if he called Jay, he'll have to return right away and he didn't want to. He wanted to stay with Atlanta.

So they just sat their for a good half hour, Archie just comforting her, not caring if she cried the whole half through. But he finally had the time to say it. "Atlanta. What happened?"

Atlanta sobbed even more. It was just too horrible to say. "Can we not talk about that right now?" She managed to spit out.

"Alright. I'm just so glad you're okay and safe. We've been looking for you forever!" Archie was going to kill that ghost for the pain he caused Atlanta to suffer. He wished that he was in Atlanta's place.

Archie slowly got up from his knees and gently pulled Atlanta off of hers. He kept an arm around her back. They walked around for almost another half hour, because they have one small important problem.

They didn't know the way back.

Archie mentally slapped himself for making such a stupid mistake. Archie rested his head on hers and said, "What happened? You can tell me." He said softly.

"It was awful! Just terrible! I just kept running and running, but he everytime I looked back, he w-asn't there. Then when I look in front of myself, h-he was right there! And everytime he was in front of m-me he k-kept stab-bing me with one of h-his nails. H-He kept stabbing me until I fell unconsciouss, b-but I could still fell the blood trailing down my arm. I woke up and I was in a glass chamber. I f-felt someone beating me up. But I couldn't s-see who it was. Because my glasses broke." She sniffled. "That's when I saw y-you look-ing for me. I s-ent you that message as quickly as I could. And what-whatever was beating me up. Scratched me on my shoulder and, th-that's when you opened the gl-glass wall and I jumped out. D-Did anything else jump out?"

"No. I didn't see anything and I have my glasses." He said. "Atlanta I'm so sorry for leaving you like that. I promise I will never do that again. And I won't let Theresa's vision come true."

Atlanta sniffled and wiped the last of her tears. "Kay." She mumbled softly.

Archie bent down and kissed her softly on the cheek. When he pulled back, he stared at her with anger. She didn't look so good. There were a few holes on her arm and he could see the fresh blood trail down both her arms. There was a scratch on her cheek but it only shed red blood so it wasn't that deep. He could see the other scratch on her left shoulder. Way to go. Two scars on her right and one on her left. She saw that her stomach had a cut on it too. And she was limping. "Atlanta?"


"Why are you limping?" He asked, he hoped that the ghost, either one, didn't scratch her foot or anything too.

"I sprained it while I was being chased." She said.

Archie quietly sighed with relief. He finally saw something that a ghost didn't do. He also noticed a couple small, light scratches on her legs too.

He could feel Atlanta swaying, slowing down. Atlanta didn't look so good. She felt like she was gonna faint. "Are you okay? You don't look so good."

"I don't know. I feel light headed. I think I'm gonna..." She didn't get to finish when she was about to faint on the floor, but Archie caught her.

"Come on. We should keep going." He said as he looked her her face. It just killed him to see his beloved all hurt and worn out. He picked her up and carried her like a groom would with his bride. He started to walk a bit faster, just in case the gang was waiting impatiently for them. And he didn't want to run into anytime soon either.

He stopped running as he heard more gears run and a wall being pushed aside. 'Oh shit not now!' He though angrily. He knew what those sounds were. Another ghost was about to be set free. 'I'm gonna rip Cronus and Hecate with my bare hands if they let The Jackal out.' He thought. He knew that The Jackal was the most dangerous ghost.

Him and his big mouth.

Archie looked back to see The Jackal watching the wall being slid to the side and he smiled wickedly. He started to run towards them and Archie started to run also. Thankfully, The Jackal didn't stand a chance. But just like Atlanta said, The Jackal disappeared when he looked back and when he looked in front of him, he was standing right there! "Oh shit." He said just before he earned a punch in the face. He yelled in pain as the blood started gushing out of his nose, he broke his nose! But that wasn't what he worried about. He dropped Atlanta.

The Jackal smiled wickedly as he picked up the girl and threw her over his shoulder. But thankfully, Atlanta was still unconsciouss. He got up and threw one of his ninja stars and it hit him square on the back. The Jackal screamed in pain and tried to find where the star has been.

Archie took this opportunity to grab Atlanta. He picked her up like he did before and started running past him. The Jackal still trying to reach that star. 'How could he not find it? It's right where the pain is coming from!' He thought. He knew that The Jackal was tough but he didn't know The Jackal was stupid!


"Where's Archie?! He should've been here by now." Jay said, leaning on the glass wall by the door.

"Well, like we said Jay. Archie loves Atlanta more than anything and he won't let a couple of orders get in his way of finding Atlanta." Theresa answered.

"I know. But a ghost could've been set free and could be chasing them as we speak!" Jay said, angrily.

"Just chill Jay. Archie can take care of himself. And we all know him. He would be even more protective and tough when it came to saving Atlanta." Neil said. He was relieved that they weren't in that scary basement anymore.

"Ya." Ariel agreed.

"Let's just relax and get some rest. We all need it." Herry said.

"You guys are right. Let's just get to bed. And we'll look some more in the morning.

The gang all agreed and they got up from where they were sitting and started walking over to their rooms. But when they walked past the library, they saw someone looking for something. She was looking through the books and in the desks. She brought out some explosives from the desk drawers. And she found a tape, the old fashioned, round tapes. The gang all wondered what the hell was she doin here?

Jay walked into the library, the girl didn't know they were there. "Um, hi."

Jay's greeting startled the girl. And she shot her head up. "Hi." She said back.

"Can we help you?" Jay asked.

"Nope." She said as she kept walking around the library for something.

"Well, what are you looking for?" Theresa asked, walking beside Jay.

"Nothing. I'm sure you guys wouldn't know what I'm talking about." She said sourly.

"Just tell us. We'll do the best we can." Theresa answered.

"I'm looking for-" She stopped when she saw Ariel walking through the door. "You!" She yelled, obviously angry about something. "What the hell are you doing here?!"

"Me?! What the hell are you doing here?!" Ariel yelled back.

"Looking for The Black Zodiac that's what!" The girl yelled back.

"Well for your information, Kalina, we are trying to stop Cronus and Hecate from letting all the ghosts free! Because Cronus and Hecate have The Black Zodiac. The book and ghosts!" Ariel yelled. Why did Kalina have to come?

"Well where are they?!" Kalina yelled.

"We don't know! That's why we're here!"

"Well that's why I'm here too!"

"Ugh, did we miss something here?" Jay asked, raising an eyebrow.

Ariel sighed and turned to everyone. "Guys, this is Kalina. She's a girl at my school who always seemed to talk about The Black Zodiac, which probably doesn't matter over at my school since me and her were the only two people in the school who actually understood and that always got me nervous. Considering that my family OWNS the book!" Ariel said, turning to the girl.

Kalina laughed and said, "You pathetic child! Your family didn't own the book! They worked for it! They turned into slaves just so they could have that book! But Hecate was smarter than that!" Kalina said.

"They were not slaves! They told me themselves about how our family got the book. They even showed me."

"How could they show you if Hecate had the book all along?!" Kalina said.


"That book that your parents probably had was a copy! Hecate wouldn't be stupid enough to actually give her offspring the original thing! It was would be way too dangerous. It had all the ghosts and their history. They have all the spells for them. It shows what you have to do to stop the ghosts! And it tells you everything you need to know about the house." She explained.

"Well then how come I had to work off my ass just to even get to look inside the book! Apparently Hecate had some heart." Ariel answered.

"My God Ariel! You are so pathetic! She didn't have any heart at all! She used you! She made you get the ghosts so she could power up the Eye! And soon control all the spirits in the world! Just to make the Eye undefeatable."

Ariel was shocked. She never knew that her ancestor would be and heartless! "Tha'ts not true! How come I got to see inside the book then?!"

"Ya, but for how long?!" Kalina said.

Ariel didn't say a thing. Kalina actually made a point. She only looked through the thing for only about ten seconds.

"That's what I thought. Hecate has heart, but very little of it. So technically you don't own The Black Zodiac. Hecate does." She said.

Herry wanted to punch this girl in the face for calling Ariel those bad things. It wasn't her fault she didn't know all this information. And why did Kalina have to be so mean about it? 'Stupid bitch.' He thought.

"Enough with the arguements. Let's just get upstairs and just rest of a while okay?" Jay said.

Everyone nodded and left the room, all except for Ariel and Kalina of course.

Herry stopped walking and turned the two rivals. "You coming Ariel?" He asked. He didn't want to leave unless Ariel was leaving.

"Ya. I just have some" Ariel looked at Kalina with a jealous like look on her face. "unfinished business to accomplish after all these years."

"Okay. Just come to our room when you're done."

"Sure whatever." Ariel didn't take her eyes off Kalina.

"Nice boyfriend." Kalina said.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Ariel rejected, 'Even though I wished he was.' She thought to himself.

"Whatever. Now let's get back to your family's history stuff, Hecate stuff and The Black Zodiac, shall we?" Kalina said with some false sweetness.

"Fine with me." Ariel answered.


"The Jackal is so stupid! I can't believe he lost us!" Archie laughed. Atlanta was still out cold in his arms. But he kept running. He was almst to the stairs.

He stopped for a brief moment. Laughing at what The Jackal would be doing right now. He started walking and he climbed up the metal stairs. He would finally be getting out of the basement and into a soft, warm room with the one person he would wan to spend all eternity with. He kicked the door open, but luckily didn't break it. He walked towards their room, but saw Ariel and this other girl. By the looks of their mouths moving, looks like they were having an arguement. He figured that Ariel could take care of her. He hardly even knows her but he guessed she could take care of herself.

Archie made it to their room and he kicked the door again, he looked and saw that the others were sleeping. He gently layed Atlanta on her bed and he kissed her forehead. He got changed and climbed into bed with his girlfriend. He wrapped his arms around her, after changing her into her pajamas and caring her wounds. He hoped she would wake up soon. And that she wasn't dead.

He was just thankful that the ghosts couldn't get up here. He was glad Atlanta was alright and finally safe. For now.


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