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Good Morning

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Ever since Archie found Atlanta he's been so protective over here that he couldn't even explain. And he's been working his butt off, just to keep Theresa's vision from coming true. And Ariel and Ka...

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Hey! If I'm lucky, I might be able to update everyday or two. That's cause I have so much free time ahead of me and I can work on my chapters! Hope I updated fast enough Ace_Fan ;)!So here's the next one! Hope you like it!

Did I mention I'm hungry? - Herry


"Would someone go tell those two to shut up?!" Jay asked, trying to sleep in, even though it was already morning. He could still hear Ariel and Kalina squaring off with each other.

"Just ignore them Jay. They'll stop eventually." Theresa said.

"They better stop soon though. Or else they're gonna end up killing each other in their sleep."

"Seriously, just relax and ignore them. They have to stop or else everyones gonna hate them for keeping everyone up."

Thanks to Theresa's big mouth, everyone but Archie and Atlanta swung their doors open and all said, "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!"

Jay and Theresa started snorting. "Me and my big mouth." Theresa giggled.


Archie, for their part, was already awake. He was looking at Atlanta's face, stroking her hair. He sighed and pulled her closer. Thank God that he felt Atlanta snuggle her face into his chest. 'Thank you God!' Archie prayed. Atlanta was okay. She must've fell asleep while she was unconsciouss. Tha'ts unusual, but who give a crap.

Even if Atlanta was asleep, she could still hear Ariel and Kalina arguing in thehallway. Atlanta groaned. "Shut up." She mumbled, moving closer to Archie.

"My thoughts exactly." Archie said, and he watched Atlanta smile. It was good to see Atlanta's smile again. Seeing Atlanta smile, made him smile as well. Kalina and Ariel had to stop, they had a big day yesterday and they needed rest.

But when Neil, Odie and Herry all told them to shut up, they just yelled something back at them and kept yelling. Atlanta groaned and rolled over on her back, fluttering her eyes open.

Archie chuckled and said, "Wish you could go over there and tell them off?"

"Oh ya. We've had a big day and they need to shut up and give us some rest." She tried not to move as much, because of her wounds.

Archie smiled and took her in his arms. "Hey."

Atlanta smiled back at him and answered, "Hey."''

"I'm glad you're awake, I thought you would never." Archie said, kissing her forehead.

Atlanta finally asked Archie that one question. "Archie? Were......Were you scared?" She didn't expect Archie to give her his answer.

"Actually, to tell you the truth. To death. I thought I would never find you. I even cried because you were lost and there was this maniac chasing after you. You were all alone in this big house with a ghost chasing after you. Jay told me to come back, but I refused. And I was so happy that you jumped out of that chamber." He answered, pulling her closer.

Atlanta scoffed playfully and said, "I never expected an answer like that. I thought you'd say no."

"Why would you think that?" He asked.

"Well because everytime I do ask you if you cried, or if you were scared or anything like that. You always reject with a big 'no'." She answered.

"Well this wasn't a situation we always have. I had to say yes. Because I really was."

"I knew you loved me but I didn't know you cared for me that much."

"Well I do. I love you so much I can't even explain it. I don't know what I'd do if Iost you again. I'm sorry."

Atlanta frowned and looked up at him. "Sorry? For what?"

"For losing you. Letting you down. Letting you get hurt. For letting the ghosts get to you. I'm sorry for making you so scared." Archie thought Atlanta would never forgive him for that.

"I'm sorry too."

Archie gave her a questioning look. "What are you sorry for?"

"For running away. I know you told me to run and you said you would catch up. And I knew you can take care of yourself so I thought you would catch up so I kept running. But when I saw you laying on the ground, I was about to run back and go to you, but then that stupid black dude was running after me. So I couldn't go back." Atlana started to tear up again. "I never thought I'd be so s-scared in my life. I thought you'd never find me. I th-thought you'd let m-me -" Atlanta stopped.

Archie sighed. "Shh. Sh. Sh. You thought I'd never find you and I'd let the ghosts get to you? Let you die? Never." He said, stroking her hair and wiping her tears off her face and kissed her lips passionately. "Like I said before we left. If any ghost wants to take you to that....eye thing or try to kill you. They'd have to get through me and I won't let that happen again."

"You absolutely promise this time."

"Of course. But if I ever did break that promise again, would you ever forgive me?" Archie wanted to make sure she'd forgive him. Or else something bad could happen to their relationship if he broke his promise and she never forgave him.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" She asked.

"Well because if I broke my promise again, I'd be scared that you'd never forgive me and that something bad could happen between us."

"Why? Do you think that I'd ever break up with you?" She asked.


Atlanta sighed. "Archie, no matter what happens. I'd never break up with you. You're so much better than Pan. You don't leave me right when a relationship just starts, you're always there for me. You never come back a year later and want the relationship to start again. That's why I broke up with Pan when he came back. He left me. I waited for him to come back but he never did. He hurt me, and you'd never hurt me. You're always there for me and you don't leave me to rot. That's why I'd never break up with you. You're the best boyfriend I've ever had."

Archie smiled in relief and said, "Well, you're the best girlfriend I've ever had. And I also promise that I won't do what Pan did to you. I'd never to something like that. Even if my life depended on it. I'd never leave you and then come back a year after, while you were waiting for a year for me to come back but I never did. I'd never do that to you. I love you too much."

"Thanks Archie. Love you too." She said then fell back asleep.


As for Herry, he wasn't doing so well. Truth is, ever since he fell for Ariel, he's been jealous. Jealous of Archie and Atlanta. Watching them act all girlfriend and boyfriend around each other, made Herry want to do that with Ariel so badly. But he would never try to break them up, he's not that selfish and heartless. He wants Ariel to fall for him on her own, and not by hurting someone else's feelings. But he did love Ariel, but then he had a small soft spot for Atlanta and he didn't know why. 'Stop it Herry! You are not falling for your best friend's girlfriend! You are not falling for your best friend's girlfriend! You are not falling for Atlanta! Try to think of Ariel.' He tried but everytime he tried to think of Ariel, she shifts into Atlanta, but whenever he tried to think of Atlanta, she'd turn into Ariel. What the hell is going on here?!!

His thoughts were interrupted by the door slamming and a very angry Ariel coming in. "Hey, Ariel. Set things straight with Kalina?"

"No!! She's being a snotragged bitch! Even though she acts like it all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if she was all over you if we were dating." She said. She blushed at what she just said. "Th-That's just an example!! I mean, we're not really dating and I'm sure Kalina would just love to hear that!"

Thanks for just ripping Herry's heart out Ariel.

"I-I know." Herry stuttered, blushing himself. 'Even though I wish it were true. God I would just love to kiss her full pink lips and just take her in my arms right now. Make out on the bed and then, NO, NO!! Bad thoughts Herry! Stop thinking that! She would never do that with you! Not unless we were really dating of course.' He mentally slapped himself for thinking of doing something dirty with, or to, Ariel. 'Wonder why she used an example of us if we were dating. She probably likes me! Hope so.'

"Anyway, let's go get something to eat. I'm hungry." Ariel said, still in her pajamas.


"You're always hungry." Ariel said, smiling.

"So? How do you think I got these muscles." Herry said, striking a pose so Ariel could see his muscles.

Ariel blushed at his amazingly built arms. 'Holy shit he is hot. Look at those arms. Man I would love to be in those arms.' She thought to herself. But she giggled.

"Quit trying to be sexy and let's go eat." Ariel laughed, teasing him.

"Trying? Oh please baby I'm not trying. I am." Herry said, in a deep voice. Trying to make Ariel fall for him in the fun way.

Ariel smiled and snorted. "Let's go."

"Whatever you say. Sweet thang." Herry smiled.

Ariel snorted and walked out the door. "Shut up and let's move."

Herry laughed with her and they went to go get some breakfast.


"Neil, get up!" Odie yelled, throwing pillows at Neil. Ya, sure they had a huge day yesterday, but Neil practically did anything.

Neil was still sleeping, his body on every spot of the couch. He was soring and drooling.

"Come on, man. I'm not dragging you!" Odie groaned. 'Why did Jay have to pair me up with Neil?'

Neil just snored some more and snorted in some of his drool, but it kept flowing out of his mouth.

Odie groaned loudly and moved his arms and legs. He grabbed his wrists and tried to pull him off the bed. But Neil wouldn't move. He moved to the other side and started pushing his feet off the bed. He didn't budge. "Neil you lazy ass get up!!" Odie yelled in his ear.

Neil snored and rolled over so he was laying on his stomach and said in his sleep, "I'm sorry, your favorite, good looking, gorgeous model isn't here right now. Please leave a message after the..." Neil yawned and sighed, "beep."

But instead of a beep........Neil farted.

"Nice. This is Odie trying to get Neil out of bed. And it would be appreciated if he would get his talking ass out of the bed so we can do more of our mission today! And so we can get breakfast cause I'm starving!!" Odie said. Opening the door to get the FRESH (oh how Odie misses that smell) air in the room. "Fine. I'll just leave you then!" Odie said as he walked out of the room.


Archie tried to pull Atlanta closer in his sleep, but his eyes fluttered open as he found she wasn't there. "Atlanta?" He mumbled. He sat up and looked around the room and found her in the kitchen. "I thought she wanted to sleep in." He said.

He got out of bed and walked out of the room to the kitchen. He saw her with her elbows on the table and her head in her hands.

Archie was about to sneak up in her, when she said, "Bout time you woke up." She smiled and opened her eyes.

Archie smiled with her and sat down beside her. Atlanta smiled some more and crawled on his lap. Archie absorbed at what she was wearing. Instead of a aqua blue t, a green camo, dark green, baggy cargoes, and black jeans, she had a green, belly t-shirt, and blue jeans with golden, glittering rings running down one side and a white chain going from her right pocket to her right back pocket and a par of white all-stars. "What? Black and camouflage out of style once again?" Archie teased.

Atlanta scoffed and layed her head on his collarbone. "No. I just found these in my drawer. They're brand new and I never actually wore them."

"So, you're just changing your clothes everyday while we're on the mission?" Archie asked, wrapping his arms around her.

"Yep. I want to wear these while I still can."

They sat in silence, Archie looking around to see if everyone's asleep. Thankfully, they all were. Archie smiled and grabbed Atlanta's hips and layed her on the table.

Atlanta let out a shriek of surprise when Archie grabbed her hips and threw her on the table.

Archie stood up and layed on top of Atlanta and started kissing her softly, getting himself comfortable between her legs.

Atlanta giggled quietly as she kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Archie started to kiss her more firmly but let go and started kissing up, down, and all around her neck, feeling Atlanta bent her head back and whimpered softly as Archie left warm wet kisses all around her neck, and nipped her soft skin now and then. He rose his head from her neck and kissed her lips.

He grabbed her hips again, as he went back down to her neck, picked her up and drove to a wall. Now, Archie was holding Atlanta against a wall with her legs wrapped around him. Archie rose his head again and whispered into her ear, "Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Yes. Many times. But I'm up for it again." She smiled.

"I love you so much Atlanta." He said again and kissed her hungrily on her lips.

Atlanta started snorting as Archie's hands slowly went up and down her hips, his fingers lightly brushing against her jeans and up her sides to her waist and kept going up and down.

Archie started kissing her neck once more, feeling her neck vibrate softly from her soft giggles.

"Ahem." Archie and Atlanta heard someone clear their throat. They both whipped their heads around to see Odie in yellow plaid pajamas. "How long have you two been up?" Odie smirked.

Archie cleared his throat nervously and let Atlanta unwrap her legs around him and put her shirt back to the way it was.

Odie chuckled and rolled his eyes as he walked towards the fridge. "So I'm guessing you two have been up for a while."

"Not really." Atlanta answered for Archie.

"Didn't seem like it." Odie smiled some more.

"Shut up! It was like it." Archie said.

Atlanta gave him an odd look. A look that said "that sounded odd when you put it that way" kinda look.

"That didn't come out right." Archie said.

"Whatever." Odie answered.

Atlanta coughed uncomfortably and said, "S-So how come you're up so early?"


"Figures." Archie scoffed.

"He was hogging the bed and I fell off. Which is what woke me up. And since i was up, I tried getting him up too. But his body was everywhere and he was talking in his sleep, he was drooling and was snoring. But I couldn't get him up, no matter how much I pushed and pulled I couldn't get him out of bed!"

"Ouch. Which is why I'm glad that Jay put me with Archie." Atlanta said, patting Archie's chest a couple times with the back of her hand.

"Ditto." He answered. 'Damn you Odie. Had to come in now?' He thought. Angry at Odie for ruining their mushy moment.

"Hey." The three heads turned to the door to see Ariel and Herry walking in.

Ariel was wearing something different also. Instead of her hot pink halter and black jeans. She had a black long sleeved belly shirt with dark blue jeans.

Herry was wearing something different also. He was wearing a yellow muscle shirt and ripped dark red jeans. But he still had his brown sandals. "God I'm starving! What's for breakfast?" Herry asked.

"Whatever you want I guess." Atlanta said.

"Sweet!" Herry said, running to the fridge, pulling out everything in the fridge but the light bulb.

"He's been saying he was hungry all morning! Tell him to stop!" Ariel said walking over to the table and sitting.

"Well get used to it Ariel, he's gonna be saying that alot." Archie smiled.

"Wow, this kitchen is getting smaller and smaller." Jay said, walking into the kitchen with Theresa. And once again, those two were wearing something different as well.

Jay was wearing a blue sweater with brown jeans and his usual shoes.

Theresa was wearing a pink collared shirt with tan pants and a white belt.

"I'll say. It doesn't help now that you two are here. Now all we have to do is eat and wait for Neil, which could take I dunno....another foud hours." Odie said.

"Come on, Neil can't sleep in that much." Theresa said.

"Oh trust me. You did not see him this morning." Odie answered.

"I don't even wanna know." She smiled.

Odie frowned and looked at everyone. "Am I the only one who isn't dressed?" He asked, feeling a bit left out.

"No. I'm not dressed." Archie said, raising his hand.

"Oh." He said, looking for the cereal. "Hey. Where's the cereal?"

"Right here." Herry said, raising the box from the buffet at the counter.

"Have enough food there Herry?"

"Probably not." He smiled.

Seeing Herry smile made Ariel smile. 'God why can't I take my eyes and mind off that boy? Ya, he is cute and gorgeous looking and...wait, wait, HOLD ON!!! You are not falling for him Ariel! Snap out of it! But I love him today, I love him cause he's wearing a muscle shirt and I can see his muscles. Which by the way, are big. God, I think I do like him. Just maybe.' Ariel thought dreamily to herself.

"Aw how kind of you Herry." Neil smiled, as he walked in. "You got all the breakfast items out for me and you're about to make breakfast for me."

"Ugh Neil this isn't-" Herry started.

"Now, Herry? I like toast, just plain toast and I like cereal with milk and yogurt in it and by the way, do we have orange juice?" Neil asked, looking at the food spred out on the table.

"Neil, I'm making my own breakfast." Herry said.

Neil humphed and said, "Fine. I always have to do everything for myself around here anyway." He said, nose in the hair with his arms crossed.

"Did I mention Neil was snoring?"

"Yes!" Archie and Atlanta said.

"No!" Herry, Ariel, Theresa and Jay all said.

"Well this morning, Neil shoved me off the bed because his body was everywhere on the bed and he was snoring so I couldn't wake him up. I tried pushing him and pulling him off the bed but he wouldn't get off. And then he said some stuff in his sleep. So, now. I'm tired."

"You're tired?! I was the one who was sleeping on the bed uncomfortably because you wouldn't move and give me at least some space to move." Neil rejected.

"You wouldn't even let me on the bed for God's sake!!" Odie yelled.

"Guys! Guys!" Jay said, holding Odie back with one arm and Neil back with the other. "Let's not fight here alright? We'll just have our breakfast, get dressed, relax for an hour or two and we'll start our mission again, okay?"

"Fine." Neil and Odie said.

They all sat around in silence for a few minutes until Herry broke it.

"Did I mention I was hungry?"


Well how's that for a fool-around chapter? Hope you liked it and it at least made ya laugh. I hope I'll be able to update soon again! Aren't you all glad that I have so much free time for updates? I know I am! Loves!!

~ Draykor ~
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