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Act 1, Scene 5

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Act 1, Scene 5

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"Coming through!" said Tré, shoving several people out of the way. Not even stopping to grab a plate, he loaded up as many snacks as possible, knowing he probably wouldn't get a chance to eat later that night. He had promised to get Billie Joe a he grabbed five.

Davey circled the room, encouraging people to dance. He held Alicia's hand tightly, hoping she wouldn't get sucked into the mosh pit that was bound to form eventually no matter what song was playing. She was trying to get away from him anyway, and eventually succeeded.

Alicia hid behind the closest door she could find, glaring venomously at everyone in the room. She wasn't a little kid. She could take care of herself. She plastered herself against the wall, trying to be as invisible as possible. She could see Tré over by the food table, eating every snack in sight. 'I really hope he doesn't come over here,' she thought with a sigh. 'I just need to get through the next few hours with nothing happening.'
At least two hours had passed before Mikey got tired of just standing in one place or another. Eventually he began to walk aimlessly around the room, not caring what was going on around him. Someone ran into him, nearly knocking him over. He looked after the person with narrowed eyes, then turned the other way.

All at once his eyes fell upon a lone girl standing against a wall, almost behind a door. She looked like she was trying to hide from something. He knew how that felt.

"Hey, who's that?" Mikey asked, hoping someone nearby would answer.

"Who?" asked one of Davey's friends. Mikey motioned to a girl he saw on the other side of the room. The person shook his head. Mikey could not stop staring at the girl.

"Wow...I've never seen anyone like her...I don't think I've ever really loved anyone before this...She's beautiful..." He began to make his way through the mass of people, all the while speaking to himself. Unfortunately for Mikey, Jade caught a few of his words. 'He's the guy I ran into earlier,' thought Jade as he approached one of his friends.

"Hunter, go get my knife," he said in a voice as low as possible. "One of Iero's guys is here. He doesn't belong here. I'm going to get rid of him." Jade took a step toward him, but soon found himself face to face with Davey.

"Something wrong, Jade?" he asked over the roar of the music. Jade pulled him aside, closer to the kitchen, where it was quieter.

"At least one of Iero's people is here, probably more, knowing him. They're up to something; I know it."

"Is it Mikey?" Davey asked calmly. Jade nodded. "Leave him alone. He's a good kid, and I don't want you starting anything. You heard Billie Joe."

"I won't put up with this," Jade spat.

"Deal with it," Davey said firmly. "My house, my party. Not yours. Get over it. Now leave him alone or you'll be the one leaving."

Jade glared at him with narrowed eyes, but said nothing and stalked away from him. Davey rolled his eyes, seeing the younger boy in question approach someone on the other side of the room. 'He's not causing any trouble,' he thought to himself. 'Jade's just overreacting again.'

Alicia remained still at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. She didn't care who it was, even though she knew there was a slight chance it was Tré. It didn't sound like him, though. The voice was softer, almost fearful. She nearly smirked. Someone being afraid of her startling appearance didn't seem too far out of the ordinary.

"What's your name?" the boy asked her. Still she did not respond. She turned to her left ever so slightly, just enough to see his face. If it was Tré, maybe she could make up some excuse to leave...

She froze, finding herself looking directly into his eyes. They were hazel. Normally she disliked the color, seeing it as a watered-down form of the brilliant, coffee-toned brown eyes she had. But his eyes were not weak at all; instead they were clear and sparked with the faintest of green hues, almost biting. She turned to face him completely, and without another word, Mikey leaned down and kissed her.

Alicia did not move even when they broke away from each other, only to have their lips meet again a second later. All too quickly the kiss ended, and she found herself again staring into his strangely entrancing eyes.

"Alicia, Inés wants to talk to you," said Hayley's voice, bringing the moment to an abrupt end. Alicia managed a small, heartwarming smile before she turned away from Mikey and went to find Inés.

"Who's Inés?" Mikey asked before the older girl could leave as well.

"Davey's girlfriend...everyone knows that," she said as if it were obvious. Mikey felt his heart crash through the floor. He had never seen someone with eyes as beautiful and deep as that girl's. They were a dark brown, almost black, and danced with an inner fire. How could this be possible?

"Davey...? This can't be happening..."

"Hey." Gerard stepped over to him. "People are starting to leave. You wanna go home?" he asked, motioning to the door.

"You can't leave yet," said Davey, approaching them with a knowing smile. Both of them immediately felt nervous.

"Sorry, but it's getting kinda late," said Gerard, glancing at a clock on the wall and seeing that his statement was true. "We'd better get going." Davey conceded and watched them leave with a smile and a wave. They weren't bad people after all.

"Hey, Hayley, who is that?" asked Alicia, motioning to someone leaving the house.

"Adam...and Hunter..."

"No, not them, that one." Hayley studied him for a second.

"I don't know. He doesn't look familiar."

"Go ask him, please? And find out if he already has a girlfriend," Alicia begged. 'If he does, I think I'll die,' she thought inwardly. Hayley gave her a small smile and approached the younger boy. 'She exchanged a few words with him, then returned to her sister's side.

"His name's Mikey Way. And no, he doesn't have a girlfriend."

Alicia gasped sharply. "I know that last name...his brother is Frank Iero's best friend...that must mean he's one of /them/...this is horrible! Why do I have to love /him/?" Her voice grew softer with each word.

"Excuse me?" Hayley asked, not having heard her. Alicia shook her head, hearing her name called from somewhere else in the house. She wasn't really paying attention to it, and was surprised when Hayley gently tugged on her arm.

"Come on, let's go. Everyone's gone," she said softly. Alicia lowered her gaze to the ground and followed her. She couldn't get the boy's face out of her mind.
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