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Chapter Eleven

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[Ryan/Brendon/OFC] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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"Makayla?" Ryan called as he walked into the house. It had been a few days since the guys had announced that they were going to take the next month off. Things hadn't been as bad as they were. Makayla and Ryan had even been talking.

"Yeah, Ry?" Makayla came walking down the stairs with a basket of laundry.

"Put that down." He took it out of her hands as he put it on the floor. "Listen to this. You, me and the kids are going to go to L.A. for a while. How would you like to go and spend a week in L.A."

"I would love it, but why all of the sudden do you want to spend a week in L.A.?" Makayla asked as she sat down on the couch. "Where are we going to stay?"

"Pete called me this morning while I was grocery shopping and he was wondering since we are on break if we would want to go out to L.A. for like a family vacation. He said we could stay in his house and all we'd have to do is feed Hemingway. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal so I told him that if you agreed to go that we'd do it. So what do you say?"

"It sounds wonderful." Makayla nodded. "When are we going to leave?" She asked as she looked up at him. She was excited to not only have her husband home, but to be going away with him and their children for a week of just pure relaxation.

"As soon as we can pack!" Ryan smiled as he helped her. Smiling, he pressed his lips against hers. "I'll go pack the boys and you pack us!" He nodded as he took her hand leading her up the stairs.

The drive to Los Angeles wasn't a long one seeing as how it was a week day and they had left the house at around noon. Also being the middle of July the kids got a nice rest in the car away from the heat.

"So, you think the kids will like L.A.?" Makayla asked as she looked out the window. She was in charge of looking for the exit that would take them directly to L.A.

"Does anyone really ever like L.A.? I think they'll just get a kick out of being away from home. They never really have been on a vacation. I think it'll be exciting for them." Ryan laughed as he made the turn off the exit. He had seen it before she had the chance to point it out to him.

"I think Pete likes L.A." Makaya laughed. "So, I guess Pete is taking Rylee with him if he needs us to watch Hemingway?" She said as she fixed the sun visor to block her eyes.

"Pete likes L.A. because Pete likes train wrecks. But, yes, Rylee is going on tour with him this time around instead of staying home. I think she finished school and now he wants her to spend the summer with him."

"You think she's good for him?" Makayla asked as she turned her head to look at her husband.

"The few times that I've met her, I'd say she's good for him." He nodded as he turned down the block.

"Yeah, I thought she was nice." Makayla nodded as she got out of the car as Ryan parked. They were now at Pete's house and they had to get the boys into the house. It was nearing dinner time and Pete said he was going to order them something to eat.

"Caleb, come on." Ryan smiled as he took off the seat belt and picked him up.

"Mommy!" Caleb said as he went to reach for Makayla. He was a mama's boy and Ryan was trying to change that.

"Mommy is getting Aiden. You stay with Daddy." He told him as he set him down on the ground and held his hand. "We'll get the bags later, okay?" He looked at Makayla.

"Sounds good." She nodded as she held onto Aiden's hand. He let go of her hand though to run ahead and ring the doorbell. He liked visiting Uncle Pete!

Getting to the door he rung the doorbell and waited for Uncle Pete to answer. Finally Ryan and Caleb getting to the door as well.

"He's taking forever!" Aiden sighed as he leaned on his tippy toes and pushed the door bell again despite protests from his parents.

The door opened and Rylee appeared from behind. "Hi guys, come in!" She smiled as she moved back.

Hemingway came running down the stairs and tackled Aiden to the floor as he began to lick his face.

"Uncle Pete!" Aiden screamed as he came down the stairs. "Get this beast off of me!" He giggled.

Pete started to laugh as he got Hemingway off of him. "Guys, you remember Rylee right?"

"Yes, we do." Makayla smiled as she shook her hand. "It's nice to see you again."

"You too." Rylee shook her hand. "We have dinner coming so you guys can just get comfortable." She smiled as she held onto Pete's hand.

"Thank you." Ryan smiled as everyone walked into the living room.

"Thank you guys for doing this." Pete smiled. "We'll only be in Japan for a week, so we'll be back by the time you guys are ready to leave."

"Sounds perfect." Makayla smiled as she picked up her son and held him close to her. He was still shy around people.

This was the perfect start to a perfect vacation. The kids were happy, Makayla was happy and well that was all Ryan could ask for. This would be the perfect thing to fix all of them. His kids would know Daddy cared, his wife wouldn't leave him.

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