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Chapter Twelve

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[Ryan/Brendon/OFC] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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"Daddy, go see Grandma?" Dylan asked as he looked up at his father. He was walking out to the car and Dylan wasn't quite sure where they were going. All he knew was that Mommy was packing up the baby and they were going in the car. That usually means a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's.

"Yes, we're going t take your baby sister to see Grandma and Grandpa. How does that sound?' Brendon asked as he picked Dylan up and placed him in the car seat while strapping him in.

"I like it." Dylan nodded as he held on to his Batman toy.

"You know Spiderman is better!" Brendon said as he moved his son's hair out of his face and smiled down at him.

"Nuh uh! Batman is better!" Dylan showed him the toy. "Spiderman is dumb!"

"Batman is dumb!" Brendon shot back as he crossed his arms over his chest. He didn't understand why his own son didn't agree with him.

"Brendon!" Ella laughed as she came out of the house holding Bianca in the carrier seat that would then be strapped into the car. "Don't encourage him, Dylan." Ella smiled as she hooked the car seat up.

"Don't encourage me?!" Brendon exasperated as he got the carriage and diaper bag into the car. He knew his wife was only playing, but still! What was wrong with the people in his family?

Getting into the car, the drive was a short one to Brendon's parent's house. They hadn't moved far because when Ella was pregnant with Dylan he was on the road a lot and well Brendon was afraid of her being alone without anyone they knew being able to get to her. So, he picked a nice house that was close to his parents. They still had their independence and his parents wouldn't stop by everyday, but in case something did happen they were only a few minutes away.

Getting to the house, Brendon pulled into the driveway and parked the car. He knew the second his parents saw the car they would come running out. They had yet to see their granddaughter. Brendon had asked if they could give him and Ella a few days to just adjust and such with the new baby and well the tension of them disagreeing. He was always honest with his parents when it came to his relationship with his wife. He needed to be.

Before Brendon and Ella could even get out of the car, his parents came sprinting almost out of the house and towards the car.

"Where is she?" Mrs. Urie questioned as she walked around Ella's side as she immediately hugged her.

"She's right here." Ella laughed as she opened the door and unhook the car seat. Instantly her mother in law swooped it out of her arms.

"Oh, she is so beautiful!" She smiled. "Well, let's get her inside!" She headed towards the house.

"Hi Mom, bye Mom!" Brendon shook his head as he opened the back door and took Dylan out of his car seat.

"Hi Grandpa." Dylan smiled as he walked over to his grandfather who was hugging Ella.

"Hello, baby." Mr. Urie picked up Dylan and kissed him all over, He knew his wife didn't mean to forget about Dylan, she was just overly excited about the birth of her granddaughter. She after all was the first girl to be born as a grandchild. All of Brendon's siblings had boys thus far.

"Well, don't just stand out there! Come inside!" Mrs. Urie yelled from the door as everyone laughed and walked towards the house. When Mrs. Urie called, they listened. They weren't going to get in trouble!

Getting inside, Mrs. Urie greeted her grandson with big hugs and kisses. Dylan then got settled on the living room floor as he watched some cartoons and played with his Batman toy and his toy cars. That would keep him busy for a while. Then he would probably end up chasing the cat around the house until he drove Grandma mad and she gave him a cookie if he'd be a good boy and go watch TV.

Grandma and Grandpa had been very happy to get to spend some time with their grandkids while Brendon told them all about where he had been recently and the newer things he had seen. They hadn't been so supportive at first, but then they came around. They always wanted to support their son, and they wanted to teach Brendon that to hand on to his son.

As dinner time approached, Mrs. Urie had pulled Ella into the kitchen to help her. They had brought Bianca with them while the boys stayed out in the living room doing a little male bonding of sorts. Really it was just the three of them making weird noises and play fighting. Brendon had been a young enough Dad that his own father was still young enough to rough house with his grandchildren.

"So, has your mother called at all?" Mrs. Urie asked as she continued to cut up the ingredients for the salad that was to go with dinner.

Ella let out a deep breath. "No, she hasn't. My sister called and wants to see Bianca, but I don't know if I want to do that. It's just like she's this big pawn or messenger in this game." Ella shrugged her shoulders.

"And, you're afraid of what she'll tell your parents?" She asked as she looked over her shoulder to make eye contact. "Are you and Brendon okay, baby?" She asked.

"Brendon and I are okay. I mean things were a little stressed when he missed her birth, but he's trying and it doesn't make me love him any less." She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't care what she tells my mother or my father. I just don't want her to have this interest in my life because of what she can and can not tell our parents." Ella said as she fixed the blanket over Bianca who was now asleep in the carrier seat.

"Well, you know what, baby. If things are good then let her come over and let her see how happy you are. If she's only got good news to bring back then let her!" Mrs. Urie shook her head. "If it counts for anything, baby, you make me proud. And, you are the best thing that has happened to this family."

Ella smiled. "Thanks, Mom." She got up and hugged her. It was reassuring to know that someone was proud of what she had become in her life. Even if it was just her mother in law. She was something special.

Ella's parents were what some people would call uppity. They were high class people who always enjoyed the finer things in life. Ella was raised with every opportunity and advantage in life. But, when she was sixteen and started to date a seventeen year old boy from a gasp, public school, she had met through a mutual friend, her parents went absolutely nuts. They feared that she wouldn't go to school or do anything productive with her life. Forget about the fact that at the time he was still a practicing Mormon. Another thing her parents did not approve of. Then at the age of eighteen Ella, and nineteen year old Brendon, who was involved in Panic! At The Disco at this time for a while and was constantly on tour found out that they were going to be expecting their first child.

Now, their precious daughter was involved with a rock star, unmarried and pregnant. They were ashamed to say the least. They could not believe she would do something like that.

Months into her pregnancy, Brendon had proposed to Ella. He had been thinking about it a while, but he didn't want it to seem like they were getting married just because she was pregnant. He had wanted to ask her since, well, it felt like forever.

After Dylan was born, they were married and that just embarrassed her parents even more. Their teenage daughter had a son, was married to an unstable kid who was with no doubt, in their eyes, going to cheat. And, she had no career, no education and no where to go in life.

Her parents then kicked her out of the family and swore never to speak to her again. Of course though, they used Ella's older sister to get all of the information they needed. She of course was their golden child.

After finding out what Ella's parents did, Brendon's parents were more amazing than ever to her. She was really apart of the family and not an annoying daughter in law. Mrs. Urie, still however knew how important a mother's relationship was with her daughter was and so wanted Ella to have that. Especially now that she had a baby girl of her own.

"Boys dinner is ready!" Mrs. Urie called as the three boys walked into the kitchen.

"Yay dinner!" Dylan smiled as he sat in between his father and his grandmother.

Brendon smiled as he sat down next to his wife and wrapped his arm around her. "I love you." He smiled as he kissed her cheek.

"Love you too." Ella smiled as she patted his leg and kissed him back. In her eyes, in the end, all the hell with her parents would be worth it. She loved her family.

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