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Chapter Thirteen

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[Ryan/Brendon/OFC] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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A day in California, Ryan along with the kids and Makayla had stayed inside and just spent some time together. Now, they were going to pack the kids up and go out to the beach just to have some nice time out in the sun. The kids were so pale, just like their father.

"Make sure you put sun tan lotion on him, all over." Makayla told Ryan as she put the lotion all over Aiden.

Ryan had been pretty much trying to keep attacked to Caleb. He wanted him to be just as close with him as he was with Makayla. "You got it, baby." Ryan smiled as he rubbed the lotion onto his son's body.

Makayla smiled as she handed Aiden his bucket and shovel and then told both boys that they were not to go any further than the spot she had showed them. She did not want them getting lost or going near the water without her or Ryan.

Leaning back in the chair, Makayla got comfortable as Ryan held onto her hand. Swinging it gently they just watched the kids play for a little bit.

"So, how is the business and your mother?" Ryan questioned as he adjusted the sunglasses on his face and looked at her before looking back at the kids who were busy trying to build a sand castle.

"Business is good." She nodded. "And, Mom is amazing, she just got back from the Caribbean and she came to see the boys." She nodded her head. Her mother was a very active older woman, and well if you asked her, she was too young to be a grandmother.

"Good for her." Ryan smiled as he held onto her hand. "She find any love yet?" He asked, laughing. Her mother was always talking about how she wanted to find a cute young boy toy to play with.

"You know she doesn't need love." Makayla laughed. "I told her that she should just find a boy toy by now. She's just picky." She smiled as she opened the bag and give Aiden his sippy drink.

Ryan nodded. He could remember the first time he met Makayla's mother. He had just met Makayla, funny enough, through Panic's old bassist, Brent. They had gone to school together and well she encouraged him to follow his dreams in the band. However that didn't work out, but that was another story.

She had joined them out on the nintendo fusion tour for a while and well Ryan had instantly fallen in love with her. Upon coming off of that tour, he had proposed to Makayla and she had accepted. He then had to face her mother.

Her mother had made it perfectly clear to him that her daughter did not need to depend on a man and that her daughter was going to put her education to good use and she would not let him ruin that.

Ryan had promised that he was not looking to make Makayla depend on him and that he loved her independence. After that they had gotten her mother's blessing, and then they were married.

While Makayla was busy working in her family's business they had shortly found out after their marriage that they were expecting their first baby. They hadn't even been together for a year but things were amazing. They couldn't have been happier.

"Aiden, get off of your brother's back!" Ryan sighed as he watched Aiden tackle Caleb down to the ground, well into the sand.

"Sorry, Daddy." Aiden apologized half heartedly as he walked over to the sand castle and made sure he sat down right on top of it.

"You know that's because he hangs out with Dylan." Ryan sighed as he shook his head. "Brendon's child is not a good influence on our little boys."

Makayla laughed as she shook her head. "Boys will be boys, baby, boys will be boys." She let out a laugh as she leaned over and kissed him.

Ryan smiled and kissed her back. He was so glad that she wasn't mad at him anymore. Well, he knew she was still peeved but she was willing work on it and that made him happy.

He was always worried considering he knew how she was raised. Makayla's mother had been in a relationship where she wasn't happy and because she was an independent woman she opened up her own business, got rid of her husband and raised her kids all by herself. She didn't need a husband and she instilled that same thought in her daughter, and even her son. Her son didn't need a wife to be happy.

He also knew that was why Makayla was so quick to stick to her guns when it came to when she fought with him. She knew perfectly well that she could live on her own without him. He didn't want her to, and he knew deep down that she didn't want to live without him. But, she'd do what she needed to do.

Ryan did not want that, so that's why he knew he was doing what he had to do. He had to keep his family from falling apart. He did not want to be without them.

"EW!" Aiden cringed as he saw Mommy and Daddy kiss. He was a typical little boy who thought girls were icky. "GROSS!"

Caleb laughed as he nodded in agreement with his brother. "Icky, Mommy." He shook his head as if he were disappointed with her.

"Gross?" Ryan questioned as he got up from the chair grabbing Caleb and running into the water with him. He was going to show him gross!

Makayla laughed as she took Aiden's hand and followed Ryan and Caleb into the water. The four of them swimming and splashing on the edge of the water as they just enjoyed this free time together as a family. It wouldn't last forever, they both knew that, but they would keep it out of their thoughts.

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