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Act 4, Scene 1

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Act 4, Scene 1

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"You can't be serious," Matt said incredulously, shaking his head. As if to oppose him, Tré nodded.

"Davey said so, and I am not one to contradict him. It's not like I'm complaining, either."

"She's unbalanced at the moment, Tré," Matt warned him. "I don't like it."

"I know. She cries incessantly for Jade's death, and because of it I have not mentioned love. No one smiles in a house of tears. Davey finds it dangerous that she will not forget her sorrows for even a second; that's why he wants us together so soon. He hopes it will cheer her up."

'I wish I didn't know the reason behind her sadness,' Matt thought to himself. "Look, there she is," he said, opening the door before she could knock.

"It's good to see you...girlfriend," said Tré with a smile.

"That may be true when I am a girlfriend," she said, crossing her arms.

"That will be true this Thursday."

"Possibly," said Alicia with a shrug.

"Have you come to get some advice from Matt?" Tré asked.

"To answer that, I'd have to get advice from you," she responded.

"Don't deny to him that you love me."

"I will tell you that I love him." Tré looked surprised, but Alicia only managed a sly smile, glad to know that Tré had no clue who she was really talking about.

"So you will, I am sure, that you love me."

"If I say so, it will be of more value, being spoken behind your back instead of to your face." Tré took a step toward her, and she immediately took one backwards.

"Poor girl, your face is abused with so many tears."

"The tears have got a small victory by that, for it was bad enough before their spite."

"You wrong it, more than tears, with that statement," said Tré, stepping toward her once again. Alicia tried to move, but she was backed up against the door she had just stepped through.

"That is true," she conceded. "And what I said, I said to my own face."

"Your face is mine," he responded, "and you've messed it up."

"That may be so, for it is not my own." She turned to Matt with an almost pleading look in her eyes. "Are you free right now, Matt? Or should I come back later?"

"No, now is fine," he said quickly, wanting Tré to leave as well. "Tré, I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave." Tré nodded in agreement.

"I wouldn't dream of disturbing her counseling. Alicia, on Thursday I will see you again. Until then, goodbye, and remember this." He closed the distance between them in one stride and swiftly kissed her on the lips. He tried to do more, but she stepped away from him as quickly as she could. Alicia had never felt so relieved when he was gone.

"Close the door," she begged, "and when you've done that, come cry with me. I'm beyond hope, beyond cure, beyond help!" She made her way to the couch and collapsed on it. Matt locked the door in case Tré decided to return and sat next to Alicia.

"I already know why you're upset, Alicia," he said in a low voice. "It stresses me to no end. I've heard you have to go out with Tré, and nothing can delay it." Alicia nodded sadly and drew the razor from her pocket, shocking Matt into silence.

"Don't tell me you've already heard, unless you know of a way to prevent it. As smart as you are, if you can't help me, just tell me my solution is a good one, and with this," she said, holding up the glinting razor, "I'll help it along. Mikey and I are bound by love. My heart will break if I break our promise to each other. Give some advice, please, or I'll kill myself right here. I want to die." Matt placed an arm around her shoulders, giving her a half hug.

"Calm down, Alicia. I have an idea," he said with a spark of hope in his eyes. "If you'd rather kill yourself than go out with Tré, then I'm assuming you will go through something similar to death to escape him. If this is true, I'll give it to you."

"I'd rather jump off a building, or become a thief, or be covered in dead men's bones in a newly made grave. Things like this have made me tremble in fear, but if it would mean I wouldn't have to be with Tré, I would do it without fear or doubt." Matt gave her a smile.

"It's settled, then. Go home, be happy, and agree to go out with Tré. Tomorrow is Wednesday." He stood and led her to the kitchen, searching through various drawers until he found a small bottle filled with a clear liquid. "Tomorrow night, make sure you're alone. Don't even let Hayley be in your room. When you're lying in bed, drink this; it's vodka...with some other stuff," he added with a sly wink. His face quickly became serious. "When it runs through your veins, it will make you appear dead. It will look like you have no pulse or breathing, and you'll look as pale as a corpse. It will last for forty-two hours. So when Tré comes to get you the next day, he'll think you're dead. And as is customary, you'll be taken to the tomb where the rest of your friends and family lie. In the mean time, again you will awaken. By that time, Mikey will know the plan, and he'll come here. And both of us will be there when you wake up. That very night, I'll watch both of you leave...I believe he was going to Kearny." Alicia threw her arms around Matt happily, nearly choking him. "As long as you're not afraid," he warned her.

"Give it to me, and don't mention fear," she said with determination. Matt smiled and handed it to her.

" Leave and be happy, Alicia. You can be sure that I'll send someone to get him."

"Love give me strength," she said with starry eyes. "Thank you, Matt. I will never forget this. Bye!" She ran out the door faster than any Olympic track star Matt had ever seen. He smiled after her for a moment before going to the phone to call up a friend.

"Hey, Dom. It's me. Could I get your help with something?"
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