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Act 4, Scene 2

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Act 4, Scene 2

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Davey looked around the room with no emotion whatsoever. He had since calmed down, but refused to speak to anyone unnecessarily. He knew he would probably end up yelling if he did; it was his nature.

"Where's Alicia?" he asked anyone nearby. "Did she leave to talk to Matt?"

"Yes, she did," Hayley said darkly. She was resisting the urge to punch him in the face for hurting her sister. Davey nodded once.

"That's good. Maybe he can talk some sense into her."

"Here she comes. And she looks happy," Hayley said in surprise.

"Where have you been, Alicia?"

"Talking to Matt," she said nonchalantly. "I'm so sorry for what I said; please forgive me."

"Someone go get Tré," Davey said quietly, not wanting Alicia to hear. "Tell him I've moved their date forward one day."

"I met him at Matt's house," said Alicia, "and gave him whatever love I could, without being immodest."

"And that's how it should be," Davey said with a nod. "We all owe Matt our thanks."

"Hayley, could you come help me get ready for tomorrow?" Alicia asked as sweetly as she could. Hayley's eyes lit up at the thought of helping her sister pick out an actual dress. She was sick of seeing the younger girl wear so much black; it really didn't complement her eyes at all.

"No, not until Thursday," said Inés. "There's plenty of time."

"Go with her, Hayley. She's going out with him tomorrow," said Davey. Hayley nodded and grabbed her sister's arm, flying out the door.

"We won't be ready in time," Inés said with a note of negativity. "It's almost nighttime."

"Don't worry, Inés. I'll make sure everything works out well. I'll stay up all night if I have to. I'll even let Tré know myself; I'm so much happier since Alicia has come back to us." Davey smiled and gave her a quick kiss, then watched as she walked out the door to help Hayley. She wasn't entirely certain they could get Alicia to wear a dress.
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