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Act 4, Scene 5

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Act 4, Scene 5

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Hayley knocked on the door and called her sister's name several times.

"Get up, Alicia! We have to leave. I'm sorry I have to wake you up, but I don't really have a choice." She sighed and opened the door, seeing Alicia lying on the bed. She gently tapped her sister's shoulder.

"You're still dressed the same way you were yesterday," she said thoughtfully. Her eyes widened as she realized her sister wasn't breathing. "Someone help!" cried Hayley. "Alicia's dead!" Inés ran into the room upon hearing her friend's frantic cries.

"What's wrong, Hayley?"

"This is horrible!" the brown-haired girl cried.

"What is it?" asked Inés.

"Look," she responded, pointing to Alicia's lifeless body. Inés's eyes widened.

"Alicia! No, not her! Come on, get up, or I'll die with you," she said desperately. "Someone help!" Davey ran into the room as well.

"What's taking so long? Tré's here. Alicia has to go," he said impatiently.

"She's dead!" both girls cried, clinging to each other and crying hysterically. Davey took one look at the younger girl and felt tears coming to his own eyes, something that usually didn't happen.

"She has been dead for some time," he said grimly. "I'm afraid there's nothing else to say."

"Is Alicia ready to go yet?" asked Matt, entering with Tré and a band close behind. There were three of them, all wearing black, with shirts that said 'The Black Parade' in white lettering.

"Ready to go, but never to return," Davey responded sadly. "I might as well be related to Death now." The band members seemed to have no problem with this.

"It seems like I waited forever for today to come," said Tré sadly, "only for this to happen."

"Death has taken another friend from me," cried Inés, running to Davey for comfort.

"This is the worst day of my life," muttered Hayley.

"Calm down, everyone," Matt said soothingly. "She's in a better place, away from the suffering our world has to offer her. She'll never cry about Jade again. We should honor her and get her ready for her funeral." His words had an immediately calming effect.

"Everything that we had for the party, turn it into things for a funeral," said Davey. "We'll need to change the food, the music - everything."

"Can we still play?" the lead singer of The Black Parade asked lazily. Davey nodded solemnly. "Sweet." The three of them left to grab as much sugar-laden food as they could before it was thrown away.

"Everyone go with Davey," said Matt, playing out his role well. They all obliged and left. He approached Alicia's body and picked up one of her hands, feeling that it was ice cold. 'Maybe I should drink some of that whenever I can't sleep,' he thought slyly. 'It seems to work pretty well.'
Smith approached the band members as they began loading up their equipment.

"You guys know the song 'Heart's Ease'?" he asked the drummer. The black-haired boy frowned at him.


"Because I'm not feeling that great," he confessed. "Come on, play some happy song to comfort me."

"Not now," the drummer hissed, loading a cymbal into the van.

"So, you won't, then?" Smith asked sadly.


"I'll give it to you," said Smith. The teen raised an eyebrow.

"Give us what?"

"Not money, that's for sure," he responded with a sly smile. The drummer rolled his eyes and began to walk away.

"Freak." He stopped at the sound of Smith's extremely off-key singing.

"What's he doing?" asked their bassist. The drummer shook his head.

"I have no idea."

"What do you think?" Smith asked the drummer when he had finished. "Why do you think the words say 'music with her silver sound'?"

"Probably because music has a silver sound," the drummer said flatly. Smith directed his attention to the bassist.

"What about you?" The black-haired teen smirked.

"Because musicians sound for silver."

"And you?" Smith asked the lead singer.

"I don't know what to say." Smith began to laugh.

"But you're the singer; you're supposed to know! I'll tell you anyway. It's 'music with her silver sound' because musicians have no gold for sounding: 'Then music with her silver sound does lend reimbursement." With his final words, Smith turned and walked away.

"What kind of idiot was /that/?" the drummer asked the bassist.

"Just ignore him. Come on, we'll wait in the van until everyone comes back. We can get more food." They exchanged sly smiles and walked back to the van, finding their lead singer passed out on the sidewalk next to it. They sighed and opened the door to the backseat, practically throwing him on it.

"I thought we told him not to drink anymore," said the bassist. The drummer smirked and searched through a bag nearby, grabbing an aerosol can for each of them and tossing one to the bassist.

"That's what whipped cream is for."
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