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Seventeen - Attracting More Flys With Honey.

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An extension of chapter sish-teen, yup, chapters sixteen, seventeen and eightteen are all an extension - they were really supposed to be one chapter but this way its just so much more better (yes g...

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"For the love of God wake up." Kate roughly nudged the sleeping figure beside her before glancing around the room surveying the damage all the while trying to figure out where the hell she was.
Clothes were everywhere along with an array of empty bottles that she assumed were once full of alcohol - so much to NOT living the rock star lifestyle.
She then spotted the mock Statue of Liberty right outside the window, which revealed that she was in the correct hotel, New York-New York, but certainly not the right room this one seemed bigger and slightly more extravagant than usual.
Kate groaned when her bed partner didn't wake up, he just mumbled something incoherent before nuzzling his face between her naked back and a pillow in a subconscious attempt to block out the sun. The brunette was now annoyed, one at the fact that she didn't remember anything from the night before and two because this stupid boy could sleep through the fucking apocalypse.
In a desperate attempt to wake him she leaned in close to his face, hovering only inches away.
"Please wake up." She whispered softly while caressing his face gently - like her mother always said 'you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar' - not that he was a fly.

He stirred and reflexively closed the gap between them, kissing her softly without even opening his eyes. He mumbled a 'morning Baby' before coming to the quick and sudden realization that he didn't have a 'Baby.' His eyes flew open in panic as he attempted to kick the sheets away from his body, but immediately he slumped back into the bed shutting his eyes tightly as his body throbbed in pain. For a few moments he laid perfectly still as if apologizing to his body for his almost violent outburst at the same time he tried valiantly to remember the night before but was faced with a giant void after Kate ditched him for that tool bag in the Armani suit. He sighed, not only had he been ditched last night but now he was in bed with some strange woman and a serious hangover that would surely inhibit his ability to make up valid exiting excuses.

"Patrick wake up, seriously." Kate groaned annoyed while nudging his arm forcefully.

Patrick sat up slowly at the sound of Kate's irritated voice. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye and could tell just by the way she was sitting that she was upset.

"How did this happen? You ditched me." Patrick spat accusingly while weakly pointing at her.

"You are such a child, I didn't ditch you. I had to say hello to my boss' gay nephew Sampson who has a word vomit problem - Jesus!" Kate defended annoyed as she rubbed her temples hoping that it would ease the pain. She took the sheet with her as she got up from the bed looking for her purse and hopefully some pills that would kill the metal band that had taken up residence inside her head.

"Hey!" Patrick whined and grabbed at the sheet before it left the bed, pulling it back to cover his naked lap. Kate tugged just as hard as she tried to keep the sheet tightly wrapped around her body.
After tugging a few more times Kate gave up and unexpectedly let go of the sheet causing Patrick to loose balance and fall off the bed.

He was cursing under his breath as he tried to steady himself on all fours.

"What is this?" Patrick questioned suddenly noticing the ring on his finger. He waved his hand in the air as he popped his head up and looked at Kate. She had put on a robe and was now sitting on the other side of the bed reading a piece of paper with a hand on her head as she ignored him.
"Kate, what is this? When did I get this?" He questioned again while taking off the ring and placing it in the center of his palm.

"Probably the same time I got this," Kate replied sarcastically as she raised her left hand to show him the matching ring that was on her finger, "but slightly before we got this." She finished while raising the paper she had been reading.

Patrick lunged for the paper grabbing it out of her hand. He read quickly not seeming to notice anything but their names and signatures on the bottom of a marriage license.

"This can't be happening." Kate groaned before snatching the license out of a shocked Patrick's hand. "Why?" She gestured angrily towards his sloppy signature, "Why is this the only place where you put your god damned real name Patrick?"

Patrick opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it when he realized that he had nothing to say. He did this a few times before settling with the truth.
"I always sign Stumph for legal documents, if not they'd be - "

"Void." Kate finished while nodding, Patrick also nodded - the two of them coming to bitter agreement.

"The only thing I remember is you ditching me." He mumbled quietly electing a groan from Kate.

"I didn't ditch you!" She yelled before sighing, "After the closet is where I draw my blank."

"Closet?" He questioned curiously.

Kate couldn't help but smile as she nodded, "Yeah, closet."

Flashback . . .

"Kate, Kate!" Samson laughed as he began to feel a little tipsy. He gestured over her head before he grabbed the glass that was being handed to him by another very attractive and well-dressed man. "Kate this is Tom, my boyfriend."

Kate turned excitedly and her eyes lit up as she shook the stranger's hand. She hoped to God that this could be her escape, she had been trying for the past ten minutes to get away from Samson but she wasn't one to be rude and the alcohol wasn't allowing her to think of the most obvious excuse - Patrick was waiting for her.

He had lost count after six shots.
"You know what Steve?" Patrick slurred while fixating on his empty shot glass.

"What's that buddy?" Steve replied highly amused as Patrick leaned on the bar for support.

"This one time I was almost a Daddy." Patrick giggled before placing shot glass down on the table. He pushed the glass forward with his fingers urging Steve to refill it once again.

"This is the last one." The bartender stated sternly before refilling the glass, Patrick waved him off before downing the shot.
"So a Daddy huh? What happened?" Steve questioned curiously as most bartenders do.

"It got lost." Patrick laughed slightly before his face fell. He glanced quickly over his shoulder at Kate before returning his attention back to Steve whose eyes were also fixated on the brunette.

"How does a guy like you get a girl like that?" The bartender questioned bluntly which caused Patrick to laugh.

"He obviously doesn't. He abso-absolut-absolutely doesn't." Patrick struggled as he tried to pronounce the word smiling when he finally did.
"Thank you Steve the bartender." He smiled while sloppily giving the bartender a high five, "but I'm done being a doormat so bye bye bye bye bye - " Patrick started but was stopped when someone put a hand on his shoulder. He saw Steve smile and gave him a questioning look before turning around.

Kate stood nervously biting her lip - a gesture Patrick had decided long ago that should be illegal in public.

"Apparently he does." Steve replied one last time before taking Patrick's empty shot glass and walking away smiling.

"Hi Kate." Patrick spat a little bitterly.

"Hi." She whispered in return.


No less than a half an hour later Patrick had her pinned against the inside of a janitor's closet door. She moaned his name as he kissed her neck, sucking with enough pressure to leave his mark - he literally got off knowing she was his. Patrick then buried his hand in her hair, holding her head still under him, forcing her lips up against his hearing her moan as he pushed his tongue inside her open mouth. At the same time Kate grabbed at his belt loops pulling him as close to her as physically possible before bringing her hand between their bodies stroking him hungrily through his jeans. He groaned his approval as he pulled away from her lips and buried his face in the crook of her neck. She could feel his callused fingers on her thigh as he guided her leg to wrap around his waist; his other hand roughly caressed her bare neck and chest before moving the top of her dress to the side. He grabbed her with more strength than he might have sober, and for a split second he was afraid that he might have hurt her but she pushed herself against him harder encouraging him that she was more than fine. Returning his lips to hers he let his hand travel down to meet his other at the hem of her skirt. As if in agreement, Kate grabbed his belt, fumbling in her rush to unbuckle it. Desperately, Patrick shoved her skirt up around her waist. In one fluid motion he had her panties pushed to the side and had entered her without hesitation. Kate clawed her hands in his hair pulling him into a heated kiss as he drove into her relentlessly. They were both in a haze of lust and alcohol as they came rather loudly.

"Oh my God." Patrick managed to get out in between breaths as he let her down.

Kate smiled as she tried to steady herself in her heels, leaning up against the door for support. He watched lustily as she put herself together, pulling her skirt down and smoothing the material so it was once again covering her chest.

. . . End

Kate shook her head of the thoughts as found the remote control underneath the bed and quickly flipped on the T.V.

"Now's hardly the time to watch cartoons Kate." Patrick replied as the T.V. displayed Wiley Coyote chasing the damn bird off the side of a cliff.

Kate mumbled profanities at him as she studied the remote, quickly hitting the digits to the lower channels flipping through them until the news appeared on screen. She read the words out loud causing her to process them for the second time. There on the FOX News scroll read Kate Wentz and Patrick Stump wed in Las Vegas early this morning.


Pete walked grouchily into the lobby of the hotel sipping his Starbucks. He had been awake all night talking to a sick Olivia that insisted on speaking 'only to Daddy.' Not that he minded he loved being a Dad, but listening to her say 'Addy I icky' and 'Livvy leepy' was only cute for about 20 minutes - and right now he was wishing that he would have gotten at least an hour of sleep. He jumped slightly when his phone began ringing, breaking the silence in the almost dead hotel lobby.

"Yes Darling." He forced into the receiver not wanting to upset his STILL very pregnant wife.

"Why did I just get a voicemail from a drunk Kate excitedly telling me how Elvis wanted her autograph?" Sara questioned immediately - her lack of sleep making her irritable.

"I dunno." Pete replied as he licked coffee off the side of his cup, cradling the phone between his shoulder and head as he refastened the lid. Sara continued talking about something but the older man behind the reservation desk had caught his attention as he waved for him to come over.
"Call you back, love you, call you back." He hurried into the phone before snapping it shut and making his way over to the desk.

"Oh I am so relieved I caught you Mr. Wentz." The older hotel employee sighed before placing a black American Express card on the desk carefully sliding it over to the bassist.

"I don't understand, this isn't mine." Pete replied while picking up the card and handing it back to the gentleman, taking a generous sip from his coffee as he did so.

"Oh I know sir, but your sister, she left it here early this morning." The white haired man replied while putting on his glasses and gesturing to the name on the card.

Pete sighed as he took the card from the man while at the same time smacking his pocket hoping that he had hit the ignore button and probably pissing off an already POed Sara.
"Thank you but may I ask why she left her credit card here? Her room was already paid for."

"She was upgrading rooms sir."

"Upgrading rooms?" Pete questioned confused, his sister wasn't a premadonna -upgrading rooms, really? She was already in a suite.

"Yes sir, her and her husband."

Pete began laughing before he focused on the man's nametag.
"Mr. Lyons she was probably just with someone, a cuddly man with gnarly sideburns and a hat that just makes you want to hug him?" he questioned while hugging himself and rocking back and forth - apparently he really, really needed some sleep.

The white haired man nodded his head,
"Yes he was there, but she insisted that if I wouldn't call her Kate to please refer to her as Mrs. Stump not Ms. Wentz, then she left this here," He stopped to gesture to the credit card, "and told me to buy my wife something nice with it before kissing me on the forehead and thanking me. She then frolicked over to the elevators as she canoodled with Mr. Stump, I'm sure that if you pull the elevator tape you would get quite an interesting show," Mr. Lyons laughed before straightening up, "Sir." He added while quickly turning his attention to the computer screen in front of him.

Pete felt his head throb and took another generous gulp of his coffee. What a funny little man this Mr. Lyons was, yes a funny little man with an oh so amusing sense of humor. He then remembered his wife's question, "Why did I just get a voicemail from a drunk Kate excitedly telling me how Elvis wanted her autograph?"
Oh shit.
Immediately Pete was on his phone dialing Kate first, and then Patrick when he was ignored both times he yelled as he hit his fists to the desk.
"Is there a T.V. anywhere sir?" Pete questioned impatiently and Mr. Lyons nodded while gesturing to a common area.
"I'm going to need that room number too Sir, please." He replied as he quickly made his way in front of the T.V.

"FUCK!" echoed throughout the silent lobby scaring the white haired man into spilling the coffee Pete had unknowingly handed to him.

P.S. My editor is on a date with some Pirates of the Jack Sparrow persuasion so please excuse any yucky typos. thanks love you bunches and bunches.
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