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Eighteen - 6 Months Till Freedom.

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The last of the three chapter Vegas instalment: A-freaking-men to that y'all. Now seriously, this wasn't one of my better chapters, but i needed to be done with Vegas. So yeah, it probably doesn't ...

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"You know, I've never been on the scroll before." Patrick replied as he sat at the foot of the bed watching the FOX News channel Kate insisted they keep watching. He came to the conclusion that Kate was scared to see if the other news stations were reporting the nuptials - which they both knew they were, but as they say 'ignorance is bliss.'

"That's nice Patrick." Kate replied with a sigh as she looked around the room for the phone that should have been on the nightstand. Apparently the thralls of passion decided that it was necessary for the phone to be underneath the bed, she shook her head in disbelief as she pulled the phone onto her lap by the cord. She sighed once more as she cradled the phone between her cheek and shoulder.

"Who are you calling? Where are you going?" Patrick suddenly took interest as he watched Kate get dressed, "Hey, hey! Those are mine!"

She blatantly ignored him as she pulled up his boxer briefs rolling them a few times before shifting the phone from ear to ear.

"Hi, yes. Oh, I'm great. How are you?" Kate replied sweetly completely masking her foul mood. "Well I just needed to know what room Gwendolyn Merlon was in please."

"That's my shirt!" Patrick interrupted again as Kate picked the shirt off the floor, buttoning it up as she waited patiently for the information she requested from the front desk.

"Yes I know she's with a private party, I'm in that party as well." She smiled as she replied still wanting to sound as sweet as possible.

"I'm not free balling in those jeans Kate." Patrick interjected again ignoring the fact that he was being ignored as he picked up his undershirt. He pulled the correct appendages through all the proper holes all the while not loosening his grip on the sheet around his waist.

"I'm in room 1666." Kate finally let herself sigh, "Yes, Kate Stumph." She held her breath as the hotel employee went on, "Thank you so much, no really, that's so sweet of you to send your congratulations. Thank you, Thank you." Kate finally just took the phone away from her ear when the receptionist didn't stop. She turned her attention to Patrick when he began tugging on her choice of pants.
"Nooooo, I have no pants - I'm not wearing that dress again." She whispered while covering the phone's mouthpiece with her hand.

"It was that dress that got us into this, just wear the dress. You can even keep the shirt - keep it I don't care." He whined while pulling at his underwear. Kate stuck out her lip and pleaded with her eyes. Patrick groaned in response, damn that puppy dog face to hell - oh how he hated it.

"Can I please just have the room number now, please?" Kate responded into the phone when she heard that the receptionist had finally stopped talking. "Thank you so much." She gushed before hanging up the phone.

"You know everyone is going to be in here soon and if your not here they are going to flip a shit." Patrick replied while hesitantly zipping up his jeans, sighing in relief when he didn't catch himself in the fly.

"They are coming over here specifically to flip a shit, and it will be flipped regardless if I'm here or not." Kate let out a breath the she didn't know she had been holding; "I just can't be in here right now with them . . . with you." She replied before walking out the door.


Kate let herself in as quietly as possible as to not disturb the phone conversation her stylist was having. She smiled slightly trying to prevent herself from laughing at the giddy tone in Gwen's voice.

"No, it's great, great, super great." Gwen put a hand over her eyes in disbelief as she held the phone to her ear, "I can't wait, yeah I'll talk to you later. By-Bye . . . bye." She hung up the phone quickly and held it over her lips in obvious excitement.

"Someone's got a boyfriend." Kate teased while rummaging through the open bag of Cheetos.

Gwen let out an excited squeal as she jumped up in the air, "He called, I can't believe he called. I'm not going to lie I didn't think he would considering that he's a big talented . . . hot drummer man - I can't believe he called, and we have plans - he called and made plans. We have PLANS!" She shrieked.

"Oooh," Kate nodded her head in understanding, "Bob."

"Bob!" Gwen agreed enthusiastically.

"Bob." Kate repeated with her mouth full.

"Bob." Gwen sighed, "Bob Bryar."

"So, Bob?"

"Shut up you." Gwen replied while chucking a shoe in Kate's direction, "And uh excuse me. Married!"

"Bob Bryar called you and made /plans/." Kate responded while shoving a few Cheetos in her mouth.

"I know." The stylist cooed before forcefully pointing a stiletto in the singers direction, "Don't change the subject. Kate, married?" She questioned while tying her dark hair up in an elastic.

"And and, that was totally all me cause I was the one that was like 'Oh look it's Bob Bryar - Gwen, Bob, Bob, Gwen.' Yeah all me." Kate pointed to herself trying her best to change the subject as she ignored the question.

Gwen opened her mouth to say something but the ringing of the hotel phone cut her off. She picked up the phone but quickly pulled it away from her ear as the person on the other end started yelling.

"Tell them I'm on my way." Kate sighed before hopping off the table she was sitting on. She knew that if she didn't return they would just find her and she didn't want that kind of drama to kill her friend's emotional high.


Pete's voice could be heard from down the hall - so much for being subtle.
"We sent you to watch her and you end up married to her!" He screamed at Patrick who was at an obvious lack for words.

"I, uhm," Patrick stammered as he glanced from Pete to Bob and then to Delilah's manager Frank, "I'm sorry." He apologized because it was the only thing he could think of to say.

"You're sorry? You're fucking sorry?" Pete scoffed, "Well I'm fucking sorry that I left my sister, MY BABY SISTER, in your care!" He continued to yell though Patrick was only a few feet away.

"Look Patrick," Bob interjected while placing a comforting hand on Patrick's shoulder, "We can get this annulled, erased and there is no harm done ok? In a few weeks no one will even be talking about this anymore."

Frank started laughing which elicited glares from Pete and Bob, and a confused glance from Patrick.
"I'm sorry but one, this is never going to 'blow over' and secondly," He started laughing slightly again, "you cannot file for an annulment."

"Why not? He can do whatever the fuck he wants." Bob spat forcefully at the other manager.

"This is nothing but good press for you, if he files before she does this could be devastating to her career." Frank stated nonchalantly.

"This isn't about her career and frankly you don't have a say in what they do or do not decide, so shut up! It's his option and his choice." Bob raised his voice.

"I don't want to do anything that's going to give her negative press Bob." Patrick whispered to his manager but was waved off.

"I can't believe you married my sister, my baby sister - and you didn't even ask my dad, or me!" Pete shoved Patrick slightly.

"News flash, your sister isn't a baby she's 27 and it's not like I exactly planned this Pete so get off my fucking back!" Patrick pushed back slightly to get Pete off of him.

"A fucking nobody isn't going to annul their marriage to Kate Wentz." Frank warned Bob who huffed in response.

"Jesus, will you all just stop!?" Kate yelled from the doorway, "He's not a nobody Frank." She ran her hands through her hair frustrated, "and I'm not 10 years old Pete, stop treating me like a child."

It seemed as if everyone collectively took a big breath to try and calm down.

"Kate what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you realize that you didn't sign a damn pre-nup?" Apparently Frank's big breath did nothing to calm him down as he grabbed Kate's arm forcefully.

"Look at me," Kate started while ripping her arm out of her managers grip, "Do I look worried that he's going to take me for all I'm worth? Yeah, not so much." She rolled her eyes.

"They are both wealthy Frank, money isn't an issue." Bob replied while pulling at the skullcap he was wearing.

"Yeah that's what they all say." Frank scoffed while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Frank, can I talk to you outside for a second." Bob sighed defeated, there was no way that they were going to get anywhere inside this room. Frank nodded in agreement as he followed the other manager out of the hotel suite, Pete not wanting to be left behind also went into the hall.

Patrick sighed as he handed his phone to Kate, she looked at him confused.

"Uhm, thanks?" She questioned while she fiddled with the device in her hand.

"Call your lawyers so they can start whatever paperwork it is to get this annulled." He replied hesitantly.

"You can just go ahead Patrick, it doesn't matter that much anymore anyways." She forced a smile and handed him back his phone, "I mean what's the worst they're going to say? What, they're going to compare me to Britney Spears - well they're already doing that. They always do a shitty job of hurting my feelings anyway."

"That won't be necessary." Bob interrupted as all three men walked back into the room.

Pete took Kate's hands in his. "Sister, you know I love you and only want what's best -"

"Pete you're scaring me."

"Just remember I would never suggest you to do this unless I thought it was the best possibly option." Kate's face fell. "You need to stay married to Patrick for at least six months." Pete rushed out.

"What?" Kate and Patrick both spat severely confused.

"Patrick I know how much you dislike the spotlight but we figured this was they best way to avoid it, in all reality. If you guys got an annulment you would always be that guy - this way you guys mind your business and then six months later you divorce or whatever claiming that you 'fell out of love' but are still good friends blah blah blah - good press for everyone." Bob finished explaining and looked hopeful at the couple.

"Katie Baby," Frank started but was cut off by a groan from Kate, "Ok, I'm sorry, Kate, plain Kate, you know that you America's Love Child - America doesn't want a child who has quickie Vegas weddings for their own personal amusement. You can kiss your image goodbye, and without your good image you and your band are shit."

"You are really bad at analogies." Kate replied slightly disturbed at her manager's 'words of wisdom.'

"Ok, wait." Patrick held up his hand signaling everyone to stop, "What exactly does this mean?"

"Our favorite couple acts married to the press. You guys will walk hand in hand, have annoying gooey lunches and dinners in plain view of paparazzi, tell the press how in love you are, go to each others shows if need be - and you know, move in together, and stuff." Pete retorted quickly as if to take attention away from what exactly he just proposed.

"Oh is that all?" Kate questioned sarcastically.

"Look we're sorry but don't blame us. We're just giving you the best solution to the mess you two made. It can't be that hard, people do this shit all the time." Bob replied with a shrug.

No one knew exactly what they were getting into, nothing is ever as it seems in theory and this could very well blow up in their faces, but one thing was for sure; that day, in a crowded Vegas suite, Katrick was born.
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