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Nineteen - Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.

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a little break from the drama rama.

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After all was finalized and the tour was finished the newlyweds agreed to make Kate's Malibu house their 'main' home for the next six months. The negotiations were fairly simple - contracts were made to handle the more difficult and sticky aspects of the marriage like the money issue. Frank had the lawyers draw up contracts that said that neither of them could touch the others money; he was still concerned of Kate being taken advantage of and Bob, knowing that Patrick wasn't to keen on publicly displaying his private life, had them agree to how much press they wanted to do and threw that in to the contracts as well. Their whole marriage was one giant contract of rules and regulations that if broken would have major consequences.

"You have five seconds to move that ugly boat out of my driveway before I blow it up." Kate yelled from her front door before Patrick sloppily shoved her aside as he carried yet another box inside the house.

"I highly doubt that you have the capability to blow up my boat Kate." He managed to get out before disappearing into the hallway.

"Oh I have an in with the mob, The Don owes me a favor." She retorted as she followed him.

"Yeah ok." He laughed while pushing the door open with his foot.

"Just move the damn boat so I can save Vinnie a trip." She whined while stomping her foot.

"I'll move it when I move it." Patrick dropped the box and turned around to face her. Kate narrowed her eyes at him in obvious disapproval as she crossed her arms over her chest.
"All you've been doing is bitching. This is technically my house too Kate, and I'll have a boat if I want." He replied while shoving past her to go get more boxes.

"I don't give a damn that you have a boat, just don't park it in my driveway! Not when there is a whole entire ocean with a dock right over there." Kate yelled at his back as she gestured dramatically in the direction of the backyard. She was ignored.


Later that night Patrick sighed heavily as he stood in front of the open refrigerator. He glanced down at his rumbling stomach, then back up at the empty refrigerator, and then down once more to look at the dog that was nudging his hand. Patrick nodded in understanding as he pet the dog's head. Five minutes later Chewie was happily eating while Patrick jealously watched him. When he decided enough was enough Patrick opened his mouth to yell for Kate but was surprised when she strolled into the kitchen humming 'Grenade Jumper' and eating a popsicle.

"Where did you get that?" He questioned while opening the freezer looking for popsicles.

"The ice cream man." Kate replied with her mouth full before squealing and trying to catch the popsicle as it melted, breaking into pieces as it did so. She sighed sadly as she held the remainder of her popsicle in one hand before shrugging and pulling out of her back pocket another popsicle, she used her mouth to open the package and smiled when she got the second popsicle out without spilling the first. Patrick grew excited, he knew that one had to be for him, he reached out to accept the popsicle offer but was surprised when she stuck the second one in her mouth.

"Hey, hey, hey! What about me? That one was so obviously mine." He whined as he reached for it once again.

"It was, but you can have this one instead." Kate replied with a cheeky smile while plopping the broken and now severely melted first popsicle into his outstretched hand; she then continued to hum 'Grenade Jumper' as she made her way over to the sink.

Patrick stared at the melting ice cream in his hand before shrugging and attempting to eat it.
"Don't you hate that song?" He questioned while licking his hand and joining her at the sink.

"Au contraire husband of mine, it just pissed me off that it was 'Hey Chris you were our only friend' when it totally should have been 'Hey Kate.' That's all." She responded a little bitterly as she dried her hands on a dishrag.

"Oh yeah?" Patrick teased only to be cut off by Kate.

"I mean, I went to more shows than Chris did. Honestly, who was the one selling merch? Not Gutierrez." She huffed upset before piping up once more, "Oh and me," Kate stopped to point at herself, "I moshed with the best of them."

"I hated that you did that by the way, do you not realize how little you are?" Patrick interjected but Kate ignored him and continued.

"And I was the one filming all the retarded shit you did - all the footage for the 'Dead On Arrival' video is curtsey of Kate Motherfucking Wentz!" She huffed once more while placing a hand on her hip. "I've known you guys longer than Chris, Joe gave me just as many wedgies." Kate stopped for the second time to think of more reasons of why she was better than Chris, "I share a gene pool with a member of the band and above everything else I was sleeping with the lead singer." She pointed her popsicle angrily in Patrick's direction, "I win, I beat Chris. Totally should have been 'Hey Kate,' cause you know what, you all don't even talk to him anymore."

Patrick held his hands up in mock defeat,
"You are totally right."

"I AM freaking right . . . wait, I'm right?" Kate questioned confused, that victory was far too easy.

"Yup." He replied nonchalantly while he leaned against the kitchen counter.

She started to smile but then finally understood and crossed her arms over her chest,
"What is it you want?" Kate questioned annoyed - she knew the only reason he would back down from an argument so quickly was if he wanted something.

"I am just so hungry. I can't fight well on an empty stomach." Patrick confessed not wanting to hide his ulterior motive any longer.

"So eat." Kate shrugged.

"You know, I would, but there is no food." He replied back not masking the fact that he was being a smart ass.

"There is so food." She huffed, "Get out of my kitchen and I will make food."

"What?" He questioned confused but didn't wait for a response, "No, you see, I was going to ask you what kind of food you want me to order cause, no, you're not making food." Patrick stated with a laugh as he picked up the phone on the kitchen table.

"Have a little faith." Kate replied with her head in the pantry, "I can cook!"

"No it's ok, we can even order Bar-b-que, I don't care." He stated while flipping through the yellow pages.

"You hate Bar-b-que, and I'm cooking." She grabbed the phone out of his hand as he was dialing.

He sighed sadly, he was really hungry and the last time he checked Kate couldn't cook to save her life.
"Right, you make food. Is the fire department on speed dial or should I just call 9-1-1?" Patrick replied over his shoulder on his way out of the kitchen before dodging whatever flying debris he knew was being chucked in his direction.

"Hardy har har, asshole." Kate mumbled before taking some things out of the pantry.

"You know Chewie, I never thought I would die like this." Patrick groaned 30 minutes later as he still awaited food. He lifted his head off of the couch to get a better look at the dog. "I figured I had enough fat on my body to live for at least a few weeks. I mean it looks that way right?" He poked his stomach for emphasis but dog lost interest as the fish caught his eye.

"Hey Music Man, the food is ready . . . and I think it's edible!" Kate yelled excitedly from the kitchen.

Patrick got off the couch, "You think?" He questioned apprehensively while he walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah." She smiled proudly as she placed his plate on the table in front of him.

"You made noodles?"

"Hey! Those aren't just noodles," Kate replied with a laugh before spooning red sauce onto the plate, "It's spaghetti!" She yelled while clapping her hands.

Patrick couldn't help but laugh at her, she was just so cute.

"Well aren't you going to eat it?" She stated with a pout.

"Where's your plate? Why don't you have any?" He questioned with a raised eyebrow while poking at the food with his fork. Yeah he was notorious for eating almost everything but he wasn't about to try any of this so-called spaghetti if the chef herself wasn't even going to eat it.

"Right here." Kate piped up while sitting down across from him with her very own plate of spaghetti, "It's just rude to serve yourself before your guest, urgh, before your husband?" She corrected while furrowing her brows together - sure, just set women's rights back like 50 years.

"I really wouldn't know I've never had a husband." Patrick couldn't hide his lopsided grin as she rolled her eyes at him.

"Oh you be quiet and eat your food that," Kate paused momentarily to take a bite of spaghetti, her eyes immediately widened in surprise, "Oh my God." She covered her mouth to keep the noodles in.

"What?" Patrick asked slightly mortified.

"It's really really good." She laughed before taking another bite.

He couldn't say that he believed her 100% but she was still eating it so it couldn't be that bad. Patrick closed his eyes and took a bite.
"Not bad Kate, I'm impressed!"

"Uhh huh, that's what you get for doubting me."

The two continued to eat in comfortable silence until Patrick felt the need to speak.
"Kate," He began while poking at his spaghetti, "I never really told you this but, thanks a lot for letting us tour with you."

She sighed heavily while not looking up to meet his gaze.
"That's not really necessary Patrick, it's not like I made it easy for you."

"Ok yeah, that's for damn sure!" He mumbled before being kicked under the table by a smiling Kate. "Uh, ow."

"Whatever, you got the dishes." Kate yelled before jumping up from the table and running out of the kitchen. "I've got to get ready to meet Sara, she's coming to pick me up so we can go to a church." She continued to yell on her trek up the stairs.

"What?" Patrick questioned after her.

"Yeah, she's going to church to have a holy man pray for her to go into labor or something. I dunno, I just thought it would be mildly amusing to watch her heckle holy people." Kate shrugged before disappearing into her room.

Patrick laughed and shook his head in amazement before collecting the plates from the table.

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