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Twenty - Old Habits Seem to Die Hard.

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it's not always about katrick.

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Sara didn't bother to knock before throwing open the front door and waddling angrily inside.
"Kate!" She wailed, "Put some fire under it - let's go!"
Sara rested her hand on her lower back to help her carry the weight of her now very overdue child.

"Hey Sara." Patrick responded while walking out of the kitchen drying his dishpan hands on his pants. Sara glared at him and groaned in response.
"I'm sorry?" He apologized though he wasn't sure what he was apologizing for - it just felt like it was the right thing to do.

"You are literally one of the last people I want to talk to on the planet, like the top of my shit list so if you could just walk away from me. Thanks." She spat at him before once more yelling up the stairs for Kate.

"Whoa, why?" He furrowed his brows together in confusion, unsure of the reason for her hatred.

"Let's just get this straight. If it were up to me you wouldn't be able to even blink in Kate's direction - so the fact that you are married to her kind of upsets me, but I swear to God if she walks away from this heartbroken I will hurt you so badly that - Hey Kate, you ready to go?" Sara immediately changed her tone once she saw Kate trotting down the stairs.

"Yeah but I'm driving, you aren't supposed to be driving you know that. How you even fit behind the steering wheel is beyond me." Kate laughed slightly before walking into the kitchen to retrieve her keys. Once she was out of ear shot Sara glared at Patrick who had remained silent the entire time.

"I'm not kidding either." She spat before walking out the front door.

Kate emerged a few seconds later jingling the keys in her hand.
"Ok so, make sure you have your phone on you because for some reason I have a feeling that we might end up in jail." She replied seriously while touching his arm gently.

"I would prefer if you didn't get arrested." He smiled in return as she started laughing.

"Yeah well, I'll see what I can do."

Kate wasn't sure how she was supposed to say good bye, she went in to kiss him on the cheek but he went in for the hug and the two ended up in an awkward embrace that was cut short by Sara bellowing the horn.

"Ok so bye then." She shrugged before scurrying out the front door leaving Patrick standing awkwardly in the doorway still contemplating how one is supposed to say goodbye to his wife.


Sara was impatient with the radio as she changed the channel for what seemed like the 10th time since Kate had pulled out of the driveway.
"Sara stop it." Kate spat annoyed while shooing her hand away from the radio. Sara ignored her as she changed the channel one last time settling on a station that was playing 'Promise Me Tonight' - if Kate really wanted to be annoyed Sara knew how to play.
"You did that on purpose." Kate groaned as she went to change the channel.

"I can't control the radio with my mind Kate." Sara blinked innocently in her direction trying to hide the evil grin that was trying to sneak onto her face.

Ignoring her smartass comment Kate rolled her eyes before tossing Sara a glance,
"I can't believe he made you come to L.A."

"I don't want to talk about it." Sara replied hastily while crossing her arms over her chest.

"You should have told him where to stick it; you wanted to have the baby in Chicago." Kate sighed, "How was the drive with my mom and the kids?"

Sara just glared at her in response which was explanation enough.
"Ooh pull in there." she pointed frantically into a church parking lot ignoring the weird look Kate was giving her.

"Sara, thats -"

"I know what it is, maybe if they tell me what to do my child will be as pretty as Suri Cruise because that child is beautiful."

"That child is going to be insane." Kate responded while putting the car in park and trying not to laugh as Sara struggled to get out of the car.

Kate cautiously walked into the Scientology center behind Sara. She was afraid of being spotted going into the building and pulled the hood of her hoodie over her head in attempt to shield herself from any passer byers.

"Excuse me, Pastor Father." Sara yelled down an aisle at a man dressed in a button up shirt and khaki pants.

"We don't have Pastors or Fathers here." The man stated dreamily as a smile spread across his face.

"That's fantastic." Sara responded not really paying attention to the crazy man in front of her, "Look I just need you to do something, chant, pray just make my child come out. Thanks." She waved her hands at him in gesture.

"Well here in the church of Scientology we have silent births, and I cannot do anything unless you actually convert and decided to have a silent natural birth." The man put his hands on Sara's shoulders and nodded for an effect.

"No that's ok, just do your thing and then I'm going to leave and have my child."

"We have a silent birthing room here -"

"Ok what the fuck is a silent birth?" Sara spat at the man while placing her hands on her hips.

"A silent birth," Kate replied with her nose buried in a brochure, "Is where you have your baby enter the world into a room of silence where no one is speaking."

"So I'm supposed to do this naturally and not scream?" Sara raised her voice slightly and Kate nodded while still reading the brochure.
"Peace out Father Pastor." She replied before turning around and waddling out of the center grabbing Kate by the arm as she passed and dragging her outside behind her.

Once in the car again Kate began laughing even though Sara was sending death glares her way.

"Shut up Sara, you don't find it mildly funny that we just went into a Scientology center?"

Sara turned her face to look out the window in attempt to hide her smile from Kate.
"Maybe a little. Ooh turn in there, Asian people know where it's at." She pressed her face up against the window as they pulled into the parking lot of a Buddhist temple.

"Leave it to L.A. to have a Scientology center down the block from a Buddhist temple." Kate mumbled under her breath while unbuckling her seatbelt and hurrying up to catch up to Sara.

"You know if you would just pick a religion it would make this whole church thing easier, being agnostic doesn't exactly help us any."

"Whatever. What kind of holy people are in this religion? Monks, right?" Sara questioned annoyed while throwing open the doors to the temple.

"Excuse me Mr. Monk?" She immediately yelled at the robed man. The monk looked up at her and bowed his head in a greeting.

"Yes?" He replied in a hushed tone trying to keep the noise level down in the almost silent temple.

"Alright so here's the thing -"

"We have to take our clothes off; we have to party all night long." Kate finished off Sara's sentence by singing and dancing along to the familiar beat in her head only stopping after Sara shot her a look that screamed 'shut up!'

"Anyways," Sara began again while fixating her gaze on the Asian man, "I am nine and a half months pregnant and you being wise and Asian and such have to help me go into labor. So I'm just going to stand here and you are going to do your thing -" She groaned when the Monk put a hand up signaling for her to stop.

"Babies are wise and they will come when they know you are ready for them."

"No little man, I'm the Mama which means I'm the boss!" Sara yelled. She paused to take a big breath fully prepared to yell at the Monk once more but suddenly she realized that the Asian man was looking at the floor instead of at her. She followed his stare and finally noticed that she was standing in a puddle.

"Kate..." Sara replied shakily while looking at her best friend who was smiling and signing an autograph for one of the younger monks.

"Kate!" She stated a little more forcefully, Kate handed the piece of paper back to the monk before looking up at Sara with a questioning glance. Immediately Kate saw the pool Sara was standing under and widened her eyes.

"Ooh." Kate gasped, "That was some powerful prayer there Padre."

"Kate he's a fucking monk, shut up! Get over here and help me." Sara shrieked.

"Sara I can't carry your fat ass anywhere -" Kate was cut off with a groan as Sara waddled slowly out of the temple and towards the car all the while trying to remember how the Lamaze breathing went, and scolding herself like she had done three times before for quitting those stupid classes before Molly was born.


Kate sped down the highway while trying to coach Sara and call Pete at the same time.

"Why the fuck isn't he answering?" Sara screamed as she firmly gripped the armrest.

"Sara I don't know. When he answers I'll ask him, just breathe. Deep breaths." Kate responded while hitting the redial button and glancing at Sara momentarily before fixating her eyes back on the road. She hit her steering wheel in frustration when they once again came to a stop. Right now was not the best time to deal with L.A. rush hour.

"You can take your deep breaths and shove them up your ass Kate, cause nothing is fucking happening when I breathe deep." She spat through gritted teeth while propping her feet up on the dash.

"Sara, weren't you having contractions before your water broke?" She questioned while placing a free hand up against the window in order to hide her face from the paparazzi that had conveniently pulled up beside them in the stand still traffic. Ever since her shotgun wedding Kate had begun to notice the increase of paparazzi that seemed to have her always surrounded. Before she had a few photographers, but the fact that she didn't act like a socialite usually kept their numbers pretty low, but now those days seemed to be long gone.

"Maybe, but I've been having contractions for like two weeks it seems so I didn't think anything of it." Sara closed her eyes as she put her head to her knees, trying her best to breathe though the contraction.

"I swear to God if those guys don't stop taking pictures I'm going to get my fat pregnant in labor ass out of this car and tell them where they can stick their cameras." She groaned while letting her head fall back on the headrest.

"Fuck this Sara, I'm just calling an ambulance." Kate sighed as she ended the call with her brother's voicemail.

"No no, I called the doctor. It has to be my doctor." Sara's voice was strained as she once again gripped the armrests tightly.

"Well too bad, cause if I don't call the ambulance then me or Mr. Camera Man is going to be delivering this baby. Your contractions are really close together." Kate gestured out the window before dialing 911 and ignoring Sara's protests.

30 minutes later the stand still cars hadn't moved more than five inches and Sara was screaming bloody murder. Kate did her best to help her breathe but the fact that Sara didn't listen wasn't making this situation any easier. The punk rock princess even elicited help from the paparazzi asking them to keep a lookout for the ambulance that was probably stuck in the same traffic they were caught in. It was then as if the God Sara was pretty much mocking earlier decided to take pity on her. Weaving in and out of the cars Kate finally spotted them, angels in the form of paramedics.

"Where's my husband?" Sara responded breathlessly in between contractions as she let her head fall into Kate's lap.

"I don't know Sweetie." Kate cooed while wiping Sara's bangs off her sweaty face.

"You're going to need to push through the next one ma'am." The paramedic popped his head up from his crouched position to look at the two women.

"No!" She cried, "I can't, he's not here. He has to be here." Sara crossed her legs in gesture as she gripped Kate's forearm forcefully and begged her to call Pete one last time.

Kate nodded while once again pushing her brother's speed dial extension. His voicemail immediately picked up and Kate blinked hard trying her best not to let the tears that were brimming fall.

"It's still off." She responded solemnly, Sara gripped her arm harder tried her best to back away from the paramedic that was urging her to push through the next contraction.

"Try the house." Sara pleaded but Kate shook her head forcefully while fighting against Sara who was trying to claw her way as far as possible from the paramedic, as if doing so was going to prevent the birth of her child without it's father present.

"I did Sara, it's still my mother. He's not home, he's not with any of the guys. No one knows where he is, you have to push sweetie."

Sara obliged. It was somewhere in between pushes where she decided that she was leaving her husband, and when the paramedics put the eight pound baby girl in her arms she knew it was something she needed to do. Sara didn't deserve to be treated this way and her new daughter didn't need to be brought into a broken home.


Pete laughed as he opened the door to his home and escorted the tall blonde in before him.

"Hello!" He yelled into his house and smiled when Molly walked out of the kitchen.

"Hi." She responded in an unusual tiny voice.

"Hey baby, this is Daddy's friend Ashlee. Where's your Mommy and Grandma?" Pete knelt down and gave his daughter a once over, he wasn't around as often as he'd like to be but even he picked up that there was something wrong with his child.

"Grammy's in the kitchen with Petey and Livvy." Molly replied shyly as she backed away from her father and his house guest.

"Wow you've gotten so big since the last time I saw you." Ashlee knelt down so she was eyelevel with the little girl, she pinched her cheeks lightly and Molly huffed out of reflex and pulled further away.

"She doesn't really like to be touched by people she doesn't know." Pete whispered quietly to Ashlee while immediately standing up at the sound of his other children crying.

"Eight pounds eleven ounces." Molly stated as if she finally remembered something that she needed to say.

"What's that sweetie?" Pete responded while still listening for someone to soothe the other two.

"KayKay called she said that the new baby is eight pounds eleven ounces." Molly repeated a little louder but was cut off when a crying Grammy walked out of the kitchen clutching both bawling children.

"Where the hell have you been?" His mother forcefully spat at him not even bothering to cover up her language, "And what is she doing here?"

"I was working ... with her." Pete answered both questions with one sentence while furrowing his brows together in confusion at his mother crying.

"Well I hope to God it was worth it Pete because you now have a beautiful new daughter that was born about 15 minutes ago out on the 101."

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