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Been there, done that.

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Talking&kissing. (well only almost.)

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Gerard listened to the silence and lowered his head. He didn't know what Frank thought exactly, but he was definitely scared of his reaction. He decided to feel stupid about the outburst. He also squeezed his eyes together few times, he was so not going to cry over the phone.
"Man, I'm fucking clueless, " Frank said quietly, " I didn't know, I had no idea. I'm sor-"
"Don't," Gerard said sighing, "Don't say it. You didn't make this shit happen, so you have no reason to say that." He didn't want to hear Frank say 'sorry'. He didn't want to say it himself. He had learned to hate that word. It reminded too painfully of all mistakes and lost chances.
"Okay. Umm.. what now? Why are you there?"
"Well," Gerard said yawning, "I had to get out. I thought it would solve stuff, which it of course didn't. I just have get this shit out of me, and I don't want to think what happens if I can't."
Ray had walked to his kitchen to get some morning coffee to his girlfriend, but when he saw Frank sitting there, staring at the wall with glassed eyes, speaking quietly, taking small breaths, every muscle tensed, he forgot her. He sat next to Frank and tried to get his attention by snapping his fingers. Frank swinged his arm on the air almost punching Ray to the cheek and shot a killing glare at him. Ray frowned.
"What's the matter?" He mouthed, but got only another glare as an answer.
"I just uhh, hope you'd talked to us. We're fucking brothers man, you could've.. just.. told," Frank spoke massaging his temple with his free hand. Ray frowned even more.
Tell you something you can not relate to? You haven't 'been thre and done that'.
"Yeah, well," Gerard said, "it's not like I can just explain something I haven't completely figured out. And I didn't want to throw this at you guys, you have your own problems." It took a lot from him to not add 'with your perfect relationships' to the end. He hated the fact he couldn't help himself from being little bitter.
"Not to sound rude or anything," Frank paused, " you're gonna solve this- thing- of yours, in two weeks, alone, in crappy-ass motel?"
Gerard chuckled even he wasn't amused at all. "Yeah, sounds like a plan to me."
"Man, your plans sucks. But if that's what you wanna do, then..."
"I want to. But Lero," Gerard said and listened as Frank sniggered to the nickname, "don't tell the others just yet, okay? Fuck, I don't know why I told you, and they should hear it from me."
Frank looked at frowning Ray next to him. Poor guy was clearly tired, in the need of more coffee, and still he took time to sit there worrying. There was no way in hell he could keep this from him. From them. From Mikey.
"Sure thing," he said and bit his lip.
"Thanks man. I'm going back to sleep, bye."
Frank managed to say bye and lower his phone when Ray shot him with his questions. "Who was that? What's wrong with them? Who was it?"
"I'll tell you," Frank said, "but all of us should be present when I do."

Several hours later, after noon, Gerard was woken up again. This time by loud knocking on the door. He grunted, threw the covers to the floor as the knocking continued and went for the door. Because he hadn't lifted the curtains, there was bit dark in his room. The hallway in the other hand was completely full of light. This caused him cover his eyes immediately after opening the door. He blinked his hurting eyes few times and then concentrated to the figure before him. Emily.
The woman had pulled her hair up to a messy bun, and she didn't even try to hide her smirk when she saw him. When Gerard realised she was smirking 'cause his hair was pointing to all possible directions and 'cause he wore nothing but grey collegepants, he decided it was already too late to regret sleeping shirtless.
"Morning," he said leaning his head to the door and smiling. He hated how high and worn-out his voice sounded. Then he noticed Emily wasn't alone.
"I think you mean afternoon," Emily smiled. "This," she gestured towards the middle-aged man behind him, "is our plumber Ted. He's gonna fix what ever is wrong in your bathroom."
Gerard nodded and let them in. Ted didn't speak much. He was quite thick and his denim overalls were dusty and stained, and he walked straight to the bathroom without saying a word. Emily hopped to sit on the sink of the small cooking corner. Gerard went and lifted the curtain of the rooms window, and was once again blinded by the light that sneaked in. He turned and noticed Emily looking at him.
"You always sleep over the lunchtime?"
Gerard couldn't tell if Emilys smirk was mocking or not. "Yea, always," Gerard nodded over-dramatically.
A loud bang from the bathroom aroused them both.
"Are you sure he knows what he's doing?" Gerard asked listening for more noises, lifting his nose a little, like it would help him hear.
"No, I walked past him on the street and thought 'why not' and dragged him here," Emily said stretching her neck and keeping her face straight. Gerard shot her a look, smiled and yawned at the same time, and ended up looking funny. Emily chuckled. "Somebody needs coffee."
"No shit," Gerard said and started looking for a shirt.
"No shit, yes coffee," Emily said wiping her bangs, "I've got a coffeemaker if you're in desperate need. And there's Starbucks just few blocks away, if you want high quality."
"Keep talking like that woman," Gerard spoke while pulling t-shirt over his head, "and I'll love you." Emilys eyebrows popped and she was speechless for a moment. Gerard turned away and bit his tongue, hiding a smile. There he was, just woken up, just had a miserable confession moment, yet there he was flirting like schoolboy. He couldn't deny that he surprised himself sometimes.
"What are we waiting then," Emily had gotten her voice back and she hopped back to the floor, "to my room it is."

"Did you clean up in here?" Gerard asked looking around in Emilys room with the second mug of warm liquid in his hands. Caffeine was a wicked substance. You know that in a long run, it could be bad for you, but in a short run, it made everything better. Gerard didn't think the possibility of something big should stop smaller things from happening.
The room seemed bigger than last time Gerard visited it. Maybe it was because some piles of clothes and random objects had found their ways behind closed doors. Emily actually blushed a tiny bit.
"Uhh, yea. Not that you can call this clean and tidy and dandy, but little better I guess. Dad hates how messy I am, and it's funny really, everyone in my family are nothing but tidy, and then I'm like this," she talked with her hands and switched weight from foot to another.
"You're the outcast in your own family? That's just sad," Gerard smiled and drank his coffee eagerly. It wasn't too strong, nor too light, it was plainly perfect. Emily knew how to make coffee.
"I think I've always been outcast. I mean, what can you expect when you're a tall skinny girl with black hair, obsessions of art and music and all," Emily answered, looking to her filled walls lost in thought. It was true, she had never been one of the popular girls, but she had always been okay with that. She didn't want to be part of that culture, it was so shallow and fake environment.
"Try being a boy with obsessions of art and music, and musicals, in frigging dark Jersey areas, and then play Peter Pan in green tights in front of your entire school," Gerard snorted causing Emily chuckled.
"Can you play Peter Pan in some other coloured tights?"
"Oh haa haa," he said and put his mug down. Their gazes met, both thinking about how many similarities they saw in each other, at the same time liking it and being scared of it.
Both of them were and had always been outcast. They say if you're one when you're a kid, it wont really change when you grow up. Gerard knew it, after all the fame and success and what-not, at the end of the day real Gerard Way was still the comic-geek with his geeky friends in a world of jocks and chavs. Emily felt like it too, she was still best friends with the same girl she became best friends with on the seventh grade, and tell the truth, she was pretty much the only real friend Emily had.
The lists on their heads kept getting longer, there were so many obvious things, the artistic side, the strength of coffee.. What really mattered was something else. How they both chuckled more than giggled, how they leaned to every possible wall and door, how they wiped their hair away from their eyes thinking it stayed unnoticed, how they hold their mugs with both hands and so on. Slightly amusing and slightly shocking at the same time.
Emily tried to stop the sudden urge of kissing Gerard by telling herself it were the opposites that attracted. "We should probably go back to your room check if Ted's already done," she said breaking the moment, "I mean, I did say that we'd be gone only for a minute, and now it's been thirty."
Gerard didn't seem to listen, and even when Emily moved to put her mug to the sink, he kept looking at the same spot. "Gerard?"
"I think I kinda liked it better when it was messy."
"What?" Emily took few steps to stand next to him crossing her hands to her chest.
"Your room. I liked it better when it was messy," Gerard said and turned to face her.
"And you know what? Now that my bathrooms working and all,I hate that I don't have an excuse to see you."
Emily took small breaths through her nose as she noticed how close he was. She wouldn't have needed to extend her arm to its full length and already she'd be touching him all over. Gerard searched her eyes with his gaze, but Emily was unsure if she wanted to look back at him. When she did, the intensity of his eyes was overwhelming.
Don't unfold your arms. If you do, he's so gonna kiss you. And that would be too soon. Do not unfold your arms. DO NOT.. Oh great. The small yelling in her head stopped when she unfolded her arms.
Gerard leaned a little forward. He could feel his hands get sweatier and he was also pretty sure that the temperature in the room had just gotten higher. He whipped his toes nervously, trying to concentrate all the shaking that wanted to get out to it instead of his hands, or other body parts. He couldn't figure why he was so nervous, his mind was empty if the image of Emily right in front of him wasn't included.
Why the fuck are you so nervous? Just kiss her. She's not walking away, she's staying right there. JUST GO FOR IT. Juuust kiss her goddammit. It's not like you can't do it.
"Umm," Gerard slowly and quietly said, " would be terribly wrong - if I, uhhh, kissed you.. now?"
Did you just say that? Really smooth. You franking idiot DID NOT just say that. Fuck, you don't ask that. You can't ask that!
Emily stared at Gerard. Her mind hit blank, she couldn't find the simple word, all she saw was Gerard's pale face so close to her. She opened her mouth but still didn't get the words out. She was afraid her voice would ruin the moment. That didn't make any sense, but still she felt like it. She managed to nod her head a bit.
Huge weight left Gerard's chest as he saw her nod. He didn't have to lean really, Emily was that long, so he just moved closer. Suddenly, when their faces were only three or four inches apart, Gerard stopped and smiled. "You know," he whispered, " I've never kissed any girl who's full name I haven't known." Emily chuckled silently, turned her head a bit, but then turned back.
They were both serious now. Inches felt like miles as they got closer and closed, for a moment Emily thought she'd never feel Gerard's lips, time seemed to stop, Gerard could hear his own blood run in the veins of his head, they both closed their eyes, the distance between their lips was nothing anymore..
When the melodic tune from Gerard's Sidekick started to play in his pocket.
/Fuck/, he thought.
/Shit/, she thought.
Gerard took a one step and dug his phone out. Emily was very disappointed by the interruption, but little comforted by the fact that Gerard only took one step. The numbness of her body ached a little, but she didn't want to move. She watched as he raised the gadget to his ear.
"Gerard? Why the fuck didn't you tell me?"
Emily couldn't recognise the voice, but she heard the words nonetheless crystal clear. She also heard the concern, hurt and anger on this male voice, and how Gerard got reddish and his expression was mix of anger, disbelief and defeat, and something she couldn't quite tell.

AN; Sorry that it's not that exciting and whatnot. Sorry that it took so long from me to write. But I have to get this chapter out now, it wont really make sense yet, but it has all of these little seeds of plot innit. I hope you still keep reading and telling me what you think, even if you think it sucks, cos I want to know that too. THANKYOU and cookies to lovely people who review and rate and all, means the world to me^__^ Newt chap comes tomorrow, only thing stopping me could be worlds end or something like that. OH, check the new My Chem vid for Teenagers! Cool, no?
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