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i'm pissed and angry Gerard Way has a girlfriend/wife , dont know whether they got married, sorry if you people didnt know, but he does!
I am happy for him though, he has now got a girlfriend/wife, pretty awesome,
anyway back with the story, came up with alot of ideas for the chapter, but i liked this one.

I was sleeping, until I was moved but I didn't open my eyes, Just the thought of Gerard looking at my room was good. I just lay there.
I tried not to wake the gorgeous girl that was in my arms, I moved her so she was lying down. Her room was different; it's not like most people's room. I walked over to her dresser and sat down looking at each thing. She had a square mirror it was white and it matched the rest of the dresser, there was loads of picture on her mirror of me and her, and her with the guys (even though we have known each other for a little while, we did get a lot of pictures), there was make-up every where, and there was two little draws I wondered what was in it, I opened.
"Opps" I mumbled, I just opened a draw with all tampons and pads, 'my bad' I quickly closed the draw, and looked at myself in the mirror, 'who am I kidding, she won't like me' I shook my head, 'Gerard stop thinking like this' her dresser was pretty messy, but I liked it. Her room had a black border about 45cm thick bottom and top with pink walls, the wall that had her bed against it had a black heart, with butterflies and stars. I can tell she did this because no painter would paint this. Her bed was right near the wall with the window, her desk was at the end of the bed, but near the wall, next to her desk was here TV on a table, a door and then I saw her laptop I got up and walked over to it. I looked at the screen, the main picture was all of us guys and there was Nicole sitting on my lap. I looked over outside it was starting to rain, how am I going to get home now, maybe I can stay here. I looked at the time it was 1:30pm, I looked Nicole she was just sleeping like an angel. Harley was a cross sick man, he has to suffer, I walked over to her dresser and sat down, and I reached into my pocket grabbed my mobile and dialed...

Gerard had been through my room, I think he went into my draw with the tampons and stuff, woah! That would be embarrassing. I heard him dialing numbers into the phone, who he could be calling ....well, not Izabella, 'fuck' he started talking, and I listened.
"Hello, this is Gerard Way" He paused
"Yes, this guy named Harley, tried to have sex with my girlfriend twice, he didn't though"
"Well what ever you call it, what can I do to make him suffer, can we put him in jail or something?"
"He is 15"
"What do you mean he can't go to jail" Tears started to well up in my eyes, Gerard was trying to help me, Gah! Why can't Harley go to jail, what he did was wrong, not wrong disgusting.
"Okay, she is fine now, she is sleeping" 'aww, he was talking about me' a smiled appeared on my face, along with the tears.
"I will tell her thank you, bye" He had hung up, and put his head to my dresser. The tears were still coming and I could here Gerard sobbing. I wonder what is bothering him. He got up and I felt myself being moved yet again. I opened my eyes, but Gerard couldn't see them.
"Nic, he's a fucking sick man" He was talking to me; I felt his tears fall down onto my cheeks.
"What he did was wrong; thank god we can sue him, or maybe get him to pay money" 'I couldn't take this no more, I had to speak'
"Gee, I'm going to sue him, and make him suffer" He jumped at first then moved me I was no on top of him, straddling him, but not sexually, I just lay there, crying into his shirt.
"Hey bab-" He got cut of by my mum, calling my name.
"She doesn't sound too happy"
"When isn't she?" I got of Gerard and kissed his for head, and told him to get under the covers, he'd be much warmer. I was downstairs now, talking to mum.
"Hey mum, what's wrong?" I sat up on the counter as she got some food out of the bags; she must've done some shopping.
"Just wondering" She walked up to me, and placed a hand on my knee,
"Would you like a new hair style?" I was totally confused I thought she was going to yell at me,
"Well, I would like to see your hair, styled and maybe coloured again"
"That would be alright I guess, uhm, when are we going to get this done?"
"Today, I have you booked in for 2:10pm; I will prepare dinner, not all of it, I will call you when we have to leave, please bring a coat, because it's pretty nippy out there?"
"Okay, mum about when you phoned today, what did you want to talk about?"
"Oh I shall talk to you about it in the car"
"Mum, can we take Gerard home, when we leave, I want to surprise him?"
"Where is he?"
"In my room"
"Okay sure" I walked off back to my room, and found Gerard just laying there.
"Hey Gee"
"Hello, I'm just curious but did you hear the phone call?"
"Uh, yes" I sat down next to him, but he pulled me under the covers,
"Okay, we can sue him or let him get away with it, but the girl said it would be better if we'd sue him"
"Gerard, I don't even have the money to do that"
"Oh come on, if your mum found out, I'm sure she would want to help"
"Maybe, or we might move if she found out it had happened again"
"No way, your not moving"
"I never said that, I said might"
"Okies, what did your mum want?"
"Oh, I'm going out in about half an hour and we will take you home"
"Where are you going?"
"You will find out tonight or tomorrow morning"
"Please tell me now?"
"Sorry, secret"
"Fine then" He went into a sour mood, but I knew he was mucking around.

Mum and I had just dropped Gerard off, he told me he will be around later, but mum just told him to come around for tea, and he said yes, so I guess on the way home from the hairdressers we will pick him up.
"So, what did you want to talk about?"
"Okay, you are not aloud to yell at me, or speak back until I'm done"
"Okay then"
"You are now a teenager, who has a boyfriend and I suppose you two have thought about sex yet?"
"Uhm, I dunno"
"Well, Nicole I'm sure he has because after all he is a guy" 'I can't believe I am having the conversation, I just want to block it all out, but I know my mum has a point some how'
"Yes and..."
"And... nothing, I'm going to get you onto the pill, because you never know with condoms these days"
"Mum, do we have to talk about this?"
"Yes Nicole, I talked about this with Jess and Lisa, you deserve this talk as well"
"Okay, keep going" Though I didn't want her too.
"Right, tell me when you're ready to go onto the pill because I will have to get it for you as you are too young to do it by yourself"
"Okay then" The rest of the way to the hairdressers it was silent. It was 2:05 pm and we were there, I did not hold back getting out of the car, as a matter of fact I thought I bolted towards the salon. I sat down, and waited for them to call my name, they did and I went in.
"So, what are we having done today?"
"Uhm, I would like it to be styled more, trimmed and coloured"
"Okay, what do you mean styled and what colour?"
"Black please, and layered"
"Okay then, here we go"

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