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Meanwhile back at the way house...

Gerard's POV
I walked into the house, but got tackled to the floor by Frank; He may be short but he is really strong.
"Where have you been, what did Nicole say, are you 2 still together?"
"Frank, one question at a time and have you been waiting here for me?"
"Yes, we have been waiting for you"
"Hold up, we?" I gave him a confused look,
"Yes we, all the guys have been here since you and Nicole had your falling out"
"Well answer the questions"
"Okay, I have been with Nicole this whole time, we are still together and we are working things out, but I think tonight might be the time we have sex"
"Oh Gee, what gives you that idea"
"Because, she has been looking at me pretty funny lately"
"How is that a good thing, you might think she is a rapist? Oh yes about that you are a fucking tart, why did think about hooking up with that slut Izabella, Ray had told me about what happened to her, he almost saw her naked"
"Hang on, is Izabella still here?"
"Yes, she is your room"
"Why didn't you get rid of her, I can't face her"
"This is your mess now clean it up"
"Well will you get of me?"
"No, because you have to tell me about what you did with Nicole and Harley"
"Well I tried calling a help line, they told me to talk it over with Nicole and call the cops about it"
"I am happy that you tried to help Nicole"
"Thank you" Frank got of me; I straightened myself out and did the un-thinkable, went up to my room. I walked into my room. Izabella tackled me, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started kissing me, she moved her hands from my head down towards my ass, she then tried to UN buckle my belt.
"But Gee" I let go off her, and she fell to the ground.
"Oh sorry did that hurt, I bet it didn't hurt as much as Harley tried to rape Nicole"
"Gosh, you'd fall for anything she is lying"
"Wait what?"
"I CAN'T TALK TO YOU, STAY AWAY FROM ME AND DON'T EVER COME NEAR ME, NICOLE OR MY FRIENDS" She stormed out of my room, and I just flopped on my bed. I shut my eyes, and then I felt the bed move, Mikey was lying down next to me.
"Gee, what happened?"
"Nothing Mikey, it's all good now"
"Okay" He snuggled up to me, this reminded me of when we were kids and our parents were fighting Mikey would crawl into my room and we would just snuggle into each others arms, but once my dad walked in while we were cuddling, lets just say it wasn't very happy night for me or Mikey.
"Gee, she cleaned your room and it looks like she went through your drawings"
"WHAT!" I jumped out causing Mikey to fall of my bed, I helped him up and went over to my drawings which were now organized neatly and my CD rack was all neat. Mikey got up and walked over to where I was standing.
"What's this?" He pointed to a picture of this girl, who was in the night sky with make-up running and she looked upset, and her shirt was ripped.
"I uh"
"Is this meant to be Nicole?"
"Mikey, you don't understand" I snatched the drawing out of his hands, and put it in some books that were around.
"What don't I understand? Tell me please?"
"Okay, this is my assignment for art"
"So you just drew Nicole from the night she almost got raped"
"Why did you think of that? Why couldn't you do something else? Does she know?"
"No she doesn't, and I thought it was something different from what I do"
"Oh, well I dunno what to say"
"You can say nothing, because I will show her, and if she doesn't like it, I will have to think of something else"
"I don't think her life experience is what she wants as a assignment and everyone to see"
"Well I will show her tonight, okay?"
"Okay, but I hope she agrees with you"
"Me too" He walked of my room, 'I hope she will be okay with this' I should maybe pack for tonight to sleep at Nicole's, my mum probably thinks I don't love this house because I'm always at Nicole's. I packed a pair of skinny legs, my iPod, a black and red shirt, black tight jacket and my make-up.

At the salon, and car:
Third POV
"Honey, why do you always have to have black through your hair, I love how you got it cut, but please can we go a different colour next time?"
"Mum I have told you, I like black"
"I know, but its so boring" I zoned out from my mum talking and thinking about what Gerard will think, Suddenly we were going a different way.
"Mum where are we going?"
"To the doctors, you are going on the pill today" I couldn't speak, what was I going to say to the doctor, I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat.
"Mum, I eh, uh"
"I will be with you the whole time okay?"
"Okay then" We arrived at the front of the surgery; we sat down and waited for my name to be called.
"Bishor, Nicole" I sat up and mum got up with me; we walked to his office and sat down.
"Now I can see that you want to go on the pill, have you currently had any sexual intercourse lately?"
"No, I haven't"
"When was the last time you had sex?" I looked at mum, I couldn't answer that. Finally mum spoke.
"She is still a virgin, but I would like her to go onto it today because she has a boyfriend and I think it's the best thing to do, if you know what I mean"
"Yes I do, Nicole I just need you to sign this and then you may take this slip and go to the chemist and get your tablets" I grabbed the pen from him, and signed ever so fast. I waited for mum to sign, she asked the doctor some random questions, and it would've been a good 2 minutes until she was ready to leave.

I walked into the Way house and made my way up to Gerard's room, I found him lying on his bed eyes closed. I tried not to make any sudden noises to make him wake up. I succeeded.
"Gee, are you ready?" I whispered into his ear,
"Mmm, yer" He opened his eyes, and looked at my hair.
"Nicole it looks awesome, is that what you were getting done?"
"Yes, we can talk about it in the car because mum is waiting in the car for us"
"Okay" He grabbed his bag and we walked downstairs, he said good bye to Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob. We walked into the car and talked for a little till we reached out house.
"Nicole, it seems Craig is here, I just have to tell you that he might be moving in with us"
"Oh okay" I rolled my eyes, Gerard giggled. I helped Gerard out with his stuff and we were in my room talking until he started kissing my neck.
"Gerard, what are we doing?" He mumbled into my neck,
"I didn't hear that?" He pulled away and looked me square in the eyes.
"I'm kissing your neck, and hoping that we can have sex?"
"I uh, dunno?"
"I'm not going to make you do this if you don't want too?"
"Oh I want too" I rolled him over, I was now straddling him, and started kissing him, with tongue and all, his hands wondered around my body, he pulled my shirt off, and I did the same for him.
"Hang on" I got up of him, and locked my door, and shut my blinds a bit so no one could see in.
"Smart one" I was now back on the bed and starting to undo his belt, I took it off, and pulled his jeans off.
"Don't think you are not getting away with not being naked" He grabbed me by the waist, and started un-doing my belt, he grabbed started kissing my neck, then moved down towards my chest, and down my stomach.
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Yes" He pulled my jeans off, and I pulled down his boxers, as I was pulling down his boxers he was un-hooking my bra, and got it off.
"Listen, do you have any condoms?" I gave him a funny look and pointed towards a small box that was next to my bedside table. He got off me, and I got under the covers. I heard the wrapper rip and I looked at him, he had slipped it on and climbed into bed with me. He grabbed my underwear and slid them down and they were fully off now; we were just looking at each other, well he was looking at me. I got insecure and tired to cover myself.
"Baby, don't cover yourself, I want to see you"
"Mmm" He grabbed the corner of the sheet that I was using to hold me up and I let him grab it.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I am" He moved me up a bit, and slid 2 fingers into me, I decided to repay him so I grabbed him and started to move up and down and sped up a little bit, and he did the same. He pulled the fingers out.
"Open baby" I bit my lip and spread my legs, he had one hand on my right thigh, and entered.
"Owww" I mumbled, he looked up at me, and stopped moving.
"I know this is going to hurt, its okay" He kept going in, and it hurt so bad, but after a while it got better. I gripped the sheets with my nails.
"Oh god" He gave me a smirk and looked me in the eyes,
"Baby, you feel so good" I didn't know whether he was lying or not, but I didn't have time to think like that. I dug my nails into his back and he cringed, but didn't say anything.
"This is awesome" I came and he did moments later; He collapsed on top of me.
"Baby, you are awesome, how was your first time?"
"Pretty awesome" I pecked his nose,
"Excuse me, but I have to take this condom of"
"Haha, Okay" I got up and slipped the condom of, he was looking around my room.
"Eh, where's the bin?" I smiled,
"Under my desk"
"Okies then" He put the condom in the bin, and slipped into bed with me,
"Would you like your underwear?" He had hold of my bra and undies,
"Nope, sleeping naked is good"
"Haha, okay then" He pulled the covers over us, and he snuggled into me. I can't believe this, I just lost my virginity to Gerard, I'm so happy.
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