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everyone finds out

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people find out about Nicole and Gerard and go to the beach.

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"Nicole, I have to show you something" I tried to open my eyes but they were so tired.
"Mmmphhhh, wwhatt"
"I need to show you something, Mikey told me to show it to you"
"You are scaring me, what do you need to show me?" He walked to his bag, he was still naked, I admired his features good jaw structure, he had a flat stomach and his hair would move when he moved, I had the covers up to my neck but I was really hot, of course it was summer. He pulled out a folder from his bag and walked back over to the bed.
"Now don't be mad, but this is for Art an assignment I have to do and I uh, here just have a look" He pulled out a piece of paper that had a picture of a girl she was in the park sitting on a bench, make-up running, shirt torn, her long black her was ruffled, then it hit me, IT WAS ME. He got the idea from when I came running through his door from almost being raped by Harley. My mouth just fell open.
"Gee this is me"
"I know, please don't be mad"
"I almost got raped and you draw it"
"I'm sorry"
"And to make it worse Mikey has seen it"
"What's so wrong with Mikey seeing it?"
"Uh, don't worry, I like It Gee, but I don't like the idea that you used me"
"Well I can change it for you, if you like?"
"Uhm, you spent so long on it, just leave it, hey can I see the rest of your work?"
"Maybe" He gave me a smirk, and passed the folder to me. I went through at 5 drawings, taking every aspect of them.
"Gee these are awesome"
"Why thank-you" He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips, a moan escaped my lips,
"You like that do you?" He was now on top of me, straddling and he placed his hands on my breasts, and another moan came from my lips, 'Fuck! He is awesome'
"Gee, want to go to the beach, for a walk?"
"Baby, what we are doing here seems much more fun"
"Please" I started to whisper into his ear.
"Gee, I want to touch you all over, and kiss you" I grabbed hold of his hand and moved it down my stomach and down to my inner thigh, then with my other hand I ran my hands from down his neck, down his stomach and ran my hands up and down his inner thigh. Finally a moan escaped from his lips.
"Yay, I finally got you to moan"
"Hey, you did more than that 1 hour ago" I smiled,
"I love you and everything about you, your smile"
"And I love you to Gerard Way, now lets go to the beach"
"Do we have to swim?"
"No, I was just thinking of a romantic walk?"
"Sounds like a plan" he got from the bed and was trying to find his boxers that were not on the floor.
"Bloody hell"
"What's wrong?"
"I can't find my boxers"
"You could go without?" He gave me a smile, a very sexy one.
"I have an idea" He started walking over to where I was,
"What is this so called idea of yours?" I lay on my back, and Gerard was just staring at my naked body,
"What, stop staring" I tried to grab the quilt, but Gerard grabbed it from me.
"Please, don't look"
"Nicole what are you so ashamed of, I've seen it all before, and I've seen a little bit more downstairs"
"Gerard Way, I'm just, its no guy has ever seen me naked before, and if it was it was almost by being raped"
"Oh sorry, I did-"
"It's okay, now were are those boxers of yours"
"I dunno" He straddled me,
"What do you think you are doi-" He started tickling me,
"I... don't .... Have... them ..." I started kicking and going into fits of laughter,
"I know you have them, I'm not going to the beach, until you give them to me"
"Just... go... without... and... wear... your... jeans..." I fell off the bed, and landed with a thud on the floor,
"OWWW" he hoped of the bed and sat next to me, with his boxers in his hands,
"Now tell me about you not having my boxers?"
"Haha, I can explain"
"Its okay now let me dress you"
"I can dress myself, I'll let you undress me" I kissed his cute nose. I got up and walked over to find my bra and underwear flung on top of my dresser and floor. I got dressed and Gerard tidied up my room a bit, I fixed my bed and grabbed my hand bag, but snuck the camera into it. Gerard and I walked downstairs and phoned Mum and Craig sitting on the lounge.
"Mum, Gerard and I are just going for a walk to the beach, we will be back before tea"
"Okay, don't be too long"
"Bye" We walked out of the house, and I found some boxes in mum's car.
"I guess it didn't take that long for Craig to move in" Gerard gave a funny look.
"What do you mean?"
"He has already moved in" Gerard pulled me into a hug and then we started our walk to the beach.

We arrived at the beach, and Gerard and I took of our shoes, he left them there and I did the same, I rolled up my jeans and Gerard did the same. I grabbed hold of his hand and I guided him to the very edge of the water and we walked in the beach water. I unzipped my bag and pulled out the camera.
"Smile Gee" I put the camera in front of us and waited for the flash.
"Hey, I wasn't ready"
"Okay then, lets get a couple more" In the next photo I was kissing his cheek, and because Gerard was a little bit taller than me, he got on his tippy toes and put his chin on my head and we smiled. We took about 10 more, until Gerard took the camera of me and put it in my bag; he took the bag of me and ran to put it with the shoes and came running back.
"Now missy, take of your jeans" I gave him a confused look.
"Wait, what?"
"We are going for a swim; now take of your jeans"
"No way"
"No one is here, now come on"
"Fine" I took of my jeans and singlet, Gerard took of his shirt and jeans.
"Now we can go swimming" I gave him a smile, he ran in front of me.
"Hope on"
"I'm going to give you a piggy back"
"Oh okay" I hoped on his back and we walked into the water, it was refreshing. He swung me around so my legs were in the water; it took some time, because the water was past our waist.
"You are full of ideas Mr. Way"
"Haha, I know" He had moved his hands from holding my back, down towards my ass. We just stared into each others eyes and it was a good 5 minutes of staring, until the sun was starting to set.
"Hey gee, can we get out and watch the sunset?"
"Sure" We walked from the deep and sat down on the sand. It was beautiful, I leaned on Gerard.
"Here, this will make you feel better" He opened his legs and I lay in the middle, his elbows were on the sand and he was resting so I laid back and we just watched the sunset. An elderly couple walked past and gave us disgusted looks, but Gerard just shook it off and kissed me on the top of my head. The sun had finally set, Gerard and I grabbed our clothes and changed into them. We were walking home and it was a nice night, warm and all.
"Hey gee, what do you want to do when you're older?"
"Well you see, the guys and I are thinking of starting a band, but we have just thought of doing that last week, we haven't had much time to talk about it though"
"Well since the weekend you almost got raped, we haven't had any time to discuss it; tomorrow we might talk about it at lunch"
"Cool" I just looked at Gerard's hair; it was starting to get a bit of a kink at the end, I was so lucky to have him. We arrived to the front of the house and entered.
"Do you want to have a shower?" I asked Gerard.
"Yes, as long as you have one with me?"
"Haha, I don't think my mum will like that"
"Oh yes, you have a point"
"But I will stay in the bathroom with you"
"Cool" We were walking upstairs; Gerard and I got our Pjs and walked into the bathroom.
"NICOLE" I looked at Gerard and we both had a scared look on our face.
"Just wait for me in there, I shall be in shortly"
"Okay" He gave me a quick peck and walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I walked downstairs, and found Craig standing and leaning against the wall, their was no mum in site, 'Shit, now I'm scared'
"You called me?"
"Yes I did, I was walking past your room and I found a certain wrapper on the floor" 'Oh no, I hope we didn't leave the condom wrapper on the floor, argh!'
"Oh okay, what was it?"
"Don't play dumb, it was a condom wrapper and to make sure it was, I went into your room to pick it up and make sure, it was, and I put it in the bin, oh and I found the condom care to explain?" I was shocked,
"Wait you went into my room?"
"Yes I did, now explain yourself?"
"Well uh"
"We don't have all day"
"Ask mum about it, because today we went to the doctors and she put me on the pill"
"You are lying"
"No I'm not, ask mum around dinner"
"Fine" I walked back up to the bathroom, I locked the door behind me and Gerard was already in the shower, I couldn't blame him, the smell of the ocean really sucks.
"Hey nic, what did he want?"
"Well to get to the point, he found the condom wrapper on the floor and lets just say he knows that we have had sex" he poked his head out from the curtain.
"Yer I know what you mean" He put his head back in, and It was an awkward silence. Gerard finally got out, and I went in, I lathered up my hair with shampoo rinsed it, and conditioned it. I was out in no time. Gerard was sitting on the bench going through my make-up.
"Are you right there?" I asked while trying to put my Pjs on.
"Yes, just looking through your make-up" He put the bag down and led me downstairs; we sat on the couch and went through random channels that were on foxtel.

It was 7:30pm and we were all sitting at the table eating our dinner. Craig was talking to mum.
"Debra, did you know that your daughter had sex?" Lisa and Jess chocked on their food and looked at me, I was squirming uncomfortably and Gerard grabbed my hand and looked at me. Mum stared at me, but then went back to talking to Craig.
"Yes I knew, well I didn't know until now, but I knew her and Gerard were thinking about having sex"
"Well they have" Mum got up and went into the kitchen and called me. I walked into the kitchen and mum was standing there with the pills.
"Now, you have to take one now" I grabbed the pills from mum and popped out the one mum had said.
"Nicole, please always use protection okay?"
"Yes mum, I will" We walked into the kitchen and Gerard was talking with Lisa about music and stuff. They stopped talking when we got back. We all had out little conversations and dinner was going pretty good. Dinner was finished, and I think Craig was furious that mum didn't tell me off, but I was happy. Gerard and I decided to turn in for the night, even though it was 9pm.
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