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It's Okay, They're Old JUNE 1

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Sunday morning

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Sunday morning found Alicia awake at the crack of dawn and deeply upset. She had snuck out of bed so she wouldn't wake Mikey and now she was standing on the balcony looking at the beautiful view. However she wasn't really seeing the Empire State Building, she wasn't really seeing anything. It was like her mind had turned off. "I've got to get control of this." She whispered to herself. She and Mikey had been separated lots of times. This was just a few weeks; he would be back before she knew it. She just couldn't let him see how upset she was that he was leaving.
"What are you doing out here?" Mikey's voice caused her to jump. She had been so lost in thought she hadn't heard him walk outside.
Alicia forced herself to smile, "Just watching the sunrise. Thinking about stuff."
He stood behind her and put his arms around her, "You're cold. Come back inside and let me warm you up." He whispered into her ear.
She let him lead her back into the apartment and back into bed.

"Isn't this a lot of food for five people?" Gerard said looking at the breakfast Monica had prepared. She had fried bacon and eggs, made toast and was just pouring coffee into the cups when he walked into the kitchen.
"Go wake everybody up and tell them breakfast is getting cold." Monica said with a smile.
Gerard shrugged his shoulders and wondered off to do as she requested. He met Kelly and Kara at the top of the steps. They evidently had smelled breakfast. "How come Donna made breakfast so early?" Kelly asked when she saw Gerard.
"Your mom made breakfast," he answered as he turned to go down the hall to his mom's room. He knocked then pushed open the door. "Hey, mom breakfast is ready. Monica said to hurry up it's getting...." He stopped in mid sentence as his eyes caught sight of the bed. There were two shapes under the covers.
Donna laughed at the look on his face. "Gerard, tell Monica we'll be right there."
He backed out into the hall and hurried back to the kitchen. Monica caught sight of the look he had on his face. "What's wrong?"
He shook his head, "Nothing. Uh, they'll be here in a minute." He sat down and took a drink of coffee. Kara and Kelly were both looking at him.
"I'm guessing your dad will be eating breakfast with us?" Monica said with a smile.
He didn't answer only nodded. Kara began to laugh, "Gerard, did you walk in on your parents?"
He took another drink of coffee instead on answering. Kelly leaned over and whispered to him, "You dad stays here lots. He just leaves in the morning before you get up."
Gerard looked up at her "Oh" He couldn't think of anything else to say.
Kelly felt bad for him, "Gerard, it's okay, I mean they are your parents you know. They're old. It's okay for them to sleep together."
Oh the logic of the young, he thought. "Yeah, for sure." He said looking up at Monica who was trying desperately not to laugh.
Kara however, being the evil teenager that she is had to speak up, "Got a feeling they weren't sleeping."
Gerard moaned and sank down in his seat. Monica who was standing behind Kara popped her on the top of the head, "Enough" she said in warning.
Kara giggled and took a bite of toast. Kelly looked over at Gerard feeling bad for him, "Gerard it's okay if they do that too. They're old."
This time Monica couldn't hold her laughter in.

Bob woke up with a smile on his face. His newly tattooed arm hurt but he didn't mind at all. Last night had been the best. When Mikey and Alicia had gotten matching tattoos he had thought it was silly but now he had a different opinion. He and Kara had a permanent reminder of their love for the entire world to see. He frowned when he suddenly realized that Monica was part of that world who was going to see and just what would she think?

Ray awoke to find Christa lying beside him. It was strange having someone lying next to you when you first opened your eyes. He realized he liked the feeling, a lot. Slowly he pulled his arm out from under her trying not to wake her.
"Trying to make a quick get away?" she asked without opening her eyes.
"How long have you been awake?" he asked
"Not long, I was going to get up and make breakfast for you but I figured it was still early so there was no hurry." She opened her eyes to find him leaning over her. "So do you like my satin sheets?"
Ray chuckled, "I like what's between them more."
"Down boy." She laughed, "You are still recovering." Even as she said the words she knew they weren't going to mean much. She knew the look on his face and what it meant.
He leaned down and kissed her lips gently. His hands moved over her body. "I'm still not sure why you insisted on putting on your nightgown last night. It just makes more work for me and you know I'm supposed to take it easy. Now his hands were under the gown and on her bare skin.
She tried to shift away, "Ray, I'm serious. I'm going to get up and make your breakfast. What would you like?"
He smiled devilishly, "You"

Jamia slid out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. She was relieved she hadn't felt any more pain since the one incident last night. She smiled thinking how she had almost overreacted. Everything was fine and she was glad she hadn't told Frank. She heard him moving around in the bedroom and decided to hurry and take a shower. This was the last day they had together before he left for Europe and she wanted to spend every minute of it with him. As she was stepping out of the shower she was hit with another intense pain. She gripped the side of the sink until it passed. It wasn't as bad as the pain last night but still it didn't feel like an ordinary baby kick.
"Jamia, are you ever gonna get out of there?" Frank called out.
"Be out in a minute," she answered. She swallowed her fear and smiled at him when she came out of the bathroom.
"Morning" he kissed her gently then placed his hands on her swollen belly, "Morning babies" he said to them. He headed to the shower never seeing the look of concern on Jamia's face.
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