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Chapter Ten

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It all comes down to this...

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To all my readers, I am sorry this took so long to post. I'm actually disappointed in how long this took me. Some of you out there even asked where I was. I did not die! I just had to write finals, and am now working the graveyard shift at a hotel. Hades doesn't know hell until he's worked the graveyard at a hotel! Wouldn't that be a sight to see? Plus had to write the thing! So, thanks to all who have waited, and I haven't ignored that fact. I'm going to make this one hell of a chapter!

Disclaimer: I do not own COTT...really! I doubt Brad writes fanfics...

/Chapter 10:/

I don't know if anyone else has wondered this before, seeing as very few have been in my position, but what makes a hero a hero? Who was it that said you had to be super strong and fight evil to be a hero, and who said you had to save people to be someone's hero? My mom was my hero, and she wasn't super strong, or anything like that. She just loved unconditionally. I suppose, when I look at it that way, love is a power. Very few people nowadays seem to know what it is.

It has been expected from me to step up into the 'hero' category because of my lineage, and a prophesy that implemented me and my friends. But, getting back to the title of 'hero'. It's kind of a dead word, isn't it? You're only called that if the world witnesses your bravery, and the media plasters your face on the news and in papers. What about the others? A father that kills a creepy spider in his daughters room, or a good friend who you can go to with anything? What makes them any less of a hero? I kill monsters; so does that father.

Look at me, going all emotional. I just don't get the world, is all. It's a messed up place me and the gang are trying to save. Some day's I hate the world and everyone in it. Well, almost everyone, and I'm sure you all know the person I'm thinking of. Looking out at the horizon, the wind blowing and the sun sinking, I can't help but compare the brilliant reds of the sun to her hair. She's my hero, you know. Some days moving forward was the hardest thing in the world. It would be the same for you if you knew you were alone in the world. That was my world until I met her. She saved me without even knowing it. She's like a God, really. She can perform miracles when it comes to me. You know she actually managed to drag me down to the local pool once? I didn't go in, of course, and the only reason I actually agreed to go was to see her in a bathing suit, but she still managed to get me there! Isn't she something?

"What are you doing?"

Dimmit, Galenthias! After catching my heart as it tried to exit my body, I look away from the sunset and glare at her. "I've told you numerous times not to scare me like that! And what does it look like I'm doing? I'm watching a sunset!

I don't like the look she's giving me. "But you face is red."

Aw, hell! Can't anything go my way? I huff and look back to the sky. "If you must know, I was...reminiscing."

"Reminiscing is for old people." She says, taking a seat next to me.

"So, you do it then."

Yeah, I really have to learn when to shut my trap. Two days in a cave with her hasn't taught me anything? A nice smack to the back of my head nearly sends me flying off into space, but luckily I had been under the tree, and manage to grab a mangled root. Thank God for roots, huh? You always trip over the damn things, but they're there when you need them. Like saving you from a four story fall off a cliff!

I turn and try to shoot lasers from my eyes into her furry, cat head, but unfortunately, the only powers I have is a titanium, steel reinforced immune system and a speedy track record. Go me. "Why are you even here?"

"To help your sorry ass, now shut it!" Yes, ma'am! "Now, do you understand the plan?"

"How could I not?" I cross my arms, still trying the laser trick on her face. "The ones Jay comes up with are usually three times more complex! And that's saying something."

She gives a sigh, and I can tell she's getting annoyed with me. May as well give her a break. "Look, I've been over it in my mind, and I think it's solid."

Her slitted eyes look a bit relieved. "Just promise me that when this thing goes down tonight, you won't lose your head."

"Literally or figuratively?"

She rolls her eyes and goes to smack me again, but I manage to dodge it. Laughing, I hold my hands in surrender. "I get it! Don't worry, I'll keep my cool."

She seems in thought, then asks, "How's the leg?"

"It's great!" I exclaim. The tear in my shorts is still there, and looking carefully, I can see the white bandages through it. "I don't know what you did, but I can't even feel it!"

"Good." She looks at me for a moment before turning away. The last sliver of sun has finally sunk, and the reds are turning a deep purple. Funny, that's my hair color. If that's an omen, it had better be a good one. My thoughts are disturbed as Galenthias gets to her feet and stretches.

"I'll be back in a moment. I just need to get a few things, and we can go."

I give her a nod, and she walks away to disappear into the darkness of her cave. After a moment, I get up as well. Throwing my arms up, I stretch and give a wide yawn. Maybe I should have taken a nap before this...would have been the smart thing to do.

All of a sudden the wind starts to pick up, but from the wrong direction. Turning, I see a familiar sight. A dark black hole has opened up from nowhere, and out steps Cronus, looking smug as ever. Brushing some invisible dirt from his black coat, he turns his attention to me.

"Nice night, isn't it?"

This guy truly is a moron. Small talk? Please! "The hell are you even doing here?" I glare at him, and cross my arms. "I don't have time for you. Go bother Jay if you want a fight."

"They're too busy worrying over you and the girl. That wouldn't be much of a fight." He lets me think on that a moment. "Since I can sense where you are, I wanted to see how you were doing. Haven't stabbed yourself again, have you?"

I hate his face! "You shouldn't worry over me. Watch your own back!" I pause a moment. Wait..."What do you care anyway?"

"I've placed too much time into this pretty little situation. I do want to see how it turns out."

"Figures you'd be worried about time." I growl. "And what makes the situation so 'pretty'?"

"You'll see." he's grinning like a rabid hyena. Stepping back into his portal, he utters, "In time." Then he's gone.

Standing there, completely dumbfounded, I just stare at the spot Cronus was a moment ago. I can't help but think aloud. "The hell was that all about?"

"What was what about?" I look back to see Galenthias, a small leather bag slung over her shoulder. She's changed from her white robes to a set of onyx black ones. In the dim light, it's hard to distinguish her from her clothing.

"Nothing. I was just thinking." There's really no reason to tell her, since I'm at a loss myself.

"Hopefully about tonight."

I nod at her, and she nods back. With that mutual agreement, we begin our trek down the hillside towards the city. From here I can see street lamps flickering into life and the red and white lights of vehicles. After this, there's only two colors I want to see; Atlanta's brilliant red hair and emerald green eyes.


New Olympia has always been an attraction to big name companies. One reason is its close, open access to the ocean, which lies to the west of the city. Another reason is because, unlike some other cities around here, New Olympia is relatively new. It has a lot of open land available to build on without having to leave the city limits. There are new buildings popping up everywhere. One such building, that was built not too long ago, is the New Olympia Petroleum Building. A group of big time oil and petroleum companies pooled their money together to create not only the tallest skyscraper in New Olympia, but by far the coolest!

With five sides to the building, like the pentagon, it was made from pure white marble. On a nice sunny day, the building practically glows. During the night, the light from the street lamps give it a golden hue. Forty stories high, the roof has five massive communication towers which make it even taller. Other than that, the roof is completely flat -thank God! Robert has wings; I don't. I doubt he would have changed the location if it had been slanted or pointed.

The neatest part, though, has to be the front entrance, which is where me and Galenthias are now standing. Taking the cities name into account, the front face has been carved with a beautiful mosaic of Greek pillars and waving vines. Birds and exotic animals line the buildings base, and the front doors are flanked on both sides by, what are supposed to be, relief carvings of Zeus and Hera. Believe me when I say, they look nothing like that!

Oh, did I also mention the buildings a literal stones throw away from the ocean? They did this so they could watch their shipments go out and in. Kind of a neat idea, but I don't like it. It goes front entrance, sidewalk, a two-lane road, then water. Personally, it's still too close.

"Ready to go?" Galenthias doesn't even looks at me while asking. She's too interested in the carvings.

I stare upwards towards the roof, and feel myself pale slightly. "Why did it have to be the tallest building? Why not a nice open field?"

She gives me a sly grin. "Afraid of heights, are we?"

"I'm not scared!" I try and defend myself. "I'm just not fond of them. There's a difference. And I'd like to see you fly with Odie in a hover jet and not be permanently scarred."

I'm not amused as she laughs at my expense. I watch as she then reaches behind her left shoulder and fiddles with her robes. I hear a small click, and the piece that covered her shoulders and back falls away, revealing her black feathered wings. Before I even have time to blink, she grabs me by the waist and takes off.

I hold onto her for dear life and give a cry as my feet leave the ground. Like a bullet, we shoot straight into the air. After a moment, my fear soon turns to exhilaration. The cold wind rushing by is helping to calm my nerves, and the view from the air is amazing. Story by story we climb, and just when I wish it would never end, we reach the roof.

As we set down on the hard concrete roof, I take a look around. We're the first to arrive, it seems. The small lights of the towers blink on and off, bathing the roof in temporary light before going out and throwing the area into darkness. And when I say darkness, I mean completely! The moon doesn't even touch the place. In one corner, a steel door into the building stands locked, casting shadows as the lights come back on. I have to say, it gives the place an ominous feeling.

Galenthias grabs my shoulder and leans in. "You know what to do." she whispers. Then, with a nice back flip, she flies over the edge and disappears.

Now we wait, I guess. I wrap my arms around myself as the lights flicker. For once my hoodie isn't warming me up, but it smells like Atlanta. Hence the reason I'm hugging it. I never thought I'd feel alone like this again after meeting her. And I realize it's not just her I miss. It's the rest of the gang too. I hate to admit it, but I think I even miss Neil! Wow, I never thought I'd say that! I miss annoying him. Uh, it's going to take a lot of sucking up to everyone to make up for all this!

It isn't long before I hear the flapping of wings. I know it wouldn't be Galenthias. She wouldn't throw away the plan like that. Turning, the lights dim just as a set of mottled wings come into view. By the time the light returns, Robert is standing on the concrete surface with Atlanta tucked under one arm. I'm surprised to see her gag is gone, but she remains silent.

For once Robert doesn't grin at me in that mocking way. He looks hard, determined, and a bit haggard. Even when he had been hung over, he had never looked like that. I don't say a word to him; there's nothing to say anymore. As the lights turn themselves off again, the light doesn't recede as Cronus' portal appears. Stepping through his black hole, the God grins as he looks from me to Robert, then back.

"Good to see everyone here." He clapped his hands together. "Let's get started, shall we?"

I shake my head, pointing at Robert. "Let her go, then we can finish this!"

"As you wish." he replies sarcastically, then drops Atlanta onto the hard ground.

"OW!" she cries out, which pisses me off. How dare he hurt her in front of me! She echo's my thoughts with one of her own. "That hurt, asshole!" Then, tied hand and foot, she manages to turn her body around and kick him.

I fight the urge to laugh out loud, but can't win. His face is too priceless! "Ha! Way to go Atlanta!" Even tied up, she can still kick his ass!

Then he does something I'll never forgive. Angered, he mutters "Stupid bitch." and gives her a hard kick to the head. With Herry's strength, the hit sends her skidding across the concrete and hard into the steel door. Under the force, the door crumples like tin foil, collapsing on top of her.

"Atlanta!" I scream her name, but get no answer. Please, let her be alright! Moving faster than I thought I could, I run for her. Unfortunately, Robert's faster. A solid kick to the chest slams me to the ground.

Vision blurry, I glower up at him, coughing. He grins down at me, but I can still see him wincing. "Didn't forget about me, did you?"

"I could care less about you!" I manage to stumble to my feet. It's way too early for it all to be over. "Get out of my way!"

"I would hate to break this up," Cronus croons, walking past. If he had been closer, I would have decked him! "so allow me." Walking over to where the steel door stood less than a minute ago, he reaches for the mangled metal and tosses it aside. Laying among bits and pieces of shredded iron lay Atlanta, facing the sky. Besides a nasty cut above one eye, she seems fine. I nearly hit my knees in relief. With a small groan, she shakes her head, blinks away some blood and glares up at the immoral God.

"I figured as much. Getting rid of you kids is harder than it should be." Cronus frowns, but turns away. A soon as his back was turned, Atlanta flashes me a look. I'm just happy she's not seriously hurt. She looks worse than I've ever seen her, though, and she keeps wincing. I don't blame her after a hit like that! She suddenly rolls to her side ever so slightly, and once the lights flash back on, I catch a glimpse of metallic shine from her hand. I have to fight the urge not to smile like a dork as she begins sawing at the ropes binding her wrists. I have to keeps these oblivious idiots distracted.

Taking a deep breath, I grab my throwing stars from my pockets and toss them as hard as I can towards Roberts head. This fight starts now!

Taking a nimble step back, Robert ducks as the stars zip towards him. As the lights go out, I strain my ears to hear the whirring of my weapons. I must have missed him, as I don't hear a connection. As the lights flash back on, my stars fly back to me, and I grab them before the light disappears again.

It's not like I didn't know about the lighting in this place. Galenthias had mapped out the area to a T. She had too, if we wanted this plan to work. And speaking of the plan, it's about time to begin phase one. Yeah...I mapped the plan into phases. How cool am I?

As the lights shine back into life, I make a mad dash towards Robert, my weapons gripped tightly in my hands. I hope I've timed this right. A few seconds later, I get my answer. With a grin on his face, Robert comes dashing at me, trying to halt my momentum. Before he reaches me, though, the lights fade out. The area is thrown into complete darkness. Doing some fast math in my head, I estimate his distance, speed, and size. I also use my ears. When I feel the time is right, I make a fast sidestep to the left. In the darkness, he doesn't see me. Throwing out my arm, my star unsheathed, I manage to catch him in the side as he runs by.

There's only one Robert grunts in pain, I hiss as a red hot shot rips through me as well. Knowing the current situation, I had braced myself for anything, but pain is still pain. Hiding my discomfort as best I can, I turn to my adversary as the lights come back on. I grin as Robert glares at me, clutching his bleeding wound.

I figured with Odie's intelligence, he would have seen that coming. Guess not. He may have brawn, speed, and even psychic abilities, but he doesn't have infrared vision. He's useless in the dark. Even if he had a vision, there's not enough room or time up here to avoid it. Not with my speed.

You see, when I said Galenthias had mapped the place to a T, I wasn't kidding. Each tower has three lights; two white and one red. It's supposed to warn airplanes where the buildings and towers are during fog and other bad weather. As the lights go in and out, they don't blink like on other communication towers; they fade in and out. Each cycle of light to darkness, and visa versa, is exactly four seconds, which gives me time to work with. But I had to measure in the time it takes to fade in and out. If I made my move while the light was still fading, I would be spotted. So, more calculations. She timed it, and discovered it takes a full second before the light is completely gone, so that gives me three seconds of complete darkness before the fading cycle starts. That's more than enough time for me to do the math, hit him, and get out of the way.

Before he can say a word, the lights begin to fade out again. One Mississippi...memorizing his location, it goes black and I make my move. Now that we're closer to one another, I don't have to move with the light on. Two Mississippi...making an odd maneuver, I manage to pass him. Three Mississippi...twisting my body in Robert's direction, I slash the back of his thigh. Four Mississippi...stumbling back as my leg burns, I move myself to a safe location. Five...

"Little bastard..." Robert hisses as the lights come back to life. Even though I know the skin hasn't been broken, I can feel the jagged line running down the back of my leg, identical to his wound. As I watch him bleed, I can't help but feel ill. Luckily the lights dim so I don't have to see it for very long.

Of all the training exercises I went through with Ares, there's one I cherish the most; the ability to move silently. When I first came to New Olympia, I was loud and klutzy. Well, I'm still loud I guess, but verbally. Hey, I'm not ashamed to admit it. With my brace, which I sorely miss, it was annoyingly loud. I mean, I couldn't even sneak up on Neil! He's painfully oblivious to the world! That ticked me off! And speaking of my brace, I think I'm doing pretty well without it, if I do say so myself. Still, I can't be too careful; another reason for attacking in the dark. I know I can't keep this up forever, but that's okay. I just have to keep going long enough for Galenthias to get back and make her move. I wonder what's taking her so long...The lights shine back on.

"Yeah! Go, Arch!" I look over to Atlanta. Still working on the ropes, she's smiling at me with that rebellious look she gets when someone's ass is getting a good whopping. It's amazing to see. God, she's-

"I see what you're doing." Robert laughs. Damn it, man! Don't interrupt the daydreaming! "Hit them when they're weak, huh?"

"Don't talk to me about morality, you son of a bitch!" Fists shaking, I wait for the darkness, then go for him again. Instead of throwing myself at him, I spin my weapons on my fingers. Throwing them towards where I know his goddamn face would be, I could care less if I get hurt in the process. If he loses an eye, I'll be happy. Any permanent scar, and I'll be happy!

I wait, but there's no connection; no pain. He must have dodged it.

"Good guess." Before I can curse myself for thinking aloud, a fist I never saw coming slams into my temple. My world blurs past me as I spin out of control, finally sliding hard into the metal railing surrounding the roof. Even now that I've come to a stop, everything's turning about! Suddenly I hear a sickening crack from behind me, and my body seizes up. The concrete holding the rail in place just cracked. I inch away quickly. That rail is the only thing between me and forty stories of open air!

I grab my head as it aches fiercely, and I feel a liquid oozing between my fingers. I don't have to think; I know what it is. As for everything else, it's not the worst pain I've ever been through, but it still hurts like hell! Glancing through the haze, I see Robert in the same situation. This is getting annoying, but as long as I'm not the only one hurting, I'm fine with it.

Robert, I guess, has other feelings. "Cronus!" he yells, shaking his head clear. I wince. Why yell when speaking calmly works too?

"What?" the god mocks being upset from his perch on the railing nearby. "Why are you stopping now? I was just about to grab the popcorn."

"Shut up!" Again with the yelling! "What the hell is this?" He points angrily at his head. From here, it looks like he's holding an imaginary gun. Too bad it's not real. Pull the trigger! "I wanted power! We never agreed on anything like this!"

"Why would I need you're approval to do anything?" Cronus deadpans. Even Atlanta stops what she's doing to listen in. "It was a simple plan really. I was so tired of trying to get rid of those damn kids and failing!" Me and Atlanta grin. Bastard. "That's when I found you. I couldn't believe my good fortune!" He gestures half-heartedly at Robert.

I really don't like where this seems to be going. Atlanta frowns, then goes at her ropes with a vigor. Those ropes must be old to be so tough. I get to my feet slowly, careful not to use the railing as support, as Cronus goes on.

"After finding out about yourself from Oracle, or at least the information I needed to find you, everything clicked. You're familiar with the phrase 'blood is thicker than water', no doubt." News flash! I think even those who've lived under a rock their entire lives has heard that one.

"It's an idiom." I explain, having heard enough of his idiocy. "It means that family relations are more important than other relations, like those between friends." I glance over at Atlanta, who's almost done. In this situation, that saying's a load of crap.

Cronus frown. "Yeah...that's right." Moron. "The tie that binds family together is so strong, they say that one can sense family over long distances. I made it so." Hasn't someone mentioned this before? I tend to forget.

"Does this conversation have a point, or can we get on with it?" I have to say I'm impatient. Where the hell is Galenthias? She should have been here by now!

"I did it originally so I could find out where the Gods are hiding. That failed. Apparently the place has shield. But something else happened that even I didn't expect. You can feel each other's pain! It was perfect!"

"Oh, get on with it!" This is why he always loses! He never shuts up!

"Do I have to spoon feed it to you? If he's hurt, you hurt. So if he dies..." He leaves the sentence unfinished, but I get it. I'd never wanted to consider it. I can feel myself pale.

"...I die."

"Thank you!" Cronus throws his hands up. "See the perfection in it? With Robert's powers, and hatred for you, he'd never stop hunting you. You're the one who put him jail, after all. He wants nothing more than to snuff you out." I glance over at Robert, who's glaring at me. "And since he's such a threat to you, and your little team, they'd try and get rid of him. Again, with his powers, there would only be one way to do that. Either way, you would die too!"

He laughs, and I can't stop the sudden shaking that's taken me over. Anger. Nothing but anger. "With you out of the way, there would only be six hero's left. A full seven is needed to defeat me. The prophesy demands it to be so!" His red eyes are menacing, and seem to see right through me. "It doesn't matter what you do now. I win."

He's right. For the first time I can remember, he's actually right. It doesn't matter if Galenthias comes or not; there's nothing she or I can do. I doubt even defeating Cronus would break the bond. Even if it did, I've pushed my teammates, my friends, away from me for my own selfish reasons. They wanted to help; I didn't listen. I may have just made the biggest mistake of my life, and it may cost me my world, in every sense of the word.


I'd love to go on, but I think that's enough for now. I have to start work soon too...I hate work sometimes. Again, sorry for the wait. The next one will be up faster! I promise. Thanks for being patient!

~Clandestine Fire
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