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Chapter Eleven

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What's a guy to do? The world is at stake, and I'm at a loss...

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Well, I'm glad you all liked the last chapter. I can only assume, as I've yet to get a single flame on this story! Yeay! I don't understand why people even send those. If you don't like, don't read, you know? Why make the author feel bad? They're doing their best! That's why I am proud to be anti-flame, and I hope you'll join me! waves banner! Viva la Revolution! cough Yeah...okay, on with the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own COTT. That is all.

Chapter 11:

Why is it that no matter how hard I try, nothing wants to work for me? I mean, someone upstairs must really hate me. I stopped believing in God after my mom and sis were killed, until, of course, I was forced to believe Gods existed, but I must have really made someone mad! What did I ever do? I work my ass off to save the world and the people in it - half of said people don't even deserved to be saved - and this is how I'm rewarded? Damn.

Okay, so maybe I'm looking at this with a slight fatalistic approach, but you would too, wouldn't you? Knowing that no matter what you do, you may end up dead? I hope Galenthias can do something. She can use magic after all...and where in the bloody name of God is she? The plan is good, even though the end may not be as we imagined it. If she can cast something to help me, we may just pull this off.

As if she heard my thought, I hear the distinctive flapping of powerful wings, too large for any bird. The lights are off, but it would hardly matter. With her black fur and robes, she's practically invisible. A cavalry rides in on their horses, which always looks cool, but I have a flying cat! Screw horses!

It's like listening to a ghost; the flapping can be heard by everyone, but nothing is visible. Cronus has a puzzled look on his face, but refuses to look around. Robert, on the other hand, is looking to the sky wildly, as if his life depends on catching a glimpse of whatever's flying around. I'd like to see him dead, by all means, but that's out of the question, really. I then glance at Atlanta. She's finally gotten through the ropes on her wrists, and is working like crazy on the ones around her ankles.

With a sudden screech that would have been better suited coming from a bloody pterodactyl, Galenthias dives, just coming into view as the lights begin to fade into being. She's every bit the feline predator; claws extended, eyes dilated into slits and fangs bared, I doubt the team has ever faced anything that looked more formidable. As she leaves the sky, she reaches back into her robes, and grabs what looks like a huge billiard ball. Kind of like that magic eight ball Neil has - he swears by the damn thing, but then again, with his luck, no doubt it does predict the freaking future! - except this ones a bit bigger, and lacking the white spot and number.

If I didn't already know what the black ball was, I could have sworn that Galenthias came for a bowling match! Winding up like a baseball pitcher, she throws the ball towards us. I think she was aiming between me and Robert, but she was a bit off. I have to jump back to avoid getting hit, and it's a good thing I did too! On impact, the black sphere leaves a fair sized crater, and the roof shakes under my feet. Okay, so either she has a killer arm, or that thing has to weigh the same as Herry's truck!

With an elegant swoop, Galenthias lands next to me. Either it was the situation, or my near death experience a moment ago, but she's flared my temper. "Next time, aim for open space! You almost took my head off! And where the hell have you been?"

A smack upside the head takes me by surprise, not to mention shuts me up. "Next time, I won't bother helping your sorry butt!" She glares at me. "And even though I was the one who hid the relic, that was a long time ago. I had to do a bit of digging." Now that she mentions it, she does look a little dusty.

Adjusting her robes around her shoulders and waist, the actions seem to calm her down a bit. An odd habit. You know, not habit as in priests robes, but habit as in...oh, you know what I mean! Shut up, Archie. You're making yourself look stupid.

"Anyway," I have to say something intelligent to make up for lost ground, "you realize this will affect you and me as well, you know." Didn't we talk about that already?

"We discussed that already." Yup. I knew it sounded familiar. God, I am dumb sometimes! "And it's only temporary, so I don't know why you're worried." She throws me a mocking smile.

I glare back at her. "Now isn't the time to get all cocky." I motion over to her minivan sized crater and the black relic. "Let's get this ball rolling."

Surprisingly, during our conversation, neither Cronus or Robert took the time to attack us. Hell, they didn't even move. I guess Robert wants to see what happens next, just like me. Galenthias told me what this thing does, or what it's supposed to do, but she didn't go into too much detail. Cronus, though, has been inspecting it like he's seen it before...

"Impossible!" he suddenly roars, staring at Galenthias. Guess his brain finally registered. "Where did you get that?"

"It's mine by right!" she jabs her chest with a thumb, or, at least, what would have been a thumb had she been human. "I had to hide it away because of idiots like you!"

I'm getting annoyed. "Does 'it' have a name, or are you going to keep me in the dark about it? You never did say."

She grins that annoying, I-know-something-you-don't smile of hers, and takes to the air. "Before I tell you what it is, let me show you what it does." I already know what it does! Answer the damn question, woman!

"It seems the tables have turned." Cronus growls, almost to himself. "Time to go."

"Where do you think you're going?" Me and Robert yell at him in unison. We glare at each other as Cronus opens his black portal.

"Stop him!" Galenthias cries as she hovers in the air. I dash at him as he begins to step through, even as she's yelling.

My luck isn't as good as I had hoped as Cronus steps through, just seconds before I reach him, and the portal blinks out of existence. Damn...

A hand on my shoulder takes me by surprise, and I turn to face Atlanta. It took her long enough, but she's finally free, as she should be. She smiles a smile that makes the sun seem dull, and my knees feel like they're melting. Not even thinking, I drop my stars and wrap my arms around her shoulders, pulling her into a tight hug. My heart flutters as she grabs me and hugs back with a vigor. The fading red lamps cast a deep red light on us, and in any other situation, I would have called it very romantic. Her warm breath runs across my neck as she lays her head on my shoulder, her rose-red hair silk against my face. I close my eyes, silently praying to every God I can think of, thanking them for this short moment. Hell, why not aloud too?

"Thank the Gods you're safe." I whisper, and she squeezes me harder. "You too." She whispers back. Man, I wish Cronus was on our side. That way I could ask him to stop time for me so this could last forever. Unfortunately, there's something I have to finish. Reluctantly, and I mean very reluctantly, I end it, pulling away. I can't destroy the plan now. Catching her eyes, she just nods, then takes a defensive stance at my side.

Recovering my weapons, I rush Robert. Galenthias needs some time to say all the incantations, so it's my job to distract. I'm not surprised as Atlanta runs forward as well, but I am worried. She has nothing to fight with. I glance skywards, to see how Galenthias is doing. Her body is surrounded by a faint, yet deep, blue hue, and she has her eyes closed.

Throwing one of my stars, he dodges, using Atlanta's own speed. Not wanting to be outdone, Atlanta flashes forward to intercept, throwing out her leg in a powerful roundhouse kick at his head. "Take this you son of a -" She's cut off abruptly as he blocks her foot effectively. At the same time, twisting his wrist, he grabs her ankle. Too bad he took his attention off me. As Atlanta is tossed aside, I send my own kick at his head, catching the edge of his chin. Even a psychic can't foresee everything, I guess, because he looks very surprised. I try not to grimace as my own chin stings. Even before he can recover, Atlanta kicks his legs out from under him. The injury I gave him earlier is jostled as he goes down, and nearly takes me to my knees as well.

"Archie!" Atlanta runs over to me as I stumble. "You alright?" Grabbing my shoulder, she gives me some support. I don't need it, but I'm not about to protest. I nod to try and reassure her, but she still looks worried. I guess she's enjoying the link as much as I am. About as much as one enjoys a root canal without Novocain.

I laugh, trying to lighten the mood. "I guess Neil's luck isn't working in his favor."

As Galenthias begins flashing a number of intricate 'hand' signs, Robert finally decides to go on the offensive. "I don't know what the hell you're going on about," he sneers, "or what you think you can accomplish, but it isn't going to work." Balling both hands, he throws himself to his knees, and bellowing a some feral cry, he slams his fists into the buildings concrete roof.

On impact, the hard rock shakes, knocking everyone off balance. All of a sudden I hear a sickening crunch, something grinding, and the moan of weakened metal. As the building gives a shudder, I look down at my feet and feel my face go ghost white. I can only watch in horror as a huge crack in the concrete floor snakes itself between my sandals, running from where Robert's kneeling. Instinctively, I step away and watch it make it's way across the roof and over the side. My stomach does a sickening flip as I hear another sound. Shattering glass. That can only mean one thing: that crack hasn't been isolated to the roof. It's splitting the entire building straight down the middle!

I turn to stare at the person I once, long ago, called my father. He must have read all my unspoken thoughts through my eyes, because he smiles. It isn't a victorious, mocking smile; I'd call it grim. "You couldn't have heard it, but that punch also managed to take out the support beams. You'll feel it in a minute." I feel Atlanta tense up, and the lamps go out ominously.

"You idiot!" I yell at the darkness. The man truly is. "This is a multi million dollar building with thousands of employee's! There could be people inside!"

"I really don't care anymore." His voice scares me; the tone of a man who wants to die.

"Galenthias! It's now or never!" I scream at her, hoping my voice isn't giving away my current emotional state: panic. Robert must know that, in this situation, no one's going to win. Now, he's going to take everyone he can down with him. I always thought he was a sore loser.

With a few more hand signs, Galenthias gives a roar, and the black ball erupts in a flash of deep blue light. Even though the light isn't bright like normal light should, I fling my arms up to shield my face. It feels almost physical as the light washes over me and the others, and my skin is left feeling odd; not numb, but it's tingling. Who cares though? I just hope this works...


Sitting on a rock just outside Galenthias' cave, I can't help but mumble. Typical; here I am, practically thrown out for 'taking so long' to get ready, and she takes her damn sweet time! Looking over to the west, I growl again. The sun has moved since she sent me out, and it's now touching the tops of the cities skyscrapers. I'd guess it's been almost three hours! What is she doing?

Sighing, I can't help but crack a smile as a good memory flicks through my mind. Neil had locked himself in the bathroom once, which is typical, and he was in there for almost two hours! We had to get Odie to pick the lock, and Herry dragged him out. As the big guy held him down, we all messed up his hair. He didn't talk to us for a week and a half. Unfortunately, Galenthias doesn't have hair, she has fur, so I can't get back at her that way...

"Scheming?" I jump at her voice. I've been doing that a lot lately, but she is as sly as the cat she is.


"Scheming against me?" It must be my meek look that makes her laugh at me. "You really have to learn how to not think aloud." Damn it...

"What were you doing?" I think I have to work on keeping my curiosity under control too. That's gotten me into trouble as well.

"Memorizing a few maps, ones I didn't want you to see." Memorizing a map? That must have been boring.


"I have a plan to take down both Cronus and your - I mean Robert, at the same time."

"Really? That's great!" I've been trying to think of one all day! "What are you thinking?"

"Well," she takes a seat next to me, then glances around. "There's an old relic Hecate hid around here a long time ago. It was actually made as a weapon to be used in the Titan War, but it had some...unforeseen consequences and was never used."

"What kind of consequences? Anything we should worry about?" You never know with Gods.

"It was originally made to temporarily repress the powers of the Titans to give the younger Gods an edge on the battle field. It was supposed to only affect the Titans, but it turned out it effected everyone's powers, so the plan was scrapped." She's explaining it carefully, but she doesn't need to. I've read enough on the Titan War from Hera's library to make an hour by hour timeline. I've never heard of this though.

"They're Gods though. Wouldn't they be able to fix something like that? The powers of the Titans and the Gods are vastly different. It seems simple enough to be able to...program this thing to their specific powers?"

"They thought it would be too, but since everyone is, essentially, related, everyone's powers came from the Titans. Their powers were too close to the Gods."

I laugh, finding it quite funny. Essentially related? Good lord, if there was ever a poster for incest, the Greek Gods would make a great family portrait for it. I guess she missed the joke, cause she's looking at me a little oddly, so I stop.

"So, let me get this straight." Enough beating around the bush. "This thing can suppress Godly power?" Why the hell didn't she say something about this before?

"Yeah. The Gods knew that the power of this thing could easily be used for evil, and a lot of them didn't have any knowledge of the power needed to use it, so they gave it to Hecate and was instructed to hide it."

"But if they didn't know how to use it, how would anyone else?"

"It uses black magic...which is Hecate's specialty. Unfortunately, Cronus also has some knowledge of the black arts. That's why they wanted it hidden."

Hey, it makes sense. I always though Cronus to be a little dark for the God of Time. "So, does it affect only Gods, or would it work on me too?" Not that I'm really worried. I'll just slow down a bit, and maybe catch a cold.

"That," she sigh's, hanging her head, "is something we'll have to find out. It was never meant for humans, so I'm not sure. I don't even know if it'll work on Robert, but since it's Cronus' magic that's being used on him, it may work."

"It's a better plan than I have."

"Which is?" she looks at me expectantly.


She then laughs, pushing me off my rock. Hanging out with her can be hazardous to ones health!

- end flashback -

I look down at my hands as they tingle. It's like having really bad goose bumps, but without the shivering. I glance at Atlanta, whose rubbing her arms as if cold. It is a little cool out here, but I know that's not the cause.

She catches me watching her, and looks at me confused. "Can you please tell me what's going on?" She hates being left out of anything. If you swatted a fly in the kitchen, she'd want to know about it. The lights being to go off again, and I begin counting. The wait for an answer must be irking Atlanta.

"Hey, Arch, did you hear -"

"I'll be able to tell you in a minute." She almost reaches to stop me as I take off towards Robert. My hopes begin to raise as my feet move slower than usual. There's a sudden gasp from behind me; I'm guessing Atlanta tried to follow, and learned the truth for herself. She won't be winning any races tonight. There's an upside to this; if it's worked on me, then it should have worked on the ass in front of me.

Trying the direct approach, I yell and send a fist at his face. Said face looks almost subdued and expectant, and he doesn't flinch as he easily blocks the attack with his forearms. My stomach sinks dramatically as my arms sting.

"What the hell?" I yell at the world. There's pissed, then there's what I'm feeling! I regain myself in time to see a right hook aimed at my throat. Ducking, it glances off my shoulder. Following up with a round-house kick, it's my turn to block. It seems his strength is gone, and his speed, so why the hell is the link still here? I manage to catch him in the gut with a spin and a well placed elbow, which knocks the wind out of me as well. Yeah, definitely still there.

In anger, he throws himself at me, and without my speed, I can't react fast enough. As the both of us tumble to the floor, I get a foot across his chest. Rolling, I toss him off me and somersault to a stand. A little slower to get up, Robert's eyes never leave me as he stumbles to his feet.

"Galenthias," I call up to her, eyes on my opponent, "it didn't quite work." I rub my chest for emphasis. I can practically feel the footprint. "I want you to get Atlanta out of here."

She lands gracefully, her black wings near silent. She hasn't lost those; they're a physical part of her. And so is Atlanta's voice. A very loud part of her. "There's no way I'm leaving now! He's -"

"Harmless now." I yell. Now is not the time for her attitude. She can be so stubborn! "He's powerless now, just like you and me. Don't worry; the guys are no doubt on their way, what with Theresa's danger sense."

"This guy is dangerous!" Damn she's adamant. "You're tough, but even you need help on this one!"

"I need to do this on my own!" I don't like yelling at her, but when she gets like this... "If Cronus attacks the others, which I wouldn't put past him, they'll need your help."

"I don't care about the others!" she shrieks. "I care about you!"

I freeze. All mental functions are no longer working, except maybe my stupid mouth. "Wha...what did you say?" I think I'm gaping at her...

"I said..." she looks away, her face red. Good God, she's blushing! " you, you idiot!"

I turn away from her. I can't...I can't let her see me smile, not now. I have a job to do. Any other time, I'd be jumping up and down like an idiot. "Galenthias..." she's going to hate me after this. "...take her to the others, away from here. Please."

The same instant, I hear a snapping sound, then a low rumble. The floor beneath us pitches violently, and Atlanta screams. I spin, thinking her in danger, but it's only because Galenthias has an arm around her waist, pulling her into the sky. She's reaching for me, green eyes wide with...fear? though she wants me to help her. The lights go down, blocking her from my view. Unfortunately, she keeps screaming my name, and the darkness can't block that out.

A fist catches my jaw as her voice grows fainter, and I hit the ground.'s my own fault for letting my guard down. Flipping to my feet, I take a battle stance, the one Ares had me practicing day in and day out. "Alright, asshole, it's just you and me now."

"Not for long." he growls, and another groan comes from beneath my feet. I ignore it and rush him as the light comes on once again. Now that he has no powers, this should be easy. The link is what's really bothering me though...

Fishing out a throwing star, I hold them like daggers. This'll hurt, but like they say, 'no pain, no gain' right? I throw one, and keep the other hidden behind me. It's a weird spin I manage to accomplish to keep it behind my back, and out of view, but I manage. As the star flies towards him, I can't help but gape as he catches it. The blade goes straight through his hand, blood flying.

I hiss, my hand burning as though on fire. I actually think if it were on fire, it would hurt less. Using my good hand, I swing my arm, aiming my star at his neck. Unfortunately, he now has a weapon. Ripping the star from his hand, be block mine in a shower of sparks and clashing metal. The building is shaking, and it isn't stopping...

There's a snap that sounds like a bullet being fired. Against better judgment, I look behind me. One of the communication towers has just pulled free of it's guidelines. I watch as it bends and sways, then with a nauseating screech, it pitches forward and disappears over the side of the building. Forgetting Robert, I run to the guard rail, just in time to watch it crash onto the street. Oh, my God, I think that car had someone in it!

I drop to my knees as the building shudders violently. I look over towards Robert. He's trying to make his way over to where I'm kneeling, but as the building trembles, he can barely stand. That's when my eyes catches something on the ground. The crater around Galenthias' relic has crumbled, and the ball is gone. It must have fallen through. That's not what's making me lightheaded and sick to my stomach. It takes all my willpower not to throw up as I watch the large crack - the one Robert caused earlier - slowly widening.

We completely forget about one another as I and Robert watch the remaining towers snap away from their moorings and fall. One lands on the roof, mere feet from where I am, and send up a shower of concrete chips and dirt. Another falls from the roof, but with one guideline still intact, swings back and crashes into the Petroleum building. Glass and concrete fly everywhere. I have to get out of here!

Coughing, I make my way over the twisted tower, and away from the guard rail. I don't very far, though. The last tower falls away from the building, and in a shower of black dust and insulation fibers, the crack snaps open wider. The shock wave jars my knees and I bite my tongue as my jaw snaps closed. Damn it...I can't walk anymore; it's too hard trying to keep my balance. Going onto my knees, I search desperately for an exit. The only one I can think of is the stairway, but the entryway was destroyed. I could dig...but there's one big problem...

Now that the communication towers are gone, there's not a breath of light in the place. I can't see a damn thing! My eyes are watering from the dust and grit in the air, and it's hard to breath. I hope this place doesn't contain asbestos! Ha, like I'm going to die of asbestos anyway...

As the building begins groaning again, I'm scared. I've never been so terrified in my entire life! You know how survivors of near death experiences always say their lives flashed before them? It's not really a flash. Memories of when I was little with my mom, sister and grandparents suddenly reel inside my head like a movie. My life, with those I love. It then goes through school life, and then to my friends. Jay, Herry, Odie, Theresa, Neil...and Atlanta. I'm never going to see them again. I'll never see her again!

There's so much I haven't done with my life. I wanted to graduate and become a firefighter. I wanted to face my fear of water; I've always wanted to learn how to sail. I could have asked Jay. I've never gotten a chance to drink or even vote yet. I wanted to have kids...I have to help save the world! More importantly, I need to tell Atlanta how I feel. I'm such an idiot. There were so many times I could have just come out and told her. My memories flip to the times I spent with her. Boarding through the streets, working out in the gym, catching a bite to eat at some fast food place...then again, maybe this is better. I wouldn't have broken her heart like this.

A rush of wind, a billow of dust, dirt and debris of every sort, and I feel the concrete below me moving. I start to slide backwards, and a cry escapes my throat as the building begins tearing apart. The tower behind me slides back, taking out the guard rail, and flies off the building towards the ground below. I scrabble for a hand hold as I skid towards the ledge, but I come up short. The roof is completely flat! Come on!

As the building leans more dangerously, I feel my feet leave the roof, and enter empty space. Shit, shit, shit! I suddenly hiss as my back is struck by something invisible. Robert...the link. I know why it remained now. Blood really is thicker than water...the link between us has always been there, and, like Galenthias' wings, it's a physical part of us. Even with Cronus' magic, it's still us. There's no way to get rid of that.

My eye catches a piece of jutting rebar, and I go for it wildly as the rest of my body slides from the building. The metal is rough, and my hand is still numb from Robert's throwing star incident, but I have to hang on! Don't look down! Don't...

I do. Forty stories straight down! My vision blurs dramatically, and I nearly let go from shock. Why the hell did I look down? Atlanta's right. I am an idiot! I look again, but closer. At least we're heading away from the other buildings. No one else will get hurt.

With a final tug, the New Olympia Petroleum Building tears itself in half. The sound is something from out of a nightmare; a giant roar like a monster from hell. The rebar I'm holding onto rips from my grasp, but it doesn't matter. It's way too late now. I flip out into the air, and gravity takes me. I scream. It's all I can do, really.

Forty stories, in retrospect, isn't a very long fall, but it seems to take forever. The ground below me is black, and it only takes a second to realize it isn't ground. The building has tipped towards the harbor, and that black sheet of glass beneath me is water. How ironic. The one thing I've feared more than death my entire life, the grave for my mother and sister, will be the place I die. For some reason, Atlanta's favorite song plays through my head as I fall. The words are bitter sweet.

Man once sang to me,
Look at you saving the world on your own,
And I wonder how things going to be,
'Cause the time here it passes so slow.

In a city of devils we live...a city of devils we live...

Find somebody to love,
Boy, you have to love someone more than yourself,
I can feel the fire of the city lights burn,
And it's hard to find angels in hell...

The last image I have before I hit the water is Atlanta's face, her full red lips smiling, and her jade eyes sparkling...


I really didn't have this planned, but Happy Independence Day! Wow, what a day to post this. I hope all my American readers, as well as everyone else, enjoyed this chapter. I would now like to give the band Yellowcard their due. The song City of Devils has always been a favorite of mine, and it worked perfectly. I always write to music. It seems to make writing easier when your in the right mindset. Well, until the next chapter. Later.

Clandestine Fire
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