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Settling In

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Mystique recruits Rogue before the Xmen and gets caught up in the growing conflict. But everything changes when she starts falling for their leader, Scott Summers. Scott/Rogue.

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Chapter 12: Settling In


Rogue slept well into the next morning. After such a tumultuous night, she needed it. Having Scott with her helped a great deal, giving her someone to hold onto during this time of great distress. It was the best rest she had gotten in recent memory. However, her sleep was not completely peaceful.

She still had Mystique's persona floating around in her mind. Absorbing her to save Scott had brought more sensations than she had bargained for. While her powers had long faded, the memories remained. Incoherent images of a stormy night and a hooded figure plagued her dreams. But it was too fuzzy to make sense of.

Despite her dreams, Rogue woke up feeling refreshed for a change. Upon stirring from her slumber, she was met with a smiling Scott Summers. Still holding her securely in his arms, she smiled back and greeted him with a kiss.

"Mornin' sugah," she said with a yawn.

"Morning," replied Scott, "Sleep well?"

"Ah slept with a half naked guy in mah underwear. Of course Ah slept well," she grinned.

Stretching her limbs, Rogue slipped out of bed. Still in just her underwear, Scott couldn't help but admire her beauty. Even with messy morning hair, she looked so sexy.

"Ya gonna stare all mornin' or are ya gonna show meh around this maze?" she said upon seeing the look on his face.

"Sorry. I can't help it if I find you so sexy," said Scott, slipping his arms around her waist from behind.

"Easy sugah. There are impressionable minds in the house, ya know?" she grinned.

"I know," he shrugged, "Doesn't mean we can't get close."

Rogue let out a content purr as he gave her breasts a soft squeeze. It was a perfect way to begin a morning. Turning her head, Scott and Rogue met in another deep kiss. This was her first day at the mansion. It helped to start off on a good note.

"Well Ah don't know about you, hun, but Ah gotta shower," she said, "Know where the bathroom is?"

"Sure, I'll show you," said Scott as they parted, "I better wash up too."

"Think we could wash up together?" she said with a sexy grin.

"Like you said, Rogue...impressionable minds."

The young couple let out a round of laughter as they gathered their clothes and began a new day together. Rogue still had a lot of uncertainties, but waking up in the arms of her boyfriend sure helped. Hopefully that mood could continue as she adjusted to her new life at the Xavier Institute.


After Scott showed Rogue around the dormitories, she took her shower and washed up. The bathrooms at the institute were worlds above the Brotherhood. They were clean, fresh, and the hot water actually worked. She also noticed a much greater abundance of feminine products including makeup, lipstick, and conditioner. It most likely belonged to the other girls, but she couldn't help but try a little of the conditioner for that extra feel.

Standing under the hot torrent of water, Rogue let out a content sigh. The institute was nothing like the Brotherhood described. She felt safer and more comfortable here. Scott's presence was also a bonus, but at the same time she couldn't forget about her mother. Letting the hot water cascade down her body, she let her thoughts drift.

'So here Ah am, a runaway from mah mama. Where do Ah go from here?'

With an exasperated sigh, Rogue finished her shower and dried her hair. She dressed up in her usual green shirt, black skirt attire. She then started looking for Scott again. The mansion was a big place. She didn't even know where the kitchen was. But before she could look very far, she ran into Kitty Pryde.

"Oh...uh, hi Rogue," said the younger girl somewhat awkwardly.

"Uh...hi," she replied.

Rogue wasn't sure how to respond. She half expected Kitty to scream and say they were under attack. But she looked just as awkward as her.

"Wow, is it true?" said Kitty, breaking the silence.

"What do ya mean?" said Rogue.

"What the Professor told us," she replied, "He said you broke away from the Brotherhood."

Rogue rubbed the back of her neck.

"It's complicated. But yeah, Ah guess Ah'll be livin' here now. He didn't tell ya the details, did he?"

"Details? Nah, the Professor's big on respecting privacy," said Kitty, trying to sound friendly, "I just wanted to know if it was true."

"Well it is," said Rogue, relieved that she wouldn't have to go through telling everybody what happened, "The Rogue's at the mansion. Call the papers."

"Be careful what you wish for!" grinned Kitty.

Rogue cast her a strange look. Kitty's upbeat nature was a lot different than hers. Scott had told her about everybody at the mansion, but she didn't know anybody on a personal basis. Now she was getting a first hand taste of who the X-men really were.

"Are ya always this chipper?" said Rogue in a sarcastic tone.

"Sorry, it was just a joke," said Kitty, blushing in embarrassment, "But this is big!"

"Ah appreciate the enthusiasm," said Rogue with a smile, "Sure beats the attitude Ah got at the Brotherhood."

"I can only imagine," said Kitty.

It was an awkward start, but Kitty seemed nice. She was trying not to sound strange. It was not lost upon her that she was talking to someone who was once technically an enemy. It also didn't help that they were clearly very different. She may have been very different from Rogue personality-wise, but she was still likable. Hopefully the others would be just as accepting.

"So you hungry?" asked Kitty, "I think Ororo still has some pancakes left over."

"Are ya kiddin'? Ah haven't eaten anythin' decent in weeks," said Rogue, her stomach growling at the thought of food.

"Well that changes today!" chirped Kitty, "One thing we never have to worry about here at the mansion is going hungry."

"Good to know," said Rogue, managing a smile.

Rogue followed Kitty downstairs for some much needed nourishment. The morning had barely begun and Rogue had already made a new acquaintance. There was a lot to explore and she had the whole weekend to do it.


Up in his room, Scott gathered himself after taking a shower and getting dressed. A lot had happened in the span of a night. He met up with his girlfriend, had sex in a motel room, and was nearly killed by Mystique when she found out. Now Rogue was living at the mansion. Things would never be the same between them again.

Sitting on his bed, Scott rubbed his temples. It was a lot to take in. He had no idea his relationship with Rogue would get so serious. Things were changing fast and it was hard to keep up with it.

"Knock, knock Summers," came a voice from the other side of his door.

"Come in, Jean," said Scott, his mood perking up a bit.

Entering his room, Jean was met with the sight of her best friend sitting in a daze. Like the rest of the mansion, the Professor told her about Rogue. While he kept the details to a minimum, it was a big shift with far reaching implications.

"You okay? I heard about Rogue," said Jean, sitting next to him on his bed.

"I'm getting there," he sighed, "It's just taking a while to sink in."

"You don't have any doubts, do you?" she inquired.

"About Rogue? Of course not."

"Right," said Jean skeptically.

Scott sighed, knowing it was next to impossible to win an argument with someone who could read his thoughts.

"Okay, maybe I do have a few," he conceded, "It's all happening so fast. I always hoped Rogue would come around. I could sense that she wasn't Brotherhood material."

"Think she'll make a good, X-man?"

"If you've seen her angry, that question would never cross your mind again," laughed Scott, "But beyond that, I don't know what this means for us. My feelings for her are really strong. But..."

Trailing off, Scott ran his hands through his thick chestnut hair. It was still difficult for Jean given her past feelings for Scott, but as a friend she took his hand and lent what comfort she could.

"You're not sure how her living here is going to change things, are you?" she surmised.

"Guess I can't hide that uncertainty," sighed Scott, "Add to that, I'm caught between her and her mother. And let me tell you something right off the bat...Mystique takes overprotective parenting to a psychotic level."

"You have my sympathies," said Jean, shuttering at the thought, "But does that change how you feel about her?"

Musing over his situation, Scott recalled every moment he had with Rogue. From their lackluster first encounter to last night, they had been through a lot in a short period. But the answer was clear. There was no escaping how he felt about this girl.

" doesn't," he answered.

"Then that's all you need," said Jean, giving her friend a warm smile.

Scott smiled back, the anxiety lifting somewhat from his tense state. Jean knew him well enough to know what he needed when the going got tough. Part of him still worried that she and Rogue would clash, but it was nice knowing their friendship was still strong.

"Look, I promise I'll do what I can to help," said Jean in a more serious tone, "I know things between me and Rogue are a little strained know. But I accept that you two really love each other. And if she's willing to give the institute a shot, then I won't stand in her way."

"Thanks Jean," said Scott, giving her hand a firm squeeze, "Really, I can't tell you how much it means to me."

"Hey, what are friends for?"

It was finally starting to settle in for the young leader. Having Rogue at the mansion was a big step, but it promised to take their relationship to new levels. Now they wouldn't have to worry about hiding from the Brotherhood. And having the support of Jean and his friend would surely help during this strange time.

"So...what exactly happened last night, anyways?" asked Jean, "The Professor didn't say, but it must have been major if Rogue ended up here."

Scott's face flushed bright red. The memory of being caught in bed with Rogue by Mystique was sure to haunt him for the rest of his life. But Jean looked intent. And if she was going out of her way to help her like this, she at least deserved the truth.

"Oh boy," sighed Scott, "It goes like this..."


Downstairs, Rogue was having a second helping of pancakes with Kurt and Kitty keeping her company. Her appetite surprised even Kurt, who was legendary for his ability to ingest copious amounts of food. But given where she had been living they could hardly blame her. And since she was going to be living at the institute, they took the time to get to know her.

"Vow, easy on zhe pancakes, Rogue," said Kurt, watching as she took in another mouthful.

"Look whose talking Mr. I-have-a-bottomless-stomach," quipped Kitty.

"Hey, zhat's because of my metabolism!" shot Kurt, "You try sticking to three meals vhen you're system burns as much carbs as mine!"

"Are you two always at each other's throats over food?" laughed Rogue.

"Nah, only when he makes himself an easy target," grinned Kitty, earning her another look from Kurt.

Aside from the food, the banter with Kurt and Kitty was fairly entertaining. They were a lot easier to talk to than the Brotherhood. If someone made a joke like that about Lance, the whole foundation would be shaking. But Kurt took it in stride and Kitty didn't push it. Already, their manners far exceeded her former housemates.

"So Rogue, what's it like growing up in the South?" asked Kitty.

"What? Don't tell meh a suburban gal like you never traveled," said Rogue, taking another bite of her pancakes.

"I traveled, just not to the deep South," said Kitty, "Unless you count the Grand Canyon."

"That ain't the South, Kit. Where Ah come from, there's more farmland than buildings, everybody's real strict about maintainin' the status quo, and it's blazin' hot half the year. And I know ya probably hear that everybody's real friendly in the South, but it doesn't really apply when ya dress goth."

"Vow, sounds kind of like my home in Germany," said Kurt with greater intrigue, "In fact, I grew up on a farm."

"You? On a farm? Yer kidding," said Rogue with a look of surprise.

"Zhe fuzzy dude tells no lies," said Kurt confidently, "And don't get me started on rural society. Vhen you look like I do, goth is child's play."

Rogue couldn't help but take comfort in knowing she wasn't the only one who had endured such treatment. Part of what made her upbringing so lonely was her looks. But Kurt had a similar story. It was nice knowing she had some shared commonality with residents other than Scott.

"Must have been tough," said Rogue in a lower tone.

"It vas," sighed Kurt, "But it's amazing vhat you can get used to. Besides, it's not all bad being blue and fuzzy. It sure helps keep varm in zhe vinter."

"At the expense of shedding like a dog in the heat," commented Kitty.

"Comes vith zhe package," shrugged Kurt, "And zhe ladies love zhe soft fur!"

"Ah'm sure."

Returning to her pancakes, Rogue laughed to herself at Kurt's persona. Scott was right about there not being a dull moment at the mansion. She was beginning to see why he was so passionate about this place. They were more than just a collection of mutants, something Mystique never told her.

There was a brief silence as Rogue finished up her second helping. Her stomach was finally filled for once. It was a nice feeling after enduring a diet bare bone snacks at the Brotherhood. But Kurt and Kitty were far from done with their newest member.

"So..." began Kitty.

"So what?" said Rogue, wiping her mouth.

"So how serious are things between you and Scott?" asked Kitty, with a look great of curiosity.

Rogue blushed, memories of how intimate she and Scott had gotten rushing back. She had a feeling Kurt and Kitty didn't know the details. But as long as she was living here her personal life was fair game.

"Oh come on, Rogue!" said Kurt enthusiastically, "As long as you're living here, aren't we at least entitled to some details?"

"What makes ya think ya have a right to that?" said Rogue cynically.

"We're just curious, that's all," said Kitty, sounding more serious than her friend, "Scott is, like, our friend."

Rogue let out an exasperated sigh, the blush in her face holding strong. It was bound to come out sooner or later. She might as well get it out of the way.

"Well if ya must know...yeah, Scott and I are really close," she said, "Hell, he's the only thing that kept me sane since Ah got here. The way he makes meh feel...I don't even think there are words to describe it."

"Oh that's sweet," said Kitty in a dreamy tone.

"So how far have you gone?" asked Kurt.

"Kurt!" said Kitty in an appalled tone.

"Vhat? It's a valid question."

Rogue diverted her gaze, trying to hide her blush. But Kurt and Kitty were quick to pick up on it. She wasn't one to smile much, but the memories of what she and Scott had shared together made her feel so warm inside.

"Uh oh...I know that look!" said Kitty, a sneaky grin creeping across her face.

"Fine, if it'll make ya happy...Scott and Ah have gone all the way."

"Vow..." said Kurt, shocked by the notion of their leader going that far, "All the vay?"

"Yeah, all the way as in we've gotten naked and we've had sex," said Rogue, unable to keep herself from smiling, "It's a great feelin' sharin' somethin' so close with someone ya love. Just...don't make too big a deal about it."

Kurt and Kitty looked at Rogue in amazement. Never in a million years would they have taken Scott for someone to get involved sexually with a girl he hadn't known for very long. It showed that he and Rogue really did have something. It was just awkward picturing their uptight leader in such a state.

"Wow, that's," said Kitty, still trying to get over the shock.

"Yeah, yeah," sighed Rogue, "Scott and Ah have sex. Ya don't have to go through all that gossip crap."

"Sorry, Rogue. It's just...vell, odd given how uptight Scott can be," said Kurt.

"Aw he ain't as uptight as y'all think. In fact, he's pretty damn flexible in the right situations," said Rogue with a sexy grin.

"Okay, too much information!" said Kitty, holding her hands up to stop the conversation.

"Ya were askin' for it, Kitty," said Rogue, still grinning.

"I think I've heard enough."

"I haven't!" said Kurt jokingly.

"Don't even try it, blue boy," quipped Rogue.

The three teens let out a round of laughter. It was awkward talking about personal lives, but it opened the lines of communication up a bit. Rogue had already told Kurt and Kitty more about herself than she ever had with the Brotherhood. It was nice knowing people were friendly here. It was far less hostile than she was led to believe. And much to her surprise, she wanted to know more.

"So are we gonna gossip about mah sex life all day or is someone gonna show meh the ropes?" said Rogue, setting her plate in the sink.

"Oh don't vorry, Rogue," said Kurt, ever the enthusiastic one, "Stick vith zhe fuzzy dude. He'll tell you everything you need to know!"

"Oh this could be interesting," laughed Kitty.

"Ah've survived worse," commented Rogue, remembering back to last night in particular.

And with this spirit in mind, Kurt and Kitty took Rogue and began the tour. There was a lot for her to see. And from what they had gathered, she would fit in with them just fine.


After a long, embarrassing talk Scott and Jean went for a much needed walk. Recalling Mystique catching him and Rogue in bed after they just had sex with each other was not pleasant. And for Jean, who still had mixed feelings about Scott, it was a lot to digest. At times his face turned the same color as his glasses. But for all the embarrassment, he seemed to have no regrets.

"So Mystique caught you and Rogue naked in bed and went ballistic," surmised Jean in a daze, "Good God, that's just..."

But Jean was at a loss for words. Even she started blushing at the mental image.

"I know. Imagine how I feel," muttered Scott, "Facing Mystique is one thing, but facing Mystique naked while she's on a warpath is downright life-threatening."

"I...can only imagine," said Jean, still trying to comprehend this.

An awkward silence fell over the two friends. They just kept on walking until they reached the second floor balcony overlooking the backyard. Jean wasn't sure how to take it. She knew Scott and Rogue grew close after starting their relationship, but she had no idea they were intimate already. Even though she was gradually getting over her lingering feelings for Scott, it was a lot to take in.

" and Rogue, huh?" said Jean, breaking the silence, "It's really that serious?"

"Um...yeah," said Scott, still embarrassed, "I'm not afraid to say I love her. And the sex...well, it's really something. I don't know if there are words to describe it."

"I see," said Jean, her gaze still fixated out over the lake.

Scott moved in closer, sensing this was a touchy issue for Jean. He knew he was going to have to reveal this to her sooner or later. It was probably better she knew now rather then found out some other way. But that didn't make it any easier.

"Are you okay?" said Scott, taking her hand.

"What? With you and Rogue?" said Jean, snapping out of her daze, "Of course. What you two do in your private time is your business."

"That's not what I meant, Jean."

"Oh..." said the redhead, her voice growing distant again, "I'm getting there, Scott. It's just...a lot to take in with her living here now."

"I know," said Scott with a sigh, "It still worries me."

"How so?" asked Jean curiously.

"Well aside from living with my girlfriend, I have a feeling Mystique isn't going to just throw in the towel and let her go," said Scott, his tone growing more serious, "She was furious when she caught us and I'm just worried how Rogue will adjust to life here knowing Mystique is still out there."

Giving her friend's hand a firm squeeze, Jean managed a smile. He was still the caring guy she had grown so fond of over the years. This was the first time he ever had to face an affair like this.

"Think the relationship you two have is strong enough?" inquired Jean.

"I don't know," said Scott, rubbing the back of his neck, "It's just going to take some serious effort on both our parts."

"Then you shouldn't worry," assured Jean, "If there's one thing I know about you, Scott, it's that you never do anything half assed."

Scott laughed at his friend's comment, taking comfort in her support.

"Glad to know I have your confidence," he smiled.

"Just give it time," said Jean, the tension finally easing, "You both are strong. I'm sure things will work out for the best."

"Guess we'll have to wait and see," sighed Scott.

Just then, the back door opened. Out stepped Kurt and Kitty with Rogue following close behind. Kurt and Kitty seemed more enthused than usual as they led their newest member around the mansion. Rogue maintained an indifferent look, but even she seemed affected by their mood.

"And zhis is our pool! It's a great vay to unwind, especially after zhe Danger Room," said Kurt.

"Plus it gives you a nice place to work on your tan," added Kitty.

"Kitty, do Ah look like the kind of gal who tans well?" said Rogue, pointing to her pale face in bemusement.

Kitty blushed and rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment.

"Point taken," she said, "But if you want to go for a swim or just read a book or something, this is the place to do it."

"Or if you and Scott vant to share a little moonlight dip, if you know vhat I mean!" grinned Kurt.

That earned him a punch in the shoulder from Rogue.

"Ow! Vhat vas zhat for?" he groaned, rubbing his shoulder.

"For not keepin' yer dirty mouth shut," said Rogue, "What Scott and Ah do with our private time is our business. And if you even try to puff in on us..."

"Okay! Okay!" said Kurt, holding his hands up in defense, "I get zhe message. No need to go Volverine on me."

"Whatever keeps ya in yer place, Kurt," said Rogue with a gaze that would put Logan to shame.

Kitty couldn't help but laugh. It was rare that Kurt would be silenced from his antics. But Rogue was a stern and commanding presence, a trait she most likely got from her mother. She was tough, stern, but good natured about it. She had X-men material written all over her.

"Think she'll fit in now?" said Jean, laughing at the scene below.

"Honestly?" said Scott, unable to keep himself from laughing as well, "I think she'll be just fine."


Across Bayville, Mystique was still fuming. After waking up in the motel she spent hours getting her head together. The putrid images of her daughter lying in bed with an X-man haunted her. She had never been this furious before. Her own daughter pushed her away. Now she was with the X-men. It couldn't have gone worse.

In addition to her anger, Mystique still felt the hurt from Rogue's words. She knew parts of them were true. She really hadn't been there for her like a mother should. Her life with the Brotherhood kept getting in the way. Rogue had been robbed of the ability to touch and she wasn't there for her when she needed her most.

Mystique couldn't let this stand. She had to do something about it. She didn't want to lose Rogue to Xavier. She may have given her heart and her body to a boy, but that didn't mean she couldn't do anything about it. She had to at least try.

Upon arriving back in her room at the boarding house, the shape shifter had a lot to plan. But upon entering, she was met with an unexpected presence.

"Hello Mystique," said a dark, unfriendly tone, "I gather you had a difficult night?"

"Magneto!" scowled the shape shifter, still brimming with rage, "What are you doing here? And how do you know about last night?!"

"It's my business to know the affairs of my subordinates," said the master of magnetism as he emerged from the shadows, "And I was most unhappy to hear that your little Rogue has switched sides at this critical hour."

Mystique wanted to tear into anything that reminded her of what had happened. But common sense caught up with her. Taking out her frustrations on the master of magnetism was not smart. He could tear her apart with a mere thought. With a grudging sigh, she forced herself to calm down in the presence of her superior.

"I can fix this," she said sternly, "Rogue can still be an asset to us."

"I would certainly hope so," said Magneto in a low tone, "But be warned, Mystique. If she allies herself with the X-men, she will become an enemy."

"That WON'T happen!" she said adamantly.

"But if it does, will you still be able to do your duties knowing very well what will happen to those who oppose us?" he inquired.

The shape shifter was silent. She didn't want to have to face this. Part of bringing Rogue on board with the Brotherhood was to protect her from this mess. Now she was caught between her children and her duties as a member of the Brotherhood. It was not a position she wanted to be in and would not let it stand.

"I WILL do something about this," she reiterated, "I won't lose my daughter to Xavier."

"I wish I could take your word for it," said Magneto, folding his arms in discontent, "But need I remind you that she is not the first child you've lost."

Mystique was forced to look away, hiding the hurt on her face as she was reminded of her failures. She only wanted what was best. And nothing was going to keep her from her family.

"I haven't forgotten," she said bitterly, "I won't make the same mistake twice."

"See that you don't," said Magneto in a threatening tone as he prepared to make his leave, "I expect a full report. And don't try to hide anything from me, Mystique. You know full well I'll find out one way or another."

"Understood," said Mystique, clenching her fists in frustration.

The situation she faced was grim. Rogue was with the X-men and Magneto wasn't pleased. She had failed on so many levels. Her own daughter left her. She couldn't let this stand. She had to do something.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Mystique collapsed on her bed. Reeling from defeat, she reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a picture. In it, there were two figures that meant a great deal to her. And while she tried to suppress it, a tear fell from her eyes as she made a solemn vow.

"I will make things right, my children. I will do what is necessary. I promise."


Up next: Rogue adapts to her new life while certain memories linger.
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