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Fitting In

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Mystique recruits Rogue before the Xmen and gets caught up in the growing conflict. But everything changes when she starts falling for their leader, Scott Summers. Scott/Rogue.

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Chapter 13: Fitting In


It was a dark, cold night in a vast countryside. The sky was shrouded in clouds, rendering the land below completely darkened. The cold winds howled across the shallow hills as the vicious barks of attack dogs echoed through the crisp air. Through the darkness, a lone figure ran with great distress. Shrouded by a cloak, she clutched a concealed bundle in her arms and gasped for air as the dogs drew closer.

"Gotta...get...away," she panted.

In the distance she saw a bridge. Stumbling on the rugged terrain, the figure looked back to see the dogs closing. And through the mist she could also make out the distinct image of a hovering figure in a cape. Flushed with greater urgency, she scrambled across the bridge.

"Hold on...hold on," she urged herself.

Then, upon reaching the center of the bridge she heard the distinct snap of the wooden beams. And in the span of an instant, the cloaked woman stumbled and out fell the distinct figure of a baby boy, crying for help as he plummeted into the river below.


"NO!!!" exclaimed Rogue as she shot up in her bed, covered in a cold sweat.

Gasping for air, Rogue looked around to find that she was safely in her room at the Xavier Institute. Her heart was still racing, the vivid images she experienced still fresh in her mind. Wiping the cold sweat off her brow, she took a moment to catch her breath.

Suddenly, her bedroom door opened.

"What's goin' on here?!" shouted Logan, storming into the room with his claws drawn.

Rogue was startled, but was at least partially relieved to see that it was Logan. While she was still new to the institute and trying to gain his trust, Logan still took his protective duties seriously. And any panicked cry late at night was enough to get him going.

"Stripes?" he questioned suspiciously.

"'s nothing," she told him, collecting her thoughts, "Just a bad dream."

Logan studied the southern girl. She had only been with the X-men for a week. While he didn't smell anything threatening about her, he was not one to trust easily especially since she had been with the Brotherhood. But from what he could sense, this was more than just a dream.

"You sure about that?" he questioned.

Rogue diverted her gaze, feeling awkward under Logan's scrutiny. But she shook it off.

"Ah'm sure," she said only half convincingly, "Sorry. Ah...Ah think Ah'll get a late night snack."

Slipping out of bed, Rogue exited her room in search of a way to ease her troubled mind. Logan didn't stop her. He just watched her leave and withdrew his claws. Sniffing the air around her bed, he picked up some distinct scents. It was thick with fear and anxiety, something that didn't come with just any dream. And he would know.

Making a mental note to keep an eye on her, Logan retreated to making the last of his rounds. Whatever Rogue had been dreaming about, it was definitely intense. And Logan had a sneaking suspicion that this wouldn't be a one-time thing.


Down in the kitchen, Rogue was munching on a sandwich while drinking milk from the carton. She felt a little better. Fresh food was rare to come by in the Brotherhood. It was one of the perks she had come to enjoy about the Xavier institute. But still, she couldn't get over that dream.

Rogue had endured nightmares before, but they were never this vivid. It felt so real from the sound of the river to the cries of the figure. Much of it was still fuzzy in her mind, but it was strong enough to linger.

"Hey," came a voice, breaking her train of thought.

Turning to see Scott in a pair of black cotton sleeping pants, Rogue smiled and felt a renewed sense of calm.

"Hey, sugah," she greeted, "What are ya doin' up?"

"Logan told me you were having a nightmare," he said, sitting down next to her.

Letting out a sigh, Rogue set aside her snack. Reaching across the table, Scott placed his hand over hers. Luckily, she fell asleep with her bracelet on. And after a dream like that his warm touch was the best medicine she could ask for.

"Ah'm fine," she assured him.

"How bad was it?" asked Scott.

Images of the cloaked figure and the crying baby falling into the river flashed across her mind's eye. She shuttered at the memory, gripping Scott's hand tighter. It more or less gave away that this was no ordinary dream.

"Ah'd rather not talk about it," she said in a low tone.

"Are you sure?" said Scott, not sounding convinced.

"It was just a dream, Scott," she said stubbornly, "Everybody has em. Some are just a lot worse than others. Ah'd just rather sleep it off."

A brief silence came over the young couple. Scott was tempted to push further. He of all people knew how hard nightmares were to deal with. Talking about them was even harder. It didn't help that Rogue was being stubborn about it. But it was late. Making a big deal about it now would only lead to conflict and neither had the strength for that at this hour.

"Want me to sleep with you?" offered Scott.

"A little late for sex, ain't it?" grinned Rogue.

"I never said anything about sex," said Scott, blushing none-the-less, "I just..."

"Ah know, sugah. Just messin' with ya," laughed Rogue.

"Oh...' said Scott sheepishly, "I knew that."

"Yeah right."

As sweet as Scott was, he was just too gullible at times. Even late at night, she couldn't help herself. But his presence helped ease her troubled mind. Whatever the nature of this dream was, she'd rather leave it behind.

"Come on, lover boy," she said, getting up from the table, "Let's get some shut eye. It's a school night if Ah recall."

After putting the food away, Rogue and Scott retreated to Rogue's room hand in hand. The effects of the nightmare were quickly fading. While it was hard to forget something so traumatic, sleeping in the arms of her lover was all the comfort she needed.

When they arrived at her room, they slipped under the covers together and sank into one another's embrace. Rogue found herself resting her head atop Scott's chest, listening to the gentle sound of his heartbeat. Resting his arms on her hips, he softly kissed her forehead.

"Night Rogue," said Scott in a low tone.

"Night sugah," she said with a content sigh, "Love ya."

"I love you too."

The vivid images of the nightmare hung strong, but at least for the time being Rogue could sleep easy.


The next day the team gathered in the Danger Room for a full session shortly after arriving home from school. Rogue insisted on joining, much to Scott's dismay. He still thought she was in too fragile a state to tackle the Danger Room, but she wouldn't have it. If she was going to be part of this institute, she was going to pull her weight. She owed them as such for once being an enemy.

Rogue was issued real X-men gear and an official uniform. It was definitely a step up from what they wore in the Brotherhood, but her performance remained to be seen. Wolverine spent much of the day preparing her first team session with the Professor. Her presence was still a point of contention for some, but a week had allowed her connect and grow comfortable with the others at the institute. Now it was time to put her to the test.

"Uniform looks good on you, Rogue!" commented Kurt as they stood in the main arena awaiting instructions.

"Thanks," she said, adjusting it a bit for comfort, "Y'all got an odd dress sense, but Ah ain't complainin'. Ya even had mah colors."

"Thought you'd appreciate that," said Jean with a smile, "It was Kitty's idea."

"Well as long as it ain't pink," she added.

"Yeah, like, you're welcome," said Kitty, rolling her eyes.

Up in the observation deck, Logan and the Professor were making the final preparations for their program. Xavier was genuinely excited about seeing what Rogue could do. He sensed great determination within her. She was already developing chemistry with the others. But Scott wasn't sure that was enough and he wasn't alone.

Logan, however, had yet to be convinced.

"Think she's ready, Chuck?" said Logan, bringing up the main screen.

"I know she is," said Xavier with certainty, "Rogue clearly has the drive to be part of the team. That and she's a strong fighter."

"Wonder where she got that from," muttered Logan.

The Professor didn't comment further since the issue of Mystique was still a touchy subject. But it was still a major concern for Logan.

"We're gonna have to do somethin' about Mystique sooner or later," said Logan in a more serious tone, "Strips is still legally hers."

"I know, Logan," said Xavier solemnly, "And rest assured we'll address that matter as it comes. For now, Mystique seems to be keeping her distance. Jean told me she wasn't at school today."

"That may mean she's plannin' something," warned Logan.

"I wouldn't doubt that," said the Professor, "But we'll worry about that when the time comes."

Punching in the coded commands, the high tech machinery of the Danger Room came to life. Down below, the X-men got ready to receive their commands. Rogue took a deep breath, knowing this was it. She had to prove herself if she was going to earn everybody's trust. But Scott wouldn't stop being concerned.

"You sure you want to do this, Rogue?" he asked for what felt like the tenth time.

"Dang it, Scott, how many times do Ah have to tell ya?! Ah'm ready!"

"Take it easy, okay?" he said, holding his hands up in defense, "I'm just worried about you, that's all. With everything you've been through..."

"Scott, Ah survived livin' with the Brotherhood, Ah think Ah can survive this," she said adamantly, "So will ya stop being so dang overprotective and just get on with it?"

Scott muttered under his breath, running his hands through his chestnut hair. He loved Rogue, but she could be so difficult at times.

"Ah their first spat," grinned Evan.

"Kind of brings a tear to your eye, huh?" snickered Kurt.

"Knock of it off you guys!" groaned Scott.

"Hey, save it for the mission!" came Wolverine's voice over the speaker.

The team fell silent. Scott cast Rogue one last concerned look, but she ignored it and focused on playing her part. The scenery around them grew wavy as a new background formed. The others were used to it, but Rogue found it a bit disorienting. Luckily it clarified quickly and the course before them appeared.

It was like a scene out of a sci-fi movie or a Saturday morning cartoon. The sky was full of stars and there were three lanes of wavy yellow walkways weaving around the area in strange patterns. It seemed to defy the laws of physics, but then again they were just holograms.

"Alright X-men," said Xavier over the intercom, "First off I'd like to welcome Rogue to this session. This is a new senior level program tailor made to record her initial stats. From here, we hope to build more extensive programs. So lets get started."

"What are our objectives Professor?" asked Scott, adjusting this visor.

"There are three paths," he explained, "Three teams of two will follow each path and coordinate with one another to reach the finish line within an allotted time limit. Everybody must pass the line or the mission will result in failure. Should any one team fall behind, others must help. You have three minutes. Good luck."

"Doesn't sound too hard," said Rogue.

"Don't be fooled," warned Kitty, "I'm sure Wolverine threw in a few surprises."

"He always does," sighed Evan, "But it's nothing the X-men can't handle."

"We'll see about that porcupine," said Logan over the intercom, "Now the teams are as follows: Cyke and Jeannie, Elf and Half-pint, Stripes and Porcupine."

"Hey, we got names, ya know?" frowned Rogue.

"Relax, he does that for everybody," said Jean, "It's his way of showing affection."

Rolling her eyes, Rogue stood alongside Spyke at the starting line. She would have liked to be on Scott's team more, but she'd rather not argue with Wolverine. If she was going to show her stuff, she'd have to go outside her usual comfort zone.

In the observation deck, the Professor readied the computer that would record Rogue's stats. He was looking forward to seeing how she would perform. Coming from the Brotherhood and being Mystique's daughter was a major transition. Hopefully she'd find her place on the team.

"Puttin' Stripes with porcupine could be a bit distractin' for Cyke," said Logan.

"Which is exactly why I did it," said the Professor, "Scott and Rogue are romantically involved. I split them up to see it they could function on the same team despite this."

"Hope you know what yer doin'," muttered Logan.

"Only one way to be certain, old friend," said Xavier with a hopeful smile.

Down below the X-men gathered at the starting line. It would be their first session with Rogue. She was clearly nervous, yet determined to show what she could do. By the end of the course, she'd show Scott an emotionally fragile girl could still kick ass.

With the stat recorders going strong, Xavier gave Logan an affirmative nod. Keeping an eye on the team blow, he hit the start button.

"Program commencement in 3...2...1..."

The alarm sounded and the mission had begun. Immediately, Scott assumed his role as leader.

"Okay team! Stay close, watch each other's back, and call for assistance if need be!" he commanded, "Don't get too far ahead and watch out for hidden traps!"

"Oh what fun," muttered Rogue.

The teams split up as they were assigned. Rogue followed Evan on his skateboard, Kurt followed Kitty, and Jean followed Scott. The adrenaline was pumping through Rogue's system, the trill of her first session taking hold. She didn't know what to expect, but no doubt they wouldn't make it easy on her.

Suddenly the first obstacle came up. Three turrets rose up out of the ground and fired red lasers. Rogue hit the floor while Evan nimbly weaved around the beams. With a cocky grin, Evan lined his arms with boney spikes.

"I got these!" he said, unleashing a barrage that shorted out the systems, "Come on, Rogue! You gotta stay on your feet!"

Grunting in determination, Rogue shot up and did a handspring over the smoldering turrets. Evan was still ahead of her, but she fought hard to catch up. Suddenly, another round of traps sprang up. This time they came in the form of miniature helicopters armed with paintball guns.

"Now it's mah turn!" said Rogue, grabbing some explosives from her belt and throwing them at the flying targets.

The barrage of paintballs nearly made Evan lose his balance, but they didn't get to fire for very long as they were blown to pieces. It gave Rogue a chance to catch up. It showed Evan that she had a few tricks of her own.

"Not bad," said Evan with a grin.

"Save em for the finish line!"

In the observation deck the Professor was surprised by her performance so far. Even without offensive powers like Scott and Evan, she was nimble and skilled. Even Logan was mildly impressed. She was holding her own, but the course was only half over.

"Clock's tickin' team!" said Logan over the intercom, "Pick up the pace!"

Back in the arena, Scott and Jean were well ahead of the others. Having worked together for so long, they were accustomed to backing each other up. But despite such ease, Scott's eyes kept diverting over towards Rogue and Evan. As tough as Rogue was, he was unable to keep himself from worrying and it did distract him to some extent.

"Scott! Watch out!" exclaimed Jean, putting up a telekinetic shield to protect him from an incoming laser blast from above.

"I got it!" said Scott, refocusing his attention on the path ahead and taking out the turret.

Scott didn't usually hesitate like that and Jean had a pretty good idea why. But there was little time to dwell when they were working under a time limit.

"She'll be fine, Scott! Come on!" urged Jean.

Trusting her words, Scott went back to taking out distant targets while occasionally lending a hand to Kurt and Kitty. Over with Rogue and Evan, Wolverine had thrown in some extra traps. It was most likely his way of breaking in their newest member. But she held on, pulling off impressive feats of acrobatics while Spyke took care of most of the turrets.

"Dang! Is it always this tough?" exclaimed Rogue over the commotion.

"You'd be surprised," said Evan, firing off barrages of at several flying traps, "Just stick by mean and..."

But before the young mutant could finish, a small bump in the path rose and tripped him off his board. Stumbling to the ground, Rogue was now vulnerable. She was forced to jump back from two flying laser guns while three paintball blasters shot up from the side.

"Ah hell!" she grunted.

Thinking fast, she looked around for a weapon. All she found were some discarded spikes from Evan. Not having many options, she picked them up and went to work.

"Come on, porcupine! Get up!" she said, using the spikes as swords to slash the paintball guns.

The two laser cannons then focused on Evan as he grabbed his board. Upon seeing this, Rogue acted on an impulse and flung the two spikes she had directly at the guns. Luckily, they turned out to be perfect hits.

"Damn! Nice throw, girl!" said Evan, impressed by such skill.

"Compliment meh later! We're fallin' behind!"

Forced to catch up with the others, Rogue and Evan made their way down the final stretch. Scott and Jean were already down there, guiding Kitty and Kurt in with cover fire. The clock read less than thirty seconds. Time was running out.

"Anybody hit? What about Rogue?!" asked Scott upon hitting a few turrets that set their sights on Kurt.

"As if any of them could touch me," grinned Kitty as she phased through a couple of laser cannons, shorting them out.

"Don't get cocky," warned Jean, "The mission isn't over until everybody crosses the finish line!"

Rogue and Evan were just about to go down the final stretch. They still had plenty of time to spare. It looked as though they were going to finish strong.

"Almost there!" said Evan confidently.

"Ah see it!" said Rogue with intent.

Then, just as they reached the final pass, an entire section of the path disappeared. And since Evan was on a skateboard, he had little time to react.

"Oh shit!"

Upon seeing this, Scott sprung into action.

"Kurt! Catch Evan!" he ordered.

"Aye aye!" said Kurt, teleporting just over his friend as he plunged into the trap.

Upon seeing this, Rogue picked up speed as she neared the edge. She didn't have time to work around it so she'd have to take her chances. Scott and the others could see what she was about to do, but she quickly remembered that she didn't have to do this alone.

"Jean! Boost meh!" exclaimed Rogue.

"Hold on!" said Jean.

Using her telekinesis, Jean launched Rogue over the gap. The southern goth tumbled in mid air, not used to being lifted by an invisible force. Upon seeing this, Scott ran forth to her aid.

"Whoa!" yelled Rogue, unable to reorient herself.

"I got you!" said Scott, positioning himself just under her.

Tumbling towards the ground, she fell right into Scott's arms. Her heart was racing, but ending a run like that in the arms of her lover was not a bad feeling. And even though the clock was still running, she couldn't help but smile.

"Nice catch," she grinned.

"Nice jump," he said, trying to hide his sheepishness.

Once Evan was back on solid ground with Kurt and Rogue had caught up, the team crossed the finish line together. Everybody panted hard from the rush, but they had made it with time to spare. Once the alarm sounded, they waited for the results.

Up in the observation deck, Professor Xavier liked what he saw. Not only were Rogue's stats exceptional, but she showed a great deal of coordination with the team. Already, she was beginning to trust them and they were beginning to trust her. It was a good sign. She was definitely an X-men caliber fighter.

"Not bad," said Logan as he looked down at the team with less reservation, "Stripes did okay for herself."

"Indeed," said the Professor, saving her stats for future reference, "She performed better than expected. I think she's in prime condition to be a regular part of the team."

"When yer right, yer right, Chuck," sighed Logan, "Just hope it she can keep a level head if we fight the Brotherhood."

It was a plausible scenario, but Xavier didn't let that concern him for the moment. Rogue's connection with the Brotherhood could not be ignored, but only time would tell just how much this would affect them.

Taking the intercom, the Professor reported the results to his waiting students.

"Well done team," he said in an approving tone, "An exceptional job indeed. And a fine way to start, Rogue. I'm very proud of you."

A feeling of accomplishment fell over the southern mutant. She spent months in the Brotherhood and never fit in. She had been with the X-men for only a few days and already they were coordinating so well. It was a good sign to her that she made the right choice and everybody minus Scott gathered around to congratulate her.

"Girl! You were born to do this!" said Kitty in approval.

"Thanks for the support, Kit," said Rogue as she turned to Scott, "So this is how y'all keep in shape?"

"Yep," said Kurt with a smile, "Hell of a workout isn't it?"

"Ah'll say," said Rogue as her team gave her an approving smile, "Definitely a step up from trainin' at the Brotherhood."

"Think you can handle this sort of thing regularly?" asked Jean.

"Are you kidding?!" exclaimed Rogue, "This is mah kind of training!"

The team shared a round of laughs. Rogue really did have the heart of an X-man. Gaining trust had been difficult, but they were moving beyond that. It wasn't just about trust anymore. Instead, it was more about friendship and that was something Rogue needed in her life.

Scott was the only one who didn't look too ecstatic. He looked awkward, rubbing the back of his neck for having misjudged Rogue's aptitude. Turns out she was more ready for this than he thought. And he was going to have to explain himself afterwards.


After being debriefed, Scott and Rogue casually made their way down the corridors of the lower levels. Both were sweaty and beat from the session, but awkwardness still lingered.

While the others went to change out of their uniforms and get on with their afternoon, Rogue stuck around to chat with Xavier and Wolverine about her performance. Scott stayed close, eager to be by her side afterwards so he they could patch things up. It was strange how a simple disagreement could get this overblown. But that was just part of being a couple.

"So are you gonna say it or what?" said Rogue, walking beside her boyfriend with a feeling of accomplishment.

"Fine," he groaned, "You were right and I was wrong. I should have known you'd be tough enough."

"Dang, not even putting up a fight, are ya?" laughed Rogue.

"Would you rather I did?" said Scott more seriously, "I was just worried about you, Rogue. When someone goes through the kind of crap you did, it messes with you. Was I really so wrong to think it was too soon."

"Well...Ah guess Ah see where you're comin' from," said Rogue.

The young couple smiled and stopped in the middle of the hall. The earlier bitterness faded and they shared a comforting smile.

"So...we okay?" asked Scott.

"Of course, sugah," grinned Rogue, "We're good."

To prove it, Rogue gave her boyfriend a kiss. Disagreements aside, she was glad she had this man in her life. It was a breath of fresh air to have a relationship, taking the good with the bad. And for everything he had done, she was forever grateful.

"Ya know, Ah was gonna wash up in the shower," she said in a sultry tone, "But Ah wouldn't mind some company."

A husky grin formed on Scott's face, slipping his arm around her waist and holding the sexy southern woman in his arms. He didn't know how he got so lucky, but he was set that aside in the welcoming love of a beautiful woman.

"We talking a little make-up sex?" said Scott in a husky tone.

"Call it whatever ya want, lover boy," she said, playfully tapping his nose, "Let's just get outta these sweaty uniforms and get washed up because Ah'm feelin' very...very dirty."


Hand in hand, Scott and Rogue joined one another in the upstairs bathroom in the girls' hall. They made quick work of their clothes, stripping naked and starting the shower. While they waited for the water to warm up, Scott playfully traced his hands down Rogue's exposed flesh. She let out a content purr, turning around in kissing him as the presence of her naked lover made her feel so wet.

When the water was warm enough, Rogue playfully pulled him into the shower and kissed him passionately on the lips. Making sure her bracelet was secure, the two lovers went to work pleasing each other as they so loved.

"Ready to kiss and make up?" grinned Rogue, pulling her lover right under the torrent.

"Gladly," smiled Scott.

Letting their passions take over, the couple kissed again as Scott fondled her large breasts while she traced her hand down his chiseled upper body. The hot water poured between them, cascading down their naked bodies for a deeply sensual feel. It wasn't long before Rogue felt Scott's erect member rub up against her lower areas just around her pussy. But before they got to that point, she decided to get a little playful.

"You look good all wet and naked," said Scott in a husky tone.

"So do you, sugah," she purred, "I was thinkin' we do it like wash mah body and Ah'll wash yers. After that we'll see where things go."

"Sounds good to me," grinned Scott eagerly.

Taking some shampoo, they took turns washing each other's hair first. It was a bit awkward, but they had fun with it. They laughed and teased each other, letting the soapy suds trickle down their naked bodies. At times, running their hands through one another's hair turned into a fervent make-out session. It wasn't very thorough at washing up, but it was loads of fun.

"Mmm..." purred Rogue, "Ah feel so dirty."

"Guess we'll have to fix that," grinned Scott.

Taking the soap, Scott eagerly began to rub down Rogue's naked body. He started with her breasts and worked his way down, tracing his hands over her pussy and moving around to her sexy ass. The southern goth moaned in contentment the whole way, adjusting herself so he could work every possible inch. His soapy hands on her skin was making her all the more aroused touching her was getting Scott going too.

"Oh yeah, nice and clean," said Rogue playfully, "But now it's mah turn!"

Taking the soap from her lover, Rogue returned the favor and started rubbing down his manly chest. This got her some deep, manly moans that added to the sexual feel. He was still rubbing soap around her butt, pushing them both to new heights. Slowly, she worked her way downward until she reached his stiffening member. With a sexy grin she thoroughly stroked him with soap.

"Oh God that feels good!" moaned Scott in contentment.

"Yeah, ya like that, don't ya?" grinned Rogue.

Feeling frisky himself, Scott captured Rogue's lips in a deep kiss and slipped his hand between her legs. Her tight folds were moist with arousal and wet from the hot torrent of the shower. Soap still lingered on their bodies, making them shine in a hot sensual aura. Scott's dick was rock hard and Rogue's cunt was dripping wet. Still covered in soap, the two lovers couldn't take it anymore.

"Scott...fuck meh!" gasped Rogue.

With a sexy grin, Scott slid his hand down Rogue's leg and hitched it up around his waist. Still assaulting her lips with his, he pinned her up against the bathroom wall. With his imposing strength he held her up by her ass, allowing Rogue to hook both legs around his waist.

Firmly gripping her sexy hips, Scott lowered her onto his erect dick. He watched as Rogue's face contorted to the feeling, gasping in delight as his hard member penetrated her tight folds. Tightening her grip with her legs and holding on with her arms around his neck, Rogue let out a deep moan as her lover's cock filled her pussy.

"Oh God!" she cried.

Their bodies still soaking wet, they began to move together up and down the bathroom wall. The soap acted as a nice lubricant, allowing them to grind their wet flesh together with greater ease. Scott let out a deep grunt every time he plunged his cock into her vagina, squeezing her hips to add to the sexual feel.

Her tight pussy surrounded his hard dick in a hot vice of flesh. It was mind-numbingly good, sending shots of pleasure through their wet bodies. Moans and gasps filled the air over the sound of the pounding water. Soon Scott was working it at an intense rhythm, bouncing Rogue's naked body up and down his cock.

"Uh-uh-uh-oh Scott! Oh fuck!" panted Rogue.

"Uh-uh-oh yeah! Oh yeah it feels so good!" moaned Scott.

They went at it nice and hard, Scott slamming his dick into his lover's hot pussy. He worked it in a firm rhythm, gripping her hips and making her moan in delight. Soon, her pussy started contracting harder around his cock. She was nearing her climax. Kissing down her cleavage, Scott slowed his thrusting. And with a few more thorough motions, Rogue's body tensed in an orgasmic frenzy.

"OH MAH GOD!" she moaned, throwing hear head back.

Her tight folds contracted around her lover's dick, sending waves of mind numbing pleasure through her body. Letting out deep moans of contentment, she looked so beautiful with the water from the shower cascading down her body. It made Scott feel as though he was in the presence of a true angel.

"Oh god...oh god that was good!" panted Rogue.

Letting her return to her feet, Scott withdrew his still raging hard-on from Rogue's tight folds. Smiling at her lover, she gave him a rewarding kiss. Her pussy was still throbbing, but she was still flushed with passion.

"Ah noticed ya didn't get yers," she grinned.

"No...I didn't," said Scott.

"Care to fix that?" she teased, giving his cock a few quick rubs.

Smiling at her sexy tone, Scott captured her lips in another kiss. Taking some time to build her arousal again, Scott playfully rubbed her breasts and squeezed her tight ass. Her pussy was still tender, but he knew how to fix that.

Turning her around, Rogue bent over and leaned against the back of the shower. With a nice view of her sexy ass, Scott grinned as he knelt down and spread her tight folds with his hands. The area around her pussy was red, but still begging to be aroused. And with a husky grunt, he probed her slit with his tongue.

"Oh Scott! Fuck ya do that so good!" moaned Rogue, her body tensing to the hot sensations.

Flushed with sexual hunger, Scott ate out his girlfriend's wet pussy. The water was still pouring over them. It was such a sexy environment to be doing this in. They were both enjoying themselves immensely.

Scott licked and probed all the sensitive areas he knew she loved, fingering her swollen clit and teasing her G-spot. His dick was still rock hard. Having not gotten his orgasm, he wanted to do her so badly. And once Rogue was aroused enough, he rose up and positioned himself behind her.

"Fuck you're so hot!" grunted Scott, rubbing his dick around the entrance to her slit.

Unable to hold it in any longer, Scott gripped Rogue's ass firmly and slammed his dick into her pussy.

"Oh God!" cried Rogue, her body arching to the hot sensations of blissful sex.

Grunting and panting, Scott pounded his cock into Rogue's pussy with great fervor. She was so hot and tight. The steamy surroundings made it all the more sensual. Reaching around, he fondled her breasts as their bodies moved together in a rhythmic flow. Bucking her hips against her lover, Rogue's breasts swayed to the rhythm. Hot water poured down her naked body as Scott's dick thrashed about in her vagina.

Sensations of bliss coursed through their bodies as they neared the worked towards another climax. It was coming on strong, but this time they wanted to have it together.



Grabbing both her swaying breasts, Scott slowed his thrusts as his cock twitched inside her tight folds. Penetrating all the way up to her cervix, he let out a deep moan as he got his release. Waves of hot bliss soon followed.



Milking his cock for every drop, Rogue's pussy tightened around his member as she was hit with an orgasm of her own. Panting hard, the two lovers absorbed every last sensation. It was so sweet and intimate. The hot water still fell over their bodies, making this little intimate session truly special.

After withdrawing from her pussy, Rogue turned around and captured her lover's lips in a deep kiss. Both lovers purred in contentment, savoring the joy and passion of what they had just experienced.

"Still feel dirty?" said Scott playfully.

"In some ways," grinned Rogue, pulling him under the water torrent, "But nothin' some extra scrubbin' won't fix."

"Leave it to me," said Scott, holding her close.

Still flushed with passion, the two lovers helped each other wash up. This session had been truly special. It was the perfect way to celebrate a day of great accomplishments.


After their romp in the shower, Scott and Rogue got dressed and settled in for the evening. It was Scott's turn to help Ororo with dinner, so he got started on that. For Rogue, she retreated to the library for some peace and quiet with her favorite Anne Rice book. Having shown herself to be strong in the Danger Room, earning the trust of the team, and making up with Scott in the shower she was in a good mood.

It felt as though things were finally looking up for Rogue. While the issues about her mother still lingered, she didn't want to let such things ruin her day. She was glad Mystique was absent from school today, but at the same time she couldn't help but wonder what she was up to. However, she set that side for the time being.

Quickly losing herself in her book, Rogue's eyes started feeling heavy. A session and the Danger Room and sex in the shower had a way of taking it out of her. Lying back on the couch, she soon found herself nodding off. Soon she was in a light sleep. Then she saw it again.


The woman cried as the baby plummeted into the river below. The hooded figure reached to catch him, but was too late. And for an instant, her face was revealed. With blue skin and yellow eyes, the figure cried out in anguish as she watched the choppy waters swallow the baby boy.

"No! NO!!!" wailed Rogue, thrashing about in her half conscious state.

Just by chance, Jean was passing by. As soon as she heard Rogue's cries, she ran into the room to see her distraught state. Not knowing what this was, she approached her urgently.

"Rogue! Rogue, wake up!" exclaimed Jean, trying to shake her out of her state.

"No! The baby! NO!!!"

"Ahhhh!" gasped Jean.

Suddenly, the young telepath was bombarded with mental images of the stormy night, the cloaked figure, and the crying baby as he fell into the river. She had been unprepared for the rush, but being psychic she got a full unabated burst of the agonizing scene.

"Stop!" gasped Rogue as she let out another round of eccentric thrashes.

This time, it was strong enough to make her fall off the couch. As soon as she hit the floor, she woke up. Panting hard, Rogue rubbed her head in confusion. She had hoped that nightmare would be a one-time thing. Now it was back and more vivid than ever. Only this time, she didn't experience it alone.

"Oh man..." she groaned.

"Rogue?" said Jean, rubbing her temples as well, "What was that? I...I picked up some images that..."

"You saw it too?" exclaimed Rogue.

Still disoriented from the rush, Jean got up and struggled to make sense of them.

"Yeah, it was fuzzy, but there was definitely something there," she said, "The river, the baby, the woman in the cloak..."

Suddenly, both girls had flashes of the woman in the cloak. Rogue froze at the memory that was too strong to ignore. But it couldn't be. Mystique was her mother. She knew her. Didn't she?

"It was Mystique!" said Jean.

"Mah mama?" said Rogue, still in disbelief.

"I know it was!" said Jean confidently, "Rogue, let me look into your mind again!"

Rogue looked at Jean awkwardly. There was still some strain between them because of the whole Scott thing. But Jean set that aside for what she had sensed. She may not have been as good a telepath as the Professor, but she had come to trust her instincts when it came to matters such as this.

"Ah...Ah don't know," said Rogue.

"I promise you I won't pry," said Jean seriously, "I just need to be sure. Don't you want to know too?"

"It's just a dream!" said Rogue strongly, picking up her book, "It doesn't mean anything!"

"If a dream makes you scream it tends to mean something," said Jean skeptically.

Rogue shot the redhead an annoyed glance, but she had a point. She had lived the nightmare once and dreams that vivid don't just happen without reason. And the image of figure in the cloak still hung strong in her mind.

"Fine," said Rogue bitterly, "If it'll shut ya up..."

"I'll never mention it again if it turns out to be a dud," said Jean, placing her hands on Rogue's temples, "Just relax and focus on the dream."

Still weary, Rogue let Jean do her thing. She wasn't sure about her prying around in her head, but she wanted answers. Whatever this dream was, it was too intense to ignore. Casting Jean a warning look, she closed her eyes and focused. Naturally, it didn't take long for the images to come back.

"NO!!!" cried the woman as the baby fell into the river.

This time, her face was clear. The cloak no longer hid the figure. She was Raven Darkholm, reaching out in desperation to save her falling baby.

Having seen enough, Jean abruptly pulled out. Looking at Rogue with a shocked expression, she didn't know what to think. Rubbing her head, that face hung strong in Rogue's mind. Now she couldn't deny it. She knew what she saw and so did Jean. But what did it mean?

"Rogue, that was..."

"That was mah mama," she finished in a distant tone.

A heavy silence fell over the two girls, not knowing what to make of this. Rogue was at a loss. She thought she knew Mystique pretty well. She was the one who raised her. She thought this was a dream, but there was something about the clarity and emotion that could not be ignored. And as a look of distress fell over the southern woman, Jean took her hand and helped her up.

"We should tell the Professor," she said in a concerned tone, "If anybody can give us some answers, it's him."


Up next: answers lead to more questions and Mystique returns.
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