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Chapter 22

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i dislike summarys alot

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Chapter 22

Mikey was still stood outside the bathroom thumping the door. He needed to pee, now!
Meanwhile in the bathroom Anne was thinking of a way to annoy him.

She knew that the lock on the bathroom door could be easily undone from the outside, but Mikey was nice enough not to do that.

The window was open.

Annes pov

Hmmm, how the fuck shall I annoy mikes.
I looked around the bathroom.
(and for those who haven't guessed I took my clothes into the bathroom with me, and then got dressed)
The window was open.
A evil smirk spread across my face like smooth peanut butter on toast.
I looked out of the window.
I wasn't that high up. Only the second level (as in the one above ground).
There was a few ridges.
I planned my rout down and started.
I got through the window carefully and felt around with my feet for the rigde I had saw.
I found it and securely placed my foot on it.
I could still hear Mikey banging and shouting.
I kept searching and then dropping onto different edges and ridges until I got to the ground.
I was giggling quietly to my self.
I could still hear him.
I ran around to the front door, making sure I was out of sight from the window in the room were Mikey was.
I sneaked through the door, and up the stairs.
I was just about at the door to Mikey but I stopped, and listened against the door.

He was still ramming on the door.

I undid the door and walked in.
Mikey turned around and looked at me.
He had a strange look on his face, one of disbelief.
"What did you want me for?" I asked
"" He said pointing at me then to the bathroom door puzzled.
"Don't point Mikey its rude" I said trying to hold back laughter.
He came over me and attacked me with a big wave a tickling. I was squirming on the floor and giggling.
"Okay, now seriously I need to pee!" He said and got up and unlocked the door. ( I did tell you it was easy to unlock from the outside but Mikey was too nice)
I just sat and giggled.

Hope you like, sorry its short not much time!
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