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Chapter erm the next one >.

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Chapter erm can't remember

Gerards pov

I walked into starbucks with frank and Scarlett following behind me. I brought them for support, if things don't go too well. I know what I can be like. They've agreed to sit at a table away from me and Angela and only come over if we ask them to.

I sat at a table for about ten minutes until Angela arrived. Gosh, she looked beautiful. She's dyed her hair, strange, but I guess it's nothing bug, she just wanted to change. Why would she need to change she's beautiful, I just wish she would see it.

She saw me and came over with her new deep purple hair flowing. I wonder why she has a big hoody on, its summer after all.

I got up as I saw her. I went to give her a hug. She accepted and let us embrace. She was so skinny, it just made me want to keep hold of her. She seemed so fragile, and if I hugged her too hard she would brake.

"Gee, I'm sorry, I just don't think this is a good idea. Your amazing, too amazing for me," She whispered in my ear and turned away.

I gently turned her head towards me, and kissed her gently on her lips.

"No I'm not don't be silly." I purred as we pulled away.

We sat down, and I went off and got our drinks and a cookie for us to share. Don't you just love cookies? I do.

Angela nibbled at the cookie like a little rabbit, it was cute.

"Gerard, I'm just gonna go to the ladies, I'll be right back," She said seriously.

"Ok, I could do with going to the little boys room."

We both got up and went it through the door that led into the toilets. Angela went through one door and I went into the opposite one.

Ok I no its short, but I'll try to update again soon.
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