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"I've come to take you home Frank." Gerard said, standing at the foot of my bed. I sat cross legged, in the first normal clothes I had worn in what seemed like years.
He shifted his weight, "I've all your stuff packed and in the car, I'll meet you out in the hall when you're ready to leave."
I nodded and stared at the white sheet on the bed.

Gerard hesitantly walked out of the room, leaving the door slightly open.
The doctors had apparently seen an improvement since Lilana had visited and said I could go home. The truth is, I was waiting to get the fuck out of there so I could kill Gerard.
For what? For Fucking Lilana. When He knew I cared about her. How long had they been screwing each other? Was she screwing him while fucking me on the side? What about Jamia? What the fuck was I going to do?

I was confused and giving myself a headache.
I groaned and threw my Van covered feet over the bed and slowly stood to grab my hoodie that was lying on the chair. I looked over my shoulder at the little prison I had lived in the two months and slowly stepped outside the door.

Gerard smiled nervously and played with the keys in his hands. "Ready?" He asked.
I forced a small smile and nodded.
I followed him out to the car and climbed in, watching him rush to the drivers side and crawl in, carefully shutting his door, as not to freak me out. Jesus, how crazy did he think I was?

We rode in silenve, save the quiet hum of the engine and the sound of rubber against asphalt.
"I hate California." I said, gazing at the ugly palm trees that lined the road, "When can we go back to Jersey? I want to see my family."


They hadn't come to visit me, due to my mother's fragile emotional state. I couldn't bear watching her fall apart about my health again. She had dealt with that all my life, I didn't want her to see the white prison I had been surviving in.

Gerard cleard his throat, "Tomorrow, we're all going back."
I mouthed "Oh" and turned my gaze back to the palm trees. It made me sick. I missed the dark, depressing, foggy weather of Jersey. I needed my mom's cooking and my Batman sheet. I just wanted to go home. I wanted to hold Jamia and forget about killing Gerard and giving Lilana a piece of my mind; at least for a while. All of that could wait, I just wanted to be home again.

Gerard pulled into a paved driveway, leading to a well groomed apartment complex. I gave a raised eyebrow, he shrugged his shoulders and climbed out of the car.
I helped Gerard lug my luggage up two flights of stairs and awaited the door opening anxiously. Not a word was said as we both stepped inside the messy apartment belonging to my four bandmates.
I must admit, I had missed every single one of those guys. They were my family.

I spotted Ray running down the hall towards me, his hair flaying widly along with his long arms as they ecompassed me in a long needed hug.
"Frankie!!!!" He yelled, right in my ear might I add. "I missed you like fuck man!!"

"I missed you too Ray." I said, suffocating underneath his massive hug, "Ray, dude, I can't breathe."
He snorted, "Oh, heh..sorry man, I'm just so glad to see you. I'm just..I mean...I'm glad you're ok."
I placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled broadly.

Mikey came up behind him, dragging his feet carried by his long legs, clothed by my Batman pj bottoms.
I shook my head in disgust, "Mikey, I'm gonna' have to sterilize those things now, you know that right?"

Mikey shook his head, rolling his eyes and grabbing me into a hug. Such a nerd, but I loved him and it was good to have a Mikey hug.

I pulled away from Mikey and pushed my way into the spacious, VERY bachelor living room. Instruments strewn about the place, socks, old pizza boxes, cigarette burns in the sides of the couches.

It made me smile almost as much as the site of my guitar sitting in the corner, freshly polished.
I walked over and picked it up, lovingly strumming the sharp metalic strings.

"I took good care of her for ya' Frankie." Ray said, sipping on a cup of coffee.

I smiled, "Thanks Ray, I knew you would."
Gerard plopped down on the couch next to me and Mikey snuck into the backroom.
"Where's he going?" I asked, still reuniting with my guitar.

Gerard grinned, "Alicia."

I nodded my head in understandment, now realizing why he was wearing my pj bottoms.
"Oh damn, he can keep those bottoms." I said, scrunching up my nose.

Ray rolled his eyes, shaking his head dissaprovingly.

I looked over at Gerard, who was staring at his drawing, making random lines on the once white paper.

"Where is she?" I asked, dreading the answer, half not caring and half not wanting to know for fear of the answer.

"Jersey, she left yesterday." Gerard said, not lifting his eyes from the paper in front of him.
My fingers continued to glide across the strings on my guitar, but my mind was wrapped around Lilana. At least I wouldn't have to deal with her for a while, I really just wanted to see Jamia.

"Where's Jamia?" I asked, not looking up from my fingers.

"She's on her way, she'll be in here 10 minutes." Ray said, sitting down beside me and picking up his guitar.

He began to play his part in Early Sunsets Over Monroeville, I picked up my part, enjoying the sound of our guitars mingling together.

Gerard's low hum could be heard from across the room, and formed into words as we played the beginning of the song again.

"But would anyone notice, but would anyone care? And If I had the guts, to put this to your head." Gerard belted out the lyrics to one of his favorite MCR songs. His eyes closed and his lips wrapping passionatly around every word he sang.

"But does anyone notice, there's a corpse in this bed?" We all finished the last vocals together as Ray and I strummed the last cords on our guitars.

Silence filled the room and smiles spread across all our faces.
"Well," Gerard said, crossing his legs underneath him, "I'm glad to say your coma didn't knock any song memory out of your head Frank."

I laughed and clumsily stroked the guitar cords below me.
"So am I." Jamia said, entering the room and slinging her purse across the room.

Dropping my guitar to the floor, I ran to her, letting myself fall into her arms and wrapping my own around her warm body. Our bodies pressed so closley together, I could have sworn we were officialy joined for life.

My hands gripped her shirt tightly as her hands ran themslves carelessy through my hair.
"I missed you so much Jam." I said, tears sliding down my cheeks.

Jamia pulled her face from my shoulder and looked at me, cupping her hands around my face. "I missed you too Frankie."

We broke our embrace and turned around to see Ray and Gerard sneaking out of the room and back to the door.
"We'll be back later, you kids be safe and have fun." Gerard said, slipping out of the door.

Ray gave us the thumbs up and followed Gerard's lead, shutting the door behind him.

I grabbed Jamia's hand and led her to the couch, plopping down and pulling her close to me.

We sat in silence, listening to each other's breathing, each silently thanking God I was still alive for this moment to be happening.
Jamia's breathing was slow and controlled, which told me she was, for once in a long time, content.

I had given her hell in London and I know I'll never be able to forgive myself for what I did. I had the one woman in the world, that would love me no matter what I did to her. The one woman, who was willing to put up with all the shit in the world, just to be with me.

The one woman, who loved me.

"I'll always love you Frank." She said, reading my thoughts.
"I know." I whispered, "Thank you Jamia."

She looked up at me. "For what?"

I shrugged, "For loving me. For puting up with me, for not leaving me when I cheated on you. For coming to visit me in the hospital, for never giving up on me and my music, for always being something beautiful to look at. For being my Jamia. Just....thank you."

Her pale cheeks flushed and she burried her red cheeks into my t-shirt and whispered, "You're welcome."

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