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Pirates Will be Pirates

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Ever wonder what a pirate's play-date would be like? Post AWE.

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"Will!" Jack cried. "William, get up here!" The younger man took the steps two at a time until he reached Jack on deck. He strode over to the railing where the older pirate stood.
"You know, Jack, I AM the captain of this ship now. It looks a bit bad to be having orders barked at me, especially in front of my crew." Jack looked over Will's shoulder to find the crew of the Flying Dutchman staring curiously at them. When Jack's gaze made contact with them, they looked away and returned to their duties, as if nothing had happened, grumbling amongst themselves.
"Tha's what I wanted t' talk t' ye about," Jack said lowly.
"The crew?" Will asked, his brow furrowed. Jack nodded apprehensively, stealing another glance at said crew. He still didn't trust them much, but he'd been told numerous times that it was simply old nerves; that the crew had changed along with the captain. "What about them."
"Well," Jack murmured, "Why ain't know..." he curled his fingers into claws and growled. "And why ain't ye all..." he turned the claws upside down and put his hands to his chin, moving his fingers to represent tentacles. "Wit' th' whole 'do you fear death' an' what not?" It took Will a moment to understand Jack's miming, but he eventually nodded.
"I'm not Davy Jones," he said, matter-of-factly.
"Ye might as well be," Jack pointed out, gesturing to the ship and the crew. Will rolled his eyes.
"My point is that our histories are different."
"Well, yea. Ye didn't offend some heathen goddess...I don't think," Jack said, eying the sky worriedly. William sighed.
"No, I didn't offend any gods. I wasn't betrayed by the woman I love, Jack. I still do my job, taking the souls from one world to the next. That's why I'm not all..." he mirrored Jack's tentacle mime.
"An' the crew?"
"I think it goes along the same lines..." Will said, unsure. "They look pretty human to me." Jack grimaced, looking at them.
"Are know...evil?"
"No," Will said, shaking his head. "I gave them all the option to leave, but they wouldn't."
"Wouldn't they be dead then?" Jack asked, trying to avoid the on-looking eyes of a random crew member that was mopping the deck.
"After being with Jones for some decades, wouldn't death seem pretty nice?" Will asked. Jack raised a brow, understanding.
"Well, are you ready to get this over with?" Will asked, smoothing out some invisible wrinkle in his shirt. Jack nodded, still grimacing at the crew. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Another nod from Jack.
"Yea. Pirates got t' be pirates, Will. Besides...s'like a play date. I won't sink yours if you don't sink mine." Will nodded and Jack grinned. "Yer so gonna' lose, mate." With that, he grabbed the rope and swung over to the Pearl (which he'd stolen back from Barbossa, because he certainly wasn't going to allow THAT mangy cad to keep it).
"Ready the cannons!" Will shouted, turning to his crew. They scattered, grinning and yelling.
"Ready the guns!" Jack hollered when he touched foot upon his ship. "S'gonna be a good one, boys!"
Will smiled and shook his head. "Pirates," he sighed, and drew his sword.
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