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Chapter Ten

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Chapter 10

Ryan's POV

The scene that I had witnessed kept running over and over through my head. I was no stranger to abuse, but who could ever hurt /her/? She didn't even do anything. As soon as I walked out of the house, I opened my sidekick and texted her.

Hey, r u ok? Plz call me when u get this. -Ry

We had done sound check earlier in the day so I wasn't due at the venue for another couple hours. I wandered around the city texting Nicky over and over, making sure that she was ok. She didn't respond for a good hour or more, making me worry. Finally, my phone vibrated.

Yea Ill b ok. Dont worry I'll b thr 2nite. Missu. -Nick

Miss u 2. -Ry

She'll get there? How? Shes not aloud. Good thing I gave her the tickets on our walk over to her house or else she probably wouldn't be able to get in.

After a nice long walk, I headed to the venue.

Nicky's POV

I sat in my room. Mom was downstairs watching TV and, of course, drinking. She never comes to check on me so if I could get out of the house quietly, she wouldn't notice.

After a couple of hours, I heard nothing but the TV. While I had been waiting, I had changed and gotten ready so I was all set for this concert. I went down the stairs skipping one every once in a while. I knew the stairs and floors boards that creaked or squeaked since I had snuck out before. So I went down the stairs without incident, but as I walked past the living room, a floorboard creaked.

Damnit! Forgot that one!!

I stood still, holding my breath, not moving a muscle. I peered into the room out of the corner of my eye. Mom shifted in her position lying down on the couch, but then returned to sleeping. I finally made it to the front door, now is the hardest part. Our front door was pretty damn noisy. So, slowly, and as quietly as possible, I unlocked the dead bolt and listened. Nothing. I swiftly pulled open the door and stopped.


"Don't worry mom, just getting some food from the kitchen."

"Ok." She mumbled sleepily and once again fell asleep.

Once I was sure she was back asleep, I quickly and quietly shut the door and made a run for it. I ran down the street until I was safely around the corner and out of sight. Then I hailed a cab and drove to Emily's house.

I arrived at her house safely and ran up her front steps and through the door, I had a key. :D


"Up here!" I ran up the stairs and found Emily and Lane doing their make up.

"Nicky!" Emily whined "What took you so long! You know you're the only one who can do our make up Ross style!"

"I'm really sorry, guys." I said stepping up and taking the liquid eye liner from her hands. "I had to sneak out. Mom grounded me for no reason...again"

"Oh man, that sucks. Good thing you got out ok or we wouldn't be able to go!" Lane said.

"Nice to know that's all I'm good for." I said shooting her a playful smile. In return I got a stuck out tongue.

I finished up their make up and we caught a cab.

"The Tweeter Center please!"

We were dropped off in front of the venue. It was just 7, so the other bands would be playing. Panic! Wasn't on until about 8:30 or 9. We went in and went toward the sign that said, "Pit area only."

"Can I see your tickets please?" The worker inquired.

I gave her the tickets. She looked down at them, then back up at me, then back at the tickets, then a piece of paper, then at the tickets again.

"Give me your wrists," She said as she put the orange wrist bands around them. "Please go with these men." She said pointing to a burly looking man who was bald with a goatee, about my height and another who was tall and thin.

I looked at Lane, who looked back at me confused. She then looked at Emily, who shrugged her shoulders and walked after the men who had turned toward a door marked "Authorized Personal Only."

"Excuse me, what's going on?" I asked one of the men.

"We had orders to take your tickets and you back stage when you arrived."

"Oh." I said smiling.

We walked down a series of hallways and were lead into a room. In the room was group of guys, some with their shirts off, some doing their hair and others doing their make up. I smiled at one of the ones doing their make up and walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. Ryan jumped. How he hadn't seen me in the mirror, I will never know, but as soon as he identified the arms as mine, he turned around and pulled me toward him in a tight embrace.

He kissed my head, "Hey there, how are you doing?" He asked holding my face in his hands and caressing my cheek with his thumb, the cheek that had only a few hours before been stung by a sharp slap.

"Better no that I'm here. With you."

"There are some guys I want you to meet!" Ryan said smiling. "Oh and by the way, I love the make up."

I had done my make up like his in a picture I had found online. I had blueish-green eye shadow that surrounded my eyes and faded into my cheeks. Then, I has dawn four lines, the longest nearest to my nose and the shortest nearest to my hairline, and at the end of the lines were drawn x's. Pretty good work if I do say so myself.

"Thanks!" I said as he grabbed my hand and lead me over to the other guys in the room.

Brendon and Emily had already reunited and were laughing in the corner while Lane and Spencer sat on the couch talking and joking with each other.

"Guys, there are some people I want you to meet." Ryan said gathering everybody together, "Well, actually Jon, Spencer and Brendon, you already know them, but Emily, Lane, Nicky, this is Michael Chislett, Mike Carden, Andy Mrotek, or the butcher as we so lovingly call him, Adam Siska and William Beckett." He pointed to each guy in turn as he said their name. In return, Emily, Lane and I went around to shake their hands. Actually we hugged them all because these guys needed no introduction, all three of us love The Academy Is...!

"I love your hair!" William said as he was talking to Emily

"Thanks. I was going to get a mohawk this summer, but maybe I'll keep it." She commented.

"Hey! Lay off my woman, Beckett!" Brendon said putting a protective arm around Emily's shoulders. I started laughing. I could tell that she was in heaven because she couldn't stop beaming. She loved both William and Brendon,

As we stood there talking and getting to know my third favorite band (P!AtD, then FOB, then TAI), a man came in. "The Academy you're up in 10." He said to TAI.

"Then I guess that means we should go." I said "Wouldn't want to miss you guys performing!"

"Hey, it was great to meet you guys, we should hang out more later since we have one more concert in Philly." The Butcher said.

"Sounds awesome. We will." Lane said as everybody once again exchanged phone numbers.

"See you after the concert?" Ryan asked

"Of course! Good luck!" I said as I pecked him on the lips.

I started to walk away then, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. "I'm glad your ok, really." He said as he leaned our fore heads together and looked into my eyes.

"Thanks." I kissed him one more time and caught up with Lane. Emily was still Saying good bye to Brendon, a.k.a. they couldn't stop kissing each other. Wow they really liked one another.

"Get a room!!!" I yelled back at them.

"Bye Bren, good luck, I'll be watching!" Emily said then took off running towards me and Lane to catch up.

"This concert is going to be remarkable." She said, breathless from running, when she caught up with us.

"Fuck yea." Lane said "I can't believe we get to see Panic! AND The Academy! I totally forgot they were touring together."

"Me too." Emily and I said at the same time.

We went into the pit area and pushed our way to the front. It wasn't very hard. It was a lot of younger tweens and their parents so we got through pretty easily. Senoirity is all. We stood for a while talking to some of the kids around us and each other, when The Academy took the stage. I had to admit, William looked so fucking HOT. He had on a leather jacket, a larger tee shirt that had the sleeves torn off and some of the tightest balck skinny jeans I have ever seen. So hot, just don't tell Ryan I said that.

As the set went on, William interacted with almost all of his band mates and jumping around the stage like a mad man. Then he spotted the three of us rocking out in the front. And he smiled and as the chorus of "We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands" came up he came over to us and leaned in.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Now we got a big, big mess on our hands tonight. Ahhhhh! Now we got a big, big mess on our hands tonight." He sang to us and we sang as loud as we could right back. Then he ruffled Lane's hair and went back to singing and jumping around stage. The girls around us were in shock. It was truly the funniest thing ever.

Their set finished and Lane, Emily and I made our way out of the pit for some agua. It was going to be a while before Panic! came on because they had to set up their extravagant stage. After we finished our water, we went over to the merch table and bought some tee shirts. I love band tee shirts, they're the best. I was picking out shirts when one of the guys at the table came over to us. "Are you Nicky Fenton?"

I looked up. "Yeah, that's me why?"

"You and your friends can get what ever you want, its been taken care of."

I laughed. "Um, Nicky you have the best boyfriend ever." Lane commented.

"Yeah, wait, is he my boyfriend?" We hadn't talked about that. Lane and Emily looked at me and shrugged their shoulders.

"You guys haven't talked about it?" Emily asked.


"Oh well, then I don't know."

"Worry about it later, right now lets go shopping." Lane said as she turned towards the table with the tee shirts.

I picked out a Panic! and The Academy totes, a hoodie for both bands, 2 TAI shirts and 3 Panic! shirts. Lane and Emily both got totes also, and a few tee shirts each.

"You can pick them up after the show so you don't have to hold them during." The man said.

"Great! Thanks!"

We moved back towards the pit area. We once again made our shoved our way to the front of the pit since it really wasn't that hard. I mean, most of these kids were so young that Emily could step on them. So we moved to the front and took the coveted place smack between Brendon and Ryan. We chose between them because Emily wanted to stand in front of Brendon, but I wanted to stand in front of Ryan and Lane just thinks that both of them are hot, so we decided on in between. The lights dimmed and on came the ring master, who talked to us along with some of his dancers for a couple minutes. After that was finished, they went off stage and we waited impatiently. All of the sudden on came Spencer, Jon, Brendon then Ryan, who took their respective places on stage and began their set with "Time to Dance."

Lane, Emily and I were rocking out. The décor was amazing and the boys were playing so well. I was so proud.

As they played I could tell that Ryan was scanning the crowd. I watched him as he looked through the pit in front of him. Finally his eyes landed on me and he smiled.

"Oh my god!!! Ryan Ross is smiling at me!!!!!" I heard the girl behind me shriek. I laughed, I just let her be in her fantasy world, no reason to be a buzz kill.

Brendon had found Emily in the pit too and had smiled and winked at her. Brendon did his best to work the stage and crowd while staying close to Emily and keeping his eyes on her. Ryan rarely ever took his eyes off of me, only on the occasion that he looked down at his guitar, looked up at the crowd or when he was interacting with Brendon.

The three of us were having the time of our lives. I loved being in pits, it let me think about nothing else but the music flowing through my ears and the sweat running down my back. Ew come to think of it, I'm going to be absolutely gross when we go back stage, but that's ok.

Finally my favorite part of the show came on. I had never seen Panic! in concert, but I had heard plenty about this part. It was just before lying when Brendon was talking about a dream he had about getting his perfect first kiss. Ryan and him walked towards each other. They got so close this time that I thought they actually would. The girls around me were going crazy. Rydon they started chanting. I started chanting with them. Come on, face it, everybody likes to think about if Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie made out with each other. But sadly not today. Just before their lips touched, Ryan turned his face away and looked towards me. And Brendon talked about how this wasn't that dream, this was dirty sweaty, fucking. And they started the song. During the song, Ryan and Brendon looked at each other and they started moving towards us.

"Lets get these teen hearts beating faster, faster, So testosterone boys and Harlequin girls will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close. So testosterone boys and Harlequin girls will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close. So I guess we're back to us.." Brendon was singing to Emily while Ryan played in front of me. The girls behind me were pushing me closer and closer to the stage as they surged forward to try and get closer to the boys standing in front of us. After the song finished, they went back to their places on stage. The rest of their set went on with out another happening. And all too soon, the concert was finished. The group around us flooded out and we followed behind, not wanting to be too obvious that we were headed back stage. We went to the door and showed our passes and headed down the hallway.

Extra long update! You know you love it. So once again thanks to my Best friends for reading this and supporting it, Meg, Lane and Emily. And also to my good friend Kayla for reading! Oh and William Beckett really does like Emily's hair. We went to the Honda Civic tour on Friday and he told her. THAT SHOW WAS FUCKING AWESOME. REVIEW GUYS!!!!!!!
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