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Try Not To Worry - JUNE 4

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Jamia tells Monica about the pains she has been having.

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Jamia watched as Kara walked Bob back over to the security checkpoint. Monica was standing beside her with misty eyes. "Monica, I need to talk to you."
Monica immediately knew by her tone something was wrong. "What is it?"
"I've had some pain the last couple of days. Pretty intense pain but I didn't want to say anything about it cause Frank was getting ready to leave." Monica noticed how scared she looked.
"Have you had any bleeding?" Monica took her hand and gave it a squeeze for support.
Jamia shook her head, "No, and it's probably nothing I guess I'm just worrying too much."
Monica took control of the situation, "Call your doctor right now and see how soon they can work you in. Kara will drive Mikey's car and we'll tell Brain that you're riding home with me."
"I don't want anyone to know" Jamia said lowering her eyes.
"Don't worry, OK? Now give the doctor a call and I'll give Kara Mikey's keys. Gerard had secretly handed them to her earlier along with the apartment keys so she could do catsitting.
Jamia was still on the phone when Monica came back from talking to Brain and Kara. She closed the phone and looked at Monica. "She said to come to the office right away." It was evident by her voice that Jamia was really scared now.
"Calm down, Jamia. Stress is bad for the babies. Everything is taken care of lets go."
Once they were in the car Jamia broke down into tears. "I'm so scared, what if something is wrong? He's gone now and maybe I should have told him."
Monica reached over and grabbed her hand, "Jamia, calm down. We'll see what the doctor says and go from there, OK? It might be nothing."
"Did you ever have really bad pains in your fifth month?"
"No, but Jamia you're having twins and that's totally different from a single birth. You got two babies in there fighting for room. Just take a deep breath and try to clear your mind."
Beside her Jamia hiccupped and wiped away her tears, "OK right. It'll be all right." She tried to sound as if she really meant the words.

Monica sat in the waiting room trying to concentrate on the magazine in her hands. Her thoughts were with her friend in the examining room. She looked up as her name was called. She stood and walked over to the nurse.
"Monica? The doctor is through examining Jamia and she's getting dressed. The doctor wants to talk to her in her office and Jamia wants you to go in with her." She led the way to the office where Monica took a seat and smiled when the doctor and Jamia walked in, Jamia looked terrified.
The doctor got directly to the point. "Jamia has started to dilate. She's at four centimeters. We need to stop the contractions she's having. Having twins makes her pregnancy high risk."
Jamia began crying and Monica reached over and took her hand. "How serious is this?" Monica asked.
"Stopping the contractions is essential. The longer Jamia carries the babies the better. I'm going to prescribe something that should help. However, she needs to go on complete bed rest. No driving, no standing on her feet for long periods of time, no strenuous activity at all."
Jamia looked over at Monica, "I should have told him." She whispered.
"Do you have family that can help out?" the doctor asked in a kind tone. Jamia had already told her that Frank had just left for Europe.
"I don't want them to know." She had her reasons but she didn't want to share them with anyone.
"I will move in with her." Monica said, "I'll make sure she takes it easy."
"But you just got out of the hospital yourself." Jamia said shaking her head.
"And I'm fine. Look we can take it easy together. We'll watch lots of movies, read lots of books and talk to our guys when they call."
The doctor smiled, "That sounds like a very good plan." She handed Monica a prescription. "Get this filled and she needs to start taking the pills as soon as she can. Call me if she has any more pain. This really isn't that unusual, especially in multiple births. As long as she doesn't dilate any further, she should be able to carry the babies to term." She smiled at Jamia kindly, "You need to get a positive frame of mind. Do just what your friend said, watch movies, eat healthy snacks, and talk to Frank when he calls. If you don't want to alarm him, wait a few days and see how it goes. I want to see you in a week and we'll see if you've stopped dilating. If you have then there really shouldn't be a reason to tell him until he gets back."
Jamia nodded, "OK thank you, doctor."

Monica ran in and got the prescription filled while Jamia waited in the car. She came out to find Jamia looking a bit calmer. "Monica, are you sure it's not going to be too much for you to move in with me? I can tell my family if it is."
"Jamia, if you don't want to tell anyone, then don't. You were right; I am supposed to take it easy too. We can veg out together." She opened the pill bottle and gave Jamia one of the pills and a bottle of water. "Take one now and you get another before you go to bed tonight."
When they were back on the road to Jamia's apartment Monica asked, "Are you still all right with your decision not to tell Frank?"
"I want to wait and see, there's nothing he could do if he was here but go crazy worrying." She took another sip of water and added. "Thanks for being such a good friend."
"Friends never need to thank each other. You would do the same for me. Now lets get you home and on the sofa. We should be home just in time for one of my favorite soaps. I'm still trying to figure out this evil twin thing they have going on."

After Monica fixed a light lunch for them she drove back to Donna's to get her things. Kara was taking to Donna when she arrived. "Hey mom, where did you go?"
Monica gave them a brief explanation of the situation. She hurried to pack some of her things. She was more than happy to be helping Jamia even if it meant she wouldn't be able to work on her house like she had planned. She was however upset that she would have to keep what was going on from Gerard. If he found out she was sure that Frank would somehow find out too. As she got to the top of the stairs she heard Kara on her phone taking to Bob.
"Yeah, I know. Mom's getting ready to go back over there now. Oh, Ok talk to you later, love you." Kara closed he phone.
Monica moaned in frustration, "Kara please tell me you didn't just tell Bob about Jamia."
Kara blinked in surprise. "I wasn't supposed to? Mom you didn't tell me that."
"Where are they now?" Monica asked.
"In the airport in London. Bob called as soon as he got off the plane." She smiled happily.
"Shit" Monica grabbed her phone and dialed Bob's number.
A happy Bob answered, "Yes Stinkerbell?"
Monica rolled her eyes, "This is Stinkerbells mother. Do not say my name do you understand Bob?"
"UH, yeah" he sounded completely embarrassed and confused.
"Listen closely. Is Gerard with your?'
"OK you haven't said anything about Jamia to Frank have you?' She knew he had just gotten off the phone so she had high hopes.
"No, he's off with Matt right now."
Monica was so hoping Gerard wasn't listening to Bob's end of the conversation. "Bob, Jamia doesn't want Frank to know. Hopefully this will turn out not to be serious and she doesn't want to upset him. Promise you won't say anything to him."
"Promise' he replied.
"OK don't tell anyone, especially Gee. If he finds out then Frank will find out. Promise?"
Monica could here his name bring called in the background, "I promise, gotta go. Talk to ya later, love you." Bob added because Gerard was standing right next to him.
Kara, who was standing right next to her mother gave her an odd look, "Did Bob just say he loved you?"
Monica sighed as she handed the phone back to her daughter. "Gee was listening so he had to pretend he was talking to you. Kara, don't tell anyone about Jamia, got that?"
"Sure, I'm sorry, I really didn't know." Her mind switched tracks as it often did," Wasn't it sweet for Bob to call me as soon as he got off the plane?"
"Yeah, Stinkerbell, it was." Monica answered with a smile.
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