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Chapter Fifteen

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[Ryan/Brendon/OFC] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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The month the boys were spending at home had been dwindling down very quickly. The boys knew that they had to get back on tour, but neither of them wanted to go. Bianca was bonding with her father, Dylan no longer looked to the TV for Brendon and the last thing he wanted was for his son to go back to that.

Aiden and his father had spent many evenings while it was cool, outside looking at the stars or playing night time football. Ryan wasn't much for sports, but he was enjoying the time with his kids, he didn't care what they were doing. Caleb had been coming around a little bit more. He could now go out with his father without constantly asking for his mother. It was good for them to spend that time together even if it was just standing outside and catching fireflies and then setting them free from his bedroom window.

The last week of the boys being home was quickly coming to an end. While the guys were both trying to find ways to not taint anything that they had accomplished with their family.

"Kay, baby, come on." Ryan frowned, his arms wrapped around her tightly as he kissed her bare shoulder. "Even if it's just for a few weeks."

Makayla let out a sigh as she leaned against him, her eyes closed. "I don't know, Ryan. I just..." She wanted to chose her words carefully. She wanted to make sure he understood where she was coming from. "Just with Caleb's asthma and respiratory issues." She paused. "I don't know if he could handle it...out there. Even if it's just for a few weeks. Can you just let me think about it?" She asked.

Ryan nodded as he kissed her shoulder again. "Of course I can. I just want to put it out there. I want you to think about it and to feel comfortable. We could even go and talk to the pediatrician if that would make you feel comfortable..." He wrapped his hands around hers.

"That sounds like a good idea. I think I'll give him a call tomorrow." Makayla nodded as she got comfortable.

Aiden and Caleb had been born prematurely, so while Aiden had little to no problems at the time of birth; Caleb had been born with Respiratory Distress Syndrome, also known as RDS. When the twins were born his lungs were under developed and he had to be given oxygen and surfactant to make it so that his lungs could expand when he took a breath.

Caleb had grew out of the RDS, but his asthma developed and he had been occasionally sick from time to time. It also explained part of the reasons of why Caleb was a Mama's boy. Because of his sickness she was constantly with him and on top of him. Not that she neglected Aiden, but she had to take extra time with Caleb. He had to be fed slower, he had to take medications and sometimes be hooked up to a mechanical respirator.

Makayla was always worried when it came to Caleb and his health. She did not want to risk his health just to be with Ryan as much as she wanted to spend all of the time on the road with him.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Makayla rolled on her side and looked at her husband. She couldn't really get the thoughts out of her mind. She didn't want anything to happen to their marriage again. She was just okay with them together, him as a celebrity and their family. It was like working so hard and everything ripped away at the last minute.

"Is Brendon going to ask Ella to go and bring the kids?" She questioned as she laid her head on the pillow next to him.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked at her. He hadn't discussed this with Brendon. He had no idea what Brendon was planning, but, he didn't think Brendon would want to leave his one month old daughter behind. He also knew that they were at a point in their careers where they could pretty much do anything want as far as who they bring on tour, the bus situations and everything else. If they wanted to each have a bus for their family then they could. "I haven't asked him about it, but do you want me to? I'm sure that he's not going to leave them behind. And I think Ella would be more than willing to go. Bianca's going to have her shots next week just before we leave, so they could go."

Makayla nodded. "If the Doctor says it's okay and if Ella is going with their kids, then I will take the twins out on the road, I don't know for how long, but we will be there. I just want Dylan to be there so that Aiden and Caleb have them to play with it and vice versa." She explained to him.

Ryan smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. "Okay, you call and make an appointment for Caleb and I will call Brendon and ask him what he plans on doing. How does that sound?" He asked. He didn't mean to rush, but if they were going to have to order and make arrangements for extra buses they needed to do it within the next four days. On top of that, they would have lots of packing to do.

"Sounds perfect." Makayla nodded as she reached over and grabbed the phone. "Maybe I should get dressed first." She laughed as she held the sheet around her. The last thing they needed was the boys getting up from their naps.

"Aw, damn." Ryan pouted as he laughed and grabbed his pants slipping them on before grabbing his cell phone and calling Brendon. Even if Brendon hadn't planned on asking Ella, Ryan was going to make sure things went his way.

Only two reviews on the last chapter, but, I'm going to update anyway. I hope you guys are still reading. Drama is coming, I promise. Lots of good stuff. I can make this story longer if you guys still want that. Thank you.
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