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Message From Gerard JUNE 5

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Mikey and Alicia head for Vegas

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Alicia leaned over and kissed her husband for at least the hundredth time since they had boarded their plane headed for Las Vegas. "Oh Mikey, I can't believe this, are you sure the guys aren't upset?"
He smiled at her, "The guys gave me their support totally."
She suddenly stopped smiling, "You had to tell them what happened didn't you?"
He nodded, "Alicia, they needed to understand why it was so important that I stay with you." He reached over, put his finger under her chin and lifted her face to his, "Are you upset I told them?"
She sighed, "No, I understand why you did. Especially knowing how hard it is for them that you and Ray are both missing from the tour. Are you gonna join them in a few days?" He heard the catch in her voice.
"Nope, you got me until they get back from Europe. I told them I would rejoin them when they head for Canada."
She gave him a beautiful smile, "I'm so glad, I have you all to myself." He put his arm around her and she snuggled up promptly falling asleep. She had spent last night plagued with nightmares about the robbery and fearing being left alone.
The touchdown woke Alicia. "We're already here?" she asked sitting up and smiling.
"Yep" he laughed, "and just so you know you totally were snoring."
She made a face at him. "So when do we shop for something for me to wear?"
"I packed some stuff for you." he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Beside you really don't need a whole lot to wear, I'd just have to take it off you."
Alicia laughed, "I like the way you think, Mr. Way. So what hotel are we staying in?"
"I booked the same suite at the Billagio." He hoped this would make her smile but he got the opposite reaction. Last time they had just shared the best day of their lives.
"Oh, yeah it's nice." She unhooked her seatbelt and waited while Mikey got down his carry on duffle bag.
As they walked into the terminal Alicia came to a screeching halt. There standing at the entrance to their gate was Elvis, their Elvis. She turned to Mikey and started crying. "Mikey you planned this for me?"
He simply nodded and kissed her forehead. Elvis walked over to them. "Well hello, Mikey, Alicia. So glad you've come back so soon. Pricilla and I have your special day all ready. Lets grab your bags and get going."
Alicia was still crying, she was so happy. "A second wedding?"
Mikey smiled, "Yeah, baby, a second wedding."
She wiped her eyes and smudged her eyeliner, "But I don't have my dress."
He gently took his finger and rubbed away the smudges under her eyes, "Your dress is in my bag, I remembered it." It was the item he had almost forgotten.
"Oh Mikey, I love you." She threw her arms around him and hugged tightly.
"Now little lady, you gotta stop that for a bit, you can do that all you want after the wedding. Lets go." Elvis said with a smile.

Gerard smiled to himself as he took out one of the graphic novels Kelly had packed for him. Mikey had talked to mom and dad and Alicia's family so he had the go-ahead. He had already told Bob and Frank when they first got on the plane. He realized that by now the bands website would have posted his note


Hey Guys,
We like to keep all of you in the loop because although you are fans we see you as our friends...
I'm very proud to announce my brother's recent marriage. Watching him grow up into a man and finding love makes me the happiest brother alive.
In light of this joyous event, the band has decided to give he and his wife a much needed break from the road to start a life and have a proper honeymoon and do all of the things a newlywed couple should do.
I know this is upsetting news, as it is for us, but we will continue to tour with a temporary replacement until he has situated himself in his new life.
We thank all of your for your love and support, and know you are all as happy for him as we are.
See you on the road,

The white limo pulled up in front of the Heartbreak Hotel Wedding Chapel and Pricilla walked out to greet Elvis and the couple of honor. "Hello" she said as they got out. The driver removed Mikey's bag and carried it inside. Alicia's dress was unpacked quickly and she and Pricilla disappeared inside to get ready. Elvis took Mikey to another part of the building to get ready as well.
Pricilla was applying fresh eyeliner when Alicia spoke, "Did Mikey tell you why we are here?"
"Not really, hon. He just said that you both had bad experience that had brought you even closer together. He said he wanted you to know how much you meant to him and he thought this would help you to understand."
Alicia found herself wanting to explain to this woman who was a stranger. "We were involved in a robbery.," she said quietly. "I was so scared Mikey would be shot."
Pricilla gasped, "Lord, I'm so sorry, hon."
Alicia swallowed, "One of the robbers threatened me." She couldn't say more.
Pricilla seemed to understand, "But you two are still alive, still in love. That's the most important thing in life."
"I love him more than life." Alicia said with all her heart.
"And he feels the same way about you." Pricilla said knowingly.
She and Alicia walked back out to the entrance of the chapel. Alicia's eyes lit up when she saw Mikey standing there waiting in his wedding clothes, he was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. The smile he gave when he saw her caused Pricilla to sigh; their love touched her heart like no other couple ever had.
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