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Chapter Two

I threw my key card down, then my wallet and my cell. The hotel room was very decent, not too plush but luxuriously comfortable. Thanks be to the record company until my apartment was sorted out.

"Wow." Charlie said, looking around, she twirled around to take in a panoramic view of it all, she then placed her clutch bag down next to my things and I looked at her nervously.

"You want a drink?" I asked, walking over to the mini bar and opening the door, perusing the various items.

"Whatever you're having." She said, she peered out the window staring at the view.

"Beautiful." She whispered to herself.

She watched me pour the can of soda water into the 2 glasses, she knew I must have been nervous, she knew I wouldn't have done this before. Handing her the glass she smiled politely and sipped it.

"So..." I said, putting a hand in my pocket, not knowing what I was supposed to say to a complete stranger who I had just agreed to pay to have sex with me.

Charlie sat on the table and leaned back slightly, letting me see exactly what I had purchased.

"Come 'ere." her soft voice cooed. I put my drink down on the side, it splashing where I clumsily dropped it hard on the surface.

"Shy boy.." she whispered with a smile, how could she be smiling, I was so scared, wasn't she scared of me? I was a man willing to pay to sleep with her?

As soon I was in reach of her, she took me close to her with her arms and opened her legs to wrap them tight around my waist and our faces came close together.

I was shaking, shaking in excitement and fear, mostly fear and maybe disbelief in there too.

"I only have one rule..." she whispered as her lips grazed over mine.


I gulped hard.

"You forget about whatever's going on outside, this time is strictly for you." She said, I could only nod before our lips squeezed together firmly.

Tasting the red wine in her mouth only made me devour her further, she pulled herself off the table and stood up, slipping off her shoes.

"Can we turn the lights off?" I asked, almost nervous of asking that very important question.

"We can do whatever you want, you don't need to ask." She whispered back, I walked over to the switch and flipped off the lights.

Her fingers were sliding through my hair. My eyes were closed, feeling this woman's fingers in my hair was fantastic.

"Is that nice Patrick?" she asked, kissing me.

I could only nod as her tongue occupied my mouth again and her fingers ran through my hair again, too.

"Unzip my dress?" she asked. I knew now, there was no going back. This woman had me eating out of the palm of her hand. Why didn't I care??

As she stepped out the dress, she just walked over to the bed and lay down on it, almost as if she knew all the awkward parts of this type of encounter and she naturally made them ok.

Glad someone was, my Mother wouldn't be OK with this, in fact, the law was not OK with me doing this....

"Come on." She said, coaxing me softly, I walked to her and she began undressing me.

Charlie was an expert lover, I could only bite on my lip hard as she made me feel so alive, so wanted and so special.

"You're so gentle..." she whispered as my hands roamed about pretending to be busy knowing what they were doing but I had no clue.

"I'll do the work!" she told me, straddling my hips.

Oh look at her, she's beautiful. She's really something else and I'm about to do this and I'm freaking out.

I knew I made an awkward groaning sound when she quickly used her body to take me into her. Again my voice shuddered as she used long seductive strokes. I wanted to be embarrassed for the sounds I was making but I couldn't control myself, it was too much for me.

I firmly gripped her hips and tried to lengthen her strokes because this was happening too quickly for me. I felt robbed as it approached me way over the speed limit, I came only seconds later.

What a loser, it was barely a minute. Technically, I was debating whether she could charge me for it...

I put my hand over my eyes and hid, I was so taken and yet so embarrassed. She leaned down over me, leaning on my chest.

"Are you alright?" she asked, kissing me affectionately.

I struggled to co-ordinate my mouth, it had been so long since I'd had sex, so long since I'd been touched and kissed like this, in fact...I had never been kissed or touched like this.

Charlie lay over me and consoled my humiliation, she was very good at kissing things away. She had kissed every inch of my body, it was like she was a servant, her lips adorned me with small intentional kisses for a long time after.

Then it was over because I fell asleep. She'd cast a spell over me, the last thing I remember was her leg wrapped over mine as we lay next to each other and her kissing me a final time.


It felt like minutes but it was maybe a few hours that had passed because now she was getting dressed.

"Hey." She smiled, slipping on her underwear.

I sat up and felt nervous, this was the end of the relationship, I didn't even know how much this was all going to cost me, I only had $900 in my wallet. Worst of all, I didn't want her to go. I adored her.

She adjusted her bra and I put a warm hand on her back.

"You ok?" she asked casually,

"Yeah - I'm..."

Charlie looked at me.

"I don't want you to go." I said

"Oh, you are such a sweetheart." She said, leaning back and kissing me.

"Please - Charlie....don't go, stay with me."

"I don't care how much it costs."

Charlie looked at me again.

"I don't care, just stay with me tonight." I said, almost pleading with her.

My hands pulled her back down and she lay back down.

I leaned over and softly pushed her hair from her face and ran my fingers over her lips.

Taking her hands ,I pushed them into the bed above her head, she brought her legs up, running her feet down my calves and up my thigh.

She was smiling as my lips sucked at her neck affectionately.

"This is wonderful." She said, smiling. I stopped and looked at her.

"Don't stop!" she whispered, reassuring me.

"It's just not many people take the time to touch me like this!" she whispered, giggling slightly.

"I just want to take every inch of you in, you're perfect." I whispered back, grabbing a kiss from her mouth.

"I'm all yours." She said, reassuring me again.

20 minutes later, and I wasn't going to get busted for speeding this time but possibly for driving in dangerous conditions because I was soaked in sweat. I hadn't worked this hard for sex ever. It was worth it though, she was beautiful and I enjoyed every second of it. I wasn't even ashamed anymore.

When I first heard her moan that was all I needed.

Charlie's voice continued to echo in my ears, her moans, her sighs, her whimpers, every single one was exquisite to me.

One last stroke, one last time and it was over. I'd never felt so exhausted in my life.

I lay on top of her for a long time after, our breathing calmed and she whispered lovely things in my ear, playing with my hair. She touched me like we'd been together for years, in reality only a few hours. As I lay there with my head on her breasts I felt so enthralled. She listened to every single word I said and I knew because she asked questions back. I told her all about the band, my lifestyle, the pros , the cons and then more about the cons. She seemed to understand. The cynic in me just gathered that she was a trained listener and that I didn't mean anything to her.

"I wanted to a be a singer." She said, a shy smile creeping over her lips. I looked at her, I could totally imagine her as a singer, she had the perfect mouth.

"Then why aren't you a singer?" I frowned at her.

She moved slightly before I nested myself again, over her naked body.

"Well...I found I was better at this."

My heart broke for her at that moment, I felt like I saw that dream in her eyes and then within a second, the hope and aspiration of it, disappear in a flash.

I moved up over her and kissed her.

"Well you are good." I smiled, that was dirty I know but I couldn't afford the shyness anymore, she'd spent it all.

"But I bet you're an amazing singer." I smiled, she smiled too at me.

It was hard to imagine this was the same Charlie from those hours ago, maybe it was to do with that fact she was naked and underneath me, I don't know. Or maybe I did see something different in her. Maybe the confident and arousing character of Charlie was different when you broke her down a little. You would need to have a form of bravado to do what she does. Maybe the confidence was her bravado.

"I'm more amazing at sex." She replied in a low smirking voice and with that, her barriers went up. No more about Charlie.


"Do you have to go?" I whispered in her ear, then I found a spot on her neck and I place a long deep kiss on it.

"I do."

She slipped on her heels.

"Could you zip my dress up?"

I sat up and gently pulled the zip up the back of her dress, as it did, it pinned in that beautiful figure of hers. I had to get up, I couldn't lie there and watch her get ready to leave me, I slipped on the black jeans from last night and quickly pulled a shirt around my shoulders.

She was fixing up her make up in the mirror and I took my wallet nervously. This was degrading, this was harder than I thought, as I opened my wallet I took out all the cash I had and just hoped it would be enough.

Charlie turned to me and watched anxiously.

"I don't know how much-"

Charlie's hand rested on mine, reassuring me, she gently took 5 $100 bills from my hand.

"Thank you." She gently. Kissing my lips gently.

She stepped back and smiled at me once more and then she was gone.

And then I was standing alone in that hotel room.

I felt only guilty of one crime - and it wasn't sleeping with Charlie.

It was the realization that I'd giving up looking for the 'real thing.'
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