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Everything was perfect.

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Chapter One

She was incredible, I won't lie, her legs got my attention and I'd never been a leg man, always liked the ass. But they were gorgeous and she was sitting just perfect on that barstool. At first it was admiration of a complete stranger but then she made eye contact with me and I think that's when she roped in the hook. Those eyes. Wow. I'd never seen a redhead with such fantastic green eyes. I'd never seen such an attractive red head before.

I was fooling myself before-

"Go ask if she wants a drink!! She keeps looking over!!" Joe said enthusiastically.

"Uh - no." I said flatly, I wanted it to be flat, so he didn't pick up any of the (gallons of ) interest I had in her.

"You're a fool man, she's looking over, go ask if she wants a drink!" I think he was annoyed.

More coaxing and strong drink of the wine I had and I walked up to her.

"Hi." She smiled at me.

"H - Er...Hi." I barely managed to stutter.

I knew she was smirking at me, did she know how uncomfortable this was? I asked if she wanted a drink and then I'd proceeded to stutter my way through an introduction.

She had accepted my offer and the bartender poured a red wine for her, I saw her smile at the bartender as he did.

"Thank you Dylan." She smiled, coyly. Ok, that voice was good, it was coarse but so soft. Maybe she had a sore throat, but then I just concluded that she was just damn sexy.

"You're welcome Miss Redwood." He smiled back, knowingly.

"I've not seen you here before, usually only get the regulars and unknowing tourists in here." She said, I handed the money the bartender.

"Well, uh, I guess I'm a tourist." I said smiling widely. She laughed gently, sipping her red wine, she was captivating me in the most surreal way.

"Great, because I love to antagonize the tourists." She said.


"No." she replied, with a small grin.

Small talk, chit chat and flirting continued for an hour or more until Andy and Pete tapped me on the shoulder and told me they were going. I looked at Charlie quickly and felt the decision making cogs start to twist and turn inside my head.

"Maybe he would like to stay here with me." Charlie said in her wonderful voice.

"Maybe..." Pete said to me, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll....I'll call you guys later." I said, looking at Pete nervously.

"Alright Patty boy." He said, patting my back again and they left.

"Why don't we go and sit somewhere a little more comfortable?" Charlie asked, slipping off her barstool, she gripped her clutch bag under her arm and walked to a corner booth, I could only gawp at her posterior figure as I followed.

I'd never been so informal with a girl I'd only met for an hour before. But she was so friendly, so warm.

"Come closer." She summoned me gently and I moved closer, her hand touching my leg.

"So..." I muttered, god, I was already getting a hard on at her touch, it was echoing through my whole body though, I was rigid...

"I want to know more about you." she whispered in my ear as she sat next to me, her elbow casually resting on the back of the booth seats and bringing one of her legs over mine seductively. Damn those legs are better close up, I couldn't help it, my hand slips down and I touched the soft skin of her shin, up over her knee.

I gazed at her deep auburn hair, it was in a neat bob around her heart shaped face. Charlie had the perfect cupid bow lip, she knew she was beautiful, she was also modest and she wore beauty with the right amount of pride.

I did my best to talk whilst her soft features surrounded me that husky voice said 'yes' and 'uh huh' in all the right places for me. It was most intense encounter with a woman for almost a year.

"You wanna......I have a hotel room." I said nervously, she grinned and laughed into my neck softly.

"That depends ..." she whispered.

My heart was thudding violently in the confines of my chest, I had never propositioned a woman like this before, but she was doing something to my emotions, doing something to my confidence that no woman had dared me to do before.

"On what?"

Her lips were literally on mine as I asked.

She kissed me and that was it, I was going to have her, I had to, that kiss was too impressive to let go.

"Whether you can afford me or not?" She asked, before placing another kiss on my lips.

I pulled away and stared, I knew I must've been frowning because I felt the draw of my eyebrows down onto my eyes.

"Think about it..." she whispered, kissing my neck softly before standing up and heading towards the ladies.

She was gone some time, it was good, it gave me time to think.

A hooker??? She's a hooker??

I should've known, look at her, she was a goddess. Of course someone like her wouldn't want me. Not without a catch anyway.

I was so angry at myself, I let myself get totally caught in her web and now I know what the smiling was between her and that bartender. She'd been gone ages and fearing that I was looking more of an idiot than I already did, I went to the mens room and mulled over exactly what I was going to do.

I came out and I saw her staring at our empty booth, her hand dropped down when she saw the empty table.

I stared at that figure again, taking her in. I still couldn't quite believe it, she was too elegant and stylish to be a hooker. I saw her tuck her hair behind her ear and she opened her clutchbag.

I moved towards her, there was a strong urge for me to reach out and just clamp my hands on that small waist of hers but I withheld myself.

"Shall we get out of here?" I asked her, she turned quickly and stared at me.

Then she smiled.

"Yeah..." she said, her eyes sparkled and I reached down, taking her hand and we left the bar.
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