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Chapter 33

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2/2 Call off the search Bunny had been found.

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'You have to eat something' Frank said pushing the sandwich towards Gerard.
'I'm not hungry' Gerard mumbled pushing the plate back.
'Here comes the choo choo train' Frank said holding a forkful of his pot noodle in his hand and aiming it towards Gerard's mouth all the while making train sounds.
'Fuck off Frank I'm seriously not in the mood for your bullshit.' Gerard said getting off his bed and walking into the middle of the room.
'Sorry I was just trying to cheer you up and get you to eat something.' Frank said with a small smile.
'I know you were, but I'm not hungry and I don't want to be cheered up, I just want Cheyenne, I want to talk to her and I want to hold her.'
'And you will just as soon as she gets back' Frank said standing up and heading for the basement steps.
'IF she comes back' Gerard muttered heading back to the comfort of his bed.
'Positive thoughts Gee' Frank said not bothering to turn around as he walked up the stairs 'positive thoughts.'
Cheyenne had been driving for about and hour, the clock on her dash said it was just after five and she was maybe forty-five minutes away from home where Gerard would be waiting for her and they'd spend the remaining couple of hours lost in each others love. She smiled at the last thought, being away from him for these few hours and speaking with Clare had given her clarity and she couldn't wait to get home. She hoped that when they had a chance to talk, he'd explain his behaviour yesterday and she'd tell him how it made her feel, they had to understand how the other person felt, communication is important especially if they were going to live together. In her haste to get away she had forgotten all about their plans, their perfect house, their miniature Garden of Eden and all the plans she and Donna had discussed for the interior. How could she think Gerard would throw that all away? She laughed at her stupidity as she continued on her journey towards Bellville she couldn't wait to get there.
'What are we supposed to do now?' Jamia asked worriedly 'her phone is still off and Gerard hasn't eaten a thing and Bob's gonna be here soon to say goodbye to his cousin who's not here.'
'I think what we need to do is go out and find a girl who looks exactly like Cheyenne and we'll...'
'Frank no' Jamia said shaking her head.
'Sorry you're right, but all jokes aside I think we should get Gee to tell Bob that Cheyenne is no longer with us.' He said seriously.
'You make it sound like she's dead' Ray replied 'but that's the only idea, what else can we do?'
'We could go out and look for her?' Christa suggested. she had finished work early that afternoon and had come over to the Way's as soon as Ray updated her on the recent event.
'We can't, we don't know where to start, she could be in Chicago by now.' Ray said
'Maybe we could call Bob's Mom and ask her if she's seen Cheyenne lately?' Christa replied hopefully.
'Absolutely not, Bob is supposed to be taking care of her if we ring up and say she's missing, Bob will get into trouble especially since he doesn't know she's gone.' Frank said.
'So what the hell are supposed to do?' Jamia exploded 'she could be in trouble, she could be hurt or even worse.'
'Mia calm down' Frank said standing up and placing his hands on her shoulders 'you have got to stop thinking thoughts like that, we need positive thinking. Cheyenne is fine ok, she'll be back soon.'
'And if she isn't' Jamia said shrugging away from him.
'I don't know but I for one am not going to think about stuff like that' He said honestly.
Gerard wondered how long he could sit in the basement staring into space before he died of dehydration or went insane. His body was sending him severe hunger messages but he ignored them, he subconsciously looked at his hunger pains as punishment for his stupid behaviour yesterday, all this could've been different if he had just acted his age instead of running away like an immature teenager. There was no room left in his mind for positive of hopeful thoughts, even when Frank came down in an attempt to cheer him up any optimistic words he offered had died on his ears, all he wanted to do was sit alone and berate himself for loosing the woman he loved.
'Gerard come upstairs' Jamia said softly, she had come down in an attempt to get him to come upstairs and join the rest of them, she didn't think it was good for him to be down there alone with his own thoughts.
'No thank you, I'm okay' he replied robotically.
'Gerard listen to me, I know you're feeling awful right now but we have got to remain positive everyth...'
'That's funny' he snorted
'What do you mean?' she asked taken aback by the bluntness in his voice.
'Just now you weren't so positive I heard what you said.'
'Yeah, well that was me being angry but I see past that now and I know Cheyenne is alright and that there is an explanation for her not being here.'
'Yeah the explanation is she left her stupid boyfriend because of his immature behaviour.'
'Don't be silly Gerard no one leaves their partner because he or she ignored them for a day, that would be silly and immature and Cheyenne is neither of those.'
'So where is she?' he asked
'On her way home' Jamia prayed
'Sure she is' Gerard said sarcastically 'could you leave me alone now please?'
'Fine, sit here and wallow in self-pity I don't care, just so you know while you're down here feeling sorry for yourself the others and I are up stairs trying to figure out what to do, maybe instead of sitting here staring into space you should figure out what you're going to say to Bob when he asks where she is.' And with that Jamia left taking the stairs two at a time.
'Yeah we're still looking for Bunny' Frank said pacing the room. He was on the line to Bob who was bored and wanted to help look for Bunny.
'I'm coming over, where are you guys?' he said walking back into Amber's bedroom and scanning the floor for his jeans.
'Erm we're at Ray's' Frank said screwing up his face as he lied
'Why?' Bob asked
'Erm...because one of Bunny's favourite toys is here and we thought it would help intice her home.' Frank said smiling at his own creatice genius.
'Oh okay well Amber and I are coming over once she gets dressed, she been in the bathroom for ages only God knows what she's doing.' He said looking at the closed bathroom door.

'What do you want me to do Jamia I can't keep him here forever?' Amber hissed down the phone.
'I don't know, think of something' Jamia whined 'Cheyenne isn't here and Gerard's still sinking into his pit of despair, you have to keep him away.'
'For fucks sake what do you want me to do?' Amber said
'Open your legs, bend over the kitchen table I don't know Amber be inventive.'
'I have been sexually inventive for the last two hours Jamia and for once, and I hate to say it, I'm all sexed out, I can't have any more sex.'
'Well think of something else, read him a book, bash him over the head, poison him I don't care what it takes Amber but keep him away from here.' Jamia said hanging up.
Amber sighed deeply and hung her head, she was definitely feeling the pressure of the drama now, how the hell was she supposed to stop Bob from leaving the house, you can only have so much sex and if she stayed in the bathroom any longer she was going to burst herself.
'Amber are you okay in there honey?' Bob asked knocking on the door.
'Yeah I'm just enjoying my bath' she said plunging her hands into the semi-full bath and splashing the water about.
'Erm honey how long are you going to be I want to go over to Ray's to chill with the others?'
'Ok Bobby give me another couple of minutes and I'll be out.' She said sweetly, she could use the extra time to think of something else that could keep him in the house.
'When are we allowed to call the missing person's hotline?' Christa asked
'I don't know and we're not calling it' Ray stated
'But she's missing' Christa said
'We don't actually know she's missing' Frank chimed in 'She could just be out.'
'Or she could be knocked out in the trunk of some stranger's car' Jamia said quietly
'That is enough Jamia, if you don't have anything positive to say don't bother speaking at all.' Frank replied
'Fine then I won't talk' She said folding her arms across her chest.
'What is Gerard doing in the basement?' Christa asked
'He's figuring out what he's going to say to Gerard' Jamia answered
'I thought you weren't talking' Frank joked
'Ray can you please tell the midget by the window that I'm not speaking to him?' Jamia asked.
'Oh Mia that is so immature' Frank said shaking his head
'Shhhh did you guys just hear that' Jamia whispered sitting up.
'Hear what?' Christa said
'Oh it's ok I thought I heard someone talking but I realised it was just the wind.' Jamia answered.
'Or the crazy voices in your head.' Frank shot back.
'OMG there it was again, it sounds like it coming from by the window.' Jamia shouted pointing but not looking at her boyfriend.
'Shut up' Frank said scowling
'Enough' Ray finally broke in 'you guys are getting on my nerves now, if you can't act your ages then go home.'
'Ooooohhhhhh' Jamia and Frank said in unison 'What rattled your cage?' Jamia continued
'You and your boyfriends constant chattering, it's doing my brain in.' He said irritably.
'No Ray I think it's that large afro that's doing your brain in.' Frank stated.
'Lame come back' Christa said rolling her eyes
'Who asked you?' Jamia retorted jumping to Frank's defense.
'No one. But nobody asks you to talk yet you chatter on non-stop.'Christa retorted, smiling innocently.
'Uh! I do not' Jamia spewed, turning her nose up.
'Yeah baby you kinda do' Frank agreed
'So what you're taking her side' Jamia accused in disgust.
'No I'm...'
'STOP!!' Ray said 'seriously listen to yourselves, we shouldn't be arguing amongst ourselves, we should be figuring out what to do.'
'What can we do other then to tell Bob and let him call the shots' Jamia replied. A vibration in her back pocket made her jump and she stood up to retrieve it.

Amber: I'm realy sorry I did try bt we r on r way to u, Bobs a lttle mad coz u guys rn't @ Ray's like Frank said. We'll b there soon. Warn the others.

'Shit' Jamia said
'What's wrong?' Ray asked
'Bob and Amber are on there way they'll be here soon' Jamia relayed the message.
'Oh crap' Christa said biting her lip.
'Be a man' Gerard told himself as he clambered off his bed, he had listened to the others arguing above him as he sat alone in his dimly lit bedroom, he should be up there with them deciding what course of action to take instead of hiding out in his room. Grabbing his cell of his pillow he made his way slowly up the basement steps where he would sit in the kitchen and tell one of his best friends that his cousin disappeared and know one knew where she was. Where was he supposed to start? 'Hi Bob I dated your cousin and you were against it, now she's up and left me and no ones knows where she gone, I'm sorry, I hope we can still be friends'. How was that going to sound? He didn't even know if she was okay? It took him a second to realise that the phone was against his ear and the ringing he heard wasn't in his head but was in fact his phone connecting to Bob's.

'Gerard Way' Bob answered
'Hey man' Gerard said trying to steady his trembling voice ' are you?' Fuck was he terrified, how the hell do you tell your best friend, your band mate that his cousin has packed up and left you and no one knows where she is?
'I'm cool and to what do I owe this pleasure' Bob asked glancing over at Amber who looked like she would love nothing more then to jump out of the moving car.
'There's someth....'
'Oh before you start, did you find Bunny?'
'Bunny?' Gerard asked totally thrown by the bizarre question 'no I haven't found Bunny'
'Oh no is she still missing? How are Alicia and Mikey, they must be really upset?'
'Bob what the fuck are you talking about?'
'Bunny is missing...'
'Bob please I have to tell you something that much more important then a missing cat.'
'How can you say that? Bunny is a part of this family.'
'Bob please listen to me...'
'No you listen Mr. I love that cat as if it were my own and it's missing and you don't even care.'
'I do care but there's something going on that's much bigger then Bunny.' Gerard said heading for the basement, he wanted to be hidden safely under his duvet when he delivered the news.
'What could be bigger then a missing family pet?' Bob asked
'A missing mily memer' Gerard replied opening the basement door.
'Huh! What did you say?' Bob said, he removed the phone from his ear to check his reception but his bar was full. 'Gerard what did you say?' he repeated once he put the phone back to his ear.
'I aid Chenne is sing' Gerard said taking a few steps back from the basement door to improve his reception
'Gerard I can't hear you' Bob said raising his voice
'HELLO IS ANYONE HOME?' Cheyenne called out shaking her jacket off and dropping her bag to the floor.
'Oh hey you.' She said spotting Gerard who was by the basement door. She watched as the cell phone slid from his hand and he didn't move a muscle in an attempt to catch it. 'Oh My God Cheyenne' he whispered rushing over to her 'I'm so sorry, Thank God' he cried placing kisses wherever his lips could reach, he found her lips and kissed them hard all the while holding her close to him. 'I love you so much, I am so sorry'
'whatareyoutalkingabout' Cheyenne mumbled into his shoulder where she was starting to suffocating. 'Gerardletmego'
'I'm sorry' he said releasing his grip and stepping back, holding her at arms length.
'What are you doing?' she asked looking at the tears that were forming in his eyes. 'What happened, why are you crying, oh my God is someone hurt?'
'No it's you?' he said pulling her close again. Cheyenne tried to comprehend what was happening and before she could ask the living room door swung open and Jamia ran at her.
'CHEYENNE' she squealed racing towards the couple and embracing them both, she had heard Cheyenne call out and after mentally debating whether or not she was hearing things decided to investigate only to find her locked in an embrace with Gerard. 'I was so scared don't you ever run away again do you hear me. What were you thinking anything could've happened to you?'
'I don't understand' Cheyenne said weakly as Frank suddenly appeared and enveloped her into a hug, which Ray joined and she was sandwiched between the two guitarists.
'You had me worried' Frank said pushing Ray away so he could have Cheyenne to himself. 'You are in so much trouble young lady.'
'Please everyone I don't understand' Cheyenne said pulling away from Frank.
'What's not to understand, you've been missing since this morning' Ray said 'we've been so worried about you, and one knew where you were.'
'Yes they did, Donna knew and Gerard I left you a message on the table.' Cheyenne explained.
'No you didn't' he said furrowing his eyebrows.
'Yes I did, we run out of post-it notes so I scribbled a message on a napkin and left it on the table. What's all this talk about me running away and why am I in big trouble and Gerard what are you sorry for? she asked all in one breath.
'Ok rewind' Frank said scratching his head. 'Obviously there has been a huge mix up, we thought you had left Gerard, we thought you ran away, which is why we're hugging you like you've suddenly returned from the dead. He called us all when he woke up to find you and your stuff gone, we've been calling you all day.'
'My cell is dead, I didn't think it was such a big deal since I left a note.'Cheyenne answered.
'There wasn't a note' Gerard said shaking his head.
'Yes there was'
'No there wasn't'
'Cheyenne where are all your things?' Ray piped up
'In Donna's car, Gerard and I agreed a few days ago that we'd take her smaller car to the airport and Donna would use his this evening for that thing she's got going on with Auntie Sue.' Cheyenne answered.
'So you didn't go missing?' Jamia said pursing her lips
'No' Cheyenne said shaking her head. 'I went for a drive, a nice long drive.'
'Oh' Gerard said biting his lip
'Yeah honey oh' Cheyenne repeated smiling at them all.
'About time, you took forever to get here' Frankie said smiling at Bob as he walked over the threshold followed by Amber, who hung her coat and walked towards the living room.
'Yeah I wonder whose fault that is?' Bob replied grabbing Frank and putting him in a headlock. 'You told me you were at Ray's'
'We were but we came here instead for...dinner' Frank lied as he struggled out of the bigger man's grip.
'That's ok I had to come here later anyway to say goodbye to Chey bear.' Bob repeated letting go of Frank's head. 'Where is she anyway?'
'She's in the basement with Gerard.' Frank panted. He felt extremly happy that he was able to say that to his friend.
'Boy do I feel stupid' Gerard said running his hands over head and pacing around in his bedroom.
'What happened today?' Cheyenne asked smiling at how cute he looked.
'Oh man where do I start?' Gerard said walking over to sit next to her.
'With a kiss please' she said reaching up and stroking his cheek.
'Gladly' he replied leaning in and placing his lips on hers, it was in his opinion one of the sweetest kiss they had ever shared, it didn't surpass their first kiss but it definitely came second.
'Now tell me what went on today.' She said pushing him back and resting her head on his chest.
'Are you comfortable?' he asked
'Yep' she sighed
'Good cause it's kind of long'
'I've got time' she said lifting her head and smiling at him.
'Yeah we nearly gave up hope on finding her, but we did in the end.' Ray lied
'That's good news' Bob said 'It would have been tragic if we didn't find her.'
'I agree' Christa sighed 'Bunny's the best.'
'I take it you took the missing posters down' Bob said
'Yeah of course, straight after we found her the posters came down.' Jamia said 'now lets stop talking about Bunny and lets decide on what to have for dinner.'
'I second that I'm starving' Amber said. 'The more fattening the better.'

An hour later Gerard and Bob headed out to get Chinese after a vote on what to eat, Gerard only went because he felt like he should spend some time with Bob, after all, things could have gone seriously pear-shaped that day if Cheyenne hadn't returned.
'You guys are such moron's' Cheyenne giggled as they each recounted their version of the days events.
'What did you want us to think?' Jamia smiled 'We had no idea where you were.'
'I did leave a note I promise' Cheyenne said putting her hands to her chest.
'Sure you did' Christa patronised
A few minutes later they heard the front door open and close and Mikey's familiar voice calling out.
'Hey loosers' he greeted them as Alicia walked first into the room, she went straight for Cheyenne and hugged her tightly.
'No you're the looser' Frank retorted
'Where have you two been all day?' Christa asked
'At home' Alicia said and Mikey smiled knowingly.
'How's Bunny?' Bob asked.
'Fine' Alicia said raising her eyebrow 'Pumpkin's great too, thanks for asking.'
'Why wouldn't I ask? Bunny was missing I was concerned.'
'What?' Mikey asked looking at Cheyenne 'Bunny?'
'Yeah Mikey remember earlier today Bunny went missing, we found her about an hour ago so all is well.' Jamia said nodding as she said each word hoping that he'd catch on.
'What?' he repeated making Alicia who had already caught on, hit him in his back.
'Yeah she was stuck in a tree and Mikes went up and got her down didn't you honey?' She said giving him a knowing look.
'Oh!' he said loudly 'Yeah that's right, it's just when you said Bunny I thought of...erm Pumpkin, silly me'
'Don't laugh at me' Gerard said snaking his arms around Cheyenne's waist. They had just cleaned up the dinner dishes that held their Chinese take out and Cheyenne's mind was still reeling from the amount of drama she caused.
'I can't help it, you guys are so silly.' She replied wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him gently on the mouth.
'It's not silly to worry about you' he stated
'Of course it isn't but it's silly to think I would up and leave you like that especially over something so silly, I'm not that kind of person.'
'I know that, I've always known that, I just let myself get carried away.'
'That's okay we're together now so let's put this episode behind us, but Gee I do want to know what happened yesterday because I don't want to ever feel like that again.' She told him looking into his eyes, it felt like forever since she last did.
'I didn't mean to neglect you Cheyenne it's just I had a lot...' he started but was cut off.
'Shhh' She said putting one finger against his lips 'not right now, later okay, right now I just want to be with you.'
'I can deal with that' he said kissing her lips.
The time flew and before anyone realised it was time for them to say goodbye. Donna came home a few hours before to swap cars and wish Cheyenne a safe trip, she made her promise to call each night so Donna knew she was safe. The ride to the airport was fairly quiet as neither her nor Gerard were in the mood for small talk, both of them knew they had unresolved issues regarding the following night, yet neither of them could bring themselves to mention it.
'Call me as soon as you land okay?' Gerard said pulling her into his arms
'I promise' she said 'Now say goodbye to me.'
'I don't want to' he admitted 'I felt like I lost you today and now you have to leave me, the last thing I want to do is say goodbye.'
'I'll be back in a week' she said stroking his face 'and I'll call everyday like I always do.'
'It's not enough' he said resting his forehead against hers
'We officially have a house now, if you want me to Gerard I'll hand in my notice tomorrow and two weeks from now I'll never have to leave you again.' she said seriously.
'Really you'll hand in your notice?' he asked
'Yes tomorrow first thing if you want me to.'she smiled
'Of course I want you to, but what about your job?' he asked.
'I'm sure I can administration work anywhere, you won't have to worry about that.' She smiled again 'So yes or no?'
'Yes definitely' he said practically beaming.
'So it's settled. I got to go, give me a kiss and I'll call you when I land.' Cheyenne said leaning in as she spoke so Gerard could kiss her and he did, deeply, letting his lips linger on hers as long as he could. The PA announcement sounded and they broke apart walking hand in hand to the gateway where they kissed once more.
An hour and a half later Gerard was back at home enjoying the peace and quiet of the house but desperately missing Cheyenne. He actually couldn't wait for her call and time seemed to be ticking away very slowly. After taking a shower, since baths were no longer acceptable as far as he was concerned, he settled on the sofa to waste away the remaining time before his cell phone rang and Cheyenne's voice soothed away the ache in his heart. He considered taking a short nap, he was mentally and emotionally tired after the days events, but knew if he dozed off there would be a chance of him not waking up when his phone rang. It was just after mid-night when a knock on the door startled him, his first thought was that it was Mikey, who else would knock on the door at this hour. Pulling up his sweat pants that had slipped down in his lazy state he headed to the door feeling a little nervous.
'who's there?' He asked, his hand lingering on the lock and knob. When no-one answered his apprehension grew and hesitantantly he opened the door and was shocked by who was there.
'What are you doing here?' he asked taken aback by the late night vistor.
'I just had to see you, can I come in?' The figure asked a grin plastered across her face.
'Of course' he said moving aside to let her pass 'come right in.'

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