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Chapter 32

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1/2. Bunny goes missing, well kind of.

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Hello my angels, I'm back...actually I've been back for a while but have been busy with jetlag(which is a bitch) work/friends/boyfriend and last but not least family. But I'm here now, so wipe all your tears away lol. I have no idea what to make of this uneventful chapter, but the second half will be better. So read on my lovelies, read on.

Quick recap
It had been over an hour since Gerard had heard Cheyenne enter the house, he was in Mikey's room and something inside him told him to remain where he was instead of going to greet her and explain his actions. He was undressed now lying in his brother's old bed wandering whether or not to join Cheyenne in their bed, he wanted to but you can't ignore someone all day then cuddle up to them when they're asleep can you? He rolled over onto his side and for the hundredth time that they he mentally bashed himself for his stupid and immature behaviour. Closing his eyes he wished tomorrow would come quickly and he prayed that it would be a better day then today. Tomorrow was his official "kiss ass" day to Cheyenne, he was going to make up for the way he had been acting and show her how much he appreciated her. As he fell asleep he felt optimistic about the coming day and it never occurred to him that she might not be there in the morning to join in his plans.

'Ouch, shit' Gerard cried dropping the hot baking tray onto the counter and shoving his fingers into his mouth, rushing over to the sink he thrust his throbbing fingers under the cold water and waited for the burning to subside. After a few seconds of relief he removed his hands from the running water and observed the damage, which luckily wasn't much. He switched off the tap and went back to check on the contents of the baking tray that he so carelessly dropped a few minutes earlier. On the hot tray sat four freshly baked rolls. It was true to say he didn't prepare the dough, knead it or roll it into shape but he sure baked it and in his opinion it looked pretty damn good. With care this time he removed each roll and placed it on plate, then moved the plate to the dining table, which was already full with various dishes that he himself had cooked. The only thing left to do was to wake Cheyenne so she could share the meal with him. Walking over to the counter he picked up the small alarm clock, the note he had written a few hours ago and the six pink roses that he had purchased as soon as the florist around the corner opened. He set the alarm clock to 10.50, which gave him seven minutes, since it was now 10.43 to place the clock and the note on the bedside table and lay the trail of roses from the bedroom to the kitchen, where he would check everything was ready and perfect. He made his way to the basement door and deliberately turned the lock so it made little to no sound as it opened. In all the years of sleeping in the basement he had never thought it had a downside until now, the lack of natural light made it difficult to see and he was reluctant to switch on the main light in case he woke his sleeping beauty. As he descended the stairs he tested each step carefully, he knew they were old and sometimes creaked under weight, he wanted this to work out perfectly, she had to wake up see the note and follow the roses, if she saw him first it would spoil it. In all his concentration to reach the bottom step without making a sound, it didn't cross his mind that the basement, other then his breathing and movement was deathly silent, usually he could hear Cheyenne breathing. He walked over to the wall where the light switch was and flicked it on flooding the room with light and revealing an empty bed. He was confused where was she? He would've heard her if she was in the shower and he'd have noticed if she had left the house, she'd have to walk past the kitchen. Gerard went over to the bed and sat down, all his breakfast efforts had now been wasted and he felt a little annoyed that Cheyenne hadn't had the courtesy of leaving him a note, but come to think of it he did basically the same thing yesterday, disappearing all day without telling anyone and not answering his cell. Was she trying to get back at him? Sitting up straight he looked towards the dresser to see if she had left a note, but had failed to leave it on the fridge, he scanned the top and of course there was no note but something else did catch his eye. He walked over to the dresser and scanned each item that was placed on it carefully and for the life of him he couldn't work out why it looked so different, and then it hit him, all the items were his, not so strange when the room belongs to you, but definitely strange when your girlfriends hairbrush and cosmetics were missing. He shifted his body slightly so he could peer around the dresser to where Cheyenne's suitcase usually was and to his horror it was gone. Racing up the stairs he snatched up his cell and dialled Bob's number, but before the first ring he hung up, there was no way he could tell Bob that his cousin had up and left him. Pausing to calm the shakes in his body he took a deep breath and dialled Cheyenne's number, it rang a few times before her answer machine clicked on, shaking his head he left what he thought was a calm and normal voicemail. Suddenly feeling tired Gerard sank into the nearest dining chair, Cheyenne couldn't really have left could she? How the hell had he let this happen?
'I wanna girl with lips like morphine, knock me out every time they touch me, I wanna feel a kiss just crush me and break me down...' Cheyenne was cruising along in Donna's car, the window was open and the wind was blowing through her hair, she felt free and alive. She had absolutely no destination in mind but she had a full tank of gas and she was going to drive until she was ready to return to Belleville or until the gas ran out, whatever came first. The only problem was no one could get hold of her. Her cell battery was dying, so she turned it off just in case of an emergency, then if she needed to, she had enough power to make a call. She wasn't worried, as she had left Gerard a message on the kitchen table earlier about where she was going to be. As she drove along she thought about yesterday, she wasn't that mad about it anymore, sure he went off to do his own thing and didn't tell her but everyone needs space right? After all she was his girlfriend not his wife or his keeper, but she still couldn't shake the feeling that it was a little deeper then just needing space, a part of her thought he needed time away from her. Time away from his own girlfriend.
'Jamia hi it's Gerard'
'Yes I know it's you' she said rolling her eyes./'What's up?'/
'Nothing much I was just wandering if Cheyenne was there?' he said, silently praying that she was and all this was a misunderstanding.
'Nope she isn't, she was here yesterday remember, when you were ignoring her and she got all upset and left'
'Yes I know' Gerard replied though gritted teeth.
'Oh my God, she did come home last night didn't she?' Jamia asked her tone changing from annoyed and sarcastic to worried in a matter of a second.
'Yes she did, it's just I'm having a hard time tracking her down this morning that's all.'
'Well now you know how it feels' Jamia said smirking to herself.
As much as he loved Jamia she certainly knew how to rub salt in your wounds.'Look if she comes by can you let her know I'm looking for her.' He pleaded.
'Of course I will' Jamia said nodding, hiss tone of voice made her soften and she could hear that he was really worried her./'I'll get her to call you the minute she gets here, that's if she stops by of course.'/
'Thank you Jamia' he said and hung up hanging his head in the process.
'Babes I'm outta here' Frank said coming into the living room where Jamia was standing, the phone still clutched in her hand. 'What's the matter?'
'Nothing really, Gee just called and said he's having a hard time tracking down Cheyenne this morning that's all.'
'So what's with the sad expression on your beautiful face?' He asked
'Yesterday Cheyenne was here and she was all upset over Gerard and now she's missing...'
'She's missing?' Frank repeated.
'No not exactly missing, Gerard ignored her yesterday and now he can't find her, I just called her cell and it's gone straight to voicemail and I'm really worried. She looked so hurt yesterday baby, what if she's gone back to Chicago early? How do we even know she's safe? We have absolutely no idea if she left this morning or last night'
'Mia calm down' Frank said 'I'm sure Cheyenne is fine, she can take care of herself after all she is a "take no shit from anyone" Bryar and I seriously doubt she took off in the middle of the night. I've gotta go meet Ray, I'll try her cell and I'll give Mikey and Alicia a call too. If you do hear from her let me know okay and seriously, don't worry too much she's probably gone to get her nails done or something'
'You're probably right' Jamia said perking up a little 'I'll see you later'
'Bye' Frank said kissing her quickly and heading for the door. 'Oh Mia one last thing, lets not tell Bob just yet.'
'Agreed' Jamia said with a nod.
'So you lost your girlfriend' Mikey laughed when Gerard told him about Cheyenne.
'No I haven't lost her Mikes, I thinks she left me.' Gerard sighed.
'WHAT! WHY?' Mikey shouted loudly causing Alicia to come running into the bedroom.
'Yesterday I err had a lot going on and I disappeared for hours then I um... I went to Frank and Mia's and I barely said two words to her, she left and I don't know where she went but when she came home I was hiding out in your room, I could've gone down to talk to her but I chose not to and now she's gone'
'That's stupid, why do you assume she's gone?'
'She's not here and neither is her suitcase.' Gerard said rubbing his temples to relieve the tension he felt there.
'Shit Gee, I don't know what to say.' Mikey said glancing at Alicia who mouthed, "what's happening?"
'It's my fault anyway, I was an ass yesterday, I just didn't think she'd react this way you know?'
'Have you spoken to Bob, he might know where she is?'
'That's the thing I don't think he does know, he would've called or something by now.'
'Maybe she's just doing this as a swift kick up your ass, to scare you a little, maybe she'll come home soon.' Mikey replied hopefully.
'I don't think so, she was due to leave tonight anyway, why come back?'
'This is fucking bullshit' Mikey exploded making Alicia jump as she had been tugging at his sleeve in a bid to find out what was going on. 'Cheyenne's not like that, there has to be another explanation, she loves you she wouldn't leave just like that.'
'That's what I thought, I don't know what to think man all I know is I messed up.'
'Look let me call you back, I'll ring around and see if anyone knows anything.'
'I've already called Jamia so Frank already knows.'
'There's another six people in this group and mom, someone must know where she is' Mikey said logically 'we'll find her don't worry'
'I hope so, if she doesn't turn up soon, I'm gonna have to call Bob, he's coming over to say goodbye and he can't do that if she's not here.'
'Don't worry about that now...actually what time is he coming over?'
'About 10.00pm' Gerard said glancing at the wall clock and noting it was already 1.45pm.
'Oh we have plenty of time to track her down' Mikey assured him 'But she'll probably come back before then.'
'Who knows?' Gerard said hanging up.
'You guys are sooo dramatic' Alicia said once Mikey relayed the story to her.
'We are?'
'Well yeah, I guarantee there's a perfectly good explanation for Cheyenne's "disappearance" but she hadn't just up and left Gerard, no way. She probably just felt a little down about yesterday and decided to go for a drive or something.'
'Ok what about her missing suitcase? Or the fact that she was supposed to leave tonight anyway?'
'I don't have all the answers Mikey' Alicia said 'But I know Cheyenne and she wouldn't leave Gerard, not like this.'
'I hope you're right.' Mikey said taking her into his arms as he needed the comfort.
'You know I am' Alicia said kissing his lips
'I'll a cheeseburger with extra fries and a side of onion rings with a large diet coke.' Cheyenne said smiling up at the waitress, who stood with her pen poised in anticipation of Cheyenne's order.
'Anything else' the waitress smiled, it was nice to see a young lady actually ordering food as opposed to a salad and a glass of water.
'No not yet but after this I have every intention of getting a banana split.' Cheyenne replied handing back the menu.
'It's refreshing to see a woman with a decent appetite,'
'I'll be paying for this for the rest of the week believe me, but I love my food too much.'
'And so you should, I'll be right back with your soda.'
Once alone Cheyenne stared out the window of the diner, she hadn't thought about Gerard for a full twenty minutes but now he was back in her thoughts again. Everything was going so well or so she thought. Fair enough they had their ups and downs in the beginning but everything seemed to be on a constant up until yesterday. What was wrong with Gerard? Why had he disappeared all day? Where had he gone?
'Here's your coke and I'll be back with your lunch.' The waitress said stirring Cheyenne from her thoughts.
'Oh thank you' Cheyenne said sliding the glass towards her. Maybe she had done something wrong? She thought back to dinner on Friday night had she said something wrong that evening? No that's not it, they were fine on the ride home, come to think about it, it was once they got home that Gerard's mood had changed. Maybe it was the fact that she was leaving that had put him in such a distant mood, but knowing she was going, wouldn't that make him want to spend time with her?
'Maybe they're together, doing girl stuff' Frank said to Gerard. He and Ray had turned up at the Way's not long ago to find Gerard sat in the living room with the curtains still drawn.
'No my mum's at church I know that for sure, she won't be back till this evening, Cheyenne is not with her.'
'Maybe she's been kidnapped by space aliens' Frankie joked as he switched on the tv, they needed a different atmosphere and quickly, Gerard's mood was slowly starting to bring him down too.
'Listen, Cheyenne hasn't left you Gerard and space aliens haven't abducted her Frankie' Ray said smiling. 'She'll come back soon, I know she will.'
'Yep I agree with you Ray, when she's hungry she'll come home just like a puppy would, or if the aliens have her like I suspect they do, they'll let her go when they've finished probing her.'
Gerard just shrugged off their comments he was taking this a lot harder then any of them realised, he dialled Cheyenne's number again and as expected it went to voicemail. 'Chey it's me please call me back when you get this message, I really need to talk to you, I'm so sorry'
'Hey man it's going to be okay' Frank said crossing the room and placing his hand on his friends shoulder, once he was sure Gerard had finished his call 'She'll come back soon and if she doesn't then we'll go look for her and bring her back.'
'Thanks man' Gerard said 'but I don't thinks she's coming back'
'Positive thoughts man' Ray said 'but erm don't you think someone should call Bob and tell him Chey's miss...not around.'
'NO' Gerard said more forcefully then he meant to 'we don't need to tell him anything just yet, if she's not back or we haven't heard from her by 7.00pm then we'll tell him.'
'Ok whatever you want man' Ray said but Gerard wasn't listening he was already on his way to the basement if he couldn't have Cheyenne's company he'd rather be alone.
'I guess my eyes, were bigger then my belly' Cheyenne laughed as Clare the waitress removed her leftovers. It had been an hour since she had arrived at the dinner and she had just finished the rather big lunch she ordered, she knew she couldn't actually finish all that food but she was comfort eating.
'It certainly looks that way' Clare remarked steadying the plates and carrying them over to the counter.
'So where to now?' Cheyenne asked herself out loud. She was in Manhattan, there were a thousand and one things she could do that she never really had time to do when she was with Gerard so why not do them now? Searching through her bag she pulled out her cell phone and switched it on, it came alive for a few seconds then died.
'Oh great' Cheyenne muttered shoving the phone back into her bag, she thought she had more battery life then that.
'If you need to make a call there's a phone just over there' Clare told her from behind the diner counter.
'Nah it's okay it can wait.' Cheyenne said walking over to the counter so she could pay her bill. 'It's not really that important.'
'Shhhhhh! Amber do you want Bob to hear you?' Jamia hissed down the line.
'No no you're right I don't want him to know that she's missing. How long has she been gone?'
'Since this morning, or maybe late last night no one knows for sure.'
'OMG poor Gerard, he must be so upset.'
'Yeah Frank says he's torn up about it.'
'Well obviously, he does love her. I can't believe she'd do something like this, just up and leave...'
'Well if she did it's all Gerard's fault' Jamia said 'he was an asshole to her yesterday.'
'Even so I didn't think of Cheyenne as a runner...'
'But that's my point Amber, what if she's hurt or in trouble? No one knows.'
'I'm sure it's nothing that bad, she's only been missing for a few hours.'
'Who's missing?' Bob asked settling in one of the two armchairs in Amber's living room.
'Err Alicia I have to go.'
'Alicia!' Jamia said 'ooh is Bob there.'
'Yeah and erm good luck finding Bunny she's bound to turn up' Amber said before she hung up.
'Bunny's missing' Bob said looking genuinely concerned he loved cats.
'Yeah err Mikey left the apartment door opened and she escaped, Gee and the others are out looking for her.' Shut up shut up Amber silently told herself.
'Oh man we should be over there helping.' Bob stated.
'Nah they've got it under control honey, everyone's over there calling her name and leaving kitty biscuit around the neighbourhood and such.' Amber said shaking her head as the ridiculous lie fell from her lips.
'Yeah Gerard's even drawn a picture of her, which Alicia is getting turned into posters that they can put up.' For the love of God shut up! Amber chastised herself.
'We really should help Ambs' Bob said rising from his seat.
'No honey too many cooks spoil the broth' she said pushing him back down into the chair.
'Baby just think how Alicia must be feeling right now, she loves that cat and many hands make light work. I'm gonna go get my shoes.'
'WAIT Bob.' Amber said running after him, when she caught him in the hallway she crashed her lips against his in a violent kiss.
'What was that for?' Bob asked scowling, the kiss had been more painful then pleasant.
'Nothing it's just that I'm so turned on right now with all the drama I just want you.'
'A missing cat turns you on?'
'Yeah like nothing else' she heard herself say
'You have got to be joking' Bob said
'Nope, missing cats really do it for me, especially erm tabby cats, now take me in the bedroom.'
'Amber this is really uncomfo...'
'TAKE ME IN THE BEDROOM.' She shouted 'please.'
'Fine' Bob said taking her hand reluctantly and leading the way 'but I'm not purring or anything.'
'That's okay' Amber said biting back a laugh 'You only have to meow'
'It's just that I love him so much and we usually communicate so well, but yesterday all lines were down and I was lost, I had no idea what I did wrong.' Cheyenne explained, she was supposed to have left the diner thirty minutes ago and before she knew it Clare had engaged her into conversation and here she was spilling her guts to a complete stranger.
'What makes you think you did something wrong?' Clare asked
'What else could it be?'
'It could be anything' Clare remarked waving her hand dismissively 'Honey I've been married for 22 years and somedays my husband won't shut up and we'll talk non-stop but then there are days where he just disappears and I don't hear from him till he comes home in the middle of the night and taps me on the shoulder expecting some loving, which he doesn't get I might add, but that's just the way it goes.'
'Don't you worry about where he is?' Cheyenne asked.
'No not anymore, I know my Dave and I know that he just needs space that's all. Sometimes you just have to be by yourself to go over things and sort out your thoughts.'
'Maybe that's what Gerard was doing yesterday.'
'Most probably, but what I want to know is what are you doing here?' Clare asked lighting a cigarette.
'What do you mean?'
'Well I don't mean to sound rude but aren't you doing exactly what he did to you yesterday?'
'I am not?' Cheyenne said haughtily.
'I think so, subconsciously I think you want him to feel the way you felt yesterday, lost and lonely, which is why you never picked up the phone to call him. If I were you I'd go back home and talk to this man you are so crazy in love with before your flight, there's nothing worse then going away with unresolved issues.'
'You're right.' Cheyenne sighed 'I just fancied a drive but now you've said it, maybe I did want him to experience the feelings that I had yesterday. I'm so stupid, we should be together right now spending time with each other before I leave for Chicago, I shouldn't be here talking to you...not that I haven't enjoyed it, but I should be with Gerard.' Cheyenne said smiling as the last few words left her mouth.
'I've enjoyed your company too and I agree, I think you should go back home, see this Gerard guy and spend the remaining hours together.' Clare said with a smile.
'Thank you Clare, for listening.' Cheyenne said grabbing her jacket and bag.
'You're welcome Cheyenne and if you ever need to talk again, well you know where I am' Clare said motioning dramatically to the surroundings of the diner. 'You be good now and stay safe.'
'I will and thank you' Cheyenne promised as she left the diner, heading straight for Gerard's car.
'No I want to go now.' Lyn said stamping her foot stubbornly.
'Pipe down woman' Marcus demanded 'You're doing my brain in with your constant whining.'
'I just want to see him' she said flopping down beside her latest companion.
'I know you do, but you have to wait until the time is right trust me it's all about the timing.'
'When IS the time right? This process is taking ages, why can't we just kidnap him and fuck his brains out?'
'Well we could and I wouldn't complain, you know I like a little bit of man meat sometimes, but that's just sex, if you want him to be into you for real then we must wait.'
'Fine then you stupid loser we'll wait but if I somehow miss my chance you'll be sorry.'
'When is little Miss Sunshine leaving anyway?' Marcus inquired ignoring Lyn's empty threat.
'I think its tonight.' she sighed.
'Tonight. Really when? Do you know the flight time?'
'No I don't bloody know the flight time' Lyn snapped 'what's your point anyway?'
'Well when he drops the mid-life crisis off at the airport he'll come home all sad and lonely and guess who'll be there waiting.'
'I'll be waiting?' Lyn asked staring at him with a confused look on her face.
'But why am I waiting?'
'Well Cheyenne was kind enough to lend you a skirt not so long ago and it's only polite for you to return said skirt isn't it?'
'Yes, yes it is. I couldn't possibly keep the skirt after all it isn't mine.'
'Exactly' Marcus said putting his arm around Lyn. 'If I were you I'd return it as soon as possible, maybe even tonight.'
'I think you're right Marcus' Lyn agreed 'the skirt definitely needs to be taken back tonight.'

A/N. So let me know what you think good or bad my friends. I'm already halfway through second part of this chapter so you won't have to wait that long for an update...well not as long as you had to wait for this one anyway. Steph xx
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