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Chapter 34

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The group go to lunch, Bob reprimands Cheyenne and Jamia takes a late night drive.

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Hello my country bumpkins. Yeah I know I'm late updating (big shocker there) and I only did because Sorrows puppy-dog eyes got to me(I can't resist those) and TeresaD asked me to have mercy. So here it is, let me know what you think.

Pulling up his sweat pants that had slipped down in his lazy state he headed to the door feeling a little nervous.
'who's there? he asked, his hand lingering on the lock and knob. When no one answered his apprehension grew and hesitantly he opened the door and was shocked by who was there.
'What are you doing here?' he asked taken aback by the late night visitor.
'I just had to see you, can I come in?' The figure asked a grin plastered across her face.
'Of course' he said moving aside to let her pass 'come right in.'

'I can't believe you' Gerard said taking Cheyenne in his arms, unable to conceal his excitement any longer. 'what are you doing here? Why aren't you on your plane?'
'I was but I couldn't leave, I just couldn't.' she said hugging him tightly 'I wasn't ready to say goodbye, after yesterday I just felt I needed more time with you.'
'I'm glad you came back baby, but what about work, you're supposed to be there tomorrow?'
'We can think about that tomorrow can't we? She said 'I'll think of something.'
'You are crazy' he said slipping her jacket off her shoulders.
'Yeah but only for you' she remarked wheeling her suitcase and propping it against the wall by the stairs. 'Come on let's go to bed and talk.'
'Talk? I had better things in mind' Gerard said walking up behind her and cupping her butt. Cheyenne laughed at his suggestiveness 'we can definitely do that.'
'But I really do just want to hold you' he confessed 'I've missed just having you close.'
'Me too, go down I'll meet you there I'm just going to get some water I'm really thirsty.' She said heading to the kitchen. As she grabbed a glass from the cabinet and ran the tap she couldn't help but smile, the feelings that were surging through her were amazing to experience and she felt extremely happy. Leaving the kitchen with her full glass of water she switched off the kitchen light and headed for the stairs when two loud knocks startled her. Her first thought was to call out to Gerard but then decided against it, it could only be a member of the family at this time of night maybe Donna had forgotten her key. She set the water down on the second step as she passed the stairs and opened the front door to find Lyn standing there.
'What are you doing here?' Lyn exclaimed. This wasn't right Cheyenne wasn't supposed to be here. Had she mixed up the dates?
'I live here...sometimes' Cheyenne answered haughtily 'What are YOU doing here?'
'Well I err...I erm just came to err... return your skirt' Lyn said quickly thrusting the carrier bag into Cheyenne's hands
'Why now, it's so late?' Cheyenne asked suspiciously as she looked in the bag to make sure her skirt was really there.
'Well Marcus and I were just passing and we thought now would be a good time.' She explained lamely
'It's nearly 1:00am' Cheyenne said folding her arms.
'I knew Gerard would be up, he never sleeps.' Lyn said knowledgeably.
'Well that was when he was with you, he sleeps soundly with me' Cheyenne remarked. It wasn't in her nature to be catty but on this occasion she couldn't help herself.
'Well don't let me keep you from your nursery rhymes and fairy tales' Lyn retorted 'Gerard is quite the story teller.'
'Isn't he just, actually just a few days ago he was telling me a story featuring a bitter old hag I can't remember what he said her name was but it was very entertaining.'
'I bet it was, you know what they say, simple things please simple minds.' Lyn smirked. 'Any way as much as I enjoy this banter I have to be going I have things to do and people to see.
'You mean people to do Lyn, let's not forget who you are'.
'Just tell Gerard I said goodnight' Lyn snapped angrily.
'I would but he's fast asleep already, I wore him out if you know what I mean' Cheyenne lied winking cheekily. 'Night Lyn and thanks for my skirt' she said closing the door on the livid woman on the doorstep.
Outside Lyn was fuming, how dare that little girl speak to her like that? It was on! The game was definitely on! She was going to get Gerard back and nothing or no one especially a no brain twenty-three year old was going to stop her. Turning on her heel she marched down the cold steps and back to her car. As she pulled across the safety belt a horrible revelation hit her. She was going home alone. She was going home alone, to an empty house to sleep in a bed that was designed for two, a bed that used to shelter her and Gerard on cold nights like this. Starting the car, she drove not in the direction of her home but to the nearest bar, she'd have a drink or two and maybe if she was lucky she wouldn't wake up alone tomorrow morning.
When Cheyenne woke the next morning the first thing she did was go to the bathroom and clean herself up, the night before she and Gerard made love quite a few times and as a result her lower half was quite a mess. After wiping the sleep from her eyes and brushing her teeth she went back to the basement and crawled into bed next to Gerard who was snoring lightly. She moulded her body into his and he groaned as she deliberately ground her hump against his groin.
'Gerard are you awake?' She whispered trying not to giggle she was in a playful mood but knew he wouldn't wake up for anything.
'No' he croaked
'Are you sure?'
'Yes Cheyenne I'm sure' he said
'Oh okay' she replied. 'What about now?' she asked after a few seconds.
'Still very much asleep' he said feeling around for the quilt and then pulling it over her head. In the darkness of the quilt Cheyenne smiled to herself, she was exactly where she wanted to be and doing exactly what she wanted to do, which was to annoy Gerard for some unknown reason.
'Well they encourage your complete co-operation...'
'Nooo' Gerard groaned, all he wanted was to sleep some more, that's all. A few hours more sleep was that so much to ask?
'.... Send you roses when they think you need to smile. I can't control myself....'
'Baby please' he begged removing the cover from her face.
'Well wake up then' she said sweetly 'I'm wide awake'
'Well I don't want to be wide awake' he mumbled.
'Yes you do, open your eyes'
'No honey, I will not open my eyes'
'where was I? oh yeah...because I don't know how and they love me for it honestly I'll be here for a while...' Cheyenne was silenced by Gerard's hand crushing her lips, his eyes were still closed as he rolled her towards him so she was facing him and he hugged her close pressing his lips against her. He didn't kiss her but just rested his lips on hers, holding her to him and in the silence and comfort he drifted back off to sleep followed shortly by Cheyenne.
'Cheyenne Bryar you are supposed to be in Chicago' Bob chastised looking at the sullen figure that was his younger cousin.
'I know' she said pulling her innocence face, which was undeniably cute but totally useless at this point. 'And I'm going back tonight I promise.'
'You better, you can't just skip work like that, it's not very responsible is it?'
'Well no it isn't...'
'Does your boss know where you are?'
'Mr Stine thinks I'm sick.' She said coughing twice for emphasis.
'Cheyenne this really isn't funny, you're not doing your work record any good by skipping days.'
'I know and I won't do it again, I just wanted to spend more time with Gerard.'
'You spent all day with him yesterday didn't you?'
'Well yeah' she lied 'but...'
'Well there's no excuse then is there?' he continued
'No' she said lowering her head
'What time is your flight tonight?' he asked looking at his cell and noting it was already mid-day.
'10.00pm' she said
'Well I'll be here at seven to take you to the airport and this time I'm going to make sure you get on the plane.'
'Yes Bobby' she said giving a childlike smile that reminded Bob of when Cheyenne was five and he was ten and he would give her cookies before dinner. She'd smile that very same smile before running off and eating the cookie behind the curtains in the living room. 'I wuv you' she said.
'Yeah whatever' he said throwing his rolled up gum wrapper at her. 'So, is all well in the wonderful world of Gerard and Cheyenne?'
'Yes all is well' she said smiling softly.
'Cheyenne are you really happy?' he asked taking a seat beside her 'it's just I worry...'
'Bob I am very happy and you do not need to worry about me.'
'I know but I can't help it, I care about you Chey.'
'I know you do, but I'm alright in fact I have some news.' She said covering his hand with hers.
'You're not pregnant are you?' he asked jokingly.
'Well...' Cheyenne said trailing off and touching her stomach with her left hand.
'NO WAY!!' Bob shouted snatching his hand from underneath Cheyenne's making her jump.
'No I was just kidding' she laughed holding her hands our in a calming motion 'But I do have news'
'Well go ahead, you've nearly given me one heart attack another one won't hurt.' He said.
'Well tomorrow when I go back to work I'm going to hand in my notice.'
'What, straight away?' he asked studying her.
'The end of the week, me and Gerard have discussed it and I'm ready to come and live here permanently.' She smiled.
'Ok' Bob said nodding his head slowly, taking in the news 'ok that's good.'
'That's good that's all you can say' she exclaimed.
'Well what do you want me to say?'
'I don't know Bob I just told you I'm moving from Chicago to New Jersey and all you can say is "that's good"
Bob laughed and shook his head at his cousin's outburst. 'Cheyenne I'm happy if you're happy, I'm not going to lie it'll be strange going home and thinking you're only around the corner from mom's when in reality you'll be over here with Gerard, but if this is where you want to be then I'm cool with it.'
'It's cool that you're cool with it' Cheyenne smiled. She stood up and walked over to her cousin, she removed his hands from his lap and settled on it and wrapping an arm around his neck.
'You do realise your too old for this' he said as he held he steady on his knees.
'Yeah but you love it' she said squashing her cheek against his.
'The sad thing is I actually do' he laughed. 'So does my mom know about your plans?'
'No not yet, she obviously knows about Gerard and me but I haven't told her of our plans. Do you think she'll be okay with it?'
'Definitely, after everything that you've been through, all she wants is to see you happy. She told me that herself not too long ago.'
'Good then we're all happy with the new plan' Cheyenne said jumping off his lap.
'Yeah' he said making sure not to catch her eye as she shot him another smile 'everything is cool'
'Aww that's so romantic' Frank mimicked after Cheyenne told them what happened the night before and why she was still in New Jersey and not in Chicago.
'Shut up baby' Jamia scolded him 'it's sweet and what's funny is they both played it cool before they fell into each others arms, it's so romantic' she said sighing the last three words.
'Yeah ok' Frank said leaving the room to join Gerard and Bob in the basement, he couldn't take too much of the mushy stuff.

It had been decided about and hour before that they would all have an early dinner together before Cheyenne left for the airport, they were just waiting on Amber, Mikey, Alicia, Ray and Christa.
'I'm really excited' Jamia said 'I can't wait for you to move down here, it'll make it easier when Frank goes away and stuff.'
'Yeah I know.' Cheyenne said absent-mindedly. 'Mia can I tell you something?'
'Of course you can.' Jamia said hearing the uncertainty in her friend's usually confident voice.
'But you can't say anything to anyone, it's nothing big it's just bugging me a little bit.' Cheyenne replied
'Go ahead I won't tell anyone.'
'Well last night just after I got back Lyn came over.'
'She knocked on the door about 1.00am....' Cheyenne then told the entire story in detail and included every word that passed between the two women the night before, Jamia sat up and listened intently not saying a word but growing more and more pissed off as the story progressed.
'...Do you think he was expecting her?' Cheyenne asked 'because that's what bugging me the most.'
'No baby I don't he was expecting her, is there any reason he would be?'
'Well no not really but then there was...Oh nothing don't worry.' Cheyenne said shaking her head.
'No go on tell me, let me in.' Jamia urged.
'Well I guess it started when the guys were in the UK...'
'Cheyenne Bryar and Jamia Nestor if you do not get your rather round arses up here in thirty seconds we're leaving without you.' Ray stated loudly from the basement door.
Cheyenne had been right in the middle of telling Jamia what had been going on between Lyn and Gerard when Amber, Ray and Christa arrived. Jamia was more then unsatisfied by the interruption and demanded that Cheyenne complete the story in the privacy of the basement, they marched down there kicking Bob, Gerard and Frankie out before Cheyenne continued the story ending with the looks passed between Gerard and Lyn in Francesco's only three night ago.
'So what do you think? I think Lyn's trying to win him back, I mean honestly, who drops a skirt off at 1.00am?' Cheyenne asked.
'Certainly not a decent person' Jamia answered thoughtfully.
'I mean Gerard's trying his best to deter her but she's not getting the hint.' Cheyenne said curling a stand of her hair around her finger. Jamia didn't reply to that comment because in her mind she wasn't sure if Gerard really was trying to deter Lyn, it sounded more like he was leading her on slightly, but maybe that was just him being the friendly moron that he was.
'Excuse me, did you two hear me?' Ray called out again
'Yes we did' they both yelled back in unison.
'Well let's go then ladies, chop chop.'
Rolling their eyes they both got up and Cheyenne straightened the bed covers before following Jamia up the stairs.

'About time.' Mikey said scrunching his face up as he looked upon both women.
'Silence insolent child' Jamia said grabbing her coat from the armchair 'we were talking about important things' she said making sure to look at Gerard when she spoke.
'As it so happens we were also discussing important things' Ray said looking around at the tight knit group of people.
'And we decided that since you two are holding up the...erm.... the erm...what's the word I'm looking for' Frank asked pursing his lips thoughtfully.
'Proceedings!' Gerard said ' the proceedings'
'Yes aha the proceeding here...'
'We think that you two should pay for dinner' Amber concluded.
Jamia looked at Cheyenne and then burst out laughing 'As fucking if, I'm not in a platinum record selling band.'
'Thank God for that' Alicia stated 'I've heard you sing Jamia and it aint pretty'
'Fuck up Alicia just cause you can play the banjo doesn't make you any better then me.'
'I play the guitar hoe' Alicia said throwing her friend a death look.
'Banjo, guitar, same meat different gravy' Jamia said waving her hand dismissively.
'Ok that's enough' Bob said holding his hands up in a calming manner let's just get going and we'll split the bill as usual' he said leaving the room and the others obediently filed out behind him.
'Sounds good' Ray said out loud then whispered to Frank 'I'm gonna order something really expensive.'
'I know' Frank giggled childishly 'me too'
Dinner was the usual affair of laughter, inappropriate jokes and fun, everyone was enjoying themselves with the exception of Jamia.
'Shut up! You've never heard the moose conversation' Ray exclaimed.
'No I've never heard it' Cheyenne giggled nervously
'Well fuck me this is how it goes' Frank said clearing his throat 'we'll re-enact our parts. I start...Has goldfinger ever had a flock of mooses advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight.'
'That's not the plural of moose, it's moosi.' Mikey said proudly as Alicia cringed.
'Fuck off, it's meese.' Gerard recited bowing his head in shame.
'Meese? OMG' Cheyenne said bursting into laughter.
'Shut up' Gerard laughed nudging her.
'Moosi? Mikey...Mikey said moosi' Cheyenne spluttered through her laughing fit.
'It sounds like the noise a possessed cow would make.' Amber laughed 'Moooooosii'
By now the others were laughing too, they couldn't help it and even Jamia cracked a smile. It wasn't her fault she wasn't enjoying herself she was really trying, but the conversation she had with Cheyenne kept playing on her mind. If everything that she said rang true then Lyn was trying to get Gerard back and she was trying hard. What worried Jamia most was the fact that Cheyenne was going home for two weeks, which meant that Gerard would be left to his own devices until she got back, which meant that he was open to whatever Lyn had planned and knowing the determined person she was she'd have something up her sleeve.
'Jamia' Frank said waving his hand in his girlfriends face.
'Yes' she said flashing him a quick smile 'What's up?'
'Just wanted to know if you wanted dessert or coffee or both.'
'Oh erm I'll just have a coffee please.' She answered
'You okay Mia' Alicia asked
'Fine' she said 'I was just thinking'
'Damn we should've left you to it, you don't do it that often' Frank joked cheekily then quickly dodged a slap that Jamia aimed his way.
After dessert and coffee, Jamia, Frank, Ray, Christa, Alicia and Mikey said goodbye to Cheyenne as she got into Gerard's car with Bob and Amber and prepared to leave for Chicago. She promised to call the girls and keep in contact till they'd be reunited in two weeks when she made the big move to New Jersey.
The others waved them off till Gerard's car was out of sight before saying goodbye to each other and going their separate ways.
The airport goodbyes were brief as they left it to the last minute to leave the restaurant, but it didn't seem to matter that their parting was short but sweet as Cheyenne and Gerard had spent an extra day together. Bob and Amber returned just as the last boarding call for Cheyenne's flight was called.
'Bye kiddo be good, I'll call you during the week' Bob said as he released her from a hug.
'I will and I'll check on your apartment for you' Cheyenne said taking Amber into her arms for a hug.
'You better' Bob said taking Amber's hand once Cheyenne had finished squeezing her.
'Bye baby' she said turning to Gerard and kissing him one last time. They all watched in silence as Cheyenne wheeled her suitcase through the gateway and turned and waved before disappearing altogether.
'Come on let's go' Gerard sighed, the sadness in his voice touched Amber and she gave his arm a gently squeeze.
'She'll be back soon' Amber reassured him. She followed behind him and then stopped mid-step when she noticed Bob wasn't following them.
'Baby let's go' she said grabbing his hand.
'Not yet' he said
'She's gone' Amber said motioning to the closed gate.
'Or is she?' he said raising his eyebrow.
'Yes Bobby she's gone' Amber said tugging his hand.
'I think we should wait a while'
'For the love of God Bob, let's go already.'
'Ok' he said surrendering and following his girlfriend, he turned back once again just to make sure Cheyenne was really gone.
'Are you sure you don't want me to go' Frank asked for the second time
'No sweetheart I want to go, I need the fresh air.' Jamia said.
'What about if I come with?' he said looking around the hallway for his Converses.
'No Frank I just...I wanna be alone for a while.' She said putting her jacket on. 'I'm only going to the store.'
'Is it something that I did?' Frank asked insecurely.
'No baby you've done nothing wrong' she said cupping his face in her hands 'you're wonderful, I just want to be alone for a bit.'
'Ok' he smiled and nodded in understanding 'I just thought I did something to upset you.'
'Never' she said kissing his lips tenderly 'and you always know when you've done something wrong' she joked
'That's true' he said pulling her close 'so err... even though I haven't done anything wrong, can I make up for it when you get back?'
'Absolutely' she said breathlessly after all the years they'd been together he could still make her knees weak. 'I'll see you in ten.'
'I'll be waiting' he said tapping her butt as she walked to the door.
'Crap what number is it?' Jamia asked herself 'was it 187 or 189?' she sighed inwardly. Was this even a good idea? Getting out of the car Jamia let her feet guide her to where she needed to be, after crossing the street and pausing for a second her feet guided her to house number 187, it felt hostile enough so she walked down the path, knocked on the door and waited. After a few minutes the door opened to reveal exactly who she was looking for.
'Oh look it's the LockNess-tor monster.' Lyn commented then laughed at her own joke.
'Hi Lyn' Jamia said evenly forcing a smile. It was vital that she kept her temper under wraps, she had to stay calm because there's nothing scarier then someone warning you with a calm voice, it makes you debate whether they are stable or not.
'What brings you here at this time of night?' Lyn asked leaning against the door frame and folding her arms across her ample chest.
'I came to see you, can I come in?' Jamia asked.
'No not really, what ever you came to say you can say it out here.'
'Fine' Jamia said 'I just came to tell you to stay away from Gerard.'
'I'm sorry' Lyn said taking aback by the tone in Jamia's voice.
'Look I know you're stupid but you're not deaf, Stay.Away.From.Gerard.' she repeated.
'What, did Cheyenne send you over? Does she feel threatened? Lyn smirked.
'No neither, Cheyenne doesn't even know I'm here. I'm here by my own choice and this warning is my own so it would be in your best interest to heed what I say.' Jamia replied.
'Listen Jamia...'
'No you listen Lyndsey. You are a first class fuck up, it's common knowledge, it's also common knowledge that you bought Gerard down with you and it took all of us to bring him back up again. He's now found a wonderful woman who he LOVES and I'm not going to let you fuck up their relationship and I'll be damned if I let you fuck him up again. So I'm forewarning you. Back off or else.'
'I'm not scared of you Jamia' Lyn said even though the other woman's calming tone was unnerving her.
'Well you should be because I'm not to be fucked with, now I've said what I came to say. Goodnight Lyn it was lovely to see you.' Jamia said turning away and making her way back down the path.
'Jamia one last thing before you go.' Lyn called out.
'What?' Jamia said turning around to face Lyn again.
'I won't have to chase Gerard, he'll come me.' she said with certainty.
'I wouldn't bet on that' Jamia laughed.
'I would. In fact I'm willing to stake my life on it.'
'Well that isn't worth much is it' Jamia smiled taking the last few steps out of the front garden and closing the gate behind her.

OMG OMG OMG!!! I have no idea why I'm saying that, any hoo must get back to work I'd hate to get fired...or would I? Hope you liked it, leave comments and funny things cause I like those. Steph xxx
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