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Chapter 35

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Gerard starts on the new house, Jamia's not quite herself and Lyn and Marcus target Frank.

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Right my lovelies here is the next one. Enjoy

Jamia lay awake pondering her performance with Lyn a few hours before. Had she done the right thing in sticking her nose in? She turned around and snuggled closer to Frank, she needed the comfort that only his body could give her. She could see the daylight peeking through the curtains and usually she loved to greet it but today she felt different, a little down maybe. Had she crossed the line last night talking to Lyn the way she did? Did she have a right to speak on Cheyenne's behalf? She huffed in annoyance and then quickly lay still as Frank stirred beside her, she didn't want him to wake just yet, she needed to be in a better state of mind as he could read her like a book and he'd instantly know that something was wrong. What was wrong with her? Lately she felt strange and very over-protective almost maternal to the ones she loved especially Cheyenne. She put it down to the recent drama that had engulfed them ever since Gerard and Cheyenne announced their relationship, ever since that day it had been non-stop drama and even though it looked like it might settle down soon Jamia had a gut feeling that something big was coming their way.
'For someone who's girlfriend has gone away for two weeks you seem extremely elated.' Donna commented over her newspaper as she watched Gerard happily bouncing about the kitchen.
'Wanna know why I'm so happy?' Gerard said taking a mug from the cupboard and helping himself to the warm coffee in the pot
'Sure tell mommy why you are so jovial this morning?'
'Ok. Cheyenne's two weeks away starts from when she hands in her notice right?'
'Right' Donna agreed waiting to see where her first born was going with this prolonged conversation.
'And she isn't handing in her notice until Friday because she told me so, so that' means she'll be back on the...sixteenth of December' he said putting his fingers away as he was using them to work out the days of absence between him and Cheyenne.
'Right so erm son, sweet darling boy considering it's only the 28th of November today why are you so happy that Cheyenne will be away for so long?'
'Well mother I shall tell you, the reason I'm so happy is because not long ago I spoke to Alex my financial advisor and I also spoke to Patrick and the deeds are done and the house is now ready for me and Cheyenne to move in and such.'
'So...' Donna said
'Connect the dots mom' Gerard said and then sighed when his mother still hadn't caught on 'I'm going to get the house ready for her homecoming.'
'Oh!' Donna exclaimed smiling 'That's wonderful sweetheart'
'And what's more is you've discussed certain plans with her, so you know what she wants and I was hoping that you'd help me out in regards to what Cheyenne wants the house to look like.'
'I'd love to' Donna smiled 'Oh I'm excited, when do I start?'
'Well I'm gonna go over there and take another look at the layout, maybe make a few drafts and then go from there'
'Well whenever you need me I'll be here ready and willing to help out.'
'Thanks Mom' Gerard said standing up and downing his coffee.
'You're welcome.' She said 'just hurry up and let me get started I can't wait to get my hands on the living room.'
'What have I done to deserve this?' Frank asked sitting up to accept the coffee that Jamia had made and brought to him in bed.
'Nothing I just wanted to bring my lover a hot beverage.' She said handing him the drink and sitting beside him.
'Well I appreciate it' he said wrapping his arm around her shoulders so she could snuggle against him. 'This is perfect' he sighed 'I have steaming hot coffee in my hand and the woman I love by my side, it doesn't get much better then this.'
'You're right it doesn't' she smiled 'so what plans have you got for today?'
'I have no idea, we're supposed to meet Brian for a quick meeting because we have a few interviews and such to do before Christmas break and that's all.' He said
'Well I have to do some shopping the cupboards are bare.' Jamia informed him, she had checked earlier and there wasn't much left of their weekly shop.
'I'll come with if you want' he offered taking a careful sip of coffee. 'I like bothering you and whining whilst you shop.'
'I know you do, but it's always nice when you're there.' She confessed before they fell into a comfortable silence, each thinking their own thoughts about the day.
'Jamia' Frank whispered after a short while
'I hate to ruin a good thing but erm... where did you go last night?'
'I told you' she said rubbing his stomach affectionately.
'You said you were going to the store.'
'And I did' she said sitting up she wasn't sure why, but her defences where starting to rise.
'But you came home empty handed' he said placing the coffee cup on the bedside table.
'And what's your point?' she snapped getting off the bed
'Look Mia I'm not trying to start a fight here' Frank immediately stated noticing the tone of her voice 'I just wanted to know where you were.'
'And I told you where I was, I went to the store and the reason I didn't buy anything was because I had forgotten my purse' she lied 'is that okay with you?'
'Yeah it's fine, I was just asking...'
'Why ask when I already told you?'
'It was just you came back without anything it was sort of odd.'
'Odd? You mean suspicious.' She accused 'Don't you trust me Frank?'
'You know I do Jamia' he said
'Then what's with all the questions?'
'Nothing. I apologise' he sighed holding his hands up in defeat 'Please just come back to bed.'
'No, I have shopping to do'
'I thought we were going to do that together later.'
'Well you thought wrong' she said storming out of the bedroom slamming the door behind her.
'Oh My God. what the hell was that?' Frank said to himself.
'You forgot didn't you' Ray accused
'Nooo, I was just a little preoccupied' Gerard lied.
'With what?'
'The Bryar-Way residence, I've decided to start decorating before Cheyenne comes back'
'Oh that's cool' Ray said smiling 'so it'll be ready for when she comes home.'
'Well as much as I can do but that's good enough right?'
'Yeah it's fine, that's good of you man, you're turning into a proper boyfriend.'
'Well it's about time' Gerard said honestly
'Yeah it is, now be a proper lead singer and get your ass to the meeting on time.'
'I will' Gerard said hanging up with a smile. He pocketed his phone and took one last look at the living room before heading for the stairs. Once he reached the first floor he walked straight into the master bedroom and let his eyes wander over the entirety of it picturing how he would like it to be, maybe he'll share some of his ideas with Cheyenne, whether she agreed to them was another matter. He smiled as he remembered the first time they visited the room together, the thrill of nearly being caught, the wet feel of her, the sound of her voice as she climaxed, he felt a familiar twitch in his manhood and his hand instinctively stroked his crotch. Shaking himself out of his day dream he left the room and headed for the front door, there wasn't time for playing he had work to do not to mention a meeting to attend.
'Here ye Here ye' Frank said banging his coffee cup on the table 'The meeting will'
'Thank you Frank' Brian said dryly After all these years they were all exactly the same, except Gerard who was noticeably sober. He couldn't picture being a manager to any other band but at times he wished he could be, their bullshit was sometimes too much for one man, but he loved it none the less.
'You're welcome Bri Bri' Frank said banging his cup one more time just for the hell of it.
'Right we got a few things to discuss as far as your careers in music go,' Brian started.
'Indubitably' Frank said with a grin, he had been dying to use the new word he learnt.
'What the fuck did you just say?' Mikey asked suddenly snapping to attention.
'Indubitably' Frank repeated
'Where the hell did you learn that stupid word?' Bob questioned
'The dictionary'
'Liar' Gerard snorted
'I did, I sat down and read the entire thing once.' Frank lied
'Sure you did' Gerard sighed sarcastically.
'Ok then I didn't. Why don't you ask Toro where I know that word from.' Frank said turning his head to look in the lead guitarists direction.
'I don't know what you're talking about' Ray said with a shrug of his shoulders.
'I bet it was in a porn film' Mikey laughed
'Ha ha yeah Toro watches intellectual porn where the women use smart words' Bob teased.
'That's is bad boy spank my gluteus maximus' Gerard giggled.
'I still don't know what you're talking about' Ray laughed
'Sure you do.' Frank persisted
'Na uh.'
'Don't make me say it, it's better if you confess it yourself.' Frank stated
'I won't do it' Ray said biting his lips
'Confess Raymond' Frankie shouted
'I LIKE THE GILMORE GIRLS.' Ray shouted making the room fall quiet 'There I said it. I...I even own the box sets.'
'No' Gerard gasped 'It's not true, say it aint so'
'It is so' Ray said shaking his head. 'It is so'
'That's where I learned the word' Frank said 'I heard it from that girl on the show.'
'Rory, Rory Gilmore' Ray said 'I can't help it, I like the show.'
'It's alright man' Mikey said patting his shoulder 'The first step is admitting it'
'What are the next steps?' Ray asked
'Shh not now man, we'll do it one step at a time' Mikey said reassuringly.
'I cannot fucking believe this' Brian interrupted 'I call you here to talk about your careers and you idiots are banging on about a little girls TV show and porn.'
'Yeah it's great isn't it' Frank smiled banging his cup on the table and rising from his chair 'this meeting is now adjourned.'
'Halt! Who goes there?' Donna called from the kitchen
'It is I your son' Gerard called back from the hallway where he was hanging up his jacket.
'Oh good come in here, I wanna show you something.'
Gerard grabbed his cell and cigarettes out of his hanging jacket and made his way to the kitchen where his mother was seated at the dinning table and spread out before her where several colour charts.
'Wow' Gerard said taking a seat beside his mother 'Look at all the purdy colours'
'I thought I'd help you out.' Donna smiled proudly
'OMG' Gerard laughed 'Is this a sketch of the house' he asked holding up the several pieces of paper.
'Well sort of'
'I didn't know you could draw.'
'You're not the only artist in the family' Donna replied nudging him.
'Well Ma apparently I am cause these drawings suck' he said looking closely at the poor illustrations.
'Shut up boy' Donna said attempting to snatch the papers from her firstborn's grip.
'Now now mother, what sort of behaviour is that?' Gerard teased lying the papers flat on the table 'c'mon talk me through these fine blue prints and colour charts'
'What's bothering you Mia?' Alicia said tugging on Jamia's arm
'Nothing stop asking' Jamia said prying the other woman's hands from around her left arm.
'Well you're not your usual self' Alicia said picking up a carton on milk and placing it in her basket.
'I am, I'm just a little on the tired side' Jamia replied honestly mimicking her friends actions and grabbing a carton of milk and placing it gently in her basket.
'Why are you tired?' Alicia asked 'Is Frisky...I mean Frankie keeping you awake at night?'
'I'll never tell' Jamia said grinning broadly at the thought. However the expression didn't last long and she sighed thinking back to that morning's episode, she knew she had blown things way out of proportion, but she couldn't help herself, the emotion was there and she acted on it.
'So it IS Frank?' Alicia continued, her friend's sudden change of mood lost on her.
'Yeah you're right he's too much for me' Jamia smiled
'I bet he is' Alicia giggled 'but you and I both know you've been handling that for years so it's something new that's got you behaving in such a strange manor'
'Please just drop it Al' Jamia said grabbing a tin of beans and placing it in her basket
'I can't I'm too nosey' Alicia admitted 'please whatever it is I won't tell I promise'
'There's nothing to tell' Jamia lied
'Fine! I'm gonna go grab some chips' Alicia said 'I'll meet you at the checkout'
'Cool' Jamia said turning quickly. She needed to be alone for a few minutes anyway, she felt stifled by all of Alicia's questions. Was she really behaving that out of character? She wasn't screaming or cursing at people or anything like that she was just being quiet and thinking about the situation that she seemed to have got herself into. She did feel a little down though, the pointless argument she had with Frank kept playing on her mind. Why had she acted so fiercely to such a simple question? She sighed to herself wondering how she was going to fix that one. At that point she actually felt alone, she needed to tell someone what she did because she needed to know if what she did regarding Lyn was right or wrong. But then again Cheyenne asked her not to say anything and if she told someone about her late night visit to Lyn, she'd have to back track and tell them everything.
'And the award for the world's slowest walker goes to...Jamia Nestor' Alicia's voice sounded loudly behind her and she turned to see her friend striding towards her, cupping her hands over her mouth whilst her basket swung from her forearm. 'I manage to go to another aisle, pick out some chips and dip and you've walked what... three steps' Alicia pointed out
'I was waiting for you' Jamia lied.
'Yeah sure you were, listen I had a thought, why don't you and Frank come over for dinner, the other's will be there and Gerard invited himself so I'm guessing the more the merrier.' Alicia said. Jamia had already formed her mouth to say no when an idea crossed her mind 'yeah sure, I mean if Gerard and the others will already be there then why not' she smiled cheerfully. HA! This was her chance to talk to Gerard about his stupid stuipdness.
'Good, so you're cooking right' Alicia said grabbing her friends arm and steering her to the hand basket only aisle.
'I guess so' Jamia said 'I'm the only one who can.'
Mia: We're having dinner at Alicia and Mikey's. See you there.

Frankie snapped his phone shut and cursed under his breath.
What's wrong?' Bob asked from the seat next to him.
'Nothing, I'm having dinner at Mikey and Alicia's' he responded grumpily.
'Their place isn't that bad' Ray laughed
'No it's not that, it's Jamia I don't get her.' He said
'She's a woman you're not supposed to' Mikey piped up from the passenger seat.
'I mean this morning was great, we were talking and cuddling and all that shit and then next thing I know she's shouting at me and before I can understand it all she slams the door and leaves. And now she texting me about dinner plans. I don't get it' he explained
'Me neither' Bob shrugged 'But I'll protect you from the evil Jamia'
'She's not evil, she just...I don't know...something.' Frank sighed
'Maybe it's her time' Ray said
'No it's not, she not due till next week.' Frank stated then wondered if it was ok to voice that information.
'How the fuck do you know that' Bob asked
'She's on the pill it's like fucking clockwork man. Plus I like to keep tabs on when I can and can't get my nookie.' Frank grinned
'Well you can grin all you want cause from what you just told us, it looks like you aint getting any nookie tonight' Ray replied making them all laugh except Frank who folded his arms and sank lower in his seat.
Gerard placed his phone in the phone holder and waited for it to connect. He had just left home to drive over to Alicia and Mikey's. He and Donna had finally decided that they'd decorate the living room first and leave all other rooms to Cheyenne. He needed workers, decorators to be exact but he wanted the best so he'd have to call the best to get the ball in motion right?
'Hi Patrick it's me Gerard Way' he said once the call connected.
'Hi there Gerard how's it going'
'Great everything's fine, listen I'm sorry to bother you but I was just wondering if you could help me out'
'Sure I'll try'
'Great I was wondering if you knew any decorators.'
'Yeah interior decorators, it's just Cheyenne and I want to move in as soon as and we hoped to decorate as much as we could before moving you know.'
'Right, I'm guessing from the sound of your excited voice she doesn't know anything about this.'
'That's right' Gerard laughed 'is it that obvious?'
'A little, look I know a few people in that trade let me call you back and I'll give you all their details.'
'I only want the best Patrick,' Gerard said seriously
'I wouldn't dream of giving you anything less.' Patrick said truthfully 'I'll see what I can do'
'Thanks' Gerard said before hanging up

When he reached Mikey and Alicia's, Jamia greeted him at the door with a quick smile before hurrying back to the kitchen. Gerard hung up his jacket and walked in after her and breathed in the gorgeous smells that would soon be dinner. 'Hello kitchen Goddesses' he said to Alicia who was poorly cutting red peppers and Jamia who was frying chicken that smelled utterly delicious.
'Hey Gee' Alicia said tilting her head expectantly and Gerard rushed forward and gave her a quick peck, he then manoeuvred around the table and pecked Jamia who cringed inwardly as his lips met her cheek, she smiled but said nothing.
'How are you two?' He asked stealing a cigarette from the box on the table.
'I'm cool' Alicia said nodding for emphasis
'What about you Jamia?' Gerard mumbled as he held the cigarette between his lips for lighting. Jamia was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even hear him, she was wondering when to say something to him about Lynn. Did she just come out and say it? Or should she say nothing? Maybe Cheyenne doesn't want him to know that she knows what she know, that means Jamia shouldn't tell Alicia either even though she wanted to. But if she doesn't say anything to Gerard then he'll think it's ok to behave that way.
'JAMIA!!' Alicia shouted throwing a slice of red pepper that smacked Jamia dead centre of her left cheek.
'What Alicia?' Jamia said snapping to attention and wiping her cheek
'Gerard asked how you are?'
'I'm fucking fantastic' she snapped 'now leave me alone for fuck sake I'm trying to cook'
'Sorry' they both replied in unison. Alicia mouthed a quick 'what's her problem?' to Gerard who in turn shrugged and quickly left the kitchen.
By the time dinner came to an end Mikey was more then ready to retire to his room. The atmosphere had been so strained that he was sure it had given him a headache. Not one to place blame on people he tried to deter from thinking the whole night had been ruined by Jamia's mood, but it was so apparent, from the minute Gerard walked in she hadn't been herself at all.
'Well I'm stuffed' Ray announced 'Jamia that was great as usual'
'Thanks' she muttered not bothering to look up at him.
'Well erm I hate to sound greedy but is there dessert, one course is not enough for me' Gerard admitted.
'No of course it isn't, one is never enough for you is it?' Jamia snapped angrily pushing her chair back and snatching up her plate before storming into the kitchen.
'What the hell?' Gerard said looking around at the seven equally confused faces 'What did I do?' he asked
'Shhh she's coming back' Christa warned standing up to help, she managed to pile her and Ray's dinner plates together before Jamia snatched them off the table and carried them into the kitchen.
'Jesus what's the matter with her Frank?' Bob whispered, he was afraid that if he spoke normally Jamia would return and tell him off.
'I don't know, she's been like that since this morning' He confessed
'What did you do?' Ray asked
'I...nothing' Frank retorted 'I did nothing, I have no idea why she' the wind through my trees, she rides the night next to me...' he sang the last of the sentence as Jamia walked in and collected the glasses and left.
'What was that?' Mikey asked
'I didn't want her to know I was talking about her so I sang the first thing that came into my head.' Frank said shrugging.
'She's Like The Wind is the first song that came to mind' Gerard asked 'Man that is twisted.'
'Hey shut up Way she's mad at you remember' Frank replied 'so HA!'
'Yeah well I don't know what I did but you have to go home with her so even bigger... than us I want to see beyond my own little world, grab your hand so we can twirl around the galaxy' Gerard sang as Jamia walked in more calmly this time and picked up the dishes that contained the left over food.
'What was that?' Alicia exclaimed looking at Gerard
'OMG were you singing Hannah Montana' Ray laughed
'I heard it on Tv' Gerard blushed 'I don't like her.'
'Sure you don't' Ray patronised
'Ok Rory how'd you know it was Hannah Montana?' Gerard asked Ray.
'Well I err...her album beat ours I had to know what all the fuss was about' he admitted.
'Look I hate to break up the patheticness that's consuming us right now, but something is wrong with Jamia, so maybe one of us should go find out' Amber piped up.
'What! Why me?' Frank groaned as all heads turned in his direction.
'You sleep with her' Mikey said logically
'What, so that's a good enough reason to go in the kicthen and get a battering' Frank responded
'Yeah I'd definitley say so' Bob answered and the rest of the group nodded their heads in agreement.
'I'll go' Gerard offered grabbing the mats off the table
'Oh so now you want to help' Jamia said from the living room doorway 'Don't bother helping' she said snatching the dinner mats from his hand 'I'll just cook the dinner and clear the table, you all just sit there while the slave clears everything'
'Jamia honey...' Frank began.
'Shut up Frank' she warned 'and you' she said turning to Gerard 'go sit down before you ruin everything.'
'Ruin things Jamia I...'Gerard started
'Save it' she said quietly before talking the dinning mats into the kitchen.
'Marcus' Lyn said quietly
'Yes Lyn' Marcus replied tiredly
'Do you think I can do it?' she asked tugging the covers higher over her body.
'Yes Lyn with my help I think you could' he replied honestly taking a drag of his cigarette. 'But the question is, is he worth it?'
'I love him' she replied honestly
'Yeah but that's not what I asked is it?' he said stubbing out his cancer stick and turning to face her.
'Well yeah he's worth it, he's worth all the hassell, even the wrath of Jamia Nestor'
'Come again' Marcus said sitting up slightly 'What was that about Lady LockNestor.
'She came over last night and threatened me, she told me blatently to stay away from Gerard or else.' Lyn said snuggling closer to Marcus's bare chest.
'No way' he gasped gayley 'Wow, she's got balls'
'I'll say and they're bigger then her boyfriends' Lyn laughed
'Right ok...well...ok so what you need to do now is show Jamia what she's up against' Marcus stated after a while.
'Yeah but I don't just want to get to her, I want to hurt her.' Lyn added with a hint of venom in her voice.
'Physically? Oh Lynnie I don't think you can take her' he admitted
'No dummy emotionally, I want to hurt her emotionally.'
'Oh well' he said thoughtfully 'you know what you have to do don't you?' he knew she didn't so he waited for her to admit she didn't.
'No I don't' Lyn sighed 'I'm only a pretty face, not much else'
'Well thank God I'm here then.' He laughed.
'Praise the Lord' Lyn giggled 'but seriously how do I get to her.'
'Frank' he said simply.
'Frank?' she repeated scrunching up her face in confusion.
'Yep, get to him, get him on side, let him see how much you've "changed", it will feel like the ultimate betrayal to have Frank think highly of you, when Jamia so clearly doesn't' Marcus explained.
'My God!, you are SO smart' Lyn gushed.
'Yeah we established that ages ago.' Marcus laughed, picking up his glass of red wine that he had abandoned earlier.
'I never ever thought I'd say this' Lyn said sitting up and carefully handeling her own glass of wine 'to Frank Iero'
'To Frank Iero' Marcus repeated with a grin.

A/N I apologise for it taking so long with this one but I've had a lot of personal shit to deal with and I came to a point where I didn't want to write any more, in fact I didn't want to do anything at all, not even breathe. But alas I have pushed through the depression for now (with the help of AlexSanDee best person EVER!!!) and hopefully I delivered what you guys would consider a fairly decent chapter. Anyway...moving swiftly forward just a quick thank you to all the people who left reviews and funny things, I like funny things. It was really nice to read what you guys think about this here fan fiction. Ok I'm out of her now cause I'm waffling on (english slang for chatting nonsence) Bye for now xx
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