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Chapter 36

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‘Thanks for the ride man’ Frankie said undoing his seatbelt and opening the car door.
‘Listen if you want you can stay at Ray’s’ Bob offered
‘Nah I need to find out what’s going on with her’
‘Alright well I’ll call you tomorrow’ Bob said
‘Goodnight Frankie’ Amber said smiling at him
‘Goodnight Amber, see you tomorrow Bob’ Frank said closing his door and tapping the roof twice to let Bob know it was ok to drive off.
Frank hurried up the driveway, fiddling with his keys, once there he shoved the key in the lock and let himself in.
‘Jamia’ he called out as he shook of his jacket.
‘In here’ she called back. Sighing Frank kicked off his shoes and headed for the bedroom, he looked in as he passed the bathroom noticing the tap running at the bath full of bubbles.
‘So what the hell was that?’ Frank asked calmly, he stood against the bedroom doorframe and waited for her to answer.
‘What was what, baby?’
‘Don’t act stupid you know what I’m talking about, your behaviour tonight.’
‘My behaviour?’
‘Yeah tonight it wasn’t exactly polite or decent.’
‘Yeah well some people don’t exactly deserve to be spoken to decently’
‘You mean Gerard?’
Jamia sighed heavily before speaking ‘no I don’t mean anything…forget it I don’t want to talk about it.’
‘No don’t do that Jamia, you don’t get to decide when a conversation’s finished I still want to talk about this, I want to know what’s wrong with you’
‘There is nothing wrong with me’ she snapped
‘Then why are you acting this way’ he said speaking softly as he joined her on the bed ‘please baby, tell me what’s bothering you?’
‘Right now Frank the only thing that’s bothering me is you.’ She said getting off the bed and heading for the bathroom as she left the bedroom she pulled the door closed behind her.
‘Is that my baby? Gerard asked as he sunk on his bed.
‘Yeah’ Cheyenne answered smiling broadly ‘how are you?’ She asked wrapping her towel tightly around her before perching on her bed.
‘I’m great now and you?’
‘Absolutely fine.’
‘That’s what I like to hear, that my girl is fine’
‘What have you been up to today, what happened?’
‘I haven’t done much.’ He lied, he didn’t want to slip up and mention the plans he had for the house ‘and there was a little drama earlier.’
‘At your meeting?’
‘No at Mi…wait, you remembered I had a meeting today.’
‘Well yeah I remember everything you say.’
‘Shit I didn’t Ray had to call me and remind me. But no, the hiccup was at dinner actually, we all went over to Mikey and Alicia’s’
‘Sounds like fun what happened?’
‘I don’t know exactly…’ Cheyenne listened intently to his recount of dinner and while she did, she pottered about her room getting ready for bed.
‘…and then she left, without Frank’
‘God that doesn’t sound like Jamia at all, I can’t believe she left without him’
‘I know, he was really mad, actually I’d say upset more then mad. But I still don’t know what I did.’
‘Don’t take it personally I don’t think you did anything, she snapped at Frank too.’ Cheyenne reasoned
‘Yeah that’s true, it’s just she and I usually get on so well, I don’t like the thought of her being mad at me.’
‘Don’t worry baby I’m sure it’s not you. I’ll give her a call tomorrow and see what’s up.’
‘Yeah please do, you two got pretty close maybe she’ll confide in you. Anyway enough talk about the group, I wanna talk about us.’
‘What about us, what do you want to know?’
‘I want to know what you’re wearing Miss Bryar?’
Cheyenne laughed ‘I’m wearing a blue towel’
‘Really’ Gerard said grinning at the instant visual that filled his mind
‘Is there anything under that towel?’
‘I don’t think so’ Cheyenne said ‘maybe I’ll just take a quick peek…no nothing under here.’ She giggled
‘God I love the way you giggle’
‘Aw! Are you missing me Gerard?’
‘Every fucking second’ he sighed
‘Well we’ll be together very soon…’
‘Two weeks from when you hand in your notice’ he said wearily
‘If you want I can hand it in Wednesday that…
‘NO! no no no’ he cried as his plans filled his head, if she handed in her notice on Wednesday that would deprive him of two days, and he needed them.
‘Boy you really don’t want me to come back do you?’ she joked
‘No it’s not that, it’s just you were off on Monday and it was your first day back today if you hand in your notice tomorrow…it’s not professional you know at least wait until the end of the week like we discussed.’
‘You’re right I’ll wait’ she said ‘Now where were we?’
‘Something about you being naked’ Gerard said
‘I believe I said I was in a towel, but say the word and it’s gone’
‘Frank’s calling, fuck’
‘Oh okay’ Cheyenne said hiding her disappointment at being interrupted ‘I’ll go, he probably needs you.’
‘But I need you’ Gerard whined
‘And you have me. Bye bye honey I’ll speak to you tomorrow.’
‘Bye baby.’ He said. As soon as he disconnected from Cheyenne he was connect with a very disturbed Frank.’
‘What’s up man?’ Gerard asked ‘How’s Jamia?’
‘I don’t know’ he sighed heavily ‘we had an argument.’
‘Did she tell you why she was mad at me?’
‘No she didn’t, that’s why I’m calling, what did you do man?’
Jamia smiled proudly as she dressed for bed. Her plan had worked and she couldn’t help but feel smug with herself as she slid into bed beside her fiancé. She turned on her side and watched him as he slept. She felt awful about what had happened that evening and just wanted the whole day to disappear, she didn’t want to talk about it with Frank so she stayed in the bath until the water was freezing cold. Yes she knew it was a childish approach to the situation but who cares, all she wanted to do now was go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow.
Gerard was late. Well he wasn’t actually late for a particular thing but he had decided that he’d wake up at 9.00am to start the day. It was now 11.30am. He got out of bed and left it unmade as he slowly climbed the stairs out of the basement.
‘Good morning sleepy head’ Donna smiled spotting her son as he sauntered into the kitchen.
‘Hm’ Gerard grunted in response ‘I’m late’
‘For what?’ Donna asked not turning her attention away from the colour charts that she was looking at.
‘The day’ he replied opening the top cupboard and talking out his favourite coffee cup.
‘Why? What did you have planned?’ she asked ‘it’s still fairly early.’
‘I know it’s just I wanted to get up, speak to Patrick about the decorators then go and see Jamia.’
‘Jamia? What do you need to see Miss Nestor for?’
‘I don’t know I think she’s mad at me’ He said pouring warm coffee into his cup and taking a seat at the table. He then explained to his mother what had happened the night before at Mikey’s.
‘Well I’m sure there’s an explanation’ Donna said logically ‘it’s not like Jamia to be so…I don’t know…snappy.’
‘That’s what Cheyenne said, she said she’s give Mia a call and see if she can find out what “I did”’
‘I’m sure it’s nothing’ Donna assured him ‘Now what colour do you think the living room should be, I like this one.’
‘I don’t know, I’m gonna call Patrick and see what he’s found.’ Gerard said abandoning his freshly poured coffee. Luckily for him Gerard didn’t have to phone Patrick, he received a text message as promised with details of two of the “best” decorating business in New Jersey, all he had to do now was hire one.
Jamia crept down the hall to the bathroom and slide inside closing the door silently behind her. She could hear Frank singing and pottering around the kitchen and prayed that he was only making breakfast for one. She walked over to the medicine cabinet and peered into the small square mirror. For a girl who literally just rolled out of bed she didn’t look half bad. Once she was done inspecting herself she quickly brushed her teeth, splashed water on her face and stripped down. Wrapped warmly in frank’s dressing gown she exited the bathroom making sure to pocket the baby oil as she left.
‘Yeah, well we need to come and take a look the house and see what we’re working with and see what it is that you want. When would be convenient for you Mr. Way?’ the young lady spoke clearly and concisely
‘As soon as possible today if you can manage it.’
‘How about 14.00pm? I can schedule someone to meet you at the addresses.’
‘Yes that would be perfect.’
After Gerard relayed all the necessary information he hung up, one job down yet so many to go. He knew he had a busy two weeks ahead of him but it didn’t seem to matter, he just wanted the house to be perfect for when Cheyenne came home, she deserved to have the perfect house. He glanced at the clock and noted that it was just after 12.00pm if he was quick he could catch Jamia and maybe take her to lunch before his meeting. He took out his cell and tapped in the numbers he had memorised by heart, he waited for her familiar voice to answer, but instead his call went straight to voice mail, he left a brief but polite message before hanging up. Feeling a little disappointed he went in search for Donna, if she was going to be a part of the decorating she might as well come and meet the decorators.
‘How does it feel?’ Jamia whispered in Frank’s ear
‘It feels good’ Frank breathed roughly as he held himself against the counter.
‘Good cause I want you to cum all over my hands’ she said stroking him again. Frank moaned loudly as he registered what she had just said. He couldn’t believe this was happening, he was just minding his business when Jamia snuck up behind him and snaked her baby oil soaked hands into his boxers. He was so shocked that when she demanded that he pull his shorts down and place his hand on the counter, he just did it and now she milking his hard cock and sucking the skin on his naked back. Jamia wasn’t sure who was enjoying themselves more, her or Frank. She loved the slippery feel of his cock in her hands, the lubricant made it hard to get a tight grip and so her hand slid unpredictably across his dick, making him moan and thrust. Removing her left hand, which had previously been massaging his balls Jamia undid the tie on her dressing gown, she pulled each side of cloth back exposing her nakedness and pressed herself against his back, she felt him shudder and smiled to herself. She then returned her concentration back to the task at hand. She released his manhood and teasingly glided her fingers along his shaft, gently rubbing his tip when she came to the end of his length. She then wiped her hand on her dressing gown removing some excess oil and placed it gently back between his legs, with a better grip she began masturbating him slowly, never pulling his foreskin further then the head, it was a tease and she loved it.
‘Jamia’ Frank barely whispered ‘I…’ he stopped, his breath caught in his throat as she tugged his balls gently while she continued her leisurely pleasure giving.
‘I what Frank?’
‘I want you to suck me’ he managed to say.
‘Now that’s not how you ask for something you want is it.’ She said moving her hand a little faster against him. Frank groaned as he felt her increased movements.
‘No’ he said ‘that’s not the way to ask for something I want’ he ground out.
‘Repeat after me’ Jamia said kissing his back. ‘Jamia’
‘Jamia’ Frank squealed, as she pumped harder
‘I would like you’ she said kissing his back again
‘I would like you…No wait’ he said as she pumped him, he didn’t want to cum yet he wanted to feel her tongue but if she kept up this pace he would shoot his load all over the counter
‘Shh no adlibbing’ she said slowing her hand down ‘Where were we…oh yeah …to’
‘Jamia please’ he begged as her left hand joined her right and his cock was sandwiched between both her moving hands
‘If you want to fuck my mouth you have to ask nicely’ she stated. Frank moaned again at her words, and she couldn’t believe how erotic this was, just masturbating Frank was extremely arousing for her she hadn’t been touched yet she was hot and ready for him.
‘To’ Frank breathed
‘Suck my cock….please’ she said stroking him even faster. Frank’s knuckles were white as he gripped the counter while his fiancé stood naked behind him taking advantage of his body.
‘Jamia please don’t make me cum’ he begged as that hot sensation filled his body, he could feel his balls tightening and he tried to hold back.
‘Say it; Jamia commanded softly
‘Suck my cock please’ Frank cried loudly. As fast as she could Jamia turned him and dropped to her knees. With her right hand she guided him into her mouth and began to suck erratically. Frank arched his back as she licked and swallowed his length, her left hand found his balls once more and mercilessly caressed them. Frank felt the heat building again, he instinctively placed his hand on Jamia’s head and guided her mouth further on to his cock, he waited for any resistance from her and when there was none he began to thrust into he, he could feel her working her tongue against him as he worked himself inside her, opening his eyes he looked down, the site of Jamia on her knees sucking on him was intense and more then enough to make him cum and he cried out loudly as he squirted one load after another into her wet mouth.
‘That’s right swallow bitch’ Frank joked breathlessly. Jamia giggled and shook her head then gripped his deflating penis using it for support to stand up.
‘Ouch!’ Frank protested slapping her hand away. Jamia giggled again and run out of the kitchen towards the bathroom. Grabbing a kitchen roll off the counter Frank wiped his self off and sank to the floor with a grin, despite her flaws Jamia was incredible and he knew he was lucky to have her, but yesterday still played on his mind and he was determined to find out what had upset her so much.
‘Mom they’re all women’ Gerard leaned over and whispered in his mother’s ear
‘Shh Gerard don’t be rude’ Donna said nudging him.
‘So Mrs Way, Gerard told us you had some idea, care to share’ Melanie said. Gerard hadn’t expected this at all, he expected men. Men! Men built and decorated homes not women, especially not pretty women like the ones standing before him. This was weird, what did women know about decorating? Seriously did they now how to put wallpaper up?
‘We are more then capable to decorate your home Mr. Way.’ A small elfin like lady said. She spoke softly almost like a shy child.
‘Oh I know’ Gerard said quickly nodding his head.
‘No you don’t’ Melanie said with a grin ‘You have the same look on your face that most of our men clients have when us women show up at the door’ she said motioning to Claire. ‘We know what we’re doing we’ve decorated over fifty homes in the last two years, we can do your home better then most men could.’
‘I know’ Gerard repeated, feeling hot under the collar as three pairs of eyes stared at him. ‘So erm…what happens next?’ he asked nervously.
‘Well like I said we’ll go over your idea’s, themes, colours, etc and see if we make your dream house comes true.’
‘The thing is’ Gerard said feeling his confidence returning slowly ‘my fiancé is coming home from Chicago in a little over two weeks time and I wanted as much done a possible.’
‘Aww isn’t that sweet’ Claire said
‘Well two weeks isn’t a lot of time’ Melanie said biting her lip thoughtfully ‘especially if you’re going to try and get furniture in here as well.’
‘I know’ Gerard said for the third time in the last ten few minutes ‘But I really would like the living room and bedroom done and if we could manage it the hallways and the bathroom.’
Melanie was still biting her lip when she replied ‘It’s not impossible, I mean we can definitely do the living room and the bedroom in that time slot.’
‘And the bathroom and the hallways?’ Gerard questioned
‘We’ll have to see how the time goes’ she said honestly. ‘But I’m sure with all hands on deck we should be able to get it done.’
‘How many hands to you have?’ he asked
‘We are a team of fifteen’ she said ‘you do the math’
‘That sounds fine, what do you think Ma?’
‘You’re hired’ Donna said with a smile.
‘What possessed you to do that?’ Frank asked as Jamia crawled between his legs, she kissed his lips gently before turning to sit with her back against his chest.
‘Nothing, I just felt like it’ she said taking his arms and wrapping them around herself.
‘You just felt like sexually assaulting me in the kitchen?’ Frank asked raising his eyebrow even though Jamia couldn’t see it.
‘Yeah and you loved it’ she said turning her head so he could kiss her.
‘I’m satisfied’ Frank said with a huge smile
‘That was the idea’
‘But you’re not’ he whispered against her lips
‘Who says?’
‘I say’ Frank said taking her hand and placing it on his hardening penis
‘Omg again’ Jamia laughed rubbing him.
‘Oh yeah, but this one’s for your benefit’ he murmured against her neck ‘turn around and lay down Jamia’ he commanded.
‘Anything you say’ she said feeling a rush of heat through her woman hood. At his request she turned around to face him.
‘Wait don’t lay down yet’ Frank said ‘come closer put your legs by my hips’ Jamia did as she was asked, feeling her self growing wetter as she sat naked baring herself to him.
‘Show me where you want me to put my hands’ Frank said. Jamia shuddered as she moved her hands to her breasts, she closed her eyes as she touched herself, never had she felt so naughty, so erotic. Frank watched for a while as Jamia fondled her breasts he noted her breathlessness as she caressed her pert nipples.
‘Move your hands’ he said as his hand replaced hers. He cupped each breast gently, squeezing her soft flesh making himself harder in the process.
‘Where else? Should I touch you there.’ He asked quickly flicking his hand over her womanly mound. Jamia moaned low in her throat and Frank almost came at the sound. He moved his hand so it travelled down her torso he gently brushed her belly button stroking her navel.
‘Do you want me to touch you lower Jamia?’ he asked quietly, Jamia could only nod as she watched through lustful eyes as Frank teased her with his words.
‘I need a vocal answer’ he pushed
‘Yes’ Jamia replied breathlessly ‘I want you to touch me lower, I want your fingers inside me.’
‘Lie back’ he commanded I’ll give you something better then my fingers’
‘Hurry up Gerard’ Donna said nearly stamping her foot ‘I want to get inside’
‘Ma can you just calm down’ Gerard asked letting his half smoked cigarette fall to the ground, he stamped it out then turned to lock the car door.
‘Gerard’ Donna nearly whined
‘Mom if you can’t control yourself you can stay in the car, is that clear?’
‘Yes’ Donna said pouting
‘Now come on’ Gerard said offering his mother his arm. They walked together through the car park in the direction of the stores entrance, Donna was dragging Gerard but he didn’t mind he actually liked his mother’s enthusiasm.
‘Wow’ Donna said as her eyes scanned the entirety of the store trying to take everything in. ‘Ohhh where should we start.’
‘In the car we agreed to find the paint or wallpaper to decorate the living room remember.’
‘You’re right, go get me a trolley and meet me over there’ Donna ordered practically running to the section marked living room and lounges.
Melanie, the brains of the all female decorating company informed Gerard that they were due to start work on the house the next morning at 9.00am and to his utter horror his mother insisted they should both be there to help, stating ‘many hands made light work.’ Light work his ass, he didn’t know the first thing about decorating, if anything he’s just end up getting in the way. So here they were purchasing the third lot of paint for the new house.
‘Hey watch where you’re going jerk’ a tallish man said as Gerard carelessly collided with him
‘I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention are you alright?’ Gerard said.
‘Yes Gerry I’m fine’ the man said smiling showing a full mouth of perfectly white teeth.
‘Gerry?’ Gerard said trying to match a name to the annoyingly good-looking face in front of him.
‘It’s Marcus Lyn’s boyfriend’ Marcus said grabbing Gerard’s hand and shaking it energetically.
‘Oh yes I remember’ Gerard said trying hard not to sneer at the person before him.
‘How the devil have you been?’ Marcus said trying to come off as interested.
‘Great till just now’ Gerard retorted honestly
‘So what brings you here?’ Marcus asked
‘Paint’ Gerard replied dryly
Marcus laughed ‘Lyn mentioned that you liked to draw little pictures and call yourself an artist.’
‘I am an artist’ Gerard said heatedly
‘Isn’t everyone’ Marcus replied patronisingly ‘Well I guess you’re wondering what…’
‘No I’m not’ Gerard said cutting him off mid sentence. Marcus ignored the interruption and continued ‘…I’m doing here. Lyn and I are moving in together.’
‘Oh!!’ Gerard said a little loudly causing a middle-aged lady to turn and looked at them.
‘Yep, I’ve managed to tame the wild beast. We’re going to get married and start a family, isn’t that great? I came to pick up one of those colour chart things.’
‘I’m thrilled for you’ Gerard said quietly, he was clearly taken aback by what he just heard. Lyn was going to marry Marcus?
‘Are you okay, you look paler then usual if that’s even possible.’ Marcus commented
‘I have to go find my mom’ Gerard said absently
‘Aw! Still shopping with mommy then’ Marcus teased
‘What’s your point?’ Gerard asked
‘I don’t know…you live with mommy, you shop with mommy, you better watch out or Cheyenne will start to feel like a third wheel.’
‘Fuck you’ Gerard sneered
‘Easy tiger I was just kidding’ Marcus laughed ‘Well I must dash my fiancé’s waiting at home for me, on all fours I imaging that woman just can’t get enough of me. It was nice to see you Gerry and let me just say you can barley notice the weight you’ve put on.’
Gerard was stunned into silence, that hideous tanned baboon was calling him fat, he tried to think of a witty come back but words failed him and Marcus smiled his million-dollar smile and walked away.

‘Where have you been?’ Donna asked as she spotted Gerard walking towards her ‘I found the perfect colours’ she said holding up two sample bottles. Gerard took both sample bottles but said nothing.
‘So what do you think?’ Donna asked clearly proud of her findings ‘I thought we could split the walls into two with a wooden dado rail and have the lighter colour on top and the darker colour below. The brown from the wood will break up the two colours nicely so…’
‘Yeah whatever’ Gerard shrugged
‘What do you mean whatever?’ Donna said ‘I thought you’d have a little bit more to say then whatever.’
‘Well I don’t have anything more to say’ he said ‘So let’s get this crap and go’
‘Ok’ Donna said studying her son’s face, it didn’t take a genius to work out that he was upset. ‘I’ll just go get a trolley and we’ll get two tins of each.’
‘Fine’ Gerard said taking his wallet out of his pocket, he handed his mother his credit card and the two samples ‘I’ll be outside when you’re done.’
‘Gerard you could stay and help me, after all this is all for Cheyenne’ Donna reminded him.
‘Right now mom I couldn’t care less’ Gerard said turning on his heel and walking towards the store’s exit.
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