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Chapter 37

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‘You have a message’ Frank said re-entering the kitchen with both of their cell phones, he had left to get Jamia some clothes to wear as romantic as sex was in the kitchen the tiles it was still cold against bare skin. ‘Thank you’ Jamia said accepting the oversized t-shirt and sweatpants that he offered her.
‘I don’t have any messages’ Frank pouted ‘and I’m the famous rock star’ he joked
‘Oh please, don’t feel too put out it’s probably my mother.’ Jamia said with certainty ‘Take a listen’ she said as she stood to dress herself. The kitchen fell quiet as Jamia dressed and Frank listened to the message, his eyes furrowed in confusion as he took it in. ‘Gerard wants you to call him back’ Frank said putting the phone to rest on the floor tiles
‘Yeah he left a message asking if you’d call him back’
‘I’ll do it later’ she said sinking to the floor to sit beside him
‘Do it now’ Frank said holding up the phone
‘Nope I’m spending time with you right now’
‘It could be important’
‘If it was important he would have left more then one message’
‘Why won’t you call him?’
‘Why do you want me to call him?’ Jamia asked growing a little frustrated with the conversation
‘Because I would like to know what’s happened?’
‘What’s happened with what?’
‘You and Gerard, one minute all is fine then your shouting at him, accusing him of ruining things’ Frank recalled
‘The only person ruining things at the moment is you Frank. We’re having a nice day and you’re starting to spoil it.’
‘Ok fine but just answer me this, why were you so mad yesterday?’
‘Let it go Jesus’ Jamia sighed ‘I was just having a bad day that’s all, nothing more nothing less. Everyone is entitled to them.’ She said speaking slowly and deliberately so he got the point. ‘Fine if that’s what you want I’ll put it down as a bad day’ Frank said getting to his feet ‘but I’m not stupid Jamia I know it was more then that and I know it has something to do with Gerard.’
Marcus felt pretty good, as he got into his car, not only had he managed to insult the famous Gerard Way, he was sure he just helped Lyn to get him back, he also got his colour chart. As he started the engine to his year old Toyota, he thought back to his minor altercation and wondered if he had done the right thing. Oh well it was too late now to do anything about it, he just wondered how Lyn would take the news that she was engaged. Marcus laughed out loud as he pictured Gerard bumping into Lyn before he had a chance to tell her what happened, oh the look of confusion then anger on her face would be priceless. He was suddenly snapped out of his daydream as his phone rang, his ring tone always made him smile.
‘Bang bang I shot you down’ he sang his ring tone instead of answering the call with a normal hello or hi
‘Where are you?’
‘Just coming back from the store with my colour chart, you know I’m decorating my love shack’
‘Yes I remember you saying something about that. So are you coming over tonight?’
‘Yep, I have something to tell you.’
‘Oh yeah, what’s that?’
‘Not now Lynnie all in good time, all in good time’ with that he hung up. Pulling out of the parking space, Marcus put the car into gear and headed towards the mall he needed to get a ring for his new fiancée.
Donna and Gerard drove home from the store in silence, Gerard sat in the passengers looking out of the window while Donna drove deciding whether or not to speak to her son. It was always hard to tell whether speaking to him would improve his mood or make it worse. The silence was deafening to Donna and just as she opened her mouth to say something, anything, Gerard’s cell phone went off and without looking at the caller display he diverted the call. ‘Who was that?’ Donna asked trying to lighten the tense atmosphere that had consumed the car
‘Don’t know, don’t care’ Gerard sighed
‘That’s twice you’ve said that in the last hour Gerard. Tell me what do you care about?’
‘Don’t start mom’
‘I will start Gerard, one minute your over the moon about the house and the next your upset and don’t care about it. What happened in the space of a few minutes?’
‘Nothing, I’m tired’
‘Bullshit, who was that man you were talking to?’
‘What man?’
‘Don’t act stupid son, it makes you look like your father, who was that man you were talking to in the store?’
‘He was a stranger ma, I’ve never met him before
‘You looked like you knew him
‘Well I don’t so can we please stop with the interrogation, you’re giving me a headache.’
‘Fine’ Donna said ‘but you better shape up before tomorrow because I won’t put up with mood swings or this attitude, is that clear?’
‘Newsflash I’m 29 years old you can’t tell me off’
‘Wanna bet, you get an attitude adjustment or your peter pan video’s gonna end up on Youtube.’
‘How the hell do you know about Youtube?’ Gerard asked surprised by his mother’s Internet knowledge.
‘Don’t you worry about what Mama knows, mama knows everything’ Donna said with a satisfied smile. Gerard said nothing and huffed in annoyance at his mother’s smug manner.
Cheyenne swayed into the office, with her lunch in one hand and her dry cleaning in the other. She sighed as she placed her mozzarella and tomato panini on the desk before draping her dry cleaning over her spare chair, she was going to miss this place when she was gone.
‘There you are’ Veronica said once she spotted Cheyenne ‘you have a call’
‘He said you don’t know his name but you kissed him at his birthday party’
Cheyenne looked confused then laughed once it dawned on her ‘put him through’
Veronica did as she was told then watched with curious eyes as Cheyenne sat down.
‘Mr Iero’
‘Chey Chey, how have you been kid?’
‘Terrible I’m missing you’
‘I wish I could say the same
‘Charming’ Cheyenne said with a giggle ‘what’s up?’
‘Well I was wondering if Jamia’s called you ‘
‘Erm no not that I know of, hold on one sec let me check my cell’
Frank waited patiently till Cheyenne’s voice came on the line again
‘Nope no calls, is something wrong?’
‘No it’s just I don’t know, I was hoping you could tell me. Jamia’s been awful the last two days, I’m not sure what’s up with her but she’s snappy and rude, so unlike Jamia. I was hoping she might have called you and you could enlighten me.’
‘Well she hasn’t but I was going to call her tonight, I spoke to Gerard yesterday and he seemed quite upset, said Jamia had snapped at him during dinner.’
‘Did he tell you what he did to make her snap?’
‘He says he doesn’t know’
Frank sighed heavily. He could feel a headache coming on.
‘I take it Jamia didn’t go to lunch with Gerard then.’
‘No she and I wer…wait how do you know about that?’
‘I suggested it, I thought it’d help him get back into her good books’
‘Well she didn’t go.
‘That’s too bad’
‘Listen I gotta go Chey, but I’d be really grateful if you could call Jamia tonight, she’s got something on her mind and whatever it is she won’t tell me.’
‘I’ll see what I can do Frankie’
‘Thanks Chey
‘One last thing, when are you coming home?’
‘In about two weeks’ Cheyenne said happily
‘Well baby girl I’ll see you then’
‘Bye Frank
‘Laters Kiddo’
Cheyenne hung up sporting a huge smile. Frank had asked her when she was coming home, home to New Jersey. Glancing at the clock she noted that she had about thirty seconds of her lunch break left, not that it mattered they all took liberties in the office and she was no exception. However since she was going to hand in her notice in a couple of days she’d been doing everything perfectly, which meant she was going to eat while she worked and get all her tasks done. As she unwrapped her panini she snatched up her cell phone and typed in a reminder to call her new best friend in Jersey, she hoped Jamia was ok and wondered what had happened in the last two days.

After dropping the new cans of paint at the new house Donna and Gerard drove back to the Way residence. As soon as Donna opened the front door Gerard disappeared into his room without a word. Now he was sitting on his bed feeling annoyed, irritated or frustrated? He wasn’t actually sure how he felt but he knew that Lyn getting married was the cause for his prickly attitude. How the fuck could she be getting married? Married! To him no less, fucking pretty boy Marcus. It was wrong, unfair even. How come Marcus gets the new normal Lyn, the Lyn that he had loved for all those years before she turned into a drug and alcohol abuser? He was whinging, moping actually and he knew it but yet he couldn’t help it, he felt like he had lost out on something. Getting up off his bed he walked over to his wardrobe and opened the wooden doors. Placing the lit cigarette in his mouth he tiptoed until he was at full height, using his let hand to steady himself he searched the top shelf for the box. Dragging it to the front of the shelf, he lowered himself and took the cigarette from his mouth he inhaled then exhaled before reaching for the box once more and walking it over to the bed. He had collected the contents of the box over six years everything that he and Lyn shared was somehow documented inside. Settling himself with his back against the wall he spread his legs and tipped the box over spilling the contents. The first thing that caught his eye was their very first photo together it was taken by Alicia just outside his house, they weren’t dating yet but it was obvious they liked each other and he remembered how he jumped at the idea of them having a photo taken together. He smiled at the memory as he placed the photo aside and picked up the receipt from their first date, it was at Francesco’s and it was that night that he first kissed her. He closed his eyes and rested the back of his head on the wall, he was pining and he couldn’t help. In his solitude it suddenly crossed his mind that he hadn’t really spoken to Lyn, they’d seen each other so many times over the last month or so but they hadn’t yet spoken properly. Maybe if he sat down and talked to her he’d he get a chance to get to know her again and see if she really has changed, maybe they could even be friends again. Looking at his alarm clock he noted it was just after 6.00pm, maybe he’d stop by for and hour or so, if he was lucky Marcus wouldn’t be there, he really wanted to spend some time alone with her.

‘YOU DID WHAT???’ Lyn screamed at Marcus once he finished relaying what he thought was good news
‘I thought you’d be pleased’ Marcus said with a grin, it was obvious to him that Lyn couldn’t see the bigger picture so he waited and let her rant.
‘You moron’ she hissed ‘He’ll back off if he knows I’m taken. Oh I cannot believe you, couldn’t stop your mouth from flapping could you? You are the worst gay friend ever…’
‘I’m not gay I’m bi’ Marcus said frowning
‘…Why on God’s green earth would you tell Gerard that we’re getting married AND starting a family? He knows I don’t like kids, that’s one of the things we had in common a low tolerance for those little people with sticky jammy fingers and now you’ve told him I want one, argh! The impertinence of it all.’
‘He’s going to stay well clear of me now, he’s going to picture me fat with loads of dirty kids running around my feet and I’ll be in a filthy dressing gown with rollers in my hair puffing on ciggy. I HATE YOU MARCUS!!’
‘Are we done yet?’ Marcus asked, he deliberately made his voice sound as bored as possible even though he wasn’t, it was fun to watch Lyn rant. Lyn said nothing, she folded her arms then huffed loudly and Marcus took this as his cue to continue.
‘Now Lyn as a man…’
‘Fag’ Lyn spat viciously
‘Cum bucket’ Marcus retorted quickly
‘Pillow biter’
‘Frigid cow’
‘AH!’ Lyn screeched ‘Don’t you ever call me frigid, I’m the opposite of frigid’
‘Whatever’ Marcus said with a flick of his wrist ‘what was I saying…oh yeah as a man, I find certain things irresistible…
‘Like men in butt less pants.’ Lyn replied
‘I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. One of the things I find irresistible is something that I can’t have, if I can’t have something I want it even more.’
‘So what’s your point?’ Lyn asked slumping down in her favourite armchair, well her only arm chair.
‘You’re the not the sharpest pencil in the colouring box are you? If Gerard cannot have you he’ll want you even more, we’ve established that already, that night at Francesco’s. So now he’s found out you’re getting hitched it’ll kick his butt into gear and he’ll snatch you up before I can.’
‘Ohhhhh’ Lyn said nodding her head ‘I see’
‘Eureka! She’s got it’ Marcus said ‘There’s a ring for you in that bag over there, go put it on.’
Lyn skipped over to the Marcus bag, which was by the door, she knelt down and undid the zip with a huge grin on her face, she was about to get a fat diamond on her tiny feminine finger.
‘It’s in the side bit’ Marcus said
‘Oh’ Lyn said re-zipping the main compartment and unzipping the smaller one on the side.
‘Whoa!’ Lyn said picking up the small ring in her hand.
‘It’s beautiful right’ Marcus said grinning from his seat ‘I knew you’d like it.’
‘Oh Marcus I can’t accept this’ Lyn said turning to face him
‘Why not?’ he asked slight alarmed by her refusal
‘It won’t fit’ Lyn said bursting into laughter.
‘What? I was so sure it would fit. Why are you laughing? He demanded jumping off the sofa and marching over to his companion who was now doubled over.
‘GIVE ME THAT!’ Marcus cried, his face flaming red when he saw what she was holding, snatching the object from her grasp he tossed it back in the bag.
‘It’s a…It’s a cock ring’ Lyn spluttered before falling to the floor.
‘Ha ha laugh it up’ he said taking the real ring out of the bag and tossing to her as wiped her eyes trying to recover from her laughing fit. Marcus sank down in the arm chair and pouted, he was thoroughly embarrassed at having Lyn find his new toy, he knew he shouldn’t have bought it.
‘Oh come now Marcus’ she giggled standing up with ring clutched in her left hand. ‘Don’t be embarrassed, I won’t tell anyone.’
‘Cross my heart and hope to die’ she said crossing an X over chest with her fingers ‘Now lets forget about that, there are more pressing matters’
Lyn tossed the ring at him and waited expectantly for him to catch on to her idea.
‘Oh’ Marcus said loudly, he walked over to where she was standing and knelt down in front of her, taking her left hand in his.
‘Will you Cruella DeVille…
‘Marcus’ Lyn said slapping his shoulder
‘Right sorry.’ He said snickering ‘Will you Lyndsey Olivia Bridon, do me the honour of being my wife?’
‘Yes I will’ Lyn said smiling as she felt the metal of the white gold band slip onto her slender ring finger.
‘We are now officially engaged’ Marcus said ‘a match made in heaven don’t you think?’
'Or that other place' Lyn laughed 'so fiancé would do you want for dinner?'
'Nothing my love, I was only stopping by, I've got to get home, but I'll be back later for dessert.'
'Ohh I can't wait' Lyn said winking at him.
'Jamia what a nice surprise?' Donna said moving aside to yet the younger woman enter the house.
'Hey Donna, how've you been?' Jamia asked politely
'Same old, same old' Donna stated heading for the kitchen. 'So what's brought you here today and without Frank?'
'Well I err...came to see Gerard.' Jamia replied trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.
'I think he's down in his room, I'm not sure though, go take a look them come back up here, I baked a cake yesterday and I have no one to eat it with' Donna said with a grin
'Yay! I'll tell Gee to come up and get some too' Jamia said draping her coat and handbag over one of the dining chairs.
'Do you want coffee too?' Donna called out
'Yes please'
Jamia didn't bother knocking before opening the basement door, taking a few steps down the stairs it was easy to see that Gerard wasn't home. Sighing deeply she turned to leave when something caught her eye. Walking down the remainder of the steps she walked over to the bed and was amazed and shocked by what she found. There were photo spread out on his bed. Loads of photos accompanied by little items like concert tickets and letters. Jamia quickly scanned all the pictures and it didn't take a genius to see that Lyn was in them all.
'What the hell?' Jamia whispered as she picked up a worn envelope with Gerard's name on it. Jamia stood just staring at the contents on his bed, her mind was racing as was her heart. Why the fuck did Gerard still have all this stuff? And more importantly why was he looking at it now?
'Jamia, Gerard' Donna called out loudly startling Jamia, who dropped the letter on the floor.
'Erm Ger..Gerard's not here' Jamia hollered back, bending over and quickly picking up the letter and dropping it back among the pile 'I'm just coming up.' Tearing her eyes from the bed, Jamia ran up the stairs and slammed the basement door behind her, she turned and leaned against it trying to catch her breath.
'Are you alright?' Donna asked startled at how fast Jamia had emerged from the basement.
'Yes I'm fine' Jamia said trying to calm her beating heart.
'Are you sure?'
'Absolutely' Jamia said moving away from the door 'But I can't stay' she blurted out.
'Oh that's a shame' Donna responded, she could tell that something was wrong and if Jamia needed to leave she wasn't about to keep her there 'Maybe we can have cake another time then?'
'Yes definitely' Jamia said as she rushed past the older woman to grab her coat and bag from the kitchen chair.
'Do you want me to tell Gerard you stopped by?' Donna asked, she wanted to see the girls reaction.
'Oh no, no it's okay' Jamia said quickly shaking her head 'Don't mention it, it wasn't important anyway.' she assured Donna as she turned and opened the door.
'Bye sweetheart' Donna said smiling
'Bye bye Donna' Jamia said closing the door behind her.

Jamia ran to her car as if she was being chased. Closing the door and locking it, she took a deep breath. What the hell had she just seen? What did it mean? Maybe it meant nothing but on the other hand it could mean everything.
‘Ok Jamia get a grip’ she said to herself ‘It’s ok, it was just some old memories that’s all, it has nothing to do with what Cheyenne told you before she left. Lets just get home and think’ Catching sight of herself in the rear view mirror she noted how flustered and confused she looked. Shaking her head Jamia put on her seatbelt, started the car’s engine and pulled out. As she drove she realised she was more then just confused, she was baffled and her mind was still racing.

Where the fuck is Gerard? He must at the store. Maybe he’s with Lyn. He’s not with Lyn,. How sure are you? Very sure. But all that stuff,. Those were old memories. Exactly so why was he looking at them now? He’s with Lyn. No he loves Cheyenne. Does he?

Lost in her thoughts Jamia continued to drive through the residential streets of Belleville, it didn’t even register that she was going in the opposite direction to her house. She didn’t realise it as she passed the corner store or as she passed Bellville High where she used to go to school or that she’d been driving for about ten minutes. It only dawned on her that she had gone the wrong way when she pulled up across the street from house number 187 Faircross, Lyn’s address.
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