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Chapter 38

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Shortly after Jamia left, Donna in all her curiosity travelled down to the basement. She wanted to know what had got Jamia all flustered, she procrastinated for a while to convince herself she wasn’t being nosey, she had a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, wiped down the kitchen counters and when she couldn’t take it anymore she raced to the basement door and down the steps. Looking around the room nothing jumped out at her, there was a pile of clothes in the centre of the room, some pencils and a paper pad by the bed and next to it was a half empty plate of food. Donna didn’t see the offending photos and bits until she turned to leave, like Jamia it suddenly caught her eye. Making her way over to the bed Donna could see Lyn’s face smiling at her from several pictures. Picking up a few of them Donna smiled at the memory of how happy they had been all those years ago. It was strange how quickly you could go from loving a person to hating the sight of them. That was the case for her when it came to Lyn. She had been like a daughter to Donna they had spent a lot of time together, even Don had adored her but slowly over time things turned for the worst and Donna could no longer be around Lyn without feeling a great sense of anger towards the girl for Gerard’s downward spiral. Sighing heavily she put the photos in her hand back on the bed and left the basement without a backward glance.
Gerard wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say to Lyn when he reached her door. He considered calling her before leaving home, but he sort of liked the idea of surprising her. Parking the car a few doors down from number 187, Gerard undid his seat belt and sat still for a few minutes. He would’ve got out of the car right away if it weren’t for the nervous butterflies flapping about in his stomach, taking a deep breath to calm himself heopened the driver’s door and stepped out. Checking he had his cell phone and cigarettes in his pocket he closed the door and locked it. As he walked towards Lyn house he couldn’t stop fidgeting, he pulled his jacket tighter over his shoulders, ran his hand through his blonde hair and then checked his breath, he was so busy grooming himself he didn’t notice Jamia’s car parked right across the street. Walking up the garden path he ran his hand through his hair once more before knocking on the door.

'Shit shit shit’ Lyn cried jumping back from the window. She quickly slammed her hand over her mouth to silence the profanities that spilled from her lips. What the hell was he doing here? She took a tiny step towards the window and leaned forward to make sure it was actually him, then jumped back as if she was surprised to him standing there.
‘Oh my God’ she whispered. She stood frozen for a minute not sure of what to do. She heard another knock this time louder and she jumped. This is it, what you’ve been waiting for all along it’s all coming to plan. Don’t fuck it up Lyn nodded along to the voice in her head as she suddenly snapped into action. She quickly straightened the cushions on the sofa before grabbing her coffee mug and running it into the kitchen. She then ran to the hallway and yanked her scrunchie from her hair and ran her fingers through it, she breathed into her hand to make sure her breath was fresh and last but not least she adjusted her cleavage.

‘Oh my god oh my god’ Jamia uttered continuously as she ducked down in her seat out of view from Gerard. She had seen him striding up the street only seconds before and on impulse she slid down her seat to hide. What the hell was he doing here? He was supposed to be at the store. Lifting her head very slowly Jamia peered out of the window and watched Gerard hop nervously from foot to foot waiting for the door to be answered. /Look at him he’s like a nervous teen picking up his date for prom/. Jamia jumped slightly as her phone vibrated against her thigh, she quickly slid it out of her pocket then carelessly tossed it into the passengers seat when she saw it was Frank calling, she could talk to him anytime what was important right now was Gerard and Lyn.
‘Fuck!’ Jamia shouted. Gerard had already gone inside, thanks to Frank she’s missed his entrance. Damn that man! Sitting up a little more Jamia wasn’t sure what to do next, but she knew she couldn’t leave, she HAD to know how what time he’d leave, she HAD to know how much time they’d spend together. She knew she couldn’t stay parked right outside the house she had to move the car. Putting the key in the ignition she started the engine, then quickly sat up and manoeuvred out of the space and drove off quickly without even putting her seatbelt on. She just hoped she would find a space close enough to Lyn’s house but far away enough for her not to be seen.

‘I hope you don’t mind me dropping in unannounced’ Gerard said as he stepped through the doorway.
‘No not at all’ Lyn said closing the door behind him. ‘It’s always nice to see you’
‘So…’ Lyn said as an awkward silence began to fall between them
‘Oh I err… I heard the good news and I came over to say congratulations’
‘Good news?’ Lyn replied, all memory of her previous conversation with Marcus was lost.
‘You’re engagement’ Gerard asked raising his eyebrow at the lost expression on her face.
‘Oh yeah’ she said quickly shaking her head ‘that. Thanks that means a lot coming from you, I guess we’re both moving on.’
‘It looks that way’ he replied letting his lips form a smile. ‘So are you going to invite me in?’
‘Yes of course sorry, I’m just a little shocked to see you that’s all’ she admitted leading him into the living room ‘We haven’t really spoken since…’ she trailed off.
‘Yeah, which is why I came over I thought we could talk, I mean it’s been a while’
‘It has, maybe too long.’ She said sadly. ‘Can I…err… get you a drink?’
‘Yeah I’ll take what ever you’ve got’ He said standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.
‘Alright, make yourself at home I’ll be right back.’ she said leaving the room, making her hips sway as much a possible, she remembered how much he used to like that.

It had been two hours since Gerard had entered Lyn’s and Jamia still sat parked a few doors away watching the house. Frank had called once again but she ignored it, not because she was busy but because she didn’t wish to speak to him. Sighing tiredly Jamia wondered to herself how long she could actually sit there. Gerard could be in there for another two or three hours if he wanted to, hell he could even sped the night and what would she do then, stay parked outside till morning? Checking her watch she noted it was just after 8.00pm and she was starving. She needed food. She felt torn she really wanted to stay and find how long Gerard would spend with Lyn but then on the other hand she was hungry and tired and Frank was looking for her. Jamia laughed to herself, she felt like she was in a low budget soap opera like Sunset Beach all that was missing was an evil twin and rich scheming businessman. Pulling her seatbelt across her lap she realised it was time to go, she’d been there long enough. It didn’t really matter how long Gerard spent with Lyn anyway, Jamia got what she wanted, she saw him go in and she knew it was longer then a quick visit. All she had to do now was figure out what to do with her new information.

Gerard couldn’t believe how time had flown. It seemed like five minutes had passed since he stepped foot into Lyn’s home but in fact it was coming up to three hours. Driving over he didn’t know what to expect but this certainly wasn’t it, the conversation hadn’t stopped flowing and not one bad word had been said between either of them that was definitely a record. Gerard shuffled further into the chair getting a little more comfortable, he wasn’t ready to end the evening and neither was Lyn she was talking animatedly about something or another but Gerard wasn’t really listening he was just watching her, the smile on her face, the graceful way her hands moved as she spoke, the way she absentmindedly flicked her hair back over shoulder, there was so much he had forgotten about her.
‘Yes’ he said snapping back to attention
‘Would you like something to eat?’ Lyn asked, they had been talking for a few hours and she wondered if he was a hungry as she was.
‘Yeah what have you got, I’ll eat anything’
How about me?’ Lyn thought but said ‘Not much, it’d be better and safer to order in, neither or us are whizzes in the kitchen.’
‘Speak for yourself’ Gerard said ‘I can cook quite a few dishes now, Cheyenne taught me a little.’
‘That’s good’ Lyn said. It was the first time he had mentioned her since they started talking and it stung a little but she hid it well ‘I haven’t had to learn, Marcus is a great cook and what’s more is he likes doing it so I don’t have to.’
‘Same with Chey, so I guess we’re both lucky.’ Gerard said getting up ‘Do you still keep the brochures in the draw by the sink’
‘Yep’ she said ‘I’ll have…’
‘Prawn fried rice, no peas with Cantonese style chicken balls.’
‘Good memory’ She said with a little laugh ‘Don’t forget extra sweet and sour sauce.’
‘How could I forget’ Gerard said with a grin ‘that sauce has so many uses.’
Lyn sat unable to speak as she watched Gerard leave the room. She couldn’t believe what he just said or that it sent a rush of heat to her privates. What was happening here? Taking her phone from the coffee table she quickly sent a text to Marcus, he was supposed to come over but she didn’t want him interrupting the perfect evening. Maybe he’d text her back with some advice, Lord knows she needed it right now, if it was up to her she’d pounce on Gerard right now and fuck the life out of him.

In the kitchen Gerard mentally bashed himself while he located the Chinese leaflet. He couldn’t believe what he just said, he hoped she didn’t take it as a come on because that’s not what it was, it was a memory from their past he hadn’t meant to say it. To make things worse he was turned on, that night they had amazing sex, it was one of his sexual encounters that he could recall as if it were yesterday. She was fantastic that night. He could remember everything, the way she teased him as they ate, the look of her breasts as she shed her clothes and dropped to the floor beside him, the way she winked at him as she dipped her breast in the sweet and sour sauce and fed it to him. But what he remembered most, the one detail that still turned him on even now, was the slickness the sauce provided as he entered her tight ass, he slid inside her so easily and then he fucked her, just like she wanted to be fucked and afterward they lay together on the floor exhausted but satisfied. He thought he was the luckiest guy in the world to have a woman like her.
‘Gerard what are you doing?’ Lyn called out startling Gerard from his daydream
‘Nothing I’m about to order’ he said hoping he didn’t sound guilty
‘Oh.’ Was all she said ‘Hurry up! I’m starving.’
‘Alright’ he said tapping the number in. When he was hung up Gerard was glad to see that his penis was no longer hard and so he re-entered the living room where Lyn was sitting flicking through the movie channels.
‘How long?’ she asked moving over so he could sit down.
‘About 40 minutes’ he said
‘Cool I can wait’ she said shrugging ‘here you can pick something suitable for us to watch’ she said handing him the remote and standing up ‘I’m just going to slip into something more comfortable.’

Jamia fought her judgement the whole way home. Had she done the right thing in leaving? Was would she say to Frank when he asked her where she was? Did she tell him what she saw? Should she go back? Grabbing the takeaway bags from the passenger side, she quickly locked the car and headed for the front door.
‘Frank’ she called out as she crossed the threshold and closed the door.
‘Hey’ Frank said appearing at the living room door, he offered her a smile and Jamia returned it as she shook off her jacket.
‘How are you?’ he asked awkwardly after all he wasn’t sure where he stood, but then he was sure Jamia didn’t know either.
‘I’m fine now’ she said ‘you hungry?’ she asked waving the takeaway food in front of him
‘Baby I’m always hungry’ he said placing a hand on his stomach and turning to head for the kitchen
‘Wait’ Jamia said causing him to turn and face her. She quickly walked towards him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.
‘What was that for?’ he asked taken aback by her affection
‘It’s a sorry for the way I’ve been acting lately’ she said searching his eyes for some clue of what he was thinking. Leaning in Frank kissed her again, he opened his mouth slightly as Jamia slid her tongue into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. ‘No need to apologise’ he said against her lips.
‘But I was…’
‘Shh!’ he said placing a finger against her lips ‘Let’s go eat I’m starving.’
They walked hand in hand to the kitchen where Frank unwrapped the food and Jamia got the plates and cutlery
‘I love you Frank’ Jamia said as she served up their food
‘Why because I’m helping with dinner?’
‘No’ she laughed ‘I just love you’
‘I love you too’ Frank said kissing her cheek. Balancing her food in one hand and her drink in the other Jamia followed Frank into the living room all thought of Gerard and Lyn gone for the moment.

Adding more food to his plate Gerard settled back on the sofa. He watched Lyn out of the corner of his eye she was chewing slowly her full concentration on the movie he had picked.
‘Stop watching me’ Lyn said not taking her eyes off the screen
‘How’d you know I was watching you?’
‘I spent a good six years with you, I know when you’re watching me’ she said getting another forkful ready ‘plus I can’t hear you eating’
‘I’m not a loud eater’ he protested
‘Yeah you are, you smack your lips when you eat, it’s the same sound that a baby seal makes when it claps its hands’ she laughed
‘Fuck you’ he said ‘I do not eat loudly…do I’ he asked worriedly
‘No baby I’m just teasing you’ she said placing a hand on his arm to reassure him.
‘You’re mean’ he said poking his tongue at her
‘Treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen’ she said with a shrug. The both turned their attention back to their meals and the movie. Once their bellies were full with noodles and rice both Gerard and Lyn settled back into the sofa. Shaun of the Dead was funny and Gerard loved it but for some reason he couldn’t quite focus on the film, he looked over at Lyn and she was engrossed laughing and shaking her head at the characters antics. Gerard jerked as his phone vibrated in his pocket, shuffling around he pulled it out of his pocket.
‘Who?’ Lyn asked, she was so comfortable she forgot that they were no longer an item and that she shouldn’t ask his business.
‘Just Frank’ Gerard said ‘I’ll call him back in the morning.’ Gerard said placing the phone on the arm of the chair. After a few more rings the phone died and they fell back into their own world.
‘Nature calls’ Gerard said standing and leaving the room. Lyn nodded silently and waited for him to leave. When she heard the bathroom door close and lock, she lunged for his cell and snatched it up. Opening the menu she searched his call list, she laughed quietly as she read the display name.
‘Sorry Miss Bryar but Gerard’s busy at the moment please leave a message’ she giggled placing the phone back on the arm of the chair. Listening intently for any sound from the bathroom, Lyn quickly unclasped her bra, slid it off and stuffed it behind the sofa. She settled back just as Gerard walked back in.
‘Another movie?’ She asked smiling sweetly at him.
‘Sure’ he shrugged ‘Why not’
‘You don’t have anything else planned right?’ she asked innocently.
‘No’ Gerard lied glancing at his cell phone ‘Nothing at all’
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