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Chapter 39

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Cheyenne had waited. She had waited all night and nothing. She was awake now her hand still clutching her phone, like it had been all night even after she fell asleep at around 2.00am. She hadn’t even realised that she had fallen asleep, one minute she was lying patiently in bed for Gerard to return her call and the next her alarm was ringing loudly and vibrating on her head informing her that it was 7.00am. Rolling out of bed, she made her way to the bathroom wondering why Gerard hadn’t called it was unlike him not to contact her. Feeling slightly disappointed she went about her morning routine for work.

Lyn rolled over and snuggled closer to the other body occupying her bed. She made sure not to open her eyes just in case the body that she could feel next to her was just a dream. She smiled to herself as her body slowly woke up and she could feel the bittersweet pain of her womanhood throbbing from last night’s lovemaking. She gently slid her leg over his and placed her head on his chest,the slow beat of his heart and the steady rise and fall of his chest as he breathed was heavenly. He stirred slightly, his hand instinctively moving to rest on her back.
‘Good morning Gerard’ Lyn said tightening her arm around him.
‘Gerard? You wish Lynnie’ Marcus laughed roughly. Sitting up quickly Lyn looked onto the face of her companion and groaned.
‘Well it’s nice to see you too’ Marcus said stretching over her to reach his cigarettes and his lighter.
‘You’re not Gerard’ Lyn complained throwing the covers over her head.
‘Yes I know’ he said.
‘Well where is he?’ Lyn asked. It was a stupid question and they both knew it didn’t require and answer but Marcus took the bait.
‘He’s under the bed darling, we stashed him there before we started doing the rumpy pumpy’ Marcus mumbled, a fresh cigarette dangling from his lips. He sparked up and let the lighter fall to theb ground.
‘Shut up’ Lyn pouted coming out from under the duvet.
‘Oh did you really think you were lying next to your beloved? You thought he was the one who made your pussy feel the way it does this morning? Sorry love but it was me the Adonis’ he said patting her stomach.
‘I was having such a nice dream’ Lyn said taking the cigarette from his lips and taking a drag.
‘Sorry princess. So dare I ask how last night went?’
Lyn smiled at the memory
‘It was amazing’ she said sighing contentedly.
‘Oh do tell’ Marcus said pulling her close.
‘Where do I begin?’ She said smiling broadly.

‘Gerard get up honey’ Donna said throwing the covers off her sleeping son.
‘Mom, what the hell?’ he asked blindly reaching for the covers
‘We’re supposed to be at the new house remember’
‘Mon I don’t want to I’m tired.’ He whined into his pillow.
‘As am I, but that doesn’t stop the fact that work needs to be done, does it? Now we have a lovely team of women working on your house and as the saying goes many hands make light work. Let’s not forget that we have little over two weeks and there is a lot to be done.’
‘I know there’s a lot to be done that’s why I’ve HIRED decorators. I’m paying them to do the work, I don’t see why I need to be there.’ He stated lifting his head off the pillow and looking around for his covers.
‘It’s not up for discussion, be dressed and ready in 20 minutes.’ Donna ordered picking up his quilt and taking it to the other side of his room.
‘I can’t wait to see Cheyenne’s face when she sees what you’ve done for her’ Donna said making her way out of the room.
‘Shit’ Gerard said out loud falling back onto his pillow. He had forgotten to call Cheyenne back. He had meant to and she had been at the back of his mind all night, but by the time he got home he was so tired all he wanted to do was sleep. Sitting up he reached over for his cell and tapped in her number. He had dialled it so many times he knew it by heart. He listened to the shrill ring, waiting for her to answer and she did on the fifth ring.


'Wow good morning to you too sugar' Gerard said smiling at the insult

'Why didn't you call?' Cheyenne demanded


'I was worried sick, I was just about to call your Mom to make sure everything's alright. Why didn't you call?'

'I’m sorry I didn't mean to make you worry baby and the reason I didn't call was because I went out last night.'

'You did?' Cheyenne said feeling slightly jealous that others had had the pleasure of her boyfriends company.

'Yeah, it wasn't anything special though, I would've much rather spent my time on the phone to you, but I was asked and I couldn't exactly decline could I?' he lied.

'No you couldn't' Cheyenne agreed 'Plus once I get to Jersey you won't be going anywhere, I want you all to myself' she joked.

'I guess I can live with that' Gerard laughed throatily 'I don't mind being all yours.'

'Good because that's how I want it to be' Cheyenne said 'so what plans have you got today?'

'Not much. Sleeping, eating, you know the usual.' Gerard said honestly. He only had one thing to do, which was the house and he couldn't tell her about that could he?

'Please do something active and positive today' Cheyenne said 'I don't want you lazing around, why don't you go and see Jamia?'

'You know I might just do that' He said throwing his legs over the mattress and stepping onto his carpeted floor.

'Right Mr. I have to go' Cheyenne told him 'Work beckons'

'But we just started talking' He whined. He wanted to say more to her, he needed more time with her.

'Well honey I hate to say it but if you called yesterday we could’ve talked for a lot longer.'

'I know. So I guess I have to say goodbye' he pouted

'Yep, for now anyway, but you can call me tonight'

'Ok I will.'

'But I won't hold my breath' Cheyenne teased

'Funny.' Gerard said 'I'll be calling'

'Good. Talk to you later, Breakfast Monkey.'

'Later Doll Face, love you'

'Love you too.'

Falling back onto his bed Gerard pressed the red button on his phone to hang up. He felt incredible lonely all of a sudden and wished that yesterday had been different. He didn't regret his time with Lyn, not at all, he had so much fun with her but he wished he had come home early so he could spend time talking to the woman he loved. As he lay there looking at the cracked paint on his ceiling his thoughts drifted bak to his evening with Lyn. It had been a definite eye opener. She was not the woman that had broken his heart at all, she was the Lyn from the past, the one he had first met and fell in love with. Last night he had spent time getting to know her again, her attitude had definitely changed; she was so positive and different. So different.

'Gerard do not make me come down there?' Donna shouted. Groaning Gerard hesitantly got out of bed to greet the day.

JUST DO IT! Jamia screamed at herself Call her, call Cheyenne and tell her /tell her what exactly? That he's cheating with Lyn/ you don't even know if it's true

Jamia paced up and down her living room, no doubt wearing out the carpet beneath her, she had been at this for a while now, walking up and down the living room pressing the call button and then pressing it again to cancel the call. She hadn't a clue what to do?

'Good morning lover' Frank said as he walked past the living room into the kitchen, Jamia looked up just in time to see him walking past.

'Frank' she called out. 'Can you come in here a second?'

'Yeah hold on' he said, he was in the middle of drinking out of the milk carton something he had a craving to do but wasn't supposed to do.

'What's up babe?' he asked coming into the room and walking over to the window where she stood.

'I need to ask...tell you something, but I want you to know that I...well I...You see Gerard and...Were you drinking from the milk carton?

'No of course not' Frank exclaimed guilty ‘I’m not supposed to’

'Then why do you have a milk moustache?’

'I err...maybe someone put it there when I was sleeping' he said nodding confidently at his stupid answer.

'That is so retar...anyway that's not important what is important is Gerard...' she was cut off by her phone ringing, she glanced at the screen with the intent on ignoring the call when she saw that is was Cheyenne calling.

'Hey Cheyenne’ She said a broad grin spreading across her lips

'Jamia!!!!' How are you?'

'I'm good' How are you?'

'CHEYENNE' Frank said screaming down the phone line 'OMG CHEYENNE I LOVE YOU'

'Go away' Jamia said swatting Frank on his head, she watched him bounce from the room, before settling herself on the couch.

'So how are you?' Jamia asked repeating her question

'I’m great but I'm love sick and dare I say homesick, I can't wait to get back to Jersey I miss you all'

'Trust me we're missing you too, the minute you get back were having another girls night in'

'I'm definitely up for that, maybe we can do it in my new house.'

'Yeah that'll be nice' Jamia said honestly, she really liked Cheyenne, they had started a good friendship in the short time they'd known each other.

'So tell me is Gerard behaving himself' Cheyenne laughed. It was a joke Jamia knew but the urge to say what had been happening was overwhelming.

'Yes of course' Jamia said gritting her teeth. 'I'm keeping my eye on him'

'Good I'm glad to hear it. So is everything okay with you Mia, last time I spoke to Gerard...'

'Everything is fine' Jamia cut in sounding rather harsh 'It's all been sorted. Just me having a girly moment that's all'

'Oh okay' Cheyenne said 'I was just calling to make sure all was well with you, you know?'

'I promise you everything is ok with me and everyone else' Jamia said growing angrier as each word left her mouth.

‘Good! Listen Mia I gotta go I'm just about to walk into my office. Give Frank a pat for me okay' Cheyenne said laughing

'Will do' Jamia said smiling and shaking her head.


'Bye' Jamia hung up the call and huffed loudly.

'What’s the matter sweetness?' Frank asked coming back into the room' He noticed her posture immediately, she was curled up on the sofa, with her head in her hands


'Oh Frank' Jamia said raising her head to look at him

'What's wrong? Is Cheyenne ok?'

'She's fine' Jamia said

'Ok so what's wrong then?'

'It's nothing, I just have a slight headache' she lied. Why couldn't she just say what she knew.

'I’ll make you some breakfast and then we'll talk...about everything' he said rising and leaving the room.

'Wow' Gerard said looking about his new living room. He couldn't believe how much thee decorators had done. All four walls were stripped bare and two of the workers were busying themselves filling in any gaps, cracks or dents that the wall had gotten over the years.

'You girls don't work slowly do ya?

'Nope' Clare giggled 'you said you've got two weeks so taking our sweet time isn't an option.'

'Well I think you girls deserve a break' Donna said holding up two paper bags full of snacks for the workers.

'I won't say no to that' Melanie said eyeing the bag hungrily. They had worked steadily for four hours and tea can only hold you for so long.

'So Mr Way have you chosen any furniture for your house?' A Japanese girl, with the darkest hair Gerard had ever seen asked him as they walked towards the kitchen.

'No I haven't' Gerard said as realisation set in 'I never thought of that.'

'Well what are you supposed to sit on?' Melanie asked with a laugh

'I was so wrapped up with the decorating I totally forgot about the furniture'

'No worries Mr Way we know a few places that do amazing furniture if your interested we could give you the address.' Claire said helpfully

'Yes he's interested' Donna answered for him and stop calling him Mr Way, Gerard is just fine'

Melanie smiled as she located her bag and searched around in it for her address book.

'I know you probably here this a lot, but I love your music' someone said from behind him. Gerard turned around and was met with the bluest eyes he'd ever seen.

'Thanks' he said staring at the tallish red head before him.

'Here' Melanie said handing him a small piece of paper. ‘These are the addresses of three furniture places in New York, tell them I sent you and you should get a good deal'

'Thanks a lot. Well it was nice meeting you ladies but I gotta go and get some stuff to put in this place.'

'You can pick me up on your way home' Donna ordered as she opened a packet of cup cakes

'Alright Ma I'll see you later, goodbye ladies' he said flashing a smile before leaving the kitchen.


‘Hey Gerard it’s me Lyn I was wondering...’ she stopped talking and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her make up was perfect as usual her blonde hair brushed in to a high ponytail and as usual her cleavage was on display for all who cared to look. Despite her appearance she couldn’t find the confidence to call him.

‘Just do it you pussy’ she told her self as she searched through her phone’s contact list, she pressed the call button and waited, after a few rings she heard his voice and a lot of back ground noise.

'Hey Lyn'

'What are you doing?' she asked

'I'm driving I’ve got you on loud speaker.' He replied loudly.

'Oh so your on you way out' Lyn said not bothering to hide her disappointment.

'Yeah I have a few errands to run why?'

'I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out today but maybe another time.'

'No we can now...I mean if you want to you can come with me if you like'

‘Yeah I’d really like that’ Lyn mused ‘pick me up in fifteen’

‘Make it ten’ Gerard said before disconnecting.

Lyn fell onto the sofa and squealed loudly, she clutched the phone to her chest and kicked her legs wildly. To say she was excited was an understatement. Once she had composed her self she went back to the mirror to gussy up.

‘You really can’t get any prettier’ she said to her reflection. Not breaking eye contact with herself she reached into the back pocket of her jeans and pulled out her phone.

‘I’m so in, wish me luck!’

She keyed in Marcus’s number and sent the text just as Gerard knocked on the door. She walked casually to the door and took a deep breath before opening it.

‘You ready’ Gerard said, he flashed her that lazy smile that always made her melt.

‘I’m always ready’ she said grinning broadly. Grabbing her coat and keys she closed the door and followed Gerard to the car.

‘So may I ask where we are going?’ Lyn said as Gerard opened the door passenger door for her. Lyn slid in and put her seatbelt on while Gerard walked around the drivers seat.

‘We’re going to New York’ Gerard said as he slid into his seat ‘I have a few purchases to make.’

‘Ooh shopping, I love shopping’

‘Yeah I know’ Gerard said rolling his eyes and starting the engine

‘I’m a girl. All girls like shopping’ Lyn stated. ‘It’s in our bloo…Excuse me’ she said. Her phone was vibrating on her hip and she knew it would be Marcus calling.

‘Hey baby’ she answered making her voice sound light and sexy.

‘Ah Cruella are you with your love?’ Marcus enquired

‘I am. I’m just going shopping, do you need something hun?’

‘Yeah I need you to jump on his cock so we can end this façade’

‘I will as soon as possible’ she
said throwing Gerard a smile. He turned his attention back to the road but his expression was noticeably different.

‘I'm missing out on good times pretending to be your fiancé’

‘I miss you too Marcus’ Lyn said giggling girlishly.

‘Yeah whatever just get your man so I can be free again’

‘I will, I plan on moving it up a notch today, but baby we can talk about this later I have company. I’m being rude.’

‘Rude! You’re meant to be getting x-rated.’

‘I will I promise.’

‘Bye Lynnie’ he said hanging up

‘I love you too, bye’ Lyn replied to a dead phone.

‘Sorry, he gets a little mushy sometimes’ Lyn apologised.

Gerard however didn’t hear anything she said his mind was elsewhere and she knew it. It made her smile inside to know that he was jealous and he was. She knew that expression anywhere, his jaw was set and his eyes were focused but empty. He wore that expression a lot towards the end of their relationship she flirted constantly and he wore that expression constantly. It drove him crazy when she flirted and she loved how jealous he could get, it turned her on.

‘Gerard’ she said loudly snapping him out of his daze

‘Sorry I zoned out, did you say something?’ he asked shooting her a small smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

‘Nothing’ she said placing her hand on his thigh ‘I didn’t say anything baby.’

A/N Hello my pretties. 'I'm back from out of space. I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face...' Anyway hope you all enjoy, I promise I won't leave you so long for an update next day.
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